Murray departure a sign Stephen Jones running things in Dallas


When DeMarco Murray bolted for Philadelphia yesterday afternoon, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a press release sent out saying that if there were no salary cap, Murray would have still been in Dallas.

Of course, the fact that Jones himself wasn’t pulling the trigger might have helped too.

As smartly pointed out by Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the fact Murray was allowed to walk away for the sake of financial prudence is yet another sign that Jerry’s son Stephen Jones is the one running the place now.

Stephen’s title is vice president of player personnel, and it’s becoming increasingly clear he’s calling most of the shots at Valley Ranch.

Hill points out that over he course of last year, Stephen was the one attending every practice, as his dad had in the past. It was Stephen and the personnel department and coaches who had to talk his dad out of Johnny Manziel, and instead draft another boring old offensive lineman. And DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher leaving a year ago was another sign of Jerry’s quest for glory hole wasn’t going to stand in the way of, well for lack of a better phrase, glory hole.

Because his dad has a gigantic personality and/or ego, it will be hard for him to stay in the shadows. And every indication is that Stephen is perfectly happy letting his dad remain out front, holding court in the bus and having press conferences.

But while the elder Jones is still as big of a star in Dallas as anyone, his son has gradually moved into the lead, which might be the best thing that happened for the entire family or team.

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  1. Definitely a good sign. Stephen Jones is making smart moves, saving money, building through the draft, etc… It will help avoid cap situations from bad deals in the past like they’re dealing with right now.

  2. Even though we all love to mock the Cowboys, it’s clear that they’re being better run with the emergence of Stephen Jones.

  3. “But while the elder Jones is still as big of a star in Dallas as anyone, his son has gradually moved into the lead, which might be the best thing that happened for Agreed. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the team enjoyed more success as Jerry called less of the shots.

  4. And in a related story, the team is consistently competitive, built well, and doesn’t feature a revolving door of coaches.

    Stephen Jones = Michael Bidwill.

  5. Rumor has it that Tom Benson and Jerry Jones will both star in the 2015 re-make ” One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest”

  6. Steven Jones is “running” nothing. JJ has kept his mouth shut for the most part due to fear of a tampering charge for speaking to Adrian Peterson last season. Murray was out of a job before the season ended. Enough of the BS, just sign Peterson already, so we don’t have to hear this blather

  7. Dallas is doing the right thing.

    When was the last time New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore spent that much on RBs, yet they are house hold names when it comes to playoff appearences and hoisting lombardies…

  8. Guess we are in Phase II of the dumb and dumber of lets watch the cowboys go in another 10 year draught.

    Now lets all spell STUPID, JONESFAMILY.

  9. Classic Dallas Cowboys incompetence: Pay too much for the wrong guys; refuse to pay to retain best talent.

    A long as Dallas continues without a true general manager, we will continue to see things like this occur in Dallas. They don’t have a running game now; we’ll see how that pans out in 2015.

  10. As a loooong suffering Cowboy fan I pray you are right. Let Jerrah sign the checks and do the PR thing. Despite everyone liking to hate the Boys they are making better decisions. The less Jerrah is involved in actual football decisions the better for the Cowboys. I am a fan despite him not because of him.

  11. Washington? Is that a joke? As long as Snyder owns the team the rest of the East need not worry about the “Washington football team.”

  12. Stephen Jones is a very smart and adaptable guy. Look at that organization over the last 4 years. Stability with HC, one of the top PP guys in the business in Will McClay, and everything for the most part is built thru the draft. Losing Murray is brutal, but one thing is for sure….these new run Cowboys have a plan.

  13. I’ll tell you what, if the 12 – 4 record is a result of Stephen’s decisions then “In Stephen we Trust”

  14. nobody but uninformed people thought cowboys were getting AP. Had they paid attention to their very public FA situation with Murray. People also think because the saints tried using Jimmy Graham only at WR last season instead of TE that he can’t block. He can block but they didn’t want to put him in on those plays my guess was to try and keep healthy but made it predictable and easy to cover

  15. Guess he is trying to fix the mess of giving a average quaterback elite QB money, it will be fun watching them battle washington for last place

  16. I don’t buy this Stephen guru stuff.

    Lose a Top 50 difference maker and the whole team is affected.
    Clearly Murray did not feel he was respected which shows that things should have been handled better.

    Too much of this is our offer take it or leave it–we are the best–want to be part of it nonsense lost them the guy that made everyone around him better.

    Huge loss that management failed to advert.

  17. Stephen Jones has been running things a couple years now.

    I think Jerry’s last decisions were Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne a couple years ago.

  18. Haha John Clayton said ap will take a 4th rounder to trade for. That is laughable…. if that was the case he would be long gone by now. I don’t see adrian taking a paycut to 5 mil a year. Sorry he won’t be a cowgirl

  19. When Adrian Petterson ends up in the Big D we’ll see who is really in charge, lol.

  20. They are starting to get it. Draft. Draft. Draft. Not free agency where you get the name without the game. Guys lose the hunger when they get paid. Human nature. Especially with all of the negative concussion/ cte press lately. Letting demarco go was right on. Wrong age and injury prone. He will be declining in yr two of his new contract. Randle , ridley, williams, dunbar, and someone like duke johnson will work. You can find three backs in there. Go defense in the first two rds. Rb in third. Deep rb draft. Should find something there late.

