Dolphins, Jordan Cameron say concussions aren’t a concern


New Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron has a history of concussions. And a history of insisting that his concussions aren’t a problem.

After suffering his third concussion in two years late last season, Cameron insisted he’d be fine. And he said the same today at his introductory press conference in Miami, stating that he’s had baseline testing done for six years and his brain shows no signs of long-term damage.

“If it was a concern for me, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Cameron said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Cameron said his history of concussions “might have hurt” his ability to find a good fit in free agency, as some teams were scared off from signing a guy with that concussion history. But Dolphins G.M. Dennis Hickey said the Dolphins are “very comfortable” that Cameron is healthy enough to play.

So neither the Dolphins nor Cameron think his concussions are a concern going forward. Here’s hoping that remains the case.

19 responses to “Dolphins, Jordan Cameron say concussions aren’t a concern

  1. Hmmm-Yes they are according to the league. When Healthly this guy is a threat, but he’s way to injury prone and I don’t think he will play more than 8 games next season.

  2. Sure hope not but this is a sure sign dumb & dumber are gonna let Clay walk to the patsies so they can kill us TWICE this year!!! THANKS ROSS!!!

  3. The only reason why I don’t feel badly as a Browns fan that we lost Cameron is because he’s had so many concussions. There is a serious question as to how much any player can safely withstand. And your brain is more important than this game.

    Good luck to him. I sincerely wish him well. When he’s healthy, Cameron’s a great player.

  4. Hope he is ok health wise. Hoyers horrible QB play got him concussed last year. He was getting his receivers crushed last year.

    When healthy he is solid TE option.

  5. Considering Cameron said playing with Tannenhill was a major reason he signed with Miami, I’m not so sure he didn’t actually have a concussion when he signed his contract in Miami.

  6. Cameron is a soft BB player. Good athlete with skills, but has never stayed totally healthy during his whole pro career. Check back, He’s never completed a season without missing games and last year was the worst. $7 million for 4 or 5 games if that’. Good investment.

  7. Why do people continue to risk permanent brain damage? THREE in two years,,but noooooo problem here..

  8. Um, they should be when signing a player in today’s NFL because players can’t play thru a bell ringing anymore.

  9. Like I said Cameron, Just Go Into Modeling and Save Yourself, Tannehill will lay you out to dry, just wait. Dude cannot anticipate windows.

  10. I swear man with Miami’s luck I see it now first game of the season.. OMG THE WORST CONCUSSION IN THE HISTORY OF FOOT BALL RETIRES SAME DAY AFTER HE REMEBERS WHERE HE IS… headline might be like that..

  11. Keep hating… In anticipation of losing Clay, this was a brilliant move. By the way, I will miss Clay but his injuries had him miss just as many games as Cameron and will sign an eventual contract worth way more. It is a risk every team has to make in the game.

    I do love the “Tannehill doesn’t know how to anticiape windows” statement. What is that? NERF Football talk? Umm… He has a completion rate of 92.6%, the same as Brady. Go figure? I get the Wallace and Suh hatred, but this signing just makes sense from every perspective.

  12. 3 concussions in 2 years, yeah I’m sure your brain had no damage from that. I mean it’s not like they have science backing up how bad concussions are. He’ll be out for the year by week 4.

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