C.J. Spiller agrees with Saints

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The top free agent back is off the market.

C.J. Spiller has reached a contract agreement with the Saints, PFT’s Mike Florio has confirmed. ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported Spiller had a deal with New Orleans.

Spiller was PFT’s 27th-ranked free agent and the third-best player left without a signed contract or an agreement in principle. He had played the previous five seasons with Buffalo, which traded for LeSean McCoy before the start of free agency.

Now, the 27-year-old Spiller has a new home in New Orleans, which now has enviable backfield depth, with Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson both strong between the tackles and Spiller one of the game’s faster backs.

Hey, maybe Spiller can play wide receiver, too.

35 responses to “C.J. Spiller agrees with Saints

  1. People think he’s a bust…… but as a Bills fan…… I am sad that he left the team.

    He played very well under Chan Gailey’s offense, and terrible under Doug Marrone’s offense. I don’t think Marrone knew how to use him.

    Sean Payton will probably figure that out.

  2. CJ Spiller and Jairus Byrd…former Bills, new Saints, both made of glass.

    Hopefully the Saints get 16 games COMBINED, between the two of them. Lol.”

    I’m sure they won’t mind leaving a team with 1 .500 record season in the last 10. That’s more of an LOL.

  3. ” I don’t think Marrone knew how to use him. ”

    You mean constantly running him up the middle and never throwing him screens? Marrone was awful at using his players to their strengths. I think he has a very good season in NO as long as he can stay healthy. The big if.

  4. nfliferfan22 says:
    Mar 13, 2015 1:39 PM
    so they can afford to sign Spiller but decide to trade Graham and the rest of the team.. shaking my head

    Are you looking at what the Saints are doing??? They’ve improved their defense; running game is now awesome and now they go into the draft and add a couple of dynamite wide receivers in a wide receiver rich draft and their in business.

    Saints are doing a great job. They will finish with having a full receiving corps instead of just one (TE) receiver.

  5. I wish Spiller the best. Us Bills fans are different than most teams fans….We dont root for laundry like say….The Hawks fans do. Best of luck CJ! Once a Bill, always a Bill!! (Except McGahee, screw that guy!)

    And for the record, he can play WR. Chan had him line up in the slot pretty often! Huge miss-match for LB’s to cover. Line up 4 wide with CJ in the slot, make the D go nickle or dime, then pound Ingram down their throat

  6. Awesome food, 10 indoor or warm-weather games a year minimum, a Top-5 QB, and you don’t play the Patriots twice a year. What’s not to like about that move?

  7. Haters are hating on the Saints big time 🙂 They picked up a solid center, a Bush/Sproles replacement, still have Coleman to handle Jimmy’s plays, and have arguable better receivers on the team (even without Stills) than they did in 2009. They also picked up a solid #2 corner back. Grubbs’ replacement is already on the team and Evans can be replaced as well.

    They also did great work on the cap for years to come and gained a 1st round pick (yes, 1st round at 31 is better than a 2nd) and a 5th round pick. The Saints are no longer in a position where they need to reach in the draft to fill a hole and Loomis can continue to work his magic.

    No other team in the NFCS is improving their team anywhere close to what the Saints are doing.

  8. I hope C.J. Spiller tears it up with the Saints. I like the player and I like the Saints.

    But as far as catching the ball out of the backfield, I would not count on that being a strength. Spiller ranked #71st in the NFL among RBs catching the ball out of the backfield. I’m simply pointing that out.

  9. Doormats of the NFCS for the next two years. Oh wait, then Brees will be done. Doormats for the next four years!

  10. “Are you looking at what the Saints are doing??? They’ve improved their defense; running game is now awesome”

    as a bills fan I wanted him to stay so I will not turn my back and hate… however slowdown on the “awesome running game” here is hoping he can stay healthy and make exciting plays like we all know he is capable of… glad he is in the NFC so I can enjoy watching his gams

  11. guadalahonky says:
    Mar 13, 2015 2:50 PM

    But as far as catching the ball out of the backfield, I would not count on that being a strength. Spiller ranked #71st in the NFL among RBs catching the ball out of the backfield.

    I think that’s a product of injury and usage (with Jackson being the primary passing down back), not a skill set issue. He can play the Buch/Sproles/Thomas role IF he’s healthy….which is a big if.

  12. At this point, Mickey Loomis is playing up that old “cap hell” meme only to turn around and sign Browner and Spiller just to screw with the press.

  13. to all the saints fans, being a bills fan, CJ is a great back and very good on returns as well…..but he is hot and cold….he’ll either give you a 30-100 yd td run or 1.0 yd run. he tends to want to bounce outside a lot….he’s good in bubble screens and is not a every down / workhorse back….glad he didn’t go reunite with gailey and fitzy in NYJ!

  14. Hahahahahahaha. People are soooooo scared of the Saints right now just admit it. They’re really upset cause we’re making moves and their team’s are sitting there watching. That’s what great teams do, haters, they make bold moves and get better. Not many teams would’ve traded JG but we did and it’ll pay off. We’ve won games without Graham before. No big deal.

  15. bcajun says:
    Mar 13, 2015 3:33 PM
    Cooper has said he hates New Orleans. No thank you
    Way to not read what a guy says before judging him on it. What he ACTUALLY said is he doesn’t like Bourbon Street. Now, unless you’ve got a problem with a guy not looking to spend entire weekends not drinking himself into oblivion…..

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