Owen Daniels surprised Ravens didn’t try harder to keep him


New Broncos tight end Owen Daniels said after signing in Denver that he was surprised the Ravens didn’t make much of an effort to keep him.

“Not as much as I thought they would. They came late with an offer, but it was after I had already committed to come here,” Daniels said, via the Associated Press.

Daniels was the Ravens’ top tight end in 2014, catching 48 passes for 527 yards and four touchdowns. He also had a big game for them in the playoffs, catching eight passes for 111 yards and a touchdown in their loss to the Patriots. Baltimore will miss him.

By going to Denver Daniels gets to stay with Gary Kubiak, who has been either the head coach or the offensive coordinator everywhere Daniels has been for his entire NFL career. There’s a level of comfort with the Broncos that may not have been there if Daniels had stayed in Baltimore.

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  1. 20 million in dead money, half of which is taking the entire bonus money hit on Ray Rice in 2015 will do that. You think they like losing staples like Haloti Ngata? But it was either lose him and raise 8.5 million or just opt out of free agency completely and consider no TE, RB, WR, existing guys extensions, tenders etc.

    Rice smacked a lot of people in the face that night.

  2. Did this happen before last Tuesday at 4:00? Because if it did, it was a violation of league rules for him to make any kind of commitment to another team.

  3. Good guy and decent TE in Kubiak’s system, but the Ravens are watching their salary cap. With 10-12 picks in the draft they are going to need money and he’s an aging player.

  4. They didn’t have the money. In Oz we trust…
    LOL. Maybe Pitta can grow a new hip.

  5. Denver overpaid. The guy is in the twilight of his career and can’t block a lick. No way he will be there next year, much less 2 years from now. Plus he gets hurt a lot.

  6. Denver acquired a good all around tight end and lost a quick red zone asset who is soft, injury prone (Thomas missed his first 2 seasons to ankle injuries along with the last half of this past season) non-blocking player.
    They also saved themselves 5 million dollars per year to add another player.

    Great move John Elway.

  7. They didn’t try harder to keep you, Owen, because they can find a similar replacement who’s been released, like a Scott Chandler type for example. And for anyone who has a little understanding of compensatory picks, the first rule of obtaining them is losing more free agents than you sign, and players released are not counted against the free agents you lose.

    That is straight out of Ozzie Newsome’s playbook (Dumervil, Jacoby Jones, Steve Smith, and Owen Daniels himself were all released). It’s why they received 4! comp picks last year and are estimated to net 3 comp picks this draft. I’m surprised there aren’t more teams doing this.

  8. Umm, Owen? Ever think that the Ravens were a bit busy trying to get Ngata to re-do his contract to free up some cap space to keep you might have had something to do with it? I mean, you signed with Denver on the FIRST day of free agency. Thanks for 2014, but once Kubiak went to Denver, I don’t many Ravens fans figured you’d be back in Baltimore anyway.

  9. They didn’t have any cap room until after the Ngata trade so how exactly were they going to sign him before that happened?

  10. No way the Ravens were coming close to $4 mil a year. He did have over 100 yards in the loss to the Pats but he also dropped a touchdown in the second half and was non-existent for most of the year. Like everyone else who the Ravens didn’t resign, he got overpaid somewhere else.

  11. Maybe if you wouldn’t of dropped the TD pass in NE Oz and company would have done a little more to keep you around.

  12. They were backed against the wall until the Ngata trade. Now they are sitting with nice comfortable cap room.

    Very few fans I know actually thought he’d be back. He’s worked every season of his career for Kubiak and the formula to bring him to Baltimore to help with the offense worked so well it is an obvious move to repeat in Denver.

  13. There is no question Daniels saved Ravens when Pitta injured. Looks like Ravens are planning to get a TE in higher rounds of this draft and bring a veteran for cheap, just like they did with Daniels last year.

  14. Please dude ur avg at best. Now manning will make u look better
    U can be replaced no big deal

  15. The only reason you were there in the first place is because Kubiak wanted you there. Not surprising that when he left, your old ass was gone too.

    They got this young beast in Crockett Gilmore who is probably going to be on everyone’s radar by week 4.

  16. Agree, the Ravens have a great track record of not over paying and giving multi year contracts to veterans that are on the down side of their career. They like to build through the draft and only fill in mid level free agents.

    They also have a good track record of re-signing their own top level free agents. Seems to have worked out fairly well the last 15 years.

  17. Balto’s loss is Denver’s gain. Flacco loses a reliable veteran target, and Manning gets a very suitable replacement for Julius Thomas.

  18. They let you walk, same reason why Texans let you walk, they knew the next injury was just a matter of time

  19. Ravens don’t play when it comes to free agents. Same story every year, and they’ve barely skipped at beat in the last decade.

