Nick Fairley moves on to visit with Rams

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The Bengals got the first meeting with defensive tackle Nick Fairley after free agency opened, but it won’t be the last one that Fairley takes.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Fairley is now headed for a visit with the Rams. If Fairley does end up joining the Rams defensive line, it will be a case of the rich getting richer.

The Rams have recent first-round picks Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers at defensive tackle at the moment, so adding Fairley doesn’t really fall into the necessity column but adding him to the rotation would make for a constant stream of fresh and talented players in the middle of the defensive line.

St. Louis has a similar rotation at defensive end with Robert Quinn, Chris Long and William Hayes, so opposing offenses would certainly have their hands full trying to control things at the line of scrimmage should Fairley end up joining the Rams.

17 responses to “Nick Fairley moves on to visit with Rams

  1. Someone please sign him soon so he doesn’t end back up with the Lions at a ‘cap friendly’ deal.

  2. Perfect place for Nick to sit on the bench and rest.

    That’s his favorite pastime.

  3. The Rams actually lack depth at DT and this signing would make them even more elite on the defensive front. With that being they need to address the O-line first IMO. They need a new center, RG, and possibly RT if Barksdale leaves. Foles will be no good if he is running for his life every play.

  4. This would make this line even more rank. As a Lions fan I can say that the potential is through the roof if he decides to play. He did that last year and we were finally getting glimpses of what he could be like and then he went down with a freak injury.

    There’s a part of me that hopes he sneaks by the Rams and finds out that Detroit’s offer was very much on par with what other teams are offering and comes back to team with Ngata.

  5. Ole Nick is taking his time, waddling his caboose to the next town. Guy just wants to sign a contract, have some barbecue and lay down. Football? Yeah sure, play a few snaps, twist an ankle and call it a year.

  6. One of the few times or maybe only time I ever agreed with Warren Sapp was he called this when Fairley came out of college. Absolutely no technique and questionable motor. I saw him play at Auburn and thought the same thing and couple that with low motivation and Detroit knew what his next and last NFL will find out. He is KP…can’t play.

  7. I love how when the Bengals were interested, everyone was dogging this guy. Now everyone is saying the Rams will have the best D-Line in the league if they sign him. The Bengals will still have a better D-line.

  8. The Rams need offence. If you are going to spend money to help the defense get a LB or CB.

  9. ok bengals wht is plan E-F??? you let Fairly go and MJ visiting zimmer and the vikings….he won’t leave Minnesota w/o a contract

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