Nick Foles described as “overjoyed he’s out of Philly”

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Nick Foles is glad to be out of Philadelphia.

Foles, the former Eagles quarterback who was traded to the Rams for Sam Bradford and draft picks yesterday, apparently wanted to leave. Sal Paolantonio of ESPN said on 97.5 The Fanatic that a Foles relative described Foles as ecstatic to no longer be an Eagle.

“I just talked to a member of Nick Foles’s family. He is absolutely pumped, overjoyed he’s out of Philly,” Paolantonio said.

There had been no previous reports of Foles clashing with coach Chip Kelly, but it’s become clear recently that Kelly wasn’t satisfied with any of his top offensive skill position players. Foles, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are all leaving the team this week.

In St. Louis, Foles is going to a place where he’s expected to be the starter. After enduring months of speculation that he’d be replaced in Philadelphia by Marcus Mariota, it’s easy to see why Foles would be happier as the man in St. Louis.

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  1. And CK must be ecstatic about the Eagles prospects of getting better production with Bradford with a wiped out offensive corp.

    Eagles fans on local 97.5 radio were livid all day yesterday. More of same today no doubt.

  2. Foles got a raw deal here and was never as appreciated as he deserved to be. Sad to see him go and wish him luck.

    I don’t see how Bradford is an upgrade. Chip is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid.

  3. Well Kelly believes that his system is greater than any individual talent. He may be correct that a system in this age of free agency can and will trump a talent. However the Kelly Eagles did not make the playoffs last season and if that happens again perhaps the system needs some revamping. Kelly does not have the track record of a Bill Belichick to endure. Bill seems to win the division and make the playoffs every NFL season.

  4. Can’t blame him he watched a OL leave, Maclin, McCoy, & his back up QB got a 3 year contract all before they traded him. Then throw in the Marriota rumors he was probably ready to join Locker in retirement

  5. Like a dad stepping in and taking the car keys, ownership better get a handle because Chip is a one man wrecking crew. It’s apparent that many of the players do not like the guy.

    In Chip We Trust may well put the Eagles back the next 6-7 years.

    All joking aside, this is all of a sudden becoming very ugly situation.

  6. Chip doesn’t seem to be the “players coach”, or a very smart coach for that matter. My guess is he is back at Oregon in a few years. Come on man.

  7. I can see where he’s coming from.

    You can’t be a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or a Joe Montana in Kelly’s offense. I’m not saying Foles is a superbowl winning QB but you can’t be a leader in that offense.

    There’s no huddle to calm players down, loosen them up in high pressure moments. There’s no freedom to assert yourself in anyway. The only thing that matters is your ability to put the ball where chip tells you to when he wants you to do it.

    Chip has done alot of good things with the Eagles but I think he’s gone overboard. I also think that wacky card system for calling plays needs to be trashed. Other teams have run no huddle offenses for years without resorting to that.

  8. NFL level talent wins games in the NFL. The correct system enhances that talent but the most important thing is to have the talent first. Just about everyone in the NFL was a star on their college teams. Chip Kelly is setting himself up to flame out like Steve Spurrier.

  9. I’m tired of hearing about chip’s “system”. I’m pretty sure every coordinator in the nfl designs plays to succeed, not to lose 54-3. Talent trumps all and he got rid of all of his top tier talent. Time to Push the red panic button in philly.

  10. Chip Kelly is not the kind of guy that fails at anything he does. He knows what he is doing. Eagles fans shouldn’t go out and buy any Sam Bradford jerseys quite yet. (if they even hit the market) there’s a plan in place and chip s not sharing right now. Keep the faith , its not like we won with any of Andy Ried’s players.

  11. A healthy Bradford is a better QB than Foles. He can be a franchise QB, not as likely for Foles. If Mariota is out of reach, Bradford gives a better chance to get over the ten win hump than Foles does.
    We wanted changes to be made and this is change.

  12. Like Foles, but I’m interested to see how he does in St. Louis. He sucked with Andy Reid as his coach. Makes me think that he was a product of Chip Kelly’s system. Maybe Bradford isn’t such a bad deal if he truly performs better in Kelly’s system.

  13. He’s not the first person to say that sentence. And he won’t be the last. An awful city, with worse people. The most relevant champion to come from that cesspool is a work of fiction, yet they gave him a statue.

