Leonard Hankerson announces he’s a Falcon

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Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson’s visit to Atlanta has resulted in a deal with the Falcons.

Hankerson announced it was a “done deal” on Twitter Wednesday. The move draws an end to his tenure with the Redskins after four seasons.

We haven’t seen much of Hankerson on the field recently. He tore his ACL after playing 10 games in 2013 and remained on the PUP list well into the 2014 season as he waited for the knee to feel ready for a full return. He wound up playing in one game and didn’t have a catch.

The move to the Falcons reunites Hankerson with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who ran Washington’s offense while Hankerson was catching 81 passes for 1,081 yards and six touchdowns in his first three seasons. With Harry Douglas gone, Hankerson will compete for a role behind Julio Jones and Roddy White in Shanahan’s offense this season.

14 responses to “Leonard Hankerson announces he’s a Falcon

  1. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 11, 2015 3:08 PM

    There goes his relevance in this league. Here’s to hoping he packs my groceries well at Wal-Mart in two years.

    But this is a guy that YOU claimed was one of the top 5 WR’s in the league.


  2. Leonard Hankersore’s career is filled with HOF performances…. In his career with the Deadskins he has…

    New missed cashing a pyacheck.
    Caught five colds, the flu, and had ED on one occasion.
    Aside from catching his own balls, he has caught balls from nearly a dozen Redskins QB’s.
    He has had two multi-catch games as a Redskin.
    He stretched the field for a 15 yard catch one time.
    He had a career day by going over 50 yards once.
    He spent over 1500 hours on the bench and drank 120 gallons of gatorade during games and had 25 visits to the restroom during games.
    He attended all training camps that he was required to attend and even was an active participant on several occasions.
    He was named one of the ten best dressed Redskins four consecutive years by Better Excuses and Gimmicks magazine.
    He spent more time on the sidelines than he did during the game and his game time play was nearly a whole half of football during his career.
    His nickname on the team was “meatloaf” since he was the filler on the roster to get to 53 breathing bodies.
    At one time in his career he nearly blocked a defensive player.
    Better Lockerooms and Showers named him MVP of the year in 2012 for having the neatest locker in all of the NFL.

    He will be sadly missed by Redskins fans who appreciate underachievement at its finest.

  3. I think we need to change the Falcon’s name to Catfish…..their bottom feeding wow they are cutting high and signing low
    Must be kin to Kelly……hey…. When you cut someone your supposed to bring in somebody better…….I have not seen one FA that’s better than what you cut….hey Quin good one …..one and done

  4. Yeah, he was a bust, but he was also hit unnecessarily hard by the injury bug. He came out of the U looking like a future star. He wasn’t, but lack of talent is no reason to rag on a guy so much. I wish he had better on the Redskins, but im not going to harbor any I’ll feelings towards him from his disappointing stint in DC. Good luck dude, dont let internet nerds get you down.

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