Only 18 of the top 75 on our Free Agent Hot 100 remain

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As we enter our third full day of NFL free agency, you wake up realizing what a dizzying pace the league has kept.

And a look at what’s left shows that the bargain-hunting phase of the period is about to hit high gear, since most of the top players are accounted for.

A look at out our constantly updated PFT Hot 100 Free Agent list (which has grown to 116 with guys getting cut, yet still doesn’t have room for Trent Richardson), shows how picked-over the league is at the moment.

Only four of the top 25 players remain untagged or available, some with external issues and some who are on visits as we speak — No. 13 defensive end Greg Hardy, No. 14 defensive tackle Nick Fairley, No. 22 outside linebacker Brian Orakpo and No. 25 wide receiver Percy Harvin.

Beyond that, only 12 of the top 50 and 18 of the top 75 are available (at the moment).

We’ll keep you posted on the latest movement today and throughout the weekend, or until the last player signs.

Which could be like around 2 p.m., at the current rate.

UPDATE 7:15 a.m. ET: And, just like that, make it three of the top 25, 11 of the top 50 and 17 of the top 75 with Brian Orakpo going to Tennessee.

10 responses to “Only 18 of the top 75 on our Free Agent Hot 100 remain

  1. Hardy = Radioactive
    Fairley = Haynesworthian
    Harvin = Cancer
    Orakpo = Redskins stank all over him

    Of the four, only Orakpo would be welcome in my clubhouse (but not at the pay rate he thinks he deserves).

  2. I’m not sure I’d touch Fairley or Orakpo based on injury history.

    Hardy, well, he’s a great player. Has he learned a lesson? If you give him a big deal, what if he goes into Goodell limbo again?

    Harvin has potential, but there’s a reason he’s bounced around so much. He might be worth a try on a one year relatively cheap deal, just to see exactly how much of a pain he is vs. what he can contribute.

  3. GOOD LORD,,,,after 15 yrs is it impossible for any of these coaches to “GET IT”???????????
    People moan and bitch about the PATS “model”, but dammit….it WORKS!!! you don’t overpay,,just because of the name and place your entire plan in jeopardy. As it stands as of this moment the PATS have LOST 4 pieces of their team. (MEVIS, Vereen, Wilfork, Browner) will stand to get 2-3 comp picks next yr in the draft. It leaves them with 20 million in cap space and the DRAFT coming up. So they can darft a big fat guy for the middle,,and a CB,,they already have 2-3 RB’s in waiting/stashed. About the only other need is a good OL, to work in the mix.

    But as a PATS fan, I thrilled that the BILLS, FISH, and JETS mortgaged their next ten years for a shot at quick fix. SUH’s number for 2016 25.8 million in cap..thats like 20% of the payroll of 144 million.
    MEVIS the same…and the bills…welllllll the rex clown show is in town,,,thats all you need to know.

  4. I was going to mention that the former Redskin had signed with the Tennessee team but I see it has been updated. Big loss for the Redskins.

  5. So, there is still 43 out of your Top 100 left, but it’s not sexy saying over 40% of our top 100 are still unsigned…

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