Raiders reach deals with Dan Williams, Curtis Lofton

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The Raiders are adding two likely starters to their defense.

Oakland has agreed to terms with Cardinals defensive tackle Dan Williams and ex-Saints middle linebacker Curtis Lofton,’s Michael C. Wright reported.

Williams (6-2, 327) started 40-of-70 games in five seasons with the Cardinals, recording 156 tackles and two sacks. A first-round pick of Arizona in 2010, the 27-year-old Williams joins Antonio Smith and Justin Ellis as primary interior-line options for Oakland.

Lofton, 28, has notched at least 118 tackles in each of the last six seasons, and he figures to step right into the middle in Oakland’s 4-3 scheme.

The Raiders have been busy in the first two days of free agency, reaching deals with linebacker Malcolm Smith, tight end Lee Smith and tailback Roy Helu before today’s pacts.

58 responses to “Raiders reach deals with Dan Williams, Curtis Lofton

  1. Darn, really was hoping Dan came back to the Cardinals. Good luck! You were a beast in the trenches for the Cards and Im sure you will do the same with the Raiders!

  2. Great pick-ups. Still can’t figure out why the Saints dumped Lofton then trade Graham under the reasoning of “we need to improve our defense.”

  3. Because free agency worked so well for the Raiders last year. And the decade of free agent signings before that.

  4. Great pick-ups. Still can’t figure out why the Saints dumped Lofton then trade Graham under the reasoning of “we need to improve our defense.”

    Because the Center upgrade was needed, and the 3 picks we now own in the first 45 picks will be used to shore up the defense. And the dump of the future CAP hit from Graham will also help us.

    We won the SB without Graham and were a Top #5 before Graham and that didn’t change after Graham, we will be fine.

    Curtis is an upgrade for the Raiders, but he was status quo for us and it was time to bring in new blood.

    The Who Dat Nation wishes nothing but the best for our departing players this year – Graham, Lofton and Thomas. Once a Saint, always a Saint at heart.

  5. Looks like the Raiders are getting that ole spark back and are serious about building a competitive team again. These are a couple of excellent signings and Dan Williams will be greatly missed in Arizona where he was always a workhorse and could consistently be counted on. Good luck Big Dan, Cards fans are going to miss you!

  6. I like this. Versatility in the LB group is nice. Mack, Moore, Smith, Lofton and a terrible MLB but solid OLB with plenty of playing time in Burris that shouldn’t be starting.

    That’s depth. I haven’t said that about the Raiders…at any position…in a while.

    Jelly and Williams at one rotation…Smith and ?? at the other inside? More depth.

    I like it.

  7. This helps a Greg Hardy,Pot Roast ,B Browner, and a QUALITY Guard signing ( today )before they are gone would snap me out this depression. I’m feeling after last years free agency and the start of this years with so much cap space and for some reason NO TIER one signings.???? Raider Nation We must have a aggressive day today Reggie You created all this cap space now let’s go get the remaining Quality free agents. Hardy Pot Roast Demarco M B Browner and some O Line help and take a chance on clev TE he is better then J Thomas anyway Then have a great draft again Please don’t let me down like last year and yesterday was a very hard day to swallow I bleed silver and black for 40 years let’s get this team on the right track ..

  8. two GREAT signings, now can we find an edge rusher and and some secondary help to fill out our defense. But won’t be surprised if we wait till the draft until we do so

  9. I think Charles clay would help too. Miami plucked Suh from Oakland so payback would be nice Miami can match but they now are having a fire sale creating cap space for Suh we have plenty of cap space created by a Reggie let’s use it for some good young core players ASAP TODAY RAIDER NATION

  10. Get a WR or DT Leonard Williams in the Draft. The Raiders are BACK!!!!! Also gotta cut Matt Schaubb! Waste of $$$$! Matt Mcgloin is a solid backup QB.

  11. Spankmarley please post article explaining your praise for Reggie M performance in free agency last year and so far this year with record cap space I bleed silver and black but to be successfull you have to call a spade a spade interested to see your post defending Reggie’s track record for last years free agency, The DJ Hayden trade and receiving low compensation and then turning that pick into Menalik Watson RT bust. Passing on Star L and S Floyd for Hayden signing OL mike Brisel from Hou for over 5 million per year to sit on the bench cutting RT Barksdale because Reggie drafted Watson.paying L Woodly 5.5 mill last year paying MJD last year trading draft picks for Schaub last year and paying him huge money . Barksdale being picked up by Jeff Fisher and STARTING at RT and LT for the RAMS I think we can all say Mack and Carr fell in his lap last year Gabe Jelly and TJ Carrie were very good picks . I will be interested to see your defense

  12. Green Bay just Brian Bulga for 6.75 mill Reggie paid Zmike Brisel 5.5 mill to sit on the bench for Oakland don’t hate on me for reporting facts

  13. Nose Tackle is such an unsexy position but Dan Williams is probably the 3rd best NT in the game. We will miss him but he’s getting $6 million/yr from the Raiders and we can’t match that.

