Report: Cowboys agree to two-year deal with Darren McFadden

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One day after losing DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys are reportedly set to add a veteran option in the backfield.

Dallas has agreed to a two-year contract with Raiders running back Darren McFadden, Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Friday. The deal, as Williams noted, is contingent on McFadden passing a physical.

The 27-year-old McFadden rushed for 534 yards on 155 carries a season ago for Oakland, also catching 36 passes for 212 yards. The Raiders’ first-round pick in 2008, McFadden has dealt with nagging injuries throughout his career, and he has not even averaged 3.5 yards per carry in the last three seasons.

However, at this stage of the offseason, McFadden is an interesting addition for Dallas. For starters, the Cowboys have an outstanding offensive line. Also, McFadden has had relatively little wear-and-tear (1,249 career touches).

Finally, there is the Arkansas connection. McFadden, like ex-Cowboys tailback Felix Jones, starred in a loaded Razorbacks backfield. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and COO Stephen Jones both played at Arkansas, so here is a potential signing sure to please the Cowboys’ first family.

But can McFadden recapture his early-career form? Dallas looks like it will pay to find out. After losing Murray, it’s a logical gamble.

UPDATE: According to Todd Archer of, McFadden has agreed to a two-year, $5.85 million contract. The deal includes a $200,000 bonus, per Archer.

198 responses to “Report: Cowboys agree to two-year deal with Darren McFadden

  1. If they got him for cheap not a bad pickup. But this guy is not going to be a durable every down back. Dallas better pickup a few more RB’s…

  2. Lol wasn’t it Cowboys fans warning the Eagles on how brittle Murray was? Can’t wait for them to try and spin this into a positive.

  3. I’m glad he found a good home. He was always a class guy. He just couldn’t stay healthy. I wouldn’t worry about his low production though. Although Oakland managed to be a pretty good pass blocking squad, the run blocking was some of the worst in the league…and he stayed healthy. He is a downhill runner with breakaway speed, not a shifty guy. Couldn’t find a hole here. Expect him to be 1000 yard rusher in Dallas next year if he is on the field for the entire season. Good luck Darren. Thank you for your professionalism. We wish you well.

  4. With the right system McFadden could do very well. Under Hue Jacksons offense McFadden was great, had a lot of long runs and over 1,100 yards rushing.

    Different offensive styles havent always worked for DMC though in Oakland as theres been a lot of change.

    Actually hope DMC turns his career around with Dallas, good pickup i think. Great opportunity for DMC

  5. Closed-circuit to Adrian Peterson— Jerry Jones must really not want you— even though he’s probably told you in tampering fashion– And he definitely cannot pay you.

    Stay in Minnesota and keep repairing your image. I’d always hoped your career would be similar to “Sweetness” Walter Payton– With the addition that YOU would get a TD in the Super Bowl someday.

  6. He thought he was retiring until Dallas called. “Wha? A two year deal?” He said, scraping the Doritos crumbs off his belly and reaching for his half-finished Pabst. “Uh…okay. When you want me there? Trainin’ camp?”

  7. I liked D Mac ALOT and really hated to see him go I know he was injury prone but the few games he was healthy he was a stud..he has speed and he punishes the guys are getting a good tough runner who will give it his all hes great on screen passes also…I love my Raiders but I hope the best for D Mac AND I admit seems like a better fit for sure with you guys..good luck !! RAIDER NATION

  8. You get what you pay for. 12-4 when committed to the run, 8-8 when u commit to the pass. Mediocre, overrated RB, welcome back to .500 Cowboys!

  9. McFadden’s a class act but he’s done! Hasn’t been the same since Liz Franc got a hold of his foot. He’s never butt fumbled but his vision is terrible, 2-3 yard gains into the back of the O Line. With that line though, who knows???

  10. Good. For AD will NEVER wear the star. Mn don’t like the Cowboys much. After Walker deal ya know….

  11. I forgot about Darren McFadden. I’m definitely drafting this guy on my fantasy football team now.

  12. This is a sign that refutes the notion that Stephen Jones is in charge. A RB from Arkansas (Jerry’s alma mater) that has never met expectations.