  14. Thank you Redskins and
    Thank you Eagles.
    Two trades heavily won.
    Sincerely, a, Rams fan.
    I honestly wish Bradford well. Really liked him. Hope he succeeds except vs Rams 😉

  15. Some of my best buds are Eagles fans in south Jersey and eastern PA. They don’t know whether to [crap] or go blind right now… I actually eel bad for them.

  16. 1. They tried to resign Maclin.
    2. There were reports from a Philly writer from Foles’ father that didn’t characterize him as overjoyed.
    3. Take away Shady’s 2 big games and his season was good but not impressive (may have been offensive line)
    4. Still hate the moves.

  17. I like Foles. I think he’s a quality NFL QB, and I’m very surprised (like most) with the trade.

    But to listen to the radio this morning you’d think the Eagles traded Aaron Rodgers for Ryan Lindley.

  18. Everyone keeps commenting about not making the playoffs last year…do you maybe think the defense had something to do with not making the playoffs? Everyone wants to keep shady and desean and maclin, question for you…if you keep those guys with all their huge contracts…where do you get players for your defense? After keeping all the offensive stars and scoring a ton of points and they don’t make the playoffs again next year, everyone will be crying about not upgrading the defense. Were you guys satisfied with the secondary last year? Just a thought…

  19. Eagles fan here. Lurie is a total wimp. How could he let the Chipster sabotage his franchise like that? Unheard of.

    If you follow NFL network, and ESPN, analysts are laughing at the eagles in the air. Laughingstock!

    Personally, I will cheer for Desean Jackson, and Maclin, and McCoy, and Foles whereever they are. If each of these guys have a great year, that’ll bring a little joy to my heart.

    As for the Eagles, sorry, enjoy the basement of the nfl and being the laughingstock for years to come.

  20. Nick Foles was an exceptional player that will be missed. St Louis found themselves a true leader and excellent teammate.

    The injury risks remain the same – no matter where you go, you have to keep your QB off his back. As an Eagles fan, I look forward to watching Foles and T. Austin become quite the tandem.

  21. This seems totally out of character for Foles and his family to put something bitter out there through the media.

    But it’ seems totally IN character for that weasel, Sal Pal, to sensationalize something they told him in confidence. He’s as gossipy as a little old lady at a sewing circle.

  22. 1. None of this is racial.

    2. None of this makes sense.

    I get wanting to get out of McCoy’s contract but trading a winner at QB and a future 2nd for an injury prone WAY overpaid QB and a 4th? I just don’t get it. I don’t see the value here.

  23. Josh McDaniels 2.o. Enjoy the rebuild Eagles, only this time there won’t be a Manning to save you.

  24. As one of his biggest supporters, Im sad to read this.

    I hope it was the team and Chips moves, and not the city or fans. The kid got a bum rap because of a broken collarbone. I feel terrible for him.

    Good luck Nick. I had a fantastic time watching you throw 7 TDS in one game, and Ill never forget that.

  25. I wasn’t the biggest Foles guy in the world but I wouldn’t have traded him for Bradford if they were the ones giving US the picks. Letting the Rams off the hook for an underachieving $13 million cap hit QB with shredded knees in exchange for a better, cheaper QB AND picks? That’s inexcusable. Unless this somehow ends up in a grand scheme to land Mariota or (can’t believe I’m saying this) even Kaepernick, we’ll need to start looking for another coach/GM in addition to a new QB.

  26. LMAO at Philadelphia! As I have stated before Pennsylvania only has room for one power NFL team and that is Pittsburgh, the Eagles will be the laughing stock of the state for the next 100 years

  27. I always enjoyed playing GM and making Free agent pickups draft picks and trades. Then I would get upset when the GM, coach or both would not follow through with my ideas. My brain just went completely out of control,I can’t figure any scenario where this can be positive.

  28. I would bet Foles and Bradford both are happy for a change of scenery. Both of them have showed signs of being good starters, and both of them staying put would’ve felt a lot more unecessary pressure from coaches, teammates, and fans. I really do think the move benefits both of them.

  29. First Washington, and now Philadelphia. All Jeff Fisher and Les Snead do is make one-sided trades with the NFC East…

  30. We’ve seen “money ball” in play in MLB for a few years. It looks like the concepts are coming to the NFL now. We’ll just have to see how that works in this league

  31. News media are mentioning that Browns want Bradford. With Eagles having 12th pick in 1st round…..Browns would trade their spot so Kelly will draft Mariotta.

