Jordan Cameron gets $5 million guaranteed on two-year deal


Tight end Jordan Cameron has had three concussions in his NFL career; before he truly cashes in, he’ll need to prove that those issues are behind him.

His new contract with the Dolphins pays him handsomely to do just that.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Cameron will receive $5 million fully guaranteed on his two-year, $15 million contract, with $4 million to sign and a $1 million fully-guaranteed salary in 2015.  The rest of his compensation for 2015 is tied to per-game roster bonuses.

It’s a whopping $2.5 million, earned one game played at a time in the amount of $156,250 per game.

So if he’s able to play, he cashes in — and the Dolphins become more likely to keep him around in 2016 at the other $7.5 million he’s due to be paid.

Meanwhile, the Browns apparently are miffed that Cameron didn’t sign a similar (but not identical) offer to stay in Cleveland.  But a deal isn’t a deal until it’s a deal (profound, I know), and Cameron is hardly the first player or team to back out of a contract before it was finalized.

Besides, the Browns had plenty of time when they enjoyed exclusive negotiating rights to Cameron.  If they wanted to sign him to a new contract, they should have done it then.

25 responses to “Jordan Cameron gets $5 million guaranteed on two-year deal

  1. “Meanwhile, the Browns apparently are miffed that Cameron didn’t sign a similar (but not identical) offer to stay in Cleveland. ”

    Really? First, I could have sworn he came out on the record he was excited to leave Cleveland. Second, if you’re a multi-millionaire athlete under 30 and had to pick between living in Miami or Cleveland…

  2. It’s official dumb & dumber are gonna let Clay go to the patsies now so he can kill us TWICE this year!!! Idiot Philbin will take us to 7-9 so we can finally fire his worthless @$$ & now if we could hope for Ross to sell this team to someone that has a clue, we might be contenders NEXT YEAR!!!

  3. Cameron is outstanding when he plays, but he’s incredibly fragile for an NFL player. The concussions are just a part of it. It’s hard to remember when the shoulder wasn’t an issue, and he seems to get hurt on really vanilla, run of the mill contact. Maybe Miami’s turf will be softer, or the AFC East will start playing flag. Still, he could be a great target for the fins, while it lasts.

  4. I love what Hickey has done his first two years in FA and am looking forward to the draft. I still not sold on Philbin but if you put all the right pieces in place he should be fine like he was in green bay.

  5. Good work for getting a recent Pro Bowler.
    question, iamkillerfin… why do you even comment? Clay to the patz? You just making stuff up?? Ross isn’t going anywhere- You’re a wet blanket.

  6. I don’t think the phins are going to let Clay go, or do all they can not to let him go. I imagine they want to run the 2 TE pass catching offense, especially with Tannehill not throwing down field. Like the Pats before that idiot decided to go on a killing spree…

  7. I think the critical part of the contract the Browns offered him was the ‘stay in Cleveland’ part. Who in their right mind would agree to that?

  8. Seems that the fins are leaving the transition tag on clay on the vine. And that $ will apply toward Cameron when all is said in done.

    But what would happen should clay sign it? And why isn’t Clay accepting the Bills offer?

  9. No free agent will EVER sign with Miami!

    Said fans of other teams over and over until their face turned blue…and as Miami cleaned out the cupboard.

  10. Dear Fin fans, Buyer beware. He is a great TE BUT has never played an entire season in his career. I wish him the best but I’d bet big money he is going to earn a lot of money from the trainers room/pine not on the field. Piece of glass with good hands. Might be he never mastered the play through pain thin though. He is one head shot away from done!

  11. All And All, I’d Say It’s No Greet Loss For The Browns.

    He’s An Injury Liability And From My Experience As A Browns Fan, He Tends To Disappear At Times, Even When He Is Healthy.

    It Didn’t Cost The Dolphins Much, But I Don’t Think They’ll Get Much Out Of It In The End Either.

  12. Jordan Cameron will be fine… The Dolphin’s will have him wear that special helmet that Daniel Thomas wore and that helped Thomas from getting any more concussions (Thomas had 3 concussions with the Dolphins). Plus, RB’s take more blows to the head than TE’s, so he’ll be fine. Just hope he doesn’t get a dirty shot to the head.

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