  13. Glad to see McFadden get a chance with a team with a shot at the playoffs. He showed promise early as a Raider but several coaches and switching from zone blocking schemes to power blocking schemes back and forth and the injuries handicapped his career. Good Luck McFadden.

  14. @ treye2

    “Lol wasn’t it Cowboys fans warning the Eagles on how brittle Murray was? Can’t wait for them to try and spin this into a positive”.

    When you have an O-line like Dallas, you can get more out of less with RB’s. Yes, Murray had his injury issues. So has McFadden. Time will be the telling factor here, not haters hating. And the Cowboys will also be drafting a rookie RB as well. They will go into OTA’s with 5 RB’s on the roster,and will whittle it down from there.

    Joseph Randle in his stupidity may end up missing games or going to jail, so this is a low cost move with minimal risk and better upside. Period.

  15. DMac was a complete beast in Hue Jackson’s offense for two years. Top 5 back at the time. If he stays healthy, he can bust 1500 behind that line, easy. Still fast, still strong, still runs hard, and one of the best receiving backs in the league. I wish DMac well.


  16. …this is a good pickup for the cowboys. Low risk..possible high payoff. The o-line is what’s making it work in Dallas these days. I think if the Cowboys want to get to the next level they should draft and start grooming Romo’s replacement. Romo will NEVER get you to the playoffs.

  17. So Murray was in the same boat before last year… I’m not worried about it. Plus if you played for the raiders you either really were hurt or would just play that card so you didn’t have to play for such a crap team

    I think it’s a good pickup. Him and rankle should be a viable combo

  18. When I saw this article I thought it was the Raiders resigning him, which would of been stupid.

    Thanks for your services, Darren. It was time to say goodbye

  19. Good luck DMac. Sucks regarding his injuries and stupid ZBS they used.

    The guy is harder on himself than fans that turn against him.

  20. First off….Love D-mac’s attitude and desire to be great for the Raiders. He showed dedication to the Raiders they probably didn’t deserve.

    That said, dude has no lateral agility. Get used to him running dead into the line if a hole isn’t there. Hopefully his position coach can teach him some patience. He gets that ball and it’s FULL SPEED AHEAD room to run be damned.

    That with the injuries….I hope they aren’t resting to heavily on him being the guy. Great dude but I’m not sure he’s a great football player. I do really hope this works for him but reasonable doubts exist.

  21. Always gave maximum effort and was a great team mate. Was cursed by the injury bug in Oaktown, hope that’s over with. Great opportunity for him, hope he has success and stays healthy. Best of luck from Raider Nation.

  22. This is a good decision. Let’s see what he can do behind a real O-line. And they’re only paying him $17 an hour.

  23. On the positive side, they found someone that buys his own underwear and cologne…..

  24. Love this move for Run DMc, although I’m not a Cowboy fan. He’s one of the best RB’s ‘in space’ ever. As a Raider fan, I look forward to watching him do well.

  25. This could be a perfect signing I could never judge him in Oakland no passing game and O line wasn’t very good ever.I think he could have a big year he could rip of some big runs with that O line .D Mac was always getting hit behind the line of scrimmage or a yard or two after that. he never had a chance to get going .If given a chance I say he will have over 1100 yds and 10 + tds for a fraction of the money .I wish him nothing but the best class act Dallas fans you might have hit a HR here if not no big investment .

  26. It’s been frustrating waiting for him to stay healthy and show what he’s capable of, so much potential.

    He doesn’t have many miles on him, due to the injuries, so that’s a plus.

    I wish him all the best though, he’s a class act who never said anything negative towards anybody and never got into trouble.

    All the best to you, Darren.

  27. Wow Jerrah, you be scratchin’ the bottom of the barrel here.

    What other wizardry you fixin’ to exercise?

    Need a screen door for your submarine?

  28. Mcfadden still has a good burst and has 2 to 3 good years left in him. Because of his injuries he doesn’t have a lot of carries. Mcfadden will be in the top 5 next year in rushing. Dallas has an elite Qb, elite oline, and elite receiving threats which will make Mcfadden’s job easier.