  32. This is awesome I love watching the Eagles implode before our very eyes. Is kelly doing this on purpose. .lol good luck Philly this is karma coming back to kick their fans Butts for being the worst fans in football. There s a reason they keep a judge in the basement of your stadium ……

  33. Wish chip would have tried to go after Manziel. We would have loved to get Foles and some draft picks. Manziel seems like Chip’s kinda QB too, it’s not too late chip! We’ll accept Bradford too!

  34. Will Jeff Fisher get the Rams into the playoffs and be perennial winners? He has no excuses. All the Washington picks for RG3 he sent out on Fed Ex Field, now this trade give him greater accountability.

  35. Nick deserved better and hopefully he’s found it ! This kelly dude did nothing but disrespect him ! Nick handled it with class and dignity he’s the type of player you root for and would like to see raise the Lombardi trophy ,,,,,,and Iam a NY GIANTS FAN !

  36. As much as u guys dislike chip. His teams did have back to back 10 win seasons
    N Stephen a smith the reason cooper is on team n not traded is cause no1 wants him he just signed a deal last season. He produced yr before n last yr he didn’t.

  37. bullsonparade2399 says:
    Mar 11, 2015 8:14 AM
    Jeff Fisher is targeting the NFC East in trade rapes. Skins and Eagles so far. I wonder who is next Dallas or Giants….

    Fisher already got the Cowboys, too. He got a first and a second so the Cowboys could draft Morris Claiborne.

  38. Love this offseason. And, love the fact that this Eagles fan I know has to redo his mancave!

  39. A lot of hand-wringing over a QB who in 2014 had a lower passer rating than Shaun Hill, Austin Davis, Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez, and Jay Cutler.

  40. Chip Kelly = Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius! I’m just waiting for that giant rock to fall on him now.

  41. All Foles did was come in to Philly as a 3rd round pick, eventually beat out a #1 draft pick for staring QB (Vick), post one of the highest QB ratings in NFL history, go 14-4 as a starter over the past 2 years, and compete his ass off every game, and never get a vote of confidence from the organization (or the idiot media here in Philly). Yea, I would be overjoyed to get out as well. Oh, and best of luck to Mariota, wherever he goes.

  42. Does Foles remember himself being in Reid’s offence? He was awful. He was a product if chips system. Last time Bradford played in a quick offence, he won the heismen. So hold up on the who won the trade talk.

  43. Chip Kelly = Josh McDaniels 2.0

    Please remind me…how’d that turn out again?

  44. Chip is a fraud!!!

    My 2013 prediction of his imminent failure might be coming to fruition.

    Steve Spurrier was 7-9 in his first year and without easy schedules Chip would be that too.

    Philly, in my opinion, was unfairly criticized during the end of the McNabb and Reid eras. Now they deserve to be ripped for fawning over this fool’s gold coach that wasn’t even Able to beat pro style defenses and offenses in the NCAA.

  45. No1 in Philly not the fans at least agree with this trade. This was like a punch to the stomach and having your lunch money for the next 4 years taken away. I don’t like Bradford and never did. It kills me he is on my team my home town team. And I got to out up with this stiff.

  46. This couldn’t have worked out any better for the Rams. Also! If Bradford plays more than 8 games next seas one, St. Louis gets a 2nd round pick.. This has been crazy!

  47. Foles better think twice about what he’s wishing for However.

    He’s playing for Jeff Fisher, the fraud of the West.

  48. this is not good if you are a long time Eagles fan. Sal is a (rare) reliable guy in the media…I feel like a mad man has taken over our team!!

  49. Mark this down: the Rams will make the playoffs as a wildcard this year. They’ve had a playoff-worthy defense for several years and are the most talented team man-for-man in the NFC West after the Seahawks. What has held them back is QB play.

    The Niners are a wreck and the Cardinals showed some holes towards the end of the season. If they keep Foles healthy and he takes to the new system there, I don’t see how the Rams aren’t a 10-win team.

  50. unless the Eagles have suddenly been purchased by the 76er brain trust, I’ll wager that Jeff Lurie didn’t just sign off on any of this without long discussions within the organization. Maybe they decided it just wasn’t going to get done with who they had and at the prices they commanded. The NFC East is a crapshoot. NY is a question, Dallas may revert to form and Washington is…who knows. Maybe they’re willing to stink for a while or Kelly may be adjusting his philosophy. We won’t know until kickoff.

  51. Of course Foles is happy, he went from the outhouse to the penthouse.
    I know Bradford probably wanted a change of scenery but I’ll bet he is hoping for a trade before or during the draft.

