Antonio Cromartie follows Darrelle Revis back to Jets

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The Jets secondary is going to have a familiar look to it this season.

According to multiple reports, cornerback Antonio Cromartie has signed a four-year deal with the Jets a little more than a year after the team released him while cleaning up a messy salary cap. The deal is reportedly worth $32 million, which was the same total value of the deal he signed with the team and failed to see out in 2011.

The move fulfills Darrelle Revis’s desire to play “Batman and Robin” with his running mate from 2010-2012 while also reuniting Cromartie with Jets coach and former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Cromartie landed in Arizona after his release last season and put together a strong season in Bowles’s attacking scheme. With Revis at the other corner and Buster Skrine signed to make the cornerback group a deep one, the Jets figure to deploy their defense in a similar style in 2015.

The Cowboys and Cardinals were also thought to be in the hunt for Cromartie, but the veteran made little secret of his interest in returning to New Jersey this year. He’s followed through on it and one of the Jets’ biggest defensive weaknesses in 2014 now looks like it will be a strength this time around.

115 responses to “Antonio Cromartie follows Darrelle Revis back to Jets

  1. So the Jets go from having the worst corners in NFL history back to having one of the greatest cover corner sets in history.

    Lots of money to make this happen. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  2. I don’t think Revis or Cromartie really wanted to leave New York. It will be fun watching them play in Bowles defense and comparing it to Rex Ryans.

    Now the Jets just need to find a QB.

  3. When the Jets had Cro and Revis early in Ryan’s tenure, they had a terrible line that could generate no pressure. After they left, they had a great D-line but not a single corner that could cover. This defense has a chance to impress this year. First time in a while that it feels good to be a Jets fan.

  4. If only we had a franchise quarterback……….
    Maybe we can trade and get Mark Sanchez back for Act 2??

  5. The Jets are becoming an interesting team to watch. They have shored up the secondary, added some decent WR’s, solidified the O-line. The D should be good and if they add a playmaker or two, the only thing that may stand in the way of them competing is the production they get from the QB position, which I’m not so sure is settled yet.

  6. Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, Dee Milliner, Calvin Prior, Antonio Allen, David Harris, Demario Davis, Quinton Couples, Calvin Pace, Sheldon Richardson, Damon Harrison, and Muhammad Wilkerson

    That’s going to be one great defense, ran by a great defensive minded coach. If Chan Gailey can get some sort of consistent production out of the Offense, the Jets have the opportunity to do great things in 2015.

  7. If only Shonn Greene resigns, then they can trade for Sanchez…who knows…maybe they can get Mangini to coach them. And maybe the Clots will benc their QB week 17 and let them steal a playoff spot? Oh 2006…

  8. The Jets can afford to spend $20M+ on their CB’s since they do not have the issue about paying an NFL QB $$$.

    Jets fans always feel great about their team until mid October except the Bills & Fins are giving them a run about being the Preseason Super Bowl contender which Rex was at his best.

  9. If this works out as well as it looks on paper, they’ll shut down the passing game of any team.

  10. Neither one of these guys can cover Gronk or Edelman.

    If Chan Gailey . . .

    Is that a rhetorical question?

  11. flash1287 says:
    Mar 12, 2015 3:24 PM

    Still no QB still no better than 6-10

    We’ll see pal. Welcome back, Cro! This defense is gonna be down-right nasty. Fitzpatrick ain’t the long term answer but he’s smart and won’t be reckless with the football like Geno. I’m really looking forward to watching this defense terrorize opponents.

  12. coltzfan166 says:
    Mar 12, 2015 3:31 PM

    Rex Ryan must be fuming now that they’re getting their good defensive players back

    Wouldn’t you??? Just goes to show how bad Idzik screwed this team!!

    Must feel sorry for Rex

  13. If one looks at this on paper, the Jet’s should easily compete to dethrone Seattle from its ‘best defense in the NFL for 3 straight years’.

    And I’m a Seattle fan! Go Jet’s…Beat Brady!

  14. meh… it’s not like they won a championship the last time they were together. A few years older and the defensive genius has moved on to Buffalo

  15. Belichick has finally made every head in the other AFC East front offices explode.

    What will these guys do if he beats them again?

