Trent Richardson: “My next step, I’ll be the starter”


Hours after he was released by the Colts, Trent Richardson insisted that he has plenty of good football left in him.

Richardson told Mike Wells of ESPN that Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson is to blame for Richardson’s inability to make things work in Indianapolis.

“Me and the GM didn’t see eye to eye. My next step, I’ll be the starter. Indy didn’t fit me,” Richardson said.

Richardson acknowledged that he was fined repeatedly for being overweight, although he says he was only three pounds heavier than the 227 pounds the Colts asked him to weigh.

“I was continually fined for being 230 pounds,” Richardson said.

That raises the question of why Richardson didn’t just lose the extra three pounds to keep his bosses happy and keep his money. And Richardson’s attitude raises questions about whether he understands just how bad he was in Indianapolis. The reality is that there’s no way any team is going to bring Richardson in to be the starter, and if he signs for backup money somewhere else, he’s going to have to prove himself in minicamps, training camp and the preseason or else he’s not going to make a team at all.

Unless Richardson is planning to play Arena Football, his chances of being a starter are slim. And he may not play another down in the NFL.