Chiefs re-sign Jason Avant, Kelcie McCray and Richard Gordon

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The Chiefs signed wide receiver Jeremy Maclin this week, reuniting him with coach Andy Reid and others who were in the Eagles organization earlier in Maclin’s career.

On Friday, they re-signed a player that Maclin also knows from his days in Philly. The Chiefs announced that they have re-signed wide receiver Jason Avant, who joined them in November after an uneventful stint with the Panthers.

Avant caught 13 passes for 152 yards in five games with the team and his return extends a working relationship with Reid that dates back to when the Eagles picked Avant in the fourth round of the 2006 draft. Avant was never the most dynamic receiver, but he’s been a reliable possession receiver throughout his career and could remain one for a receiving corps that’s still thin beyond Maclin.

The team also announced that they’ve re-signed tight end Richard Gordon and safety Kelcie McCray. McCray had 11 tackles while playing mostly on special teams in all 16 games last year while Gordon had one catch in four games with the Chiefs in the last two seasons.

12 responses to “Chiefs re-sign Jason Avant, Kelcie McCray and Richard Gordon

  1. How do you re-sign someone to the Chiefs that wasn’t ever on the Chiefs? I think the word you are looking for is signed

  2. @icup89
    – you obviously don’t watch the chiefs. He was picked up during season and let go during this off season. Andy let bowe go and picked the cheap veteran back up.

  3. Avant was picked up by the Chiefs in 2014 after he was cut by Carolina on a 1 year deal. That deal ended with the end of the league year Tuesday. So like any of the other free agents mentioned in this article (which were on the KC roster) Avant was resigned.

  4. If only Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell were still playing.

  5. Spankmarley

    It doesn’t sound like you are a Chiefs fan, which means you are not smart enough to comment about the Chiefs. Imagine that, someone with no knowledge of the Chiefs calling out typical Chiefs fans as not knowing what they are talking about. I would love to take some of that safe money from you on your 5-11 prediction for next year. You obviously haven’t been paying too much attention yourself, or you wouldn’t have given yourself away as a Raiders fan. Amazing the amount of trash talked on here by someone hiding behind a computer. Oh well, you have to laugh!

  6. This is a pathetic franchise. Sleepwalking while the rest of the league laps them with sound moves. Even some teams (like Miami) were able to get out from under bad contracts. Not lazy KC.

  7. I’m glad that they were able to keep Jason Avant. He’s mainly a chain mover and a possession receiver, but he is dependable and provides Alex Smith with another option. When you look at the WR corps, right now, before they even enter the draft, they look pretty solid. With Maclin, Avant and a promising Albert Wilson, who has the speed to beat most any corner back, then the Chiefs are already vastly improved at the position. You add a TE in Travis Kelce, who is built allot like Gronk and who also displayed allot of promise, last season, then I can see the ability for the Chiefs to run a much more diverse offense and now there is also the legitimate threat of going deep, which hasn’t been a part of the passing game that scared any of the team’s opposing defenses.

    The Chiefs have the talent to be a top 5 offense and a top 5 defense. That is hard for any team to beat and I think that they will surprise allot of pundits, and teams, this upcoming season. For all of the Alex Smith haters, sit back and watch him use his new weapons, and Andy Reid’s increased use of the long passing game, as the Chiefs move the ball down the field and into the endzone with regularity. They will still run a version of the West Coast offense and the short to intermediate passing game will still be the staple of the offense, but that will only lull the opposing defenses to sleep, while Alex goes deep to Maclin or Wilson. After 40+ years of being a Chief’s fan, I’m as excited about this team as any that I have seen, throughout those inconsistent and generally tumultuous years.

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