    And you know he will.

  16. Looks like both the team in Jersey and the team in New York are going to make a run at the Pats. 2 strong defenses.

  17. I remember Smith had a good game last outing at my Dolphins seemed like he could miss the deep ball throwing it all over the place. Now if that Jeno is the guy that shows up you Jets might be a good team. I also like Bowles so maybe things are looking up.

  18. People keep saying they still suck cuz they have no QB. Do you people just ignore that they went to back to back AFC champ games with Mark Sanchez. Having Marshal you don’t need a great QB. His catch radius is twice as big as most other WR and can win 50/50 jump balls. Cutler did it all the time just like how Stafford does it with Megatron. Good defense with a ball control is the formula to win in the playoffs. Also the Jets had to spend this year to comply with 89% rule so they aren’t just spending for the hell of it. Now if they draft and edge rusher @ 6 the defense will be fun to watch.

  19. Given the age of the Jets, they shouldn’t have hired Todd Bowles. They need George Allen.

  20. As Pats fan, this spells trouble…..The last time these 2 were together, back to back Championship games. And they had no QB then. With that D, Fitzpatrick can win.
    Plus, they have best receivers in division also.

  21. I don’t understand why. Jets clearly aren’t competing this year.

    They can’t possibly be the only team willing to pay two of the top available corners.

  22. RexCanCoach says: Mar 12, 2015 3:36 PM

    How great is this? Jets are better and the Patriots suck again!!!


  23. This secondary is beastly and will probably make skrine look like a pro bowler. The defense is general is set up to be top 5 again. I think Fitzpatrick is underrated in the sense that he was a 10 ten rated qb and only make 4 mil next season. CJ Spiller would be a nice cap to the offseason then draft a young WR and get Grayson to develop at QB

  24. Last year when Denver signed Talib, Belichick’s chess move was to sign Revis. It was a winning gambit.

    This year the Jets signed Revis but Belichick did not respond, and he certainly didn’t stalk Cromartie.

    History tells us Belichick knows what he is doing. He’s not only the chess master, he is the guy that is encircled by 31 other (alleged) chess masters and each one is playing him. Of course, he’s winning on all boards. Just to make it fun, the other guys really think they have a chance of knocking him off at the start.

  25. Well, should sell tickets. Owner will be happy about that until Revis begins his holdouts in August and Cro plays the “Ole'” when he needs to make a tackle.

  26. It will be interesting to watch their roster blow apart in a year or two when they come back to salary cap reality. If they don’t win in the next year or two, they going to have to start all over again.

  27. Again this is a team that won 4 games last season and it wasn’t because of there D. It’s because the QB SUCKS and they still do.

    Again 6-10 maybe 7-9 if lucky. In the end it’s still NE (SUPER BOWL CHAMPS) division!

    Enjoy last place, again.

  28. Jets fans have a lot to look forward to this season. Todd Bowles is a defensive genius and now he has a ton of weapons. AFC East opponents are about to be blitzed a whole lot.
    Plus,Bowles, figures out the most creative ways to use payers to compensate any weaknesses the team may have. But looking at the defensive roster there doesn’t seem to be much weakness.
    As a Cards fan, watching the Jets defense will be my second favorite thing to watch this season. It’s going to be fun to watch.

  29. i’m fired up now. mark sanchez single handedly lost 4-5 games his rookie year and the jets still won 9 games. all we need is a qb who isn’t a freaking turnover machine. we’ll definitely be in the mix for the playoffs in this watered down afc.

  30. These guys didn’t do squat 3 years ago when they were 3 years younger. Now they are supposed to be taken serious? Cmon………….two words…………Geno Smith. Nuff’ said.

  31. No one hates the Jets more than me, but they’re not overextending. They still have 20 mil under the cap. Its our team that’s in cap hell right now. Down 5 starters and counting.

  32. It’s literally amazing how Jets fans have popped back out of the woodwork, remembering their “mini-dynasty” back when they managed to lose two consecutive AFC championship games. Next we’ll be seeing the articles proclaiming that the Patriots time has passed them by, how its okay to overpay to get over the hump, how so many teams have gotten by without a quality quarterback, etc., etc., etc. Then, of course, comes the actual games and things not playing out exactly as these same fans planned. Rinse. Repeat. History so repeats itself in the AFC East.