  52. At least the Eagles made an effort to make Bradford feel at home by getting rid of all their weapons.

  53. “[Nick] loved the Eagles.” Larry Foles, Nick’s father.

    That sounds somewhat contrary to what Sal Pal reported.

  54. @eaglesfanalways## please stop with the garbage , nick foles DID NOT beat out a mike Vick , you forgot they had a competition all throughout the pre season where Vick won it quiet easily.
    Foles took over when Vick got injured and to Mike credit didn’t make a fuss once he was healthy.

    But we all saw what foles really was in that playoff game, where he was what we thought he was he was, He had Happy feet and alot of 3 and i said Foles is a LEMON, he is not as GOOD as you may think , alot of his passes went in and out of Db’s hands in that stretch of good games, he was truly living a very charmed life .

    It was like baseball , Foles was that player who came off the bench and had a couple of nice weeks, but by no means that makes him a everyday player.

  55. Win win for both IMO. Chip gets a pro caliber QB and doesnt have to give up the farm to get him. Not mobile but who cares he doesnt need to be. Not sure why so many Chip followers think he NEEDS a mobile guy. Foles wasnt liked in Philly. Hard worker just doesnt have the arm to hit all of the options Chip runs. SL needed to move on and Foles gives them a nice shot at winning. If it doesnt work out no big deal he is cheap and the next few draft classes are stacked. They get some much needed cap help in the mean time.

  56. Here’s a recap of the Chip Kelly experiment: He’s an offensive genius, Going to run 90 offensive plays a game, but time of possession doesn’t matter. Gets rid of premier receiver, makes vague claims about “almost” picking Odell Beckham in draft, trades away premier running back, trades away promising, but struggling quarterback for a injury prone quarterback. Just never happy with what tools he has in his “genius” offense, but getting rid of players implies some problem existed in them. Philly fans will keep peeling back the layers until they get to the middle and find he is just a garden variety onion.

  57. I said this last year and I’ll say it again. No millionaire wants to run harder and longer than every other millionaire in the NFL just to get 10 wins. Kelly’s system is not millionaire friendly.

  58. The best part was when the she- gals fans thought they swapped first rounder’s with STL, only to realize they gave up a second round pick next year for “built like peanut brittle” Bradford! I guess you need bum ACL’s to be a Chimp Kelly guy. Complete trade-rape

  59. Kelly thinks he reinvented the game.
    Newsflash: He hasn’t and all he did was take what the greats before him did and add flash cards.
    Oh, those cards I even saw basketball coaches do YEARS ago to fight against loud crowds?
    Yeah, Slip, you are a winner…with another coach’s players or illegally recruited players.
    Oh and you won the NFC East when it was probably the worst it’s been…maybe ever….and went 10-6 vs. an average schedule?
    Please go away….

  60. Foles played way too well to be given up on so quickly. It was so obvious his struggles last year were the result of the decline in the running game. And it’s hard to see Bradford doing any better. That should have been a straight-up trade or one favoring the Eagles, instead they gave up way more than they should have.

  61. is Chip the offensive Rex Ryan? Great for the first two seasons and then the ship falls apart?

  62. During my lazy summer years playing Madden on franchise mode, I’d sometimes completely trash my time in one offseason and then go into rebuilding mode just to mix things up a bit. Could Kelly really be that bored with his team in year 3? He hasn’t quite gone to that level yet, but let’s give it a few days.

  63. Just to play devils advocate for Kelly, lets be honest, the Eagles last year won at least 4 games because of special teams and defensive touchdowns even Kelly recognized that. Kelly obviously reviewed the tape and was not happy with the QB play. Bradford coming out of college was a can’t miss player, not as highly thought of as Luck or Manning, and the Eagles have a coordinator that worked with both Bradford, and Foles. So it isn’t like they are going to find out that Bradford is stupid/lazy, the coordinator obviously thought more highly of Bradford.. Bradford I believe also threw 14 td’s and I think 4 picks before he got injured again. This might be just a case of bad luck for Bradford, it isn’t like these are reoccurring nagging injuries.. These are major and different injuries.. Maclin? Anyone think he is worth 11 million a year, also do you think McCoy is worth what the Bills gave him? I am a Giants fan, and the roster is not set, and the Cowboys on paper was suppose to suck last year.. I am not ready to bury the Eagles yet.

  64. Yo, ballreaper: I do give Vick credit for being supportive when Foles was the starter, but when Vick was healthy he was not made the starter again, was he? I think the Eagles let him walk…if that doesn’t mean he was beat out of the job, I don’t know what does.

