Texans trade Ryan Fitzpatrick to Jets for conditional draft pick

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Geno Smith has some company in the Jets’ quarterback room: Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Texans have traded Fitzpatrick to the Jets for a late-round conditional draft pick, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. There’s no immediate word on the conditions for the pick, but presumably it will be a 2016 pick, determined by how much Fitzpatrick plays for the Jets in 2015.

Although it hasn’t been formally announced, the move presumably means Brian Hoyer will sign with the Texans. So Smith and Fitzpatrick will be the Jets’ quarterbacks, while Hoyer and Ryan Mallett will be the Texans’ quarterbacks.

That’s not exactly an inspiring list of names for fans of the Jets and Texans, but it’s hard to find good quarterback help in the NFL these days. Fitzpatrick is better than nothing. And maybe better than Smith.

104 responses to “Texans trade Ryan Fitzpatrick to Jets for conditional draft pick

  1. Finally…a closure to the on again, off again, back and forth, yes he will sign, no he won’t sign, let me ask my wife, and I need to speak to my two little kids

  2. Fitz can easily beat out Geno Smith for the starting role, but don’t expect too much from him. He’s great in the games he wins and terrible in the losses. Unfortunately he’s got more losses than wins under his belt. Still, Fitz is a GREAT guy and should be a great influence on younger teammates. As a Bills fan who had huge hopes for him I wish him nothing but the best… Until we meet again!

    He also grows a pretty good beard.

  3. Well, at least we know is that he is a very smart man….
    To date, Fitzpatrick has the highest Wonderlic Test score ever achieved among NFL quarterbacks.

    The only player to earn a verified perfect score on the Wonderlic test was also a Harvard graduate: wide receiver/punter Pat McInally, who played his entire career with the Cincinnati Bengals

  4. I hated the contract Fitz singed as Starter Money with Bills! I was hopeful he would’ve stuck around as QB mentor because that’s his sweet zone …

    Temp starter and great tutor … Will never be consistent enough as a #1

  5. Listen… we know what Fitzpatrick is.
    Smart guy, undersized, decent arm, quick release.
    Can get hot and throw you 6 Tds in a game.
    Can force it and throw you 4 critical ints in a game.

    He is a mixed bag.

    But definitely more accomplished than Geno, and probably in the right system more likely to get you to the playoff if he plays the whole season and does NOT have to carry the team.

    Would love to have seen how the Bills would have done with him if they had the defense they have NOW when he was there.

  6. Anyone that still believes that Jay Cutler is not a much better QB than this collection of mopes knows nothing at all about football.

  7. Well you can go ahead and use ink and write the Patriots in as division champs. Having to compete with the likes of Fitzpatrick, Cassell, and Tannehill isn’t exactly stiff competition. More like competing against a bunch of stiffs.

  8. I would rather have Matt Moore than Fitzpatrick. That’s not saying much, but Fitzpatrick is simply awful.

  9. What’s the saying ?

    When you have R Fitzpatrick and G Smith as your quarterback’s you have none. I think that’s how it goes.

  10. So I guess the Jets aren’t giving Matt Simms a shot, he’s probably better than both of these guys.

    “Fitzpatrick. ..Cassell…….Tannehill…..we dont need Revis”

    Considering the east now has the 3 best d line in the NFL and 3 of the top 6 secondaries in the nfl then and none of them are your team then I’d say your right, they need more protection for your non mobile qb while he is running for his life. Better hope Suh doesn’t step on him.

    Pats will go down in history, and will always be called cheaters for it.

  12. instant upgrade over geno. i’ll love this even more if marriota is still there at 6.

  13. I give the Jets credit for consistency; even with Rex Ryan gone, they have still continued to strive for quarterback mediocrity. I guess they’ll have a good cornerback tandem, but they’re going nowhere with Smith and Fitzpatrick. But as long as Woody Johnson gets his team on the back page of the Daily News, he’s happy. He loves to win the off season.

