Nick Fairley signs with Rams

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You can strike another name from PFT’s list of the top available free agents.

Nick Fairley, who has the No. 14 spot on the list, has agreed to a contract with the Rams. The team made the announcement at a press conference on Friday that was scheduled to formally introduce quarterback Nick Foles after acquiring him in a trade earlier this week.

Fairley missed the second half of the Lions season and their playoff loss to the Cowboys after suffering a knee injury, but was playing well before he was injured. Fairley played in 46 games for the Lions after they selected him in the first round of the 2011 draft as injuries have been an issue throughout his career. Conditioning was also a problem for Fairley at times in Detroit.

Fairley will join Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers to form a strong trio at defensive tackle in St. Louis. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that it is a one-year deal with a $5 million base and $2.5 million more available in incentives. Should Fairley stay healthy, fit and productive, he’ll be set up for another shot at a longer deal next year.

Fairley paid a visit to the Bengals before going to St. Louis and never seemed to be in play for a return to the Lions, who traded for Haloti Ngata while losing Fairley and Ndamukong Suh at defensive tackle.

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  1. “Fairley will join Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers to form a strong trio at defensive tackle in St. Louis.”

    CORRECTION: “Fairley will join Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers and Chris Long to form the strongest defensive line in professional football.”

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised to see fairly tear it up in STL, especially with that D-line. He’ll land a huge deal, and then who knows after that. Probably slip back into mediocrity and inconsistency.

    Kid has all the talent, if he has the drive to be great.

  3. Wow, there must not have been anyone else interested in him. He won’t even be a starter in St. Louis so he won’t have as much of a chance to make an impact as on a DT-needy team.

  4. As a Lion’s fan, this doesn’t even phase me. If we had to lose Suh, why not lose the fat, oft-injured guy too. Let’s just move forward with little loss with Ngata and others coming in.

  5. Much better deal than Suh. Good signing for the Rams. They might be pretty good.

    I’d like to see them do really well and create something of a dilemma about moving the team elsewhere.

  6. “….one-year deal with a $5 million base and $2.5 million more available in incentives.”

    Sounds like a fair(ley) deal.

    *cue Price is Right losing horn*

  7. Seems a bit rich to me. That’s potentially 7.5M for a guy that played 8 games last year, averaged less than two tackles per, had one sack, and didn’t really command double-teams. All while playing one the same line as one of the 3 best DTs in the league.

  8. Another defensive player for the rams. Still can’t score against the nfc west. Maybe third place this year Fisher?

  9. Wow, the Lions could have easily beat that and Fairley wanted to stay in the D…Good luck St. Louis, the ones who know whim best turned and ran!!

  10. DUDE has no “HEART”,,,thats his issue…

    Notice the guys like Mevis and others who journey from place to place for gold coins?
    Then there are players,,to whom it is an honor, to play like a champion,,,

    Which one do you want on your team?

  11. Fisher is the most over-rated coach in the league. I look forward to reading more excuses for his failure to do anything with the talent given to him.


    In all fairness, he’s great at making trades such as the RG3 haul and a second round pick on top of Foles.

    His Rams teams have been very competitive considering they’ve had 3rd stringers at quarterback for a majority of the last three seasons.
    Now they’ve upgraded to second string!

  12. NFC West looking brutal this year-except for the imploding 9ers. Hawks better get that O-line fixed or Wilson will be running for his life even more than usual.

  13. Well This Bengals fan is glad that Mike Brown let him leave the facility without a contract, all because he “has” to choose between Fairley and a washed up Michael Johnson, since they won’t restructure Leon hall or Peko

  14. He wants that extra money that one has the opportunity to make when Gregg Williams is your D Coordinator

  15. it’s only a one-year deal, so this makes sense for both sides. Fairley still has things to prove, but he is worth a look and a decent payday to see if he has really changed. The veterans in STL can help keep him in line. He always gets hurt, but with the depth on that line, they can deal with that if needed. He seems like a likeable kid, but he could use a fresh start, and this one seems like a good place for him to land. Best of luck.

  16. Okay people lets get 1 thing straight, they do have a great D-line but it’s not the best, Buffalo has the best, right now it’s not even a contest!!! BOOM!!! #billsMafia

  17. If you want to know who Fairly is watch the 2013 game at Philly. Dominant for 30 minutes of football then the second half came around and this guy gets tossed around like a rag doll by average guards. Makes sense tho. His problem is his conditioning, it’s one thing to be fat but this guy is fat and lazy. By the 3rd quarter of that Philly game he was jello and the oline and Mccoy were running it right down his throat. This is however a ok signing as Aaron Donald and Brockers can carry the load and Fairly can be nothing more than a rotational guy. Which is what he is due to his fitness and motor.

  18. Geez! I will be the first to say the Rams have one if the sickest D-lines there is…probably the best. Are they interested in doing anything with that offense, though? Foles is a good start, in my opinion, but what else are they looking to do?

  19. originate421 says:Mar 13, 2015 12:43 PM

    Good luck with the most mediocre coach in all of football… Jeff Fisher has been a head coach for 20 years and has a total of 6 playoff appearances.


    That would make him the most successful Lions coach in their history. Maybe he’ll be their next coach.

  20. If they get a legit WR to pair with Foles and keep this D playing salty I think they’ve passed the 9er’s and are challenging the Cards for 2nd in the division….if the Hawks take a step back after getting thier hearts ripped out then watch out. That D-Line is going to take games OVER.

  21. Hey, at least he is moving from the 2nd fattest city in America to the 23rd fattest city in America. Maybe that will help his weight problem.

  22. Nice signing but the Rams have C,RG and possibly RT positions to fill. The Rams might have a top 5 defense but if Foles can’t stay upright what’s the point?

  23. honalulublue says:
    Mar 13, 2015 12:32 PM
    That’s not an unreasonable contract for the Lions to have matched. You’ve got to wonder what the Lions know about him.


    That is he fat, lazy, injury prone, and undisciplined.

  24. The reason why the Lions didn’t extend or match that offer is that they figured a late 3rd round compensatory pick had more value. Lions should be well compensated after losing Suh and Fairley.

  25. Fairley is a stud! Just make sure you guys keep him from driving after stoned….

  26. Buffalo’s D-line is the best, the Rams’ D-line is the best — who cares until either team has a decent NFL QB on the roster.

  27. schmitty2 says:
    Mar 13, 2015 1:24 PM

    Nice signing but the Rams have C,RG and possibly RT positions to fill. The Rams might have a top 5 defense but if Foles can’t stay upright what’s the point?

    I missed the part in the press conference where the Rams said they have finished all off season activities including the draft, trades, free agency and rookie free agency.

  28. He’ll be great for you if you can keep him in shape and motivated. Then, if you can do that, you have enough personnel to fill in for the 10 games he’ll miss due to injury.

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