NFL pleased with verdict in Super Bowl seat case

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Both sides are declaring victory in the Super Bowl seat lawsuit, which generated a verdict on Thursday of $76,000 for seven plaintiffs.

“This is nothing short of a blowout,” attorney for the plaintiffs Michael Avenatti said, via Reuters.  “Any attempt by the NFL to claim victory in this case is like putting lipstick on a pig.”

The NFL nevertheless has removed the cap and spun the dial.

“We have always accepted responsibility for the problem our fans experienced at Super Bowl XLV and have genuinely tried to compensate those fans for their losses and inconvenience,” the NFL said in a statement.  “We are pleased by the jury’s verdict, which is consistent with our offers and that intent.”

At risk of being labeled a shill for the NFL (because we never criticize or complain about the NFL in any way), the verdict feels like a big win for the league because the verdict was on the wrong side (from the perspective of the plaintiff) of six figures.

Damages were awarded only for breach of contract, a theory that limits recovery to actual, out-of-pocket losses. The so-called “tort” claims, which would have allowed the jury to award compensation for annoyance and inconvenience and possibly punitive damages failed, with most tort claims dismissed before trial and two claims for fraud rejected by the jury.

The outcome for the seven plaintiffs whose cases were presented in the first of what will be several trials hardly seems to be a blowout.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, five of the seven plaintiffs got less at trial than they were seeking in damages. One of the plaintiffs, for example, was offered $10,000 four years ago. At trial, he got $7,957.

The process is hardly over.  The president of the seating contractor who suggested to that he was pressured by the NFL to give favorable testimony will be testifying again soon regarding those comments, and there are more than 200 remaining plaintiffs, with trials continuing this fall at the rate of 15 plaintiffs per case.

13 responses to “NFL pleased with verdict in Super Bowl seat case

  1. Rotate the Super Bowl every year between Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Glendale, San Diego (when they get their new stadium) and Los Angeles (when they get their new stadium).

  2. Victory for the league.
    Victory for the lawyers.
    The fans get screwed again.
    Any fans that still pay overpriced sums for tickets, then pay ridiculous parking fees, then pay for outrageous amounts for food and drink, while wearing the fan apparel that cost them a small fortune, deserve to get scammed.

  3. not true that there was a 10K offer to that plaintiff. It was 5. 2,957 is worth 4 years. He asked for 8,757 and got 800 less than he asked for.

    It was a big victory for the plaintiffs any way it’s sliced.

  4. So out of the 76k, by the time the lawyers get paid the seven guys will end up with about $100 to split.

  5. When the remaining plaintiffs see they aren’t going to get squat, they will negotiate/mediate with the NFL to finish it off.

    No lawyer goes into a case hoping for a $22,000 win. (the largest individual verdict).

    The out of pocket costs for these cases were many times that, I assure you.

    A losing proposition to go to court. The NFL makes $76K in about 2 seconds.

  6. The lawyer has already said that the plaintiffs will get all that was awarded and he’s going to file for his fees and costs. They only asked for about 100K combined.

    Mike, why do my breakdowns of what they asked for vs. received keep getting deleted?

    Huge victory for the plaintiffs here.

  7. My understanding is there was A LOT of lying under oath by the NFL. Seems hard to believe. Such a honest, trustworthy business institution.

  8. People need to quit being greedy. A friend and I were unfortunate with this problem. We got 2 tickets at the last minute and jumped on a plane for this once in a lifetime event. Yes it sucked but after working with the NFL we now will get to go to the next 3 super bowls with airfare,hotel, and all expenses reimbursed. Next time maybe they should just cooperate and get a better deal then threaten to sue.

  9. Wow, what a bad deal. I assumed when I heard that it was $76k each, not total. Courts side with business again.

  10. so, we buy two tickets from the nfl,took time from work, rental car, airfare, food,hotel,parking fee’s at anatole hotel to pickup tickets,nfl experience day before only to be told game day after waiting hours on the only line that was open,are tickets were no good! sending us the long way around the stadium for what was a scam for 5 hours until they changed there story 5 times and in the end we were offered nothing
    more that a free nosebleed at an upcoming superbowl of our choice or
    our ticket cost back. fact! I’m all in
    stay tuned ,president of the additional seating who gave favorable testimony will allow us all to have our day.

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