Jeff Fisher: Other teams wanted Bradford, but we wanted Foles


Rams coach Jeff Fisher says the Eagles weren’t the only team that approached him about acquiring Sam Bradford in a trade. The Eagles were just the only team that offered a quarterback the Rams thought could be their starter.

Fisher said today on PFT Live that the Rams had previously been offered a late first-round draft pick for Bradford and turned that down, because until recently the Rams were planning on keeping Bradford in St. Louis.

“There were some discussions, yes, but from our standpoint, the first-round pick — obviously it’s attractive, but you still don’t have a quarterback. It’s a late pick and then would we move up and get into position to draft one? It didn’t make sense to us,” Fisher said.

The Rams only changed course on their willingness to trade Bradford when the Eagles called and offered Nick Foles.

“We’ve moved on, we’ve got Nick here, and we’re really happy about it,” Fisher said.

Right now, both Fisher and Chip Kelly are happy with their new quarterbacks. It remains to be seen whether both men are happy with those trades at this time next year.

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  1. So who offered a late first round pick? I do think if Bradford stays healthy (big if) then the Eagles will win their division this year. Maybe the Bengals offered a first round pick. Wouldn’t that be something!

  2. Hmmm…so Jeff says the team was offered a late first round pick before they sent him to Philadelphia. Not too hard to believe Chip Kelly then that he got a first round offer for Bradford yesterday. Probably the same team.

  3. So who offered the late pick? Cleveland at 19? Arizona @ 24? Denver @ 28? Tell me more.

  4. I think it was already reported that Cleveland tried to get Bradford. Which is fine, I guess. I don’t think he’s worth even a late first rounder – until he can prove that he can stay healthy.

  5. The media all called Chip Kelly a liar for saying he was offered a 1st rounder. Guessing he shouldn’t be holding his breath waiting for an apology.

  6. After watching that press conference I was in shock at how many softball questions that got asked. Seriously they didn’t ask anything about all the rumors of Philly going for Mariota or anything difficult. What a joke to the St Louis media.

  7. Has to be Cleveland. I’m sure it was also them that offered the same deal to Philadelphia. They were probably offering up Johnny Manziel with the pick.

  8. It really is a win-win for both teams. The Rams couldn’t stick with a quarterback that they had paid so much money with such little return due to injuries. They couldn’t afford to hang around and take another chance with him. They got a less injury-prone young quarterback in Nick Foles.

    The Eagles can take a chance. They can try it out for one year with Bradford. If it works, then they have a QB who has much more upside than Nick Foles should he stay healthy. If it doesn’t work, they still have Sanchez, who actually ran Chip Kelly’s system better than Foles did last year.

    It’s tough to find franchise quarterbacks in the NFL. Sometimes you have to take risks like both the Rams and Eagles are taking here. The Rams hope but don’t know if they have one in Foles. The Eagles hope they have one in Bradford but don’t know for sure also.

  9. I think if Mariota gets to 6 they’ll trade him to Cleveland for their 19 and then ship 19 and 20 to the Jets and Chip gets his guy.

  10. Foles is great…when he is in a new system…that teams don’t have film of.
    And when he comes in during the middle of the year…so teams don’t have film on him.
    In other words, Nick Foles is great for half of a season in 2013. The end.
    Matt Cassell 2.0
    Good luck Rams

  11. Escape goat, classic! Fish has never blamed anyone but himself for any negative results, ever. Foles will be fine, especially with THAT SUPER SICK DEFENCE TO BACK HIM UP!!! Play action passing is his where he ex cells and that “traditional” offence will work fine with some O-line pick ups.In Fish and Snead WE TRUST, GO RAMS!!!!!

  12. gnorules says:
    Mar 13, 2015 2:19 PM

    After watching that press conference I was in shock at how many softball questions that got asked. Seriously they didn’t ask anything about all the rumors of Philly going for Mariota or anything difficult. What a joke to the St Louis media.

    Why would the St. Louis media ask about Philadelphia’s plans to go after Mariota? And why would the Rams have any knowledge or interest in what the Eagles did after the trade?

  13. Foles in a traditional offense against defenses like the cards, hawks, and 49ers? have fun.
    Especially behind a horrible Rams offensive line too?

    And we saw how Foles struggled last year when the Eagles O-line got torn down by injuries.

    Eagles won this deal.

  14. Fisher is an inveterate liar. Listening to him is like listening to a six year-old change their story about the missing candy bar.
    He will simply say whatever is necessary to jive with the present occurence.

  15. Foles is great…when he is in a new system…that teams don’t have film of.
    And when he comes in during the middle of the year…so teams don’t have film on him.
    In other words, Nick Foles is great for half of a season in 2013. The end.
    Matt Cassell 2.0
    Good luck Rams


    If you think this trade was only about Nick Foles then yes, it is a gamble. But the Rams got rid of Fragile Bradford and his 2.o ACLs. They also received the Eagles 4th round pick and next year’s 2nd round pick. Plus, they saved over 13 million in cap space. The end.

  16. I’d be stunned if Chip traded Bradford to move up in any fashion now. It’s one thing to move on from a guy sooner than people expect, but after Bradford was the main reason Murray wanted to come to Philly, there is a human aspect Chip has to consider too, and I am sure he will. Bradford won’t be part of any deal to move up.

  17. Jeff Fisher is the king of the press conference. Wish his own players listened to him the way the media listens/loves him.