  21. Everyones flippin out cuz were letting everyone go, lets not forget how bad our defense was at times and those guys who we let go can be replaced. Were ok at safety, we need Rolondo back, sign another LB.. How bout some d line help, nick fairly at a reasonable price add a DE as well, make carr take a pay cut or cut him sign a corner back. A couple decent runners still left out there.
    Draft corner running back D line and LB

    We usually tend to do well pick up UDFA

  22. So, as a Browns fan I can blame Stephen.

    So why doesn’t our idiot owner have a son to talk some sense into him?

    I would also add that people with huge egos are often said to have a “huge personality” or the like. No, most often their ego and overwhelming narcissism ARE their personality.

    Well, good for the Cowboys. I kind of dig Jerry, though. His inherent wackiness keeps things interesting. Plus, from what I’ve seen on Hard Knocks he gives the impression that he actually cares about the players.

  23. As long as the Cowboys lose, I don’t care who’s running them.

    I can’t wait to see old Jerruh’s face when DeMarco Murray runs all over his defense this year.

  24. Wow we have hater during the season and off season…PLEASE don’t worry about the Boys worry about your on team…The boys will be fine just watch

  25. It’s one step forward, two steps back in Dallas. Last year we won the east with Murray and the OL. It was a combination of the OL and Murray running style. Dunbar and Randle are the same type runners as Murray. Now the ‘Boys have a RB hole to fill.

  26. Don’t like owners who are involved in football moves. That’s GM stuff. Can’t stand seeing Jerry running the draft room.

  27. As expected, the comments are all over the place. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan all my life, and I won’t sugar coat it…the last two decades have been really tough. But no team stays on top all the time. The Cowboy’s get more press ( good & bad ) than any other team in the NFL, which makes the tough times that much tougher.
    It appears that they are making the correct moves, and that’s all any reasonable fan can ask for. As long as they are competitive…I will be happy.
    Just one great year is not enough to pay the kind of money Murray wanted. He’s been injured for the majority of his time with the Cowboy’s, and it was too risky to shell out big bucks for a player with that hanging over his head. This move is not a back-breaker…the move to find the next QB will be the one that really makes or breaks them. Romo only has a few years left, and it will be time to step aside.

  28. actually these owners couldn’t care less if they win, especially Jerry Jones. As long as his stadium is packed every home game why should he care?

    But he definitely wanted to make sure his adopted son Romo was taken care of financially, to the detriment of the team at this point. But like I said I doubt he cares.

  29. The Cowboys didn’t pay Murray due to lack of money. They didn’t pay him because they believed he wasn’t worth 21M guaranteed. They have the money to pay AP if they choose and they believe that AP is worth the money.

    I loved having Murray on the team because he is a great guy and a good (not great) player. However, if he was on any other team he is probably not the leagues leading rusher. Most Cowboys fans are still surprised he made it through a full season; his first since 2006.

  30. Anyone that things Stephen Jones is going to run Dallas any different than his father while Jerry is still alive is delusional. The apple didn’t fall far from that tree.

  31. However much Stephen Jones is involved– it is definitely working. The Cowboys are for real, regardless of the haters.
    (no im not a Cowbys fan)

  32. No matter what the Cowboys do or don’t do they are WAY better off than the hapless hopless Loins (not a typo). Mayhew is just as bad as Millen, and the Loins will suck till the end of time.

    Lions Fans

  33. Say what you want about Jerry Jones but he’s no fool. Guy paid $150 million for the Dallas Cowboys and made more than 20 times his money!!!! AND…. they were a mediocre team for most of those years!!!

  34. Dallas’ o-line makes any RBs stats 25% better. It was a solid move. They can make up that production spread over 2-3 RBs.

    Dez on the other hand…he has multiple franchise tags written all over him.

  35. Very good. Jerry loves his Cowboys. That much is true. Sometimes his love overpowers his logic and makes him act impulsively. It’s good for this very longtime Cowboys fan to see his son has learned from his father’s mistakes.

  36. If Stephen running the team = Zach Martin > Johnny Manziel then I’m all for it. If only this could have happened when Jimmy was coaching…

  37. whyamiacowboysfanagain says: Mar 13, 2015 12:07 PM

    Say what you want about Jerry Jones but he’s no fool. Guy paid $150 million for the Dallas Cowboys and made more than 20 times his money!!!! AND…. they were a mediocre team for most of those years!!!


    Not being a fool for making back 20x his money? You’re absolutely right… smart investment for sure. But there are different kinds of fools. It’s no coincidence that the Cowboys have been mediocre since Jerry appointed himself President, CEO, etc. And they will continue to be mediocre if Stephen runs the team the same way his daddy does.

  38. Not a Cowboys fan, but Stephen Jones is a good guy from everything I have heard, and is a sharp guy too.

    Jerry is one of the better owners in the NFL for that matter.

    A couple of people I know have met Jerry, and have said nothing but good things about him as well.

  39. The first sign we say of Stephen’s influence was when he persuaded Jerry to not resign the media head case T.O., and I wanted to send Stephen the world’s largest Thank You card after my hearing of this!

  40. Their O line was incredible…whoever was responsible for that made the team a contender. Still can’t get over that one play where Romo had 10 hippopotamus’s before he had to throw the ball. With that kind of time, refrigerator Perry could have got open.

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