Marcus Mariota to visit the Buccaneers Monday


The Buccaneers are going to keep everyone guessing.

Or try, at least.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will visit the Buccaneers Monday.

That follows a previous trip for Florida State’s Jameis Winston, which many viewed as another sign the Bucs were leaning in that direction with the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

But if only for the sake of keeping people wondering about their intentions, Mariota is headed that way next.

Bucs General Manager Jason Licht, director of player personnel Jon Robinson and quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian were at Mariota’s pro day yesterday.

The Bucs will also have a private workout for Mariota in April as well.

With the Titans filling other needs this morning, there’s increasing chatter Mariota is someone they’re thinking seriously about. Unless of course the Bucs decide they want him more.

18 responses to “Marcus Mariota to visit the Buccaneers Monday

  1. This is called doing your due diligence. Even if they like Winston now, they have to check out Mariota to make sure they get the right guy. Any team would do that.

  2. If you’re set on taking a quarterback with the first pick, you might as well invite all of them to make sure you pick the right one. You only get one shot at it

  3. Why does Winston get the “benefit of the doubt” from the media while Mariota gets ripped to shreds and downgraded all the time?

    Winston has questions about his character that should cause the media to take a serious look at his on-field and off-field decision making. But the media REFUSES to ask the tough questions or criticize Winston. He is an extreme risk.

    Mariota is a rock solid citizen, there are NO questions about his character or decision making. Some may question his physical size or skills, but that is all they can do. Mariota is clearly the safer pick in this draft.

    If the Bucs take Winston, they will regret it for many years to come. But Winston is black so no “journalists” would dare to criticize him. This is a FACT that no one can dispute, The media plays everything from a PC perspective.
    Winston = PC
    Mariota = non-PC

  4. No matter how much the media keeps touting Winston there’s no convincing me he is a good NFL QB prospect. The dude played against weak opposition, had great protection and superior weapons during his Heisman season. Last year not so much and lo and behold all the INTs. He’s not very bright and has made some monumental mistakes that normal people do not make. How could any team consider taking him 1? He’s also not a very good athlete and looked pedestrian at the combine. Then again, this is Lovie Smith who has proven inept for his whole career so it wouldn’t be too big a surprise.

  5. Winston will be a bust 2-3 years just like they all are!!!

    They?? They being FSU QBs? (the last FSU QB on the Bucs roster won the SB with them), they being QBs with off the field concerns coming out of college? (Dan Marino, Cam Newton, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, etc), they being African American?? (Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb, Russell Wilson … ok, if that is what you meant then you don’t even deserve a response).

  6. I keep seeing how everyone is saying “Mariota is the safer pick”. Personally I would rather have I guy that has proven he can play the pro game who I might have to closely monitor, than I guy that has not proven that he can play but has no off the field issues.

    Many scouts and annalists are saying the Winston is among one of the best talents to come along in years while Mariota gets ZERO talk of the same. This is a no brainer if you can feel comfortable with Winston as the face of the franchise… Because on the field there is really no comparison.

  7. Just as with every draft pick, no one knows who will be successful and who won’t. This year’s top QB out of the draft may be someone in the later rounds who actually gets the chance to develop before being handed the keys to the team.

    First round QBs tend to be rushed to perform by mediocre franchises whose management is desperate to save their jobs.

    The tough part about Winston for me – based only on his football performance – is that he played terribly last year. He dug holes for FSU in pretty much every game.

    He had, what, 18 INTs last year?

    Why isn’t that an issue for anyone?

  8. He had, what, 18 INTs last year?

    Why isn’t that an issue for anyone?


    Because Matt Ryan had 19 as a Senior playing in an even weaker ACC…

  9. Because Matt Ryan had 19 as a Senior playing in an even weaker ACC…
    And what has Matt Ryan done?

  10. And what has Matt Ryan done?

    First rookie quarterback to start all 16 regular-season games and make the playoffs (shared with Joe Flacco(2008), done later by Andrew Luck (2012), and Russell Wilson (2012)

    3rd most touchdowns in NFL history by a quarterback in his first five seasons(Others are Dan Marino and Peyton Manning)

    2nd rookie quarterback to throw for more than 3,000 yards

    3rd most consecutive completions in NFL history (22)

    One of few quarterbacks to throw a touchdown on first NFL pass

    AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

    1st Seed – NFC 2012 13-3

    2010 Pro Bowl – Second Best Record in all NFL 13-3

    He’s done a few things…

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