  65. Between Palontonio, Shefter, and Rappaport I hope they don’t pay these giuys much mula. Every other phrase out of Shefter’s piehole is “I’m told…” Yeah, I’ll just bet they “tell you” via the Shefter hotline lol. There isn’t anything they rant and rave about that we don’t hear about on the local stations long before they try to make themselves sound like they have the exclusive Batphone.

  66. CK is still operating in college football land. He thinks he is the supreme mind of the organization and that all others are of no consequence. Well it’s the NFL Chip and if you don’t learn that it takes talented players to win you will soon be back leading young men in colleges running gimmick offences that obviously the real coaches working in the big boy league have figured out and neutralized. Nice experiment but epic fail.

  67. Wow!! Trade Nick after the numbers and stats he put up is crazy! Is record the last two years was like 16-4 wtf is Chip thinking.. Trading all of Phillys talent in one week makes ZERO since anyway you cut it.. I loved watching Foles in college(even in Philly) I bet he does great thing for the Rams!! Mark it down, He is going to end up being one of the best QBs in the NFL in a few years! Go Pats

  68. Have always thought Nick should have bee a high first round pick but he had zero talent at Arizona and a crazy man for a coach.. some things didn’t change when he got to the NFL.. his talent and the mad man leading him.. I predict Kelly will be back in college in 3 years.. Ego as big as Texas

  69. Why wouldn’t Foles be happy to get out of town? All he had was a 14 and 4 record while being the subject of speculation and derision on radio talk shows over the course of two years.

    Not saying he wasn’t as confused by Kelly’s moves as everyone is, but the man got little to no respect in this town: the fan’s and the media eat their own.

  70. As a Rams fan I want to believe we got the better end of this deal and its easy to look at it that way. With that being said on paper we completely fleeced the Redskins and although we have drafted great talent as a result it has not led to even a 500 season. I, for one, will withhold judgement on this until after the upcoming season.

  71. I feel bad for Eagles fans right now. Kelly may be the smartest guy in the room when this is all said and done. Maybe he has a sinister plan that unfolds and they win some games.

    However, if I was an Eagles fan, I would be far more concerned that all of my productive young talent was so excited to be out of there. They all say basically the same thing when they get to the new city…”it’s nice to be appreciated.” Word has spread about what an A hole chip is so fast that one of your key replacements backed out of a deal and went elsewhere. The climate in Philly is pretty cold in the locker room…but I’m willing to bet it gets scorching hot under Chip’s seat if Philly misses the playoffs again. This isn’t college. You can’t treat grown men that way.

    I’m sure it’s not you Chip…its EVERYBODY else….right. Good luck Philly.

  72. Those gimmicky college college coaches always translate to the NFL. I’m sure Kelly knows exactly what he’s doing. Hey, what’s Dennis Dixon up to these days? I’m sure he’s free.

  73. Philly fans are going to destroy Bradford! He can get away with sucking in St, Louise because nobody cares about the football team.

  74. You “fans” who get caught up on the Stephen Smith crap are pathetic. There is a reason players are glad to get the hell away from Kelly. Those who immediately assume it’s racialism are just as bad as those who immediately assume it isn’t.

  75. From reading this thread, it sounds like more than a few Eagles fans are maybe starting to miss Andy Reid?

  76. I am not an Eagle’s fan and only know that Bradford has been extremely “Fragile” to date and Foles has performed better than most to date. This trade does surprise me but in 10 months or less we will all know if Kelly knows what he is doing or not. If not we will all be speculating on the next coach for the Eagles on this site.

  77. He’s gonna trade Bradford and picks to the Jets so he can get his guy but when he does what is his guy going to be surrounded with? No WRs, no RBs, so how would you be helping out your guy to win in the NFL?

  78. I have to admit that I do not understand this move at all.

    While Foles didn’t have as good a year in 2014 as in 2013, he has still, as a whole, been a better QB than Bradford. Unless of course, he’s planning on Mariota.

  79. Not just Mariota, also Mark Sanchez.

    Where’s the replacements Chip? You need a QB, RB, and a couple WR’s…among other holes you already had before you decided to create a bunch more.

    Meanwhile, besides being down a draft pick, FA already started, and guys you might have wanted are slipping away. That’s it. FA and draft, and you’re behind in both with a lot more holes.

    Foles is a better QB then Mariota, Sanchez, or Bradford combined.

