Titans reach a deal with Washington’s Brian Orakpo


Welp, time to update the Free Agent Hot 100 again.

One of the few remaining impact players remaining in free agency has changed teams, with Washington outside linebacker Brian Orakpo agreeing to a deal with the Titans, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The Titans were working hard to get a deal while Orakpo was visiting, before he was able to go look around (specifically Arizona).

If they can keep him healthy, they should get the pressure they need, since Derrick Morgan is making the rounds himself.

The 28-year-old Orakpo had 38.5 sacks in his four healthy seasons in the nation’s capital, but two of his last three seasons ended on IR, including last year for a torn pectoral muscle.

51 responses to “Titans reach a deal with Washington’s Brian Orakpo

  1. He was great his first two years but after so many torn pecs he is a shell of his former self. Buyer beware you won’t get a full season out of him and most of the time you won’t notice he is on the field. I hope I’m wrong because he is a good dude but watching him the past few years just leads me to believe he doesn’t have a whole lot left.

  2. Brian was heard saying, if nobody shows interest i’ll go to the CFL, anything but go back to the redskins lmao
    Httr?? Yeah Right

  3. Now go get Derrick Morgan. Send Brian Orakpo to the best rehab doctor there is. This is only good if he can stay healthy.. #Titanup

  4. IRakpo was a good guy but he was also a one-move bull rusher with a bum pectoral. He occupied space, got into the backfield often but rarely created chaos and was easily managed by most offenses. Tagging him last year was probably the right move and letting him go this year is even smarter.

    Wish him the best, it’s time for him to get a new start somewhere else and time for Washington to move on.

  5. Orakpo was a very frustrating player for Redskins fans to watch. Very inconsistent, “Rak’d” up a lot of sacks in meaningless games against teams like the Raiders, and always hurt. Hope the Titans signed him to a low-risk contract.

  6. I had high hopes for you as a Redskin but you just never panned out. Wish you the best of luck and STAY HEALTHY! Less heavy lifting and more stretching… Good luck!

  7. Skins fan. I like Orakpo, but if the Titans think they’re getting a straight up “beast,” then they’re just wrong. He has always self-inflated his own value (which I guess I don’t begrudge him about).

    He’s OK at generating pressure and use the bull rush (pretty much his only move) to actually tie up a LT pretty well, is OK against the run, and is terrible in coverage.

    When not injured, his stats are OK on paper, but what you don’t realize is that he racks them up against sub-par talent, and is pretty much invisible in games that matter. Took him to his 3rd season to get a sack against an NFCE opponent.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I hope the Titans didn’t overpay, and I hope Titans fans don’t hope this guy is going to save your team. He’s a good dude, but wanted too much money for what I consider just solid contributions.

  8. In all honesty he never lived up to the pass rusher I thought he would be.

    He has great strength but that injury bug constantly made him non productive.

  9. I hope the Titans enjoy what they paid for.

    A 1 move wonder that can’t stay healthy. They sure paid alot for it as well. I wonder if he will be in the Geico commercials down there.

  10. If the former Redskin is healed up from his injury this should be a nice pick up by the Tennessee team.

  11. As a REDSKINS fan, I say thanks for the 5 or 6 games a season and the very few sacks that you got Good luck with that Tennessee

  12. Luck got himself Gore & Johnson…..Titans are still a LONG way from challenging in that division. Got to remember that old Pissenpunt is coaching in Tennessee!!!!!

  13. Accepting an overpaying contract in which you play 4 games is so easy that a caveman can do it.

  14. I hope he does well there, as a skins fan I appreciated his efforts, he just got hurt the last two seasons. He would have been best at 4-3 scheme but he’s played enough 3-4 to be good.

  15. He’s a DE. He more of a power rusher and run stopper. NOT an OLB. Hes had 3 surgeries on his biceps on both arms..

    The deal is essentially a 2 year 12+ mil. Smart because he may be retired before 2. His arms are shot.

  16. I’ll miss Orakpo. He wasn’t the great pass rusher in the world, but I’ll always remember that holding call he drew on the final play in the Dallas game. Good luck to you, sir!

  17. Hmmmm, wonder how much loot they gave him??? Rak was a good guy, but any knowledgeable football/Redskin fan will tell you, he wasn’t worth the money he was looking for, the injuries and one trick move of his was easy for offensive lineman to control. If he could only stay healthy and have more than one move he’d of been paid in Washington.

  18. Feels great to see the players that the steelers could use in Freeagency sign elsewhere lol they should’ve signed him and tried to get cromartie but they’re not signing anyone

  19. Hail to the Redskins, the team representing our nations capitol and home of POTUS! The Redskins, America’s Team!

  20. Lot of salty Redskins fans on here