Report: Saints working to deal Kenny Stills


The Saints have been willing to part ways with numerous higher-priced veterans this offseason.

And now, a published report says they are willing to deal one of their cheaper and younger players, too.

Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4 in Washington D.C. reports the Saints are “trying to trade” third-year wide receiver Kenny Stills.

Stills hauled in 63 passes for 931 yards and three touchdowns in 2014. He does not turn 23 until April, and he is under contract for two more seasons at very affordable base salaries ($585,000 in 2015, $675,000 in 2016, per NFLPA data).

Theoretically, those attributes would suggest Stills would have a market if the Saints wanted to deal him.

The question is, why would they?

Stills’ contract alone would seemingly make him valuable to New Orleans. The club has had salary cap issues, and here is a starter-caliber player on the books for less than a combined $1.3 million over the next two years.

Nevertheless, Russini reports the Saints have been “shopping” Stills.

Of all of the offseason stories about players on the trading block, this is one of the most surprising, for it’s an inexpensive player reportedly being dangled, not an older brand name with a sticker-shock contract.

70 responses to “Report: Saints working to deal Kenny Stills

  1. I would love to see the saints and 49ers to swap Brees for Kapernick and a 2015 first round pick. Might sound crazy but they did just dump Graham so it’s possible.

  2. Wow… whoever replaced Ryan Pace as the personnel guy in New Orleans is out for blood. Those brown bags may be coming back to the Superdome sooner than later at this rate.

  3. Saints are going to kill it in the draft! All O-line and defense. Brees will have nothing but time in the pocket this season and when he has time…he shreds any defense in the NFL.

  4. Saints seem to be in a free-fall and it’s really all due to Brees monster contract. Brees still has a few good years left in him but if he has no one to throw to, what good is he???? Saints should’ve kept the younger guys with upside (Stills and Graham) and traded Brees and his contract.

  5. The first few moves made sense to me. This one seems very hard to believe. He’s young talented, and inexpensive. If the story is true, then it has to be something personal, because Stills can play…

  6. The only explanation for this is that Stills might be a locker room cancer (don’t know if he is or not)

    You don’t trade an ascending WR still on his rookie deal unless there’s some internal friction going on.

  7. Saints just traded away Grubbs. Eagles dealing Mathis. Eagles need a WR. Mathis for Stills?

  8. Chip will trade for him. Already has a qb and rb from Oklahoma might as well get a wr too

  9. I can understand Jimmy Graham and Grubbs having to leave just to try to escape the salary cap problems, but Stills is dirt-cheap for his performance. Can’t see how they’d be able to replace him for anyone even vaguely as inexpensive.

  10. I’d be fine if Ozzie flipped the 4th he just got from DET to get him. Replaces Torrey. I doubt, even with the production and cheap salary, that Stills fetches more than that.

  11. Locker room problem. I’m live in New Orleans and these dudes was on bourbon street Saturday until 4am. Wasn’t just him though. And we wonder why we couldnt score in the dome. Trust me, more guys getting the axe.

  12. The reason they wanna trade him is cuz he disappears some games. Hes very hot and cold. Some games he just gets shut down and cant even make catches to move the chains.
    Saints need guys who contribute every week.

  13. Wonder if Brees’ wife will complain that he can’t be expected to catch the ball too.

  14. .
    the saints just throwing away their whole team…

    over pay quarterbacks then get rid of all their tools, makes sense…

    not all quarterbacks are Eli who makes receivers look good… and defensive players too!

  15. Loomis and Payton, have you guys lost your minds? Do you want to tick off your quarterback even more? I’ve been a Saints fan all my life but I’ve never been disappointed with my team like I am now. You want to get rid of Stills? You won’t just lose players, you’ll lose fans too

  16. Loomis and Payton wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for a REASON… Stills is probably a locker room cancer of some sort and they’re trying to cleanse this team of bad character..

  17. He’s young and has improved progressively every year since college. I know I’d love to see him in midnight green. Bradford, Murray, Stills…the Oregon guy has a serious Oklahoma fetish.

  18. Ryan Pace leaves to GM the Bears and the saints bottom falls out. Sure they had to clear cap but they’re going too far. I do appreciate that they know they need to repair the defense. First step to that would have been firing Rob Ryan and signing Vic Fangio. Pace and Bears beat them to that.

  19. This can’t be more disappointing than the complete lack of heart on the field last year.

  20. The Saints’ commanders have a plan, yet the legions of keyboard coordinators don’t know what it is.
    Imagine that.

  21. You’ve got to love their conviction. They’ve decided to blow this mutha up and that’s what they’re doing. I like it and I think the future is looking up.

  22. Panthers fans are enjoying watching the mess that is the rest of the NFC South.
    While you stand pat with your glorious 7-8-1 record.

  23. Wow… whoever replaced Ryan Pace as the personnel guy in New Orleans is out for blood. Those brown bags may be coming back to the Superdome sooner than later at this rate.
    You’re right man, they should have stayed with the same overly expensive roster last year that barely won 7 games.

  24. Go get him Dave Gettleman! He’s a great value with that rookie contract, and would be a great #2 behind Kelvin Benjamin with Philly Brown and Ted Ginn at the #3-#4 spots. This would be a great addition to the Panthers and he knows the Saints… a double whammy

  25. Would you put up with a WR partying until 4 or 5am on a Saturday before game day. I mean some of those dudes were drunk on bourbon. Same thing happen to Shockey…. Dude would be in beer contest Saturday night and we were like, don’t you have to be at the Super Dome in like 4 hours?

  26. ahhh ^^^ I wasn’t aware of that. In that case no.. I wouldn’t want to deal with someone who isn’t committed. He’s good when he’s on his game, but that sounds risky.

  27. Got into trouble at Oklahoma, that’s why his draft stock slipped. Story last year in NOLA was he turned a corner and grew up. Stats seemed to back that up. He would have been featured even more but Payton likes to spread around the touches.
    If trade goes down somebody could be getting a player on the rise with a lot of productive years ahead of him.
    The overall story is Brees’ mega contract is not team friendly and is making them unload players they otherwise wouldn’t.
    Raven have same problem with Flacco.

  28. Early prediction for next season: Brandin Cooks- 250 receptions for 3,000 yards and 35 tds.

  29. Kenny has been doing well but, this may be because the WR draft is wide open and Stills might have some toughness issues.

    They sent him across the middle a few times with bad results (alligator arms) and the Saints may be looking for more bravado and versatility from their WRs.

  30. This is Sean Payton’s message to Stills to get his attitude right and be an even better receiver right now. Don’t think he’d actually be traded, because Cooks & Colston are not enough.

  31. I know it would seem crazy but the Saints know Stills better than anybody.. Brees and sean payton make most wrs look better then they are.. Im not saying this is the case with Stills, but that would be the only reason they would even think about this, because it is obviously not a cap issue. Even if they had a bunch of scrubs out there, I could see Brees and Payton still racking up points.

    Just look at them when they won the Superbowl.. Besides Colston, they had average receivers and Shockey as their tightend(feels weird typing his name, he just disappeared).. But their defense played great during that playoff run which made them the best team in the league… The Colts consistently gave Manning an average defense until they finally stepped up during that superbowl run.

    If the Saints could get their defense straightend, they could easily be a contender again without many stars on offense.

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