  29. This is a good situation for the team and for the player.

    There were times where McFadden was all the Raiders had on offense. He is a very underrated back. In the right situation he will really thrive.

  30. Cowboys, so we let go of one often injured running back for another often injured running back. Difference… Boys aren’t on the hook for 21mill guaranteed.

    If RunDMC is used as part of a stable of backs then ok decent pick up. If he is asked to carry the load and be the bell cow then… OH NOOO!!!!!

    Either way, Boys are still drafting a RB this year.

  31. Worth a shot, but they should also draft a guy. Don’t worry; be happy, Cowboys fans.

  32. I meant to say Romo will never get the Cowboys to the SUPER BOWL.

    …this is a good pickup for the cowboys. Low risk..possible high payoff. The o-line is what’s making it work in Dallas these days. I think if the Cowboys want to get to the next level they should draft and start grooming Romo’s replacement. Romo will NEVER get you to the playoffs.

  33. Well there goes the Vikings hope of fleecing the Cowboys for picks in exchange for a child abuser. McFadden will go on to prove it wasn’t Murray, it is the offensive line.

  34. I keep reading that jerry loves his Arkansas players. Since he bought the team 25 years ago, he has drafted ONE player from Arkansas, Felix Jones.

    So, that’s wrong.

  35. Let’s see what he can do behind a real O-line and not what he had in front of him before.

  36. He’s an often injured fumbling machine. I hope they are planning on getting someone else, because I don’t see him for anything other than camp fodder.

  37. Enough with the “Jerry loves Arkansas players.” DMac will be the only one on the roster. Felix is one of the only Arkie players Jerry has drafted. Hate away, but this has the potential to be a steal. Also could be a waste if he can’t stay healthy. DMac has as much or more physical talent than Murray. There wa a reason he was a 1rst round pick and not a 3rd like Murray. I am cautiously optimistic.

  38. What’s funny is that they’re pretty much the same guy, and I’ve been saying this for years. McFadden had his career derailed by the Reggie McKenzie/Dennis Allen disaster show, and both could never stay healthy. Now, he’ll be running behind a line way more talented than anything he did in Oakland without much wear on the tires. Bigger, faster, and stronger. Watch him have a 1500 yard season while Murray is getting cut by Philly’s next coach when Chip leaves next year. Cowboys actually making smart moves.

  39. IF (big if, granted), but if he can stay healthy for 15 minutes, I for one am curious to see him run behind an offensive line that good and he didn’t exactly have Romo, Bryant, Witten, etc, to take any kind of load off of him in Oakland. He won’t know what to do when he looks straight ahead and doesn’t see 11 guys standing at the line of scrimmage, salivating.

  40. DMC is a beast if he can stay healthy he should easily get a 1000 behind that oline.
    Hes a Cowboy I can actually cheer for.
    They wanted Saints Ingram, modern day Emmitt Smith.
    Instead they got DMC, modern day Eric Dickerson.

  41. The Raider O line woes over the last 3 years held him back…watch what he does with that Dallas line blocking for him..McFadden is going to shock people…just watch. He has allot left in the tank. Still runs super hard too. Great pick up for Dallas..appreciate everything Dmac did for us.

  42. Place holder for the rb they draft. Nothing to see here. Move along. And if all eagle fans would please stop commenting until their team wins a sb that would be much appreciated.

  43. When you aren’t good enough to play for the Raiders, there’s always the Cowgirls.

  44. I think definitely worth a try. Young, fast, came back to the Raiders to prove he could play=desire, and behind that line he may end up being Comeback Player of the Year. I think Bush would be a great addition as well. 2 productive backs for about 1/3 the cost of Murray, who I like.

  45. Everyone talks about how much Jerry loves Arkansas players. How many has he drafted or signed again? 1! How many has he signed as a free agent? 1!


    Shall I continue?

  47. Jerry loves this guy and the whole Arkansas thing. Good move if he can stay on the field. Nice sleeper pick for fantasy football as well.

