Report: Dolphins trying to sign Charles Clay to multi-year deal

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Since the Dolphins used the transition tag on tight end Charles Clay last week, we’ve heard speculation about the Bills and/or Browns making attempts to sign him away with a multi-year deal that the Dolphins can’t or won’t match.

The Dolphins are reportedly trying to take that option off the table. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is talking to Clay about a long-term deal that would keep him in Miami for 2015 and beyond. Clay would stand to make a little more than $7 million under the transition tag, but it seems like that’s far from a likely way for things to wind up.

Clay is not the only tight end in the mix in Miami, however. Jordan Cameron is visiting with the team and there’s reportedly “a lot of mutual interest” in a deal. We’d normally presume that the Dolphins aren’t going to wind up with both tight ends, but we’ll stop short of making any assumptions on a day that’s seen the Eagles sign both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

The Browns said before free agency opened that they were open to bringing Cameron back at the right price, although Cameron was reportedly less enthusiastic about that prospect.

14 responses to “Report: Dolphins trying to sign Charles Clay to multi-year deal

  1. How is Whaley going to blow it..they made an offer now its in Miamis court. If they get him fine, if not they made a division foe possibly over spend

  2. To me it’s a no brainer. 2 years ago Charles Clay was playing like a top 5 tight end shedding off tackles from everyone and making game changing plays. Last year he played with an injury for most of the season. The market is not great for tight ends unless you want a concussion prone Jordan Cameron or a slow as molasses Scott Chandler.

    Make the move Miami.

  3. of course he is because he’ll need to make the contract around Suh’s 20 million cap hit in 2016 or whatever it is. It’ll be a lot more inconvenient to match the Bills contract, but I’m still confused why there was no offer from Buffalo when they’ve supposedly been preparing the offer sheet for days.

  4. When your teams owner picks up a free agent in his private jet and flys up to Buffalo with him he (the owner) would only have done so if he wanted such player to sign with his team. The Bills have wined and dinned Clay for 2 days and to be unable to sign him most like will reflect negatively on Doug Whaley.

  5. In my opinion, Clay is the only player the Dolphins can’t let go. I was sad to see Starks too, but $4.5M for Suh’s backup was crazy. Still surprised we signed no Vet RB. Maybe Knowhown is all mended and ready to sign another one year? Back to Clay… He said he wants to stay in Miami, but we all know money talks. This sucks for the Bills and Phins because they are stuck in a FA holding pattern until a decision is made.

  6. I agree Bufffan, but the ultimate decision is with the fish…since there is the transition tag on him, BUFFALO and Whaley have done all they could to win him over. You are right in one sense..the boys at WGR will put the old negative spin on it

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