    Congrats, Dan. Wish you the best in the future. The Raiders could actually be turning things around with these signings and Mack and Carr from last year’s draft.

  14. The Raiders are my team I bleed silver and black I m just pointing out the facts I defended Al Davis from so called Raider fans for years ..

  15. Solid signings. Williams and Knighton compare similarly and watch Washington pay him to the tune of 8 mil a year to fill the same role.

    Lofton, while a bit long in the tooth hasn’t shown his age yet and most likely has a few years left to anchor the middle. With Smith rotating outside, this actually gives us quality depth at LB which lack of has plagued us for years

  16. liking it big Reg….keep it going……still might like some pot roast with my jelly beans although.

  17. As a Cardinals Season Ticket holder I can tell you Dumpster Dan has been the best DT we’ve ever drafted. He played lights out every year…and last year he was amazing. He’s not a fat lard who stands around during plays. He takes on 2 defenders and holds his ground. He’s not a pass rusher…HE’S A RUN STUFFING MACHINE!
    You got a great player and a great person! GREAT SIGNING!

  18. humb0lt says:
    Mar 11, 2015 11:21 AM
    Wow. The Raiders might get back to four wins.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I concur with you two wins against the chargers for sure. e-z money there…what other two are you thinking….personally i am leaning more towards 7 to 9 or so.

  19. I’m amazed with Saints and Cardnals fans. Just about everyone praising players as they leave.

    Seems like most other teams fans bash anyone that leaves as old, slow, over-rated, over paid, fat, lazy no good bums that started for their teams last year.


  20. Gr8 job RM! You really meant what ypu said about building threw the draft. All the new editions are young and talented, but yet experienced. Now lets go to the CHI 4/30 and have the best draft in NFL HISTORY! Top FA off by grabbing Hardy and P. HARVIN. Trade back if Mariota is there , then grab Cooper/White….whichever? 2nd….DE/DT…..3rd…..WR/RG….4th….CB/RB…..5th-7th…..BPA! GO RAIDERS!

  21. @ rhemish…

    it’s called rebuilding, not retooling. Your plight is Reggie is clueless and this would of never happen if Al was still alive? Am I correct? Well your ignornance is as blinding as Al’s was, his greed put the Raiders and the Nation in the position we are in today. I hate to point fingers at the face of our franchise but you are clueless to believe that Reggie has done more harm in his three years running our franchise over the last years of Al’s reign. Draft picks for Schaub? it was one pick and guess what Carr beat him out, not bad for when Mark davis wanted Reggie to draft him at no. 5 overall but we secured him in the 2nd round. Yeah, he fell in our laps but kudos to RM for staying true to his draft board. Our 2013 draft, we were kind of in a tight spot not having a 2nd round pick from our previous regime but still managed to trade down and get something. When we drafted Barksdale, we got reamed because he didnt have a third round grade, dude finds sucess and now you want to throw it out like he was an all star all along? Too many contradictions to list Rhemish… way too many!

  22. Last years consensus free agent winner, Tampa Bay, is on the clock? Ask tampa fans how that worked out? Stay the course Reggie, I support you last year and will continue to do so.

  23. OUTSTANDING signing, Big Reg & Oakland! Dan Williams is such a superb run-stuffing, true nose tackle. Those aren’t easy to find; way to go. Your D just got 10x better with Williams. Most important player in the 3-4 is the nose tackle. To replace Williams, we also have another true nose tackle, Alameda Ta’amu. Dude had a torn ACL in December of 2013, but had a full year in 2014 on the sideline to recover. He’s 25-years old, too. He’s a terrorizing 348-pound Samoan. Cardinals will be just fine, but Oakland got themselves a gem: congrats!

  24. All we need is Hardy and sheard that would put us one of the best front seven hardy would give us that qb pressure that would make us domenent Reggie is doing good get us shorts for wr Safety moore we are looking good.

  25. This is Reggie 4 th year we one 8 games in Mr Davis last year and the Raiders QB and RB were injured late in the year or we would have went to the playoffs we lost the last game of the year to SD with backup QB and injured Dmac

  26. Remember Reggie hired D Alan and changed to the zone running system that’s why Barksdale was let go and M Brisel brought in how did all that speed up the rebuild it didn’t. it set us back two or more years constant turnover and everybody said that was ALS downfall call a spade a spad. Fire knapp after 1 year turnover. QB pos under Reggie most important pos. in the league. Carson Palmer . No Flynn. No Pryor No Schaub No Carr and wasted draft picks and very bad return on a quality starting QB Palmer explain your rebuild to me. You can’t Reggie us a nice guy but you don’t hire GM s to learn on the job I guess you would not me .Mr Davis has been gone for over 4 1/2 years you can’t blame him for 4 win seasons almost five years latter……..