  48. As a Raider fan I feel you may have gotten a gem if and only if he can stay healthy. As the article state he has very low mileage because of these various injuries. Im sure that the playing surface will suit his skill set as well, no longer having to run on the infield dirt, watch out when he is in the open field. Good Luck DMAC.

  49. “appreciate everything Dmac did for us.”


    You mean steal money and accomplish absolutely nothing?

    Along with all those preseason Super Bowl championships, I remember when he was better than Jamaal Charles.

  50. Darren McFadden is a beast if used the correct way. My Raiders are just stupid. Trying to give Randall Cobb 12 million per. If the Raiders used D Mac the same way the Packers used Cobb…Mcfadden would be 10 times better.

    All the Cowboys need to do is find Bob Wylie..he knows how to use D Mac.

  51. I think a lot of the same haters last year said losing Ware and Hatcher, signing Mincey and McClain was a joke, and the Cowboys were going 4-12 while the Eagles were winning the Super Bowl. Only time will tell how this works out.

  52. McFadden, when (rarely) healthy is a dynamic running back with big play potential. He fits best in a power blocking scheme that lets him get north and south right away.

    Replacing Murray with running back by committee is a great way to limit the amount of damage future free agency can do to the team, especially considering the way that offensive line can block.

  53. 2 year 4m avg. maybe for a injured 27 yr old player versus a 5 year 40m deal 20 guaranteed for a oft injured 27 yr old player coming off a contract season….. and we don’t have to trade any of our starting olinemen to keep him….. I wonder who won that side of the deal…….

  54. Low risk/reward…something tells me they are not done at the RB position. Again this will be a wait and see. Murray went 3 years as a sub par running back then had ONE good season behind an outstanding line.

    Remember…the strength of the Cowboys is the offensive line, not a particular RB. That was all we read about prior to last season. I will take this one and see what they do with their draft picks in regards to RB and Defense.

  55. Murray’s gone. We lost quite a few free agents. The funny part is…most of you that are making these doom and gloom predictions are AFRAID that the Cowboys front office has finally got it right. Good. Be afraid. Worry about your own team.

  56. McFadden is actually a good signing for Dallas. Yea he’s had injuries, but so did Murray. If McFadden gets the blocking Murray did he might get more yards than Murray got last year. I am planning to pick McFadden up in fantasy, hopefully for cheap

  57. So I have family who were members of the local press during the time Darren went to Arkansas. According to them, it was well known that he was using a lot of steroids at the time. Certainly that would fit the mold of the injuries he has sustained. Also, he looks a lot softer and fleshier than when he was in school, dude was ripped to shreds back then.

  58. So they traded the leading rusher for an Oakland cast off? Don’t tell me the Oakland O Line kept him from succeeding. While Dmac was averaging around 3 yards a carry, L. Murray was averaging over 5 with the same line. He will have a better line in Dallas, but they will not resurrect the dead.

  59. ara35 says:
    Mar 13, 2015 11:10 AM
    Wasn’t Dallas recently laughing at Philly because Murray is considered injury-prone? Irony


    And we still are.

    If DMC get’s paid 100 percent of his contracted amount, he’ll be paid just over a quarter of Murrays guaranteed money, alone.

  60. Best of luck DMC It was fun to watch/root for you here in the Town. I hope you do well in Big D


  61. DUMB DEAL !!
    I thought they were looking at a trade with Minn for AP.

    Anyway, McFadden is an injury risk regardless what OLine he runs behind and he hasn’t proved anything even if he was in Oakland.

  62. we’ve never heard of one bad thing about this guy in Oakland , I think he’s going to shock a lot of people ,
    best of luck DMC .

  63. The Arkansas connection. Too bad he will be hurt before game 1. Maybe we will finally see what the NFL was seeing in him when he came out of Arkansas. Could end up being a good move. No way to know for sure at this point.

  64. “That said, dude has no lateral agility. Get used to him running dead into the line if a hole isn’t there. Hopefully his position coach can teach him some patience. He gets that ball and it’s FULL SPEED AHEAD room to run be damned.”