  33. Lots of lame comments from the “you font have a qb don’t bother trying to improve your team” people. And we can certainly expect these people to demand the Jets apologize for winning if they do well this year.

  34. The porus Cards pass defense just got shredded full of holes.

    As for the Jets defensive backfield, they will be great against the pass, BUT WEAK against the run and tight ends catching passes and then turning upfield.

    I remember Cro running away from tackles on running backs and tight ends last season.

    And the dream defensive backfield of Batman and Robin is just anothet injury away from vanishing up in smoke in the Meadowlands, especially with these guys being a lot older yhan when they last played together.

    Good or bad coach, too bad Bowles is gonna experience the curse of the Jets as every Jets coach has since the days of Broadway Joe.

  35. If only Shonn Greene resigns, then they can trade for Sanchez…who knows…maybe they can get Mangini to coach them. And maybe the Clots will benc their QB week 17 and let them steal a playoff spot? Oh 2006…

    Mangini didn’t coach Sanchez, Colts* benched their QB in week 16, and that occured in 2009.

  36. @truths4all…weak against the run? the jets have the best defensive line in the nfl. the absolute last thing i’m worried about as a jets fan is any opponents running game because cromartie is a below average corner. that’s also overstated too. it’s not like he’s a huge liability. revis on the other hand is a great tackler.

  37. “And cue the pulling their hair out NE Pat’s fans in 3-2-1…”

    Haha we are good bro. We’ve been through this before no one has ever won a SB in March. Ask Denver. Still polishing that shiny new Lombardi. Love how the Jets fans are already thinking Super Bowl. How about thinking playoffs for the first time in years. Beat my Pats and then come talk to me. Your QB is straight garbage and the Eagles just traded your only hope away. Don’t get too ahead of yourselves I’d hate so see the look of disappointment on your faces when you guys go 7-9 again next year and miss out on the playoffs. Wait, who am I kidding GET FIRED UP NY SUPER BOWL OR BUST!!!

  38. Revis will enjoy his cash and he definitely earned it. He knows how to play the contract game that is for sure. And yes he will get that gold watch for those great years as a JET. So he’ll end up with one gold watch and one sb ring.

  39. So glad Ryan is not the HC anymore!! All he ever did the last two years is stand on the sidelines and shake his head in disgust all season instead of leading. He may be a players coach but that’s only buddy buddy stuff. The guys were not disciplined for him which also says a lot about his lack of coaching. I think he always looked for the finish line (Super. Bowl) instead of remaining in the journey and seeing through the challenges. Oh and did I mention that he had zero offensive sensabilities at all. Falling in love with a mediocre QB Sanchize and grind the team down leaving Geno at the helm. The teams that he had success with were inherited by him which only deteriorated after a couple seasons. Hopefully we have a real leader in Bowles…

  40. Jets were #4 in the AFC against the run with no secondary. They have the best D line in the AfC with Richardson, Harrison and Wilkerson. Forget trying to run on this team now. Tommy will just have to throw it 5o times, we’ll be ok.

  41. With Gino and Fitz, I hope for them that Revis et Cro will return a lot of their INTs for TDs!

  42. The key to all of this….is Todd Bowles. He going to stop the bleeding with the weapons and his scheme. Not sure how much offensive help they will get, but keeping down points will help! Nice job Jets!

  43. JetsJetsJetsnow – couldn’t of said it better myself. In addition to the fact that teams turn it around in 1 year all the time, see the Chiefs during Andy Reid’s 1st year.

    Geno may or may not become a good QB, but one thing can’t be argued honestly is that he has all the tools. With a real HC and offensive philosophy he might surprise a lot of people. If not we will still be battling for a playoff spot with Fitzpatrick and a nasty defense.

  44. Quite a turnaround. Now if these guys can keep opponents from scoring more than, say, 14 points a game, the Jets will be in business!

  45. Jets fans can’t stop obsessing about the Patriots even in one of their own articles.


  46. Now all they need to do is resign Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin and they’ll have the whole (old) gang together.