  80. Rams are now officially scary….

    Kelly doesn’t seem to care about “stars” on his offense, he believes it’s his scheme that will help them win.

    Defense is another matter entirely….the Eagles will be immensely improved (talent wise) on the defensive side of the ball.

  81. To us outsiders, it appears Chip might be a few French fries short of a happy meal for getting rid of his most talented players, but it all boils down to 3 words…Time will tell.

  82. If all Kelly’s machinations work out, he’s a genius. However, if only one or two, particularly the big ones, don’t go, he’s quite possibly out of a job. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on the latter, because it’s just far to easy for “the best laid plans of mice and men” to screw up completely. We shall see.

  83. “dcg421 says: Mar 11, 2015 11:52 AM

    On behalf of all Giants fans, I want to thank Chip Kelly for the great work that he is doing in Philly.”

    20 wins in 2 seasons and 3-1 against the Giants. I wouldn’t thank him too much.

  84. If the Eagles get off to a bad start this season or even a 500 start say 4 and 4 Chip will not see the end of the season in Philly

  85. This is the same Nick Foles who saved the Eagles a few years ago when Mike Vick was turning the ball over every 3-5 possessions and now they just kick him to the curb like that? Oh well at least he is happy.

  86. “A healthy Bradford is a better QB than Foles. He can be a franchise QB, not as likely for Foles. If Mariota is out of reach, Bradford gives a better chance to get over the ten win hump than Foles does.
    We wanted changes to be made and this is change.”

    Well now that’s the operative word isn’t it, Healthy. Something Sam Bradford cannot seem to stay.

  87. As an Arizona alum, and a life-long Cowboys fan, I’m stoked! It was tough to cheer for Foles as long as he was an Eagle. Now I can turn on the TV and cheer him on as he plays out of my team’s division. Bear Down Foles!!!!!

  88. The top commenter says the Eagles fan will regret Foles leaving? Are you kidding me, this kid has a noodle arm and I would bet anyone any amount of money I could throw a football further than him. Foles had 1 good season, and the QB doesn’t win games, the team does . I believe Bradford hands down is better QB then Foles. Watch how bad the Rams do this year, not saying the Eagles will do any better, but they will do better then the Rams.

  89. I liked Foles – don’t think he was THE guy. So I’m not so sure about the haunted for years part. Completely agree – in terms of what Eagles gave/got, they got hosed on this trade.

    It certainly seems like Kelly is a meticulous thought out gent…but in free agency, seems knee jerk at best…you go out and sign Mathews, then two days later likely sign Murray. Absolutely want Murray on board. But why did they go sign Mathews? Probably could have waited few days…Mathews, being he’s made of the same glass that Bradford is, wasn’t what I call “in demand”

  90. Was reading Grantland and was discouraged to hear that Bradford’s replacements last season threw deep better than he ever has. So it’s not just the personnel.

    I know Bradford isn’t atrocious but I doubt he’s much of an improvement over Foles … and he’s a heck of a lot more expensive to boot.

  91. I thought Foles was a bit overrated for a long time, but he’s better than anyone else that was at Philly. Him being glad to be out of Philly is another huge red flag on Kelly. This year will be very interesting.

  92. I wonder if all these “We’re amazing at trades,” fans are gonna keep saying that when the Rams trade St. Louis for Los Angeles.

  93. I wish Foles well. Very well.

    He was always the epitome of class, whether things were going great or not so good – and everywhere in between. Just a great teammate.

  94. He has a right to be miffed. To do all he did, to win that many games, and still not get supported? Insane.

    The Rams finally have what they have needed for years – a reliable, talented, smart QB who is pretty young, to boot.

    And the Eagles? Who knows. Strange to have so many trades result in just a “who knows”.

  95. Chip Kelley needs to slow down his talking, you can’t understand him. He’s a big head, so I am not surprised Foles is pleased to be gone.
    Does Chip think he is a genius or something, he certainly speaks as if he is?

  96. I hate Oregon and am neutral about the Eagles, but I don’t get the hate and premature doom and gloom. Is it because he’s doing something out of the “norm” for NFL teams and that scares the conservative view of taking things cautiously? The Eagles hired an unconventional guy who is not a copycat like the rest of the league. Of course he’s going to want “his guys” to fit the system he’s implementing. His offense did pretty darned well with Andy’s guys much the same way he did pretty well with Mike Belotti’s guys at Oregon. When he had his own players, the offense was the top in the nation.

    Either the guy is a genius or will fail spectacularly. Only time will tell but no one knows at this point.

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