    If a hole isn’t there??? Guess you didn’t watch The Cowboys’ line much last year with it’s 3 Pro Bowlers, huh?

  65. Farewell friend. This is a better home for you. Unfortunately your old gm was a buffoon of titanic proportions.

  66. I like it. If this guy can get past the first few defenders he can fly. He could be deadly in the passing game too. He just needs to stay healthy…

  67. cueghost says:
    Mar 13, 2015 11:01 AM
    He will fill in nicely while Gurley heals up.

    If the Cowboys do draft Gurley at No. 27 then I’m going to go ahead and say someone in the front office knows what they’re doing or rather someone who has Jerry’s ear, knows what they’re doing….

  68. Wow. What the freak is Jerry Jones thinking? How can you sign a guy who is injury prone and whose ankles are useless? There are numerous backs that are going to be available in the draft and you sign a broken running back? Yep . Jerry you deserve several more years of no playoff appearances for your stupidity

  69. Only 200k guaranteed. McFadden would have likely paid Dallas 20ok to get out of the black hole in Oakland.

    A very low-risk & inexpensive signing that could have a lot of upside. The Cowboys just keep giving the haters no material. Solid signing, but they still draft a rookie RB. It is up to him if he makes the team.

  70. oldtrafforddevil says:
    Mar 13, 2015 10:50 AM
    If this guy rushes for big yards, you know it’s the o-line.
    Because he’s a half step faster than Murray and stronger?

    4.41 vs. 4.33

    He was in OAKLAND of course he struggled.

    Easily getting past 1,300 yards if he’s healthy

  71. I seem to recall you guys laughing when they signed Rolondo McClain. for 5 million, its low cost and low risk. Dallas probably goes RB in a deep draft.

    also for those saying Dallas fans said Murray will be injured…42 mil vs 5 mil…. hmmmm which would I rather pay an injured player….?

  72. I think we can all agree the Cowboys are worse off talent wise than before free agency. With Murray gone and several defensive guys gone I sure hope they have a good draft.

  73. rundmc shot his load. this means the raiders will trade for adrian peterson now . they have the money to pay him. draft wr kevin white with 4.35 speed and couple him with adrian peterson and the raiders offense offense should improve dramatically .

  74. Latavius Murray was head and shoulders the best back in Oakland last year. It’s not too much money and probably a sign they will try and get Gordon or Gurley in the draft, but they may have to trade up to get them. If the braintrust in Oakland thinks DMC can replace Murray alone, they are fooled how anyone can run behind that line. Roll the tape of any Cowboys backup at anytime last year.

  75. So many oddball choices this offseason. So many question marks heading into the fall. Will be interesting to see how these all turn out.

  76. If you can get him in space he’ll be fine.

    He’s shown an annoying amount of balance issues. Some slightest contact (or even just a cut on his own) and he’s on the ground. For a guy that dishes out punishment once he gets rolling it’s amazing that he can not take contact all that well.

    In space he’s as dangerous as anyone in the NFL. A OC that knows how to use him will make this a great signing.

  77. My favorite Raider player over the past 5 – 10 years.

    However, a guy with bad feet running on astro turf. He’ll be hurt by week 4.

  78. mediasloppy says:
    Mar 13, 2015 11:58 AM

    I like it. If this guy can get past the first few defenders he can fly. He could be deadly in the passing game too. He just needs to stay healthy…

    He’s lost his speed. When there was a hole and he could get through it, there were too many times he got caught be a LB.

    I wish him well but don’t see him being even close to what Murray was last year.

  79. Let me get this straight, DeMarco Murray is one step away from a nursing home with 1106 career touches but McFadden has”very little wear and tear” with 1249 touches?

  80. This isn’t a McFadden for Murray deal you idiots. It’s McFadden + other FA for Murray. If the defense is made better because we didn’t sign Murray I am all for it.

    It isn’t about one player leaving or being signed but it is about what else can be done as a result. Let this whole off season play out. As for this signing….low risk.

