Jaguars open the Seattle pipeline again, sign Bryan Walters


The Pacific Northwest to North Florida pipeline is open again.

The Jaguars announced they have signed wide receiver Bryan Walters, who wasn’t tendered by the Seahawks, making him a free agent.

The article announcing it on the team website casually mentions that they pursued Packers free agent Randall Cobb also (oh, by the way), but talks mostly about Walters’ ability as a punt returner and slot receiver.

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley, the former Seahawks defensive coordinator, has provided a soft landing for many guys he knew at his last job.

And there was worse places to pick up the leftovers from.

23 responses to “Jaguars open the Seattle pipeline again, sign Bryan Walters

  1. He can catch punts/kickoffs, but really didn’t show explosion in returning them……He is a middle of the road WR that may have some upside…..With the crop of projected WR’s in the Draft, he likely would not remain on the team with the Hawks, so glad he found somewhere to land……

  2. FYI – The pipeline works both ways with D’Anthony Smith, Patrick Lewis, and Jeremy Lane. Not to mention the back and forthing of Will Blackmon…

  3. And there was worse places to pick up the leftovers from. By the way, do you have any Grey Poupon?

  4. Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks is trademarking, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” I don’t see any reason why the originator of “And there was worse places to pick up the leftovers from” couldn’t also get a trademark and put it on t-shirts. Actually, tank tops would be more appropriate.

  5. I almost choked on a garbanzo bean after reading frotoon’s posts.

    That wouldn’t exactly be going out Scarface-style.

    Best of luck to B. Walters down there.

  6. I used to disbelieve in reincarnation. That was until the voice of Shakespeare appeared before my eyes and ears and nose on a sports board.

    The Bard lives. And there was worse places to pick up the leftovers from.

  7. Best fair catch signal in the league. If all the gunners fall down and no one else runs downfield, he can gain you 2-3 yards on the return. He is a WR too?

  8. Honestly, I cringed every single time he fielded a punt. Great toughness, but lacks a great first step, lacks speed…like him better as a slot WR, knows how to move in space and he is not going to break the bank!

  9. Though he was no Leon Washington or returner of that ilk, he also was as dependable as there was in catching the ball and not fumbling. Thomas had 1 muff and 1 almost muff in his first two tries in game #1.

    I don’t think Walters muffed or came anywhere near doing that the rest of the 18 games he played last year.

    Boring as that is and sounds, it also didn’t give the team a free 40 yards at any point.

  10. I was reading this as a Jaguar fan to get some honest Seattle fan feedback on our new guy. Instead I’m treated to a soliloquy on the finer points of “leftovers”. Keep it up, people! I almost fell off the crapper!!!

  11. I know some of you are paying your respects and being kind to a local guy who made it but being a dependable fair catcher isn’t enough. He was below average as a punt returner and only because Earl Thomas was insane and reckless as a PR were we content to see Walters resigned and back in that role.

    As a WR he gets absolutely no separation and I thought he was stealing reps from Norwood, Richardson and by the looks of the Super Bowl Chris Mathews.

  12. A WR that can’t catch and a PR that can’t run.

    That is Captain Fair Catch.

    Jax deserves him

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