  14. Does that mean the team with the dopiest QB just got the smartest QB? Anything in middle please.

  15. @deacon85 …yeah, woody is a joke. he should just get some franchise qb that happens to be available. it’s so easy finding those in the nfl.

  16. Until either the Jets, Dolphins, or Bills have a QB, I have no worries. The division today is just the same as it was before Revis left the Jets…except the Pats now have FOUR rings instead of three.


  17. I seriously don’t think it’s unreasonable to consider that Garroppolo could very well be the second best QB in the AFC East…

  18. “Fitzpatrick. ..Cassell…….Tannehill…..we dont need Revis”

    Meh I’ll take hearty does of in Bill we trust as the next Pats fan, but its not these teams the secondary was needed for, its the teams we’ll face in the playoffs.

  19. The last time I remember Revis and Cromrartie at corner, the Jets were beating us in the 2011 playoff game at Foxboro. DEFENSE WINS and the Jets’ will be allot better than ours. Maybe we can get Harvin.

  20. If I have to pick between Geno Smith and Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Geno may have more physical ability, but Fitzpatrick beats him by a mile in the most important thing a QB can have. Intelligence.

    You can do a lot worse than Fitzpatrick as a stopgap. If this is the best we can do for this year, then I’ll take it. This GM seems to have a plan and I’m looking forward to what it brings.

  21. Between getting Revis back and signing Marshall and resigning Harris, I really thought the Jets had shaken off their old ways/habits and were gonna be a contender in the AFC East.

    PHEW – this is more like it – classic Jets signing.

  22. So let me get this straight…

    Former Bills QB Fitzpatrick is now a Jet
    Former Jets HC Rex Ryan is now Bills HC
    Former Jets, then Pats CB Revis is a Jet again
    Former Dolphins WR Marshall is now a Jet

    The Jets should sign Spiller and Stevie Johnson so they can be the new Bills.

  23. “Considering the east now has the 3 best d line in the NFL and 3 of the top 6 secondaries in the nfl then and none of them are your team then I’d say your right, they need more protection for your non mobile qb while he is running for his life. Better hope Suh doesn’t step on him.”

    Yeah the other division teams had great Dlines last year and how far did that get you in the playoffs ? Oh wait.

    And the Pats have no problems with Suh in pounding the Lions 34-9 last year. He had 4 total tackles, no sacks, no special plays. And it was pointed out by the NE homer press the other day that I think it was Dan Connelly matched up with Suh 1 on 1 at least 14 times in the game and never beat Connelly once. And he drew a pair of stupid penalties as well and probably hurt Detroit almost as little as he helped them.

    So no, I doubt the Pats are very worried about Suh.

  24. Familiar with Chan Gailey’s system so this should help them transition.

    Asking Geno to learn a new system every year is a reach.

  25. There go the Eagles fans desperate hope that somehow the Jets would trade for Sam Bradford as part of Chip Kelly’s master plan.

  26. lol at the jets and texans. These are the kind of moves that get you nowhere. Since the start of free agency either of these teams know what their doing.

  27. I think Woody Johnson must have been behind this.

    “Holy crap I can’t sell tickets with Geno as the starter, get me a warm body at QB”.

    Fitzpatrick is a warm body.

  28. Fitzpatrick is the definition of mediocrity. Our backup Garroppolo is better than both jets and bills’ starters.

  29. Attaboy Ryan, Harvard guy stays in the NFL year after year while others come and go.

  30. Looks like the QB position just got a little better at the Jets. This move should almost guarantee Geno a lot of bench time. I guess his contract was too much to make him the water boy or the one to retrieve the footballs. I don’t think he had enough talent to do either.

  31. I’m no Jets fan, but say what you want haters, because the new Jets already look like a vast improvement over last year’s team!

  32. Fitz is who he is, but Chan Gailey ran a competent offense with Fitz and Spiller in Buffalo. Those teams failed because their defense was terrible and gave up 5+ ypc on the ground.

    With their improvements on defense, the Jets could be much better.

  33. Hate the Jets. Revis and Fitzpatrick have both proven they can help win games in the AFC East.

    Last year 6th in defense, yards per game and 22nd in offense, yards per game.