  81. Man its a good thing that some of you don’t run businesses. This is called a cheap insurance policy if can’t get AD and if that doesn’t happen then none of the backs fall to the Boys in the right spot, then DMC will be part of a RB by committee approach….geez.

  82. Starting to make all this “Peterson to the Cowboys” show for what it is.. bunch of baseless speculation.

    One less RB needy team for people to speculate he is going to..


  83. To anybody here talking about Dallas fans dogging Philly for signing an injury prone Murray and acting like this is some sort of karma must be too stupid to realize the difference between these 2 signings. Dallas I’m sure ain’t paying McFadden what Philly is paying Demarco and Murray will have the bulk of the workload in Philly McFadden I’m sure will be nothing more than a backup

  84. For the people saying Murray’s better, last time McFadden was in a similar offense with worse offense parts, he was leading the league in rushing with over 5 yards a carry. In the meantime, Murray’s been in the same system with the same coaching staff, same QB, Dez at WR, Witen at TE, and one of the better OLs in the league in front of him, yet he never stayed healthy or produced until last year. McFadden does everything better than him with the same hit the hole fast downhill running style if you actually know anything about football and aren’t just going on stats on a page without the context to them. This will be lauded as one of the better FA signings a year from now when Dallas is making a Super Bowl push assuming they can keep fixing their defense, which is still pretty terrible.

  85. tuckrulesurvivor says:
    Mar 13, 2015 11:50 AM
    we’ve never heard of one bad thing about this guy in Oakland , I think he’s going to shock a lot of people ,
    best of luck DMC .

    He can’t stay healthy is pretty bad for an athlete.

    Can’t say one bad thing – I guess they’ll dump Dez and sign humanitarian of the year. Gimme a break. It’s football all anyone wants is someone who can play. You don’t want a murderer, wife beater, drunk driver, etc. But you don’t have to have someone never say anything bad about you.

    You Cowboys fans are delusional. Listen to yourselves? You are actually trying to convince yourselves that DMC is BETTER than Murray.

    By the way, all the talk of DMC did this, did that under Hue Jackson – What year was that? It wasn’t this year, it wasn’t last year, keep going….

    As much as I hate Chip Kelly – he has addressed a few weaknesses especially the CB and LB position and improved the RB position. We’ll see about QB, he may not be done. What has Dallas done? Replace Murray with DMC.

  86. Better wrap him in bubble wrap at the signing Jerrah. He’s liable to blow out his shoulder high fiving his agent.

  87. All Chip Kelly has done is bring in injured, worn out, washed up, used up players and for some reason they’re labeled as “upgrades” haha yea ok

  88. well Some may think Chip Kelly is a racist, but there is no doubt in my mind that Reggie McKenzie is a racist against every one of Al Davis’ picks..they are now all gone except for Marcel Reece I think. (and they all have found starting jobs around the nfl except for a couple of them)

    … me……He wanted to be a raider, and was willing to play for league min to stay on the raiders, but reggie said no, you are one of Al’s pick…get outta here.

    I don’t really like the cowboys, but am hoping DMC is a pro bowl player next year and leads the league in rushing. The dude is a stud when healthy….for the past 6 years or so, with the lone exception of Hue Jackson years which he led the league in rushing until he got hurt, he has been running behind the worse o-line in the nfl. (Terrell Pryor would concur) Foy years that guy played behind terrible o-coord, and ran into walls every time he touched the ball. How we let Velhdeer leave last year with that much cap space still baffles me, and then we throw the bank vault at Roger Saffold…..

    Bottom line ….Go Raiders!……

  89. This guy has been injured about as much as Murray, maybe a little more, and will be a good compliment to Randle. Assuming Randle can behave himself, kid looks like he can ball. If McFadden can stay healthy he can still be a big threat with a good line in front of him.

  90. stellarperformance says: Mar 13, 2015 12:40 PM

    Now the Vikings are REALLY stuck.

    No, Adrian Peterson is “stuck” if he THINKS he is going somewhere else. (Or if his Pappy thinks it)

    The Vikings will have what they want.. the best RB in football back on in service.

