Saints reportedly shopping everyone but Brees and Cooks


The cap-strapped Saints are so desperate to shed expensive veterans that they’ve already traded away tight end Jimmy Graham and guard Ben Grubbs, and they’ve tried to trade receiver Kenny Stills. But that’s just the start of it.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Saints are shopping everyone, with the exception of quarterback Drew Brees and last year’s first-round draft pick, wide receiver Brandin Cooks. If you’re an NFL general manager and there’s a player on the New Orleans roster you like, give the Saints a call. They’ll probably trade him to you.

In addition to Graham, Grubbs and Stills, the Saints cut Pierre Thomas and Curtis Lofton to get their expensive contracts off the team’s books. And of the expensive veterans who won’t be traded or released, many have agreed to contract restructurings: Marques Colston, Junior Galette and Jairus Byrd have all had some of the cap hits on their contracts pushed out of 2015 and into future years.

The Saints are in such a rebuilding mode that maybe they should even trade Brees and go into a complete Philadelphia 76ers-style tanking mode. Brees’s contract is structured in such a way that that would be difficult, and the fans would probably revolt if the Saints sent Brees packing, but that’s how complete a roster overhaul the Saints are making this offseason.

In any event, for all of the talk about the craziness that has gone on in Philadelphia this offseason, the turnover in New Orleans may be even more significant when all the dust settles. The Saints are having a fire sale.

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  1. I don’t understand why they’re bent on trading Kenny Stills. Shouldn’t a young, talented, promising, and cheap player be exactly the type of player they SHOULD be keeping and trying to find more of?

  2. Remember all the praise mickey loomis got here after signing Byrd despite having no cap space? I do. Lol

  3. Philly and New Orleans are turning over for different reasons. New Orleans is reaping what they’ve sowed trying to maintain after winning a SB. Chip Kelly just hates productive players for some reason.

  4. The problem isn’t with Brees, and it has nothing to do with Brees. Players don’t know how long their careers are going to be, so it makes sense to make as much money as they can, when they can.

    The problem is with the way the contract is structured. That is a management problem.

    Now, I am sure people will compare this to Tom Brady. Huge difference. Tom Brady’s wife, I am sure makes a heck of a lot more money than Tom does. If Tom’s career were to end, he won’t be cutting out coupons to make ends meet.

  5. Seems like the Saints finally realized they were in decline. KUDOS to them for being proactive and taking action to restructure and rebuild before all their players are no longer considered valuable.

  6. Ha ha ha…..the Saints are dumping any inflated salary players and getting younger and better. They might say everyone is available but they haven’t just let their players walk without getting something in return. They have 8 draft picks now and the dealing will continue. Picked up Browner and they aren’t standing still. If they get it right they will have a strong group of players with a bit of cap space.

  7. Brees is a top-5 QB which makes him worth about 20 mil a year. Top 5ers are rare and worth the money because unless you have a killer defense you can’t win a SB without one.

  8. The irony about these statements is the false correlation to the salary cap.

    1. The Saints actually took a $2 million hit on the Jimmy Graham trade.

    2. The Saints just signed Browner to an $18 mil deal.

    It has been reported many times that the 7-9 season, the desire to get better on Def, and the commitment to the interior line improvement ( a must for Brees) is the impetus for the change. I guess that isn’t as sexy as calling it a fire sale so we continue to read reports with false correlation.

    Listen I am not excited about the current cap situation but I would argue that most of the moves were overdue regardless of cap situation with the exception of the Jimmy Graham trade.

    Cutting money from Colton, Hawthorn, Bunkley is a no brainer.

    Deciding Lofton isn’t worth a 9.5 mil cap hit a no brainer.

    Trading Grubbs who helped to give up twice as many pressure from the interior line year over year is a no brainer.

    And while I love Jimmy Graham, getting one of the best centers in football at the 2nd weakest spot on the team makes sense. By the way Payton went after Unger which is where the everyone is available except Brees/Cooks came from.