  18. Jeff Fisher needed his next escape goat to blame his 7-9 record on.


    Soooo close

  19. Fisher’s voice annoys me.. Deep mumbling…..almost like Chris Berman’s “Ish” sound…

  20. If substituting Rodgers’ awkward ball position/mechanics with Oregon’s style of offense, I am getting an Aaron-Rodgers-fall vibe with Mariota. If that happens, what will Chip Kelly do if he falls to the mid-teens or possibly #20?

  21. What do these teams see in Bradford? He averages what, 4 or 5 healthy games per season? Not smart to put your franchise on his back. Facts are facts.

  22. if you can get a 1st round pick for bradford then you should be able to get 5-6 1st round picks for the 8-10 good qbs in the league. its possible i just dont buy it

  23. Poor jeff fisher will learn the hard way that he just got sold a LEMON ,
    Foles is really not good and pretty much live a charmed life during the eagles winning streak, in which they were games this kat fail to register much of anything in the second half, and had countless of his PASSES went in and out of cornerbacks hands.

    However we saw the real nick foles during that playoffs, which saw him holding on to the ball too long follow with alot of 3 and outs in a winnable game.

    The real credit during that eagles winning streak with him should go to the defense.

  24. good luck to both of these gentlemen Foles and Bradford. Hope you both play well in this coming season.

  25. Arizona was looking to make that trade with the 24th pick. It wasn’t Cleveland.

    Cleveland has the opportunity to use 2 – 1st round picks to move up and grab Mariotta, like it or not.
    They have the 12th and 19th picks and can package them along with a future 3rd to Jacksonville (3) or Oakland (4).
    Both need extra picks to enhance rebuilds. It makes sense. Maybe not for Cleveland, but we know Jimmy Haslem will once again meddle with his GM’s plans. Who’s the Boss !!!!!!
    Not Tony Danza !!

  26. gohawks7
    March 13, 2015, 2:48 PM EDT
    Fisher will be happy, Kelly will be saying “what QB?”.
    thanks go to the rams for allowing eagles to get chips boy…

  27. As an Eagles fan, I’m sorry to see Nick Foles go. He struggled a “little” behind an offensive line decimated by injury. He was still 6-2 in those games and despite some bad interceptions, made some great plays. Actually, at the time he got hurt, the Eagles led the NFL in pass plays over 20 yards. In 8 games with Nick Foles, Jeremy Maclin had 8 touchdowns. In 8 games with Sanchez Maclin had 2!
    The guy was 14-5 in games that he started and finished! Mark Sanchez went 4-4 to finish (and blow) the season last year…and he had a healthy offensive line for most of those 8 games. I think the Rams made a good deal and got themselves a franchise QB. I guess time will tell, but I’ll be rooting for him and the Rams….as long as they’re not playing the Eagles.

  28. cafetero1075 says:Mar 13, 2015 2:26 PM
    Fisher 6 winning seasons out of 20. will be 6-21.
    How come he gets a pass ??

    good point.
    i knew he was the greatest coach ever in the history of the nfl to win 52% of his games, but but i didn’t realize he already has six winning seasons in only 20 years as a head coach.
    no doubt, there will be much well deserved clamor to get him into canton

  29. Fisher is the only headcoach standing with 6 winning seasons in 20 years. What does that say about NFL owners? Would pitful be reasonable?

  30. C’mon get off the Fisher criticism already.

    What decent QB has Fisher ever had, much less great team offensive tools in the Rams, or Tennessee, offenses. Eddie George alone couldn’t win a SB!

    I recall that Rams-Tennessee SB but not the Tennessee QB….why is that? Because maybe the QB was a nobody – And still Tennessee came a yard from winning that SB! Fisher has done a lot with little talent. Period, end of story. Critics need to chill.

    Signed, a Seattle fan!

  31. The trade wasn’t just about switching QB’s as much as it was the Rams getting rid of Bradford’s higher salary & making A LOT of cap space in the process! That will help sign Ayers & Fairly plus another player also! Not to mention the Rams got the better of the deal in the terms of picks ! PLUS they got a QB who can start from day one & is a much less risk health wise! Bradford might never be the same after 2 ACL injuries to the same knee! He wasn’t that mobile to begin with & I still think the Rams got the best end of this trade by a long shot! Only time will tell! Go Rams!

  32. 2012 – Foles breaks hand and misses final game of season
    2013 – Foles misses games due to concussion
    2014 – Foles breaks collar bone – out for season

    This guy has an injury history too. Just saying. However, he’s also due to be paid about $11 million less than Bradford. Only time will tell who won this trade.

  33. Seriously??? someone offered a 1st rounder? I mean the guy has 2 ACL tears and a shoulder injury since joining the RAMs…

    RG3 has been more productive than this guy and is strange to say, but LESS injury prone.

  34. I’m pretty sure the Rams front office are all Jedi-Knight warriors cuz, every year they do the Jedi-Mind trick on a NFC East team to pull off a major draft pick haul. Roger needs to investigate this. I’m pretty sure Jedi Mind tricks constitute some sort of tampering rules

  35. I like that chip will give injured players a chance but will not bet on them. Bradford hurt gets a 3rd back from Rams and Sanchez. Murray hurt Matthews viceversa. Kiko hurt Demeco. Thurmond hurt Carroll Boykin.

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