  27. And its embarrassing that you consider an 8 win team with the money that was shelled out in Al’s last year as a beacon for success. Wake up dude!

  28. Still waiting for that list stay on point what solid young CORE players did Reggie add during free agency last year ??? Dmac MJD Lamar Woodley T Brown C Rodgers A Smith I’m waiting stay on point Pat sims ???

  29. I can’t predict if these signings in aggregate will significantly upgrade the Raiders – that remains to be seen on the field. But at least McKenzie seems to have given up last year’s strategy of going after players on the wrong side of 30.

  30. I don’t call it a success but we lost are starting QB and starting RB with 5-6 games left and only won one more game all year and still had 8 wins I didn’t think that justified the total deconstruction of the Raider team almost 5 years latter we still have 4win seasons so I think that more then shows I’m right . You people need to look at the entire body of work of Al Davis not just the last chapter. His only fault is he wanted to JUST WIN BABY and I will never fault one the founding fathers of the AFL NFL for that. For 85 Percent of his football life Al Davis overachieved 3 SB five trips. how many winning seasons Etc. He gave the Raiders a identity us against the world Im not bashing the Raiders before free agency started I posted the Raiders needed to be aggressive in free agency and sign good young CORE players at key spots . I Said we needed to sign some of the following Cobb Maclin Suh Knighton Maxwell Iupati and. Hardy Jerry Hughes. J Thomad J Cameron T Smith Spiller Clint boiling and 95 percent of you left positive thumbs up and agreed with me. I haven’t switched my position. But obviously most of you have interesting I’m glad I’m not in a fox hole with you I would turn my back and you would BAIL and RUN

  31. Now in Reggie’s defense some of the signings are much better this year the two above for example but we need more Just one more thing if Al Davis paid a non all pro center the HIGHEST contract ever in the NFL which is exactly what Reggie did with R Hudson contract you would rip him so why does Reggie receive a pass for the same behavior ??? I was taught that would make you a hypocrite

  32. My list… Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall, Richard Seymour, Javon Walker, LaMont Jordan, Kerry Collins, Warren Sapp, Tommy Kelly, Terdell Sands, Aaron Brooks, Daunte Culpepper, Stanford Routt, Michael Huff and thats barely scratching the surface while still not reflecting the many wasted draft picks during this period and yet to even mention the coaching hires as well. Once again your ignorance is blinding!

  33. Last point Rhemish and then Im done with you for the day… I never thumbed up any of your posts, Im finally calling it the way I see it with you… I’d rather read Humbolt’s repetitive posts than see your whining claims of how Reggie ruined the Nation. Good day sir!

  34. I’ll never bad mouth Al Davis but unfortunately his refusal to rebuild and only “reload” for over 20 years caught up with the Raiders. The full deconstruction that Reggie has done was needed and should have been done years ago. In the old NFL, you could go out and “buy” yourself a playoff appearance with the hopes of the ultimate prize…we have 3 (should be 4 if not 5) but that’s besides the point.

    Reggie has drafted well…not great but well and is getting better each year. He has added some key pieces in Mack, Carr, Jelly etc. he has even found some gems in previous years that aren’t game changers but are contributors that were late round picks. Last years Free Agents werent great that’s for sure. Tuck showed us glimpses of the player he use to be but really the others were brought in to “fill” roster spots. We weren’t going to win a championship or make the playoffs…who are you really kidding. They were brought in to field a team plain and simple. Veteran leadership from winning programs to ease the younger players into life in the NFL. Each one of those players that we brought in were given team friendly contracts…not player friendly. One or two years in length and in most cases the second year was a club option that we won’t/didn’t pick up.

    As for the “Big Name” free agents this year that most of you are saying we “missed” on…get real. They weren’t going to come to play for us. They only used us as bargaining chips for negotiating with other clubs. We have to build a winning culture before we can even think of signing these guys. And NO…none of them were ever in play for the Raiders. Seriously, do you think Suh is going to make the Fish a contender and get them to the holy grail? Is Maxwell that last cog in Philly? I really think not.

    We were in cap hell and are in a much better place now and going forward.


  35. Like I said you can’t stay on point. Kelly Sands Rout. Huff these players were all drafted by the Raiders not free agent signings. But only a true Raider fan would know that and Seymour was a trade and Randy moss was the last WR to go over 1000 yds rec but again only a true Raider fan would know that 5 SB. 3 SB wins Do you watch football everybody said the game passed Al by well the Seahawks are a complete copy of Al Davis’s football philosophy but only a life long true Raider fan would know that too . 3rd Rd draft pick at QB Not the flashy 1 st rd pick big Powerfull RB ,with the big play deep ball mixed in . Put pressure on the QB with the front four DL big physical in your face CB hard hitting LB. and sAfety impose your will and intimidate the other team and yes great special teams I can talk circles around you still waiting on your list oh yeah just like Reggie you are in over you head. RAIDER NATION

  36. Hard to believe Oakland still has a fan base after being so awful for what… 15 years?

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