  9. BTW the Saints had a chance for a killer defense but did not stand by Gregg Williams when he got in trouble.

  10. But Sean Payton and his $8 million salary will work some magic. Yeah right. It may not save against the cap but maybe Payton should be on the trading block too. He proves you can have a Superbowl ring AND be vastly overrated at the same time.

  11. @americankris

    Look at Flacco, Ryan, and Rodgers salaries, they’re all making more than Drew, do you see them falling apart? The Saints needed to rid themselves of aging overpaid players, Graham on the other hand was injured to often.

  12. And now we know why Ryan Pace took the Bears GM job this offseason. Even putting out the dumpster fire in Chicago was a better gig than sticking around in New Orleans.

  13. I’m 100% behind a guy taking money that someone or some fool is willing to give them, but don’t moan when your environment starts to falter because of it. Every team does it now after winning the big one…except the Pats, those guys are apt to cut you hahaha. Then they suffer because they can’t maintain. Seattle is heading that way. Sherman got paid, Wilson will get paid and now they’ve traded for a bloated contract. The Saints were flavor of the month for a few years but now they’re back. How soon will the paper bags show up again?

  14. Thanks Drew for bankrupting the team. Get those paper bags ready. Who dat … who dat … LOL

  15. There are plenty of fans who wished Brees was gone already. Can’t forgive a guy who would kill his own team like that then sit back and act shocked when they have to trade one of his best teammates.

  16. This fan won’t revolt is Brees is traded. Sometimes you have to do a “Jim Irsay” to set your team up for future success although there aren’t any Andrew Lucks coming out next year. The good thing is they can still win their division with what they currently have.

  17. This is more an indictment in the current state of QB pay. The way the cap is structured and the market dictated by the top QBs is just destroying a teams ability to be consistent. There needs to be a market adjustment on QB pay IMO.

  18. The Saints are SLASHING prices! Call now, and get not one, but TWO wide receivers! Don’t like wide receivers? We’ve got quarterbacks!

    We’ve got o-line, d-line, there’s no bottom line, so get on the line, and CALL NOW!

    It’s the 2015 New Orleans Saints Liquidation sale! Call NOW before we come to our senses!!

    (*) – Not available in HI or AK. Offer void where prohibited.

  19. 18% of your cap dedicated to an aging QB, questionable running game, no TE, your top 2 WRs have 3 years combined experience, and your defense sucks…Awesome

  20. for god sake let a rumor of Cleveland Considers Trading for Drew Brees start up id take him in heartbeat and we have 42+million in cap that half or more can go too him too eat some of that huge contract, i’d rather have 1-3 years left of brees career then the crappy QB’s we getting or sending out on the field

  21. Saint fans said no way though. Payton will be gone this time next year, suckers. Just hope the front office mess gets fixed quickly, or it’s going to be a long way back down.

  22. Brees greed??? That’s dumb
    Kaepernic and several other QB’s make more then he does.

  23. I hate the jets, but they need to call the Saints about Drew Brees and call again every day until they get him. #6 overall, Geno & a next year #1 should do it. Bye the time the saints get out of salary cap jail brees will be done, & the Jets D is built to win now. You dont trade for an aging reciever like Marshall to develop a young QB. They have to find a way to make it happen. and as a Pats fan I woudl hate this, but it just makes too much sense.

  24. Sorry, but I don’t believe this story nor its ridiculous premise. Sure, we’ll see a lot of turnover in an effort to ease the cap situation, but that’s all there is to it. Not a complete rebuild, not a fire sale.

  25. The Saints rebuild every year to a certain extent… That’s why we always get these Doom and Gloom salary cap reports every year… and just about every year we wind up winning at least 10 or 11 games….

  26. Brees goes to Tampa Bay to make room for a cheaper Winston!!

    The move would be sudden but in a sense somewhat logical. The Saints would have a huge head start on their rebuilding, likely taking Jameis Winston first overall. Winston would have the opportunity to work with one of the best offensive minds in the NFL with Sean Payton and at a significantly lower cost than Brees.