  47. skawh says:
    Mar 12, 2015 3:27 PM
    And cue the pulling their hair out NE Pat’s fans in 3-2-1…

    You mean the World Champion New England Patriots? Those guys? Yeah, not really worrying about much these days.

  48. great, so the Jets D will hold teams to 14pts/game & still lose 12 games ..way to go

  49. Typical Jets, Championship won in March but we all know who is there at the end in December. Finally good to see competition in the division, took you 14 years of getting mopped up by the patriots for you to finally get serious. And the only 2 division titles we lost were to 3 way and a 2 way tiebreaker.

  50. averagjoe says:
    Mar 12, 2015 3:31 PM

    If this works out as well as it looks on paper, they’ll shut down the passing game of any team.


    Until their own QB gives up the ball on the other side of the field repeatedly or that magnificent set of corners is on the field 45 out of 60 minutes.

    That team is going to suck eggs with that QB.

    Oh, and about 6 teams, led by Rodgers and Co. in Green Bay will still tear that secondary up.

    Get back to making your brownies.

  51. By the time the season starts, Revis will be 30 and Cromartie will be 31. How smart is it to invest long-term big-money guaranteed contracts to any players who are closer to the end of their careers then the beginning? Typical Jets, always looking at the immediate, never thinking long term. There’s a reason the Patriots didn’t match the offer.

  52. Yes, we won the SB, but we’re paying for it this year. Jets suffered last year with no spending, now its our turn. Jets have added 5 quality starters and we’ve lost 4 already. We only beat them by 3 total pts in 2 games. Show a little humility Patnation, we’re going to have our hands full this year. They went further than us in 2010 and 2011 with no QB. This Def will be better than those. The front 7 is much stronger.
    Hats off to NY, so far they’re way ahead in 2015.

  53. Only one AFC receiver has a chance against this duo and it’s Antonio Brown, Revis can handle all the rest. DeAndre Hopkins can be a problem as well. Now if we get Mariota that will be icing on cake

  54. These teams are loading on super weapons but don’t know how to fire them. Patriots beats them with flintlocks. — Seriously… Revis with his Robin will not win the Jets the SB. That’s a sobering thought after the euphoria of the spending spree.

  55. And cue the pulling their hair out NE Pat’s fans in 3-2-1…

    Indeed, we want so much to be like the Jets.

    You got us.

  56. He must have passed the quiz to get the offer………name your kids

    Welcome back Cro

    Now about the Geno guy

  57. If The coach is so good why was AZ ranked 24th in total defense?

    Jets only score 17 pts a game, your gonna need the Seattle D to win many games.
    Jets D will not be as good as Seattle
    Your QB’s and O line suck
    Marshall is old with eroding skills and is a cancer in the locker room

    NE, Mia & Buffalo will all score more than 21ppg.

    Maybe 7-9 next year then prepare for Cap Hell as your young D lineman come due for contracts.

  58. Days since The New England Patriots last won a Super Bowl: 39

    Days since the NY Jets last won a Super Bowl: 16,860 ….that’s 46 years and 2 months kids.

    A couple of generations have gone by and they wouldn’t even know what this looks like. Heck, Fred Savage from The Wonder Year’s was born in 1976, so he’s never seen this either. Lolzzz.

    It’s hard to get to the Super Bowl let alone win it. You have to be good AND lucky. The Jets have a looong way to go.

  59. lanman11 says:Mar 12, 2015 7:22 PM

    Days since The New England Patriots last won a Super Bowl: 39

    Days since the NY Jets last won a Super Bowl: 16,860 ….that’s 46 years and 2 months kids.

    A couple of generations have gone by and they wouldn’t even know what this looks like. Heck, Fred Savage from The Wonder Year’s was born in 1976, so he’s never seen this either. Lolzzz.

    It’s hard to get to the Super Bowl let alone win it. You have to be good AND lucky. The Jets have a looong way to go.

    Don’t forget, illegally taping the Rams (and other opponents) Saturday walk-through and deflating the footballs to lady-hands Brady’s liking. Don’t forget those.

  60. Oh right…that’s what worked. Without those fictitious things to hang your hat on, you’d have to admit the Patriots are better than you, right?

    You couldn’t possibly do THAT…

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