    Are they better on both sides of the ball this year? Yes. Heck, if they can move up from 22nd in offense to say, 15th, they’ve got a great shot at making noise.


  34. This trade is every bit as irrelevant as the Browns signing McCown.

    Both the Jets and the Browns still need a quarterback desperately.

    Mar 11, 2015 12:12 PM
    Fitzpatrick. ..Cassell…….Tannehill…..we dont need Revis

    Nobody has said Cassel will be the starter… for all you know Manuel could take back the gig.
    Besides, you don’t need Revis… your team needs to bend the rules a bit to win… The eyes of the NFL will be on the Patriots this season, so how are they going to cheat? If they can’t cheat, how will they win? Screwed.

  36. I’m pretty sure Fitzy didn’t have a Marshall and Decker to throw to while at Buffalo…. Can you say David Nelson and Stevie Johnson!!!! I like what my Jets are doing…. Lots of CB’s this year to go with our awesome defensive line….. and Geno will be much better in yr 3…..

  37. Give the Jets credit – they are making moves to improve the team. A lot.

    Idzik must have been locked up in his office last year screwing around on the internet all day.

  38. All these QB moves that past couple of days make me feel sorry the fan bases on these teams. Cassel, Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, Bradford, Foles….just a bunch of mediocre QB’s switching teams and nothing will change. GM’s of these teams should work really hard to build a great defense, because they are never going win with the offense. It’s worked for the Giants, Ravens, Seahawks (not to say that RW is mediocre, he is getting there but they won because of defense).

  39. I understand fans being enthusiastic on new signings, but come on, Jets are far from being SB contenders, don’t be delusional thinking they are. You are not going from a 4-12 team to the SB.

  40. Coach Bowles knows that if he has a killer defense and a little talent on the offense, you can get by with a mediocre QB and still make the playoffs. Gotta say, Bowles knows talent and how to get it done. If they reunite Cro with Revis…HOLY *&#! Arizona is feeling the loss of Bowles already…could be next years Coach of the Year!

  41. Fitzpatrick at worst is capable veteran backup who is a good presence in the locker room and knows Chan Gailey’s system.

  42. Jets fans guess this means you should start making those SB reservations… Ryan Fitzpatrick among the worst qb’s in all of football.

  43. That’s quite a collection of jerseys that Fitzpatrick is amassing! The Jets are his 6th team.

  44. Tebow is still out there and infinitely better than the garbage the Jets have right now. Why don’t the Jets admit their mistake with Tebow and bring him back?

  45. Draft Mariota as potential franchise QB and let Fitz and Smith duke it out for the starter spot. Then dump Smith if he loses the battle and keep Sims.

  46. Just a replacement for Vick, but Jets do have some receivers with Decker and Marshall. They also ran for over 200 against us last year. Pats need to wake up.

  47. Why sign another QB we know he isn’t going to compete with Geno. The Jets will prob just say this will be a competation but we all know they will just give it to Geno. New front office, same old Jets.

    Might want to think a team with 3QBs is looking for another.

  48. Fitz is at his best in a place where there’s no wind, say a dome like he had in Houston. Just like in Buffalo, he will not succeed with his limited arm and questionable accuracy in bad weather in New Jersey, especially later in the season

  49. Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Geno Smith. I think that goes without saying. Didn’t Fitzpatrick have 6 TD passes in one game last season? I don’t know how many Smith had all year but I don’t think it was a lot more than that.

  50. Fitz is a good QB but not great. He will kill you with short passes
    and tight window throws. He is a good runner and he’s brave.
    he is a real good leader. I know I’m a Bills fan and I think the
    world of him. I’m hoping the Jets sign Spiller and Steve Johnson.
    Chan Galley is a great offensive coordinator. he knows how to plan
    and scene. It will be fun to watch the Jets play this year.
    Im loving all the moves in the AFC east this year. My Bills are getting
    ready to lay a beat down on the Pats this year. This is going
    to be one great race for the AFC East crown. I can’t wait for the
    games to start.

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