  27. If the Saints lose Brees..they will never be a Super Bowl contender again. Mark my words…Brees is the only player that can make it happen. His vision on the field cannot be replaced by any other quarterback. Grahm was ok, but in my opinion he was easily shut down by better teams and he was too slow. Caught many touchdowns but if Brees wasn’t the qb hed have half the production he had. Im looking forward to the fire sale and think rebuilding around a veteran quarterback like Drew can only make a positive impact after how last season went. Drew Brees is a legend, he owns almost every major passing stat and is fun to watch. Not even Payton, Brady or any other Qb wins in New Orleans if they took over his shoes…I can read this team and the city and I have my money on him. Retire him as a Saint he deserves every doller he earns playing on that field. I hate fans calling him greedy, if it werent for his skill set there would have never been a trophy. Ones enough if your team has stunk for over 40 plus years..its a chance of a lifetime having a veteran like him. These rookie Qbs that can run out of the pocket have half the vission he has when throwing the ball, and that is what quarterbacking is bout. Not running, leave that to the running backs. Brees, Colston and Cooks and a refreshed line up could bring the dynamic back they lacked last season. Defese and skilled cornerbacks are major and since Jimmys trade the Saints management have been plugging those crucial areas in with key play makers. I guarantee Drew will have a much more successful season this time around and be less forced to throw into coverage, the line will be sound and he wont have to play catch up with every possession. How can fans not see that? For the last few years Brees has been underachieving because of our defense not because of his leadership. A family man needs to eat and when you are a quarterback of his skill set, heart, soul and fight to win, it shows hes irreplaceable. Sean knows it, his teamates know it and I believe management can see it as well or that contract would have never been signed. Im looking forward to a eleven game winner with NO this season and Ill tip my hat to Drew every time he proves the national football league wrong by burning every team he faces when hes given time to execute. Good luck and God bless the New Orleans Saints! Its been a long time, 33 years and Im still enjoying that win over Indianapolis Colts, shine on and win us another this season because nothings too far out of reach, or too hard to grasp, if you stretch your mind and hearts towards the ultimate goal of becoming a champion! Who Dat 4 Life! Represent the bags to the riches and even in between any day.

  28. Odd that they didn’t save cap giving away Jimmy and his 8.5 cap number and a high 4th rounder 700k cap for unger 6.5 million and a flow irst rounder 3-3.5 cap number. As a Seahawks fan, I guess, thanks!

  29. All the haters will eventually have to eat crow after the Saints make the playoffs like they do just about every year lol

  30. Looks like with Benson losing control of the Saints he wants to leave Rita with a shell of a team.

  31. It’s called a “Fire Sale”, family is fighting over control and team will cut spending. Headed back to the brown bags in 3-2-1
    Go Hawks!

  32. There are 5 great QB. 10 very good. 10 good QB. a lot of JAG. But if you dont sign a great QB a year early he can basically ask for what he wants and you have to give it to him. The Saints did that but Brees by himself can’t get them past .500

  33. It’s called a “Fire Sale”, family is fighting over control and team will cut spending. Headed back to the brown bags in 3-2-1
    Go Hawks!
    Have fun paying $10,000,000+ for a 1 dimensional TE that is soft, disappears in big games and has to be taken out on run downs, tipping the defense off to run or pass play lol

  34. So getting rid of old overpaid players isn’t what’s goes on every year from the NFL?? Stockpiling pics doesn’t sound like a good idea to get your cap number down??? Meanwhile setting Seattle back with salary cap issues next year when Russell wants his 100 mill deal and marshawn getting 10 mill a year and Jimmy getting 10 mill a year.
    Jimmy won’t put up the stats he did with Brees in Seattle. Bank on it.

  35. We were told last year Harbaugh wasn’t being traded nor were Foles and Bradford weeks ago. That set, where’s Brees and Kaepernick going?

  36. When Schneider called Loomis, the first thing he asked was whether or not anything was off limits. Loomis simply answered no. He didn’t say Brees or anyone else was off limits.

    Don’t be surprised if Jeremy Fowler is proven incorrect, and Brees is suddenly on a different team. “Suddenly” is exactly what happened with Graham.

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