  20. good but aging TE (32 turning 33) , Pitta should return as the starter after being injuried most of last year you cant keep everyone plus the broncos are quite happy to sign him 😉

  21. Is he dumb? They didnt have the cap space until they traded Ngata which was after you committed to Denver. Maybe you should’ve waited before flying on the first plane to Kubiack.

  22. Let’s see. No go-to receiver other than the 38 year old. No running back. No tight end. D-line has troubles. Secondary in disarray. Ultra-overrated QB.
    Must suck to be a ravens fan these days.

  23. Owen, Let’s not forget that you contemplated retirement last summer. He’s a nice player, but way beyond the wrong side of 30. Not to mention, he’s had a track record with injuries. The Ravens caught a small dose of lightening in a bottle with him last season. Now time to move on to the next under the radar, yet productive signing by the first class front office in Charm City.

  24. Three out of four Flacco crutches have said “Bye, bye”. Plus Kubiak and Forsett. Haha

    Steelers – 2015/2016 AFCN Champions

  25. It’s hilarious how many clowns come out of the woodwork, mocking Ozzie every single year when this stuff happens.

    It’s even funnier when the Ravens are back in the playoffs every single year, and other teams can’t even sniff a postseason game.

  26. LOL at all the Flacco is overpaid. he’s the 15th (YES FIFTEENTH) highest paid quarterback in the league. Plenty of overpaid (done nothing) QB’s ahead of him. Only next year does his cap number go to a ridiculous number but it was set up that way to be restructured (and it will be) it’s all about guaranteed money with these big deals.

    OD was a big help with Pitta going down but Elway is crazy to give a guy who has a history of not completing seasons a three year deal. Ozzie Newsome doesn’t do such things because who knows he can draft or sign the same production for much cheaper.

    It’s almost funny watching all these teams that don’t draft well over pay for part time players who only played so good because they were part of a good system. Good teams (successful franchises) draft well and produce they’re own talent.

  27. Daniels only joined the Ravens to fill the unexpected gap when Pitta got hurt. I suspect that this is either a sign that the Ravens have faith in Pitta returning, they have a replacement lined up (free agent or draft) or both.

    Keep in mind Daniels hardly practiced and skipped camp due to age and wear issues. He is a very good TE, but he is almost used up.

    He did great for us in his role, but he is not a long term answer. With the Ravens likely having about 13 draft picks this year (after trade with Detroit and compensatory picks) they will be able to find an able body.

  28. It’s hilarious when you finish in 3rd place in the division.

    We’ll be picked to win the division again. And we’ll win it.

  29. Totally legit question about timing. The deal was announced Tuesday at 4 PM, and Daniels seems to be implying that he had a deal done prior to then. I know it’s a stupid policy and nobody really cares, but why are the conspiracy theorists all over this?

  30. the ravens only beat two teams with winning records last year — the steelers and the dolphins. he should be happy to be rid of them.

  31. I’ve always liked Daniel’s and he did a great job last year, but I’m not surprised at all they didn’t try to sign him… I could see them going after Vernon Davis

  32. It’s the same for every team. The players they let go or sign elsewhere are over the hill bums while those they sign are all-pro and will bring them a Super Bowl this year.

  33. It’s funny reading all these comments from Baltimore fans calling Daniels old when they have Steve Smith on the roster. Also calling him an injury waiting to happen when it’s rare that a player can make it through a season unscathed. Good riddance to him, praise Ozzie they say. It’s all pretty fickle even for a player on your squad for only 1 season. With Manning Daniels and Virgil Green will kill it, that’s all I know.

  34. Chain yourself to Kubiak’s bumper and let him drag you around. Maybe Coach Manning can get you a ring, but don’t bet the ranch on it.

  35. That bogus playoff win against a Steelers team without Bell has inflated the Ravens self worth. YOu weren’t very good..

  36. Daniels was actually one of the players along with Forsett I wanted to see back. I think he has another year or two left. He was a good TE for the Texans a few years back and would have been more productive on a better team. But I think the Broncos probably offered more than the Ravens were willing to pay a player at the end of his career. His departure was inevitable, especially with Pitta most likely coming back under a big contract and Gillmore on the roster. Ravens will probably target a TE in this draft.

  37. Steelers better worry about fixing that defense. Worilds said see ya later. I don’t think Ravens will miss Ngata as much. Ben already met Upshaw close and personal, get ready to meet Brandon Williams and Timmy Jernigan. I’m sure the Ravens will find someone to replace McPhee. This draft is loaded. Mcphee was a 5th round pick.

  38. Dude the Steelers suck, get over yourself and go leave comments on all the Steelers threads. You know the ones about your 5 best players on defense signing elsewhere our retiring. Woodley? He gone. Troy boy? He gone. Worillds? He gone. We’ve had your number for going on 5 yrs straight jbsteeler. Suck it up fanboy. t

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