Reggie Bush taking first visit to San Francisco


The 49ers have some backs on hand they want to try with Frank Gore gone.

But they’re still looking for some outside help.

According to Jason La Canfora of, former Saints and Lions running back Reggie Bush is visiting the 49ers today.

We mentioned yesterday (it was easy to miss with everything else going on) that Bush was considering the 49ers, Saints and Patriots as well, as he tries to find a place to fit in.

There are interesting aspects to all three, as he could play a valuable role if he’s healthy. And the fact he’s checking out San Francisco first could say something.

21 responses to “Reggie Bush taking first visit to San Francisco

  1. 49ers haven’t thrown a RB screen in 5 years. I’ve been dying to see what the would look like against defenses that “over pursuit” like Seattle and Arizona

  2. I hope they sign him. I think he could be a great change of pace back to complement the pounding Hyde. Bush should be good for the 8 games he’s on the field before injury.

  3. Please sign with SF to ensure the Saints don’t do something stupid, like re-sign you.

  4. Come on Reggie, you know you like the food in New Orleans too much not to come back!

  5. For the right price Reggie is a good fit with the Saints. He’s a threat on punt returns and his big play potential can’t be ignored.

    That being said if he wants to earn the most money and become irrelevant, San Francisco is definitely the place to be!

  6. I love the idea! Gore is a bruiser that runs low with vision. Hyde is the same guy. Bush is the perfect compliment as a slasher and pass catcher. These defenses in the west are fierce and look at what worked best against settles defense on the super bowl. Brady drop back clear the field then hit vereen in the flats. I 100 percent see the niners thought. That’s why you are hearing Reggie bush and cj spillers name come up. They can’t 100 percent count on Kendall hunter to be ready after his knee injury. At the right price a genius move!!

  7. Watching the 49ers slowly (maybe not slowly) coming apart at the seams, Reggie is probably just going through the motions with visiting them. I’d guess if the Pats make him any kind of decent offer he’ll jump at it.

  8. I think Chryst will use our RB’s differently than Roman did. Using Bush as primarily a receiver out of the backfield or even in the slot would open up the offense more and create some mismatches.

  9. Really not sure why roman didn’t use gore to catch passes from the backfield. I remember Craig, watters, garner and gore used to do it effectively.

  10. The reason the 49ers haven’t run screens in years is the OL. These guys (other than Staley) are straight-ahead, mauling, road graders. The guards can pull and trap, but trying to get these guys out in space is a futile effort. Hell, even J. Martin, starting at RT and roughly 5 steps ahead of the play, could barely make it to the right flat before the RB coming out of the I, in most cases. Hell, he tripped over his own feet at least twice last season before even getting close to his blocking assignment! Compounding all of this, Kap throws lasers regardless of distance, and the RB’s barely have time to adjust and/or catch the ball.

  11. If healthy, Bush would fit well on the Pats, who would split him out and run draws and screens his way all day.

  12. Everyone seems to feel this is the imminent demise of the 49ers with the recent changes. We’re still loaded with talent, it’s just a matter of time until that talent gels together.

    If we can get better protection for Kap, he can be phenomenal, especially with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin out there. Hoping we can keep Crabtree with all the cap space we just saved.

  13. Bush is all about Hollywood and the 49ers are the closest geographically out of all 3 interested teams…. But I hope he signs with the Saints..

  14. He’s better than Randal Cobb and Percy Harvin if a team was smart enough to use him the same way. He would be the top of my Free Agent list..

  15. Stop calling Bush a “pass catcher” out of the backfield. As any Lions fan can tell you over the last two years, he drops more passes than he brings in. Good riddance.

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