  91. I have to say, I was always big on McFadden. He had so much potential and I even remember when i use to get all excited when he made great runs. I was always waiting for him to be who we wanted him to be, but It just never really happened. I think he will do better with the Cowboys, since they have a much better o-line. Still, I have to say, I have much respect for McFadden, especially after he took a huge pay cut just to show the Raider Nation he had something to prove. I wish you well D Mack. You’ll always be a Raider.

  92. You people whine about McFadden production but looks who he played for …. If RB is a useless position now, then why do we blame McFadden.

    Nfl fans are nothing more than bunch of high school girls

  93. At least we won’t have Chokeland fans telling us how he is going to be the NFL leading rusher now that he is finally healthy. So that is a bonus.

  94. So now the Cowboys are completely out of the Adrian Peterson market. And with only a few teams in the rumor mill, this move has to sink AP’s trade value to virtually nothing. No way the Cards or Bucs will give up much for him, not with the RB draft as deep as it is this year, and no way they will pay AP anywhere near what he is slated to make with the Vikes. If Jerry Jones would rather pay McFadden peanuts than break the bank for AP, nobody else will overpay for him. AP better get used to the idea…he’s in purple for the next two years.

  95. Jerry Jones loves his Arkansas players.


    Uh, the only Arkansas player that the Cowboys under the Jones family has ever drafted was Felix Jones.

  96. McFadden was always a slug. Michael Bush and Rashad Jennings were both far superior RBs during McFadden’s tenure in Oakland. This isn’t sour grapes as I called the Raiders’ spending a high draft pick on him in 2008 another one of Al Davis’ many mistakes at the time the choice was made.

  97. cheap pick up, the talent is there. they should also look at CJ Spiller, he’s electric. And then get a workhorse back in the draft a la Eddie Lacy

  98. The Cowboys reportedly targeted Darren McFadden as a “home-run hitting backup.”

    In Little League, maybe. He has total of 6, 100+ yard games…in the last 4 years. Combined.

  99. just my opinion , but I would take him over anyone of the guys in the Eagles backfield right now…..time will tell, but will be nice to see what DMC can actually do now that he has an o-line…… A lot of raider fan ripped on him, but really what can you expect when you have an o-line of Khalif Barnes@LT, Lucas NIx@LG, Mike Briesiel@OC, Lamar Mady @RG (fresh off the practice squad), and Matt McCants@ RT. you know what you get….you get Terrell Pryor and his 4;3 speed running for his life and being sacked 10 times

  100. The biggest x-factor at this stage of FA. If they let him draw up a few plays from his Wildhog package and throw in some power runs this guy could have a resurgence year a la 2010 2011..

    Once a Raiduh always a raiduh…knew he’d be a cowboy at some point tho haha

  101. Good signing for Dallas. He’s a nice complimentary RB at this stage of his career. He never lived up to his college gamebreaking film potential consistently in the NFL, but was a good team mate, no issues, loved the Raider Nation.

    He was just never the same burst/speed wise after his week 6 lisfranc injury in the 2011 season Hue Jackson season. Vision was always suspect too, runs into his own lineman alot, and usually falls down on first contact. But Dallas has a good o-line and he should produce fine. Wish RunDMC well.

  102. To the guy who stated Romo will never get to playoffs with Dallas…..

    You do realized that they just made the playoffs last season and even beat Detroit in the first post season game.

  103. – Filled a roster spot need.
    – Didn’t break the bank.
    – Now sign us some damn linebackers!

  104. i think this a great signing by dallas not much lost if it doesnt pan out. that being said were gonna miss him here in oakland. throughout the losing and the injurys raider nation always had dmc’s back and i hope the cowboys fans can do the of luck to you and we hope you do some damage next season with that oline. now lose rolando mcclain and i can see myself rooting for the boys

  105. McFadden will be used as a 3rd down bsck…good move. Will draft a back high1st or 2nd. If #20 can steer clear of the boo boos and owe hurties…we can put some cash towards the be fence where it is to get dez to sign long term.need to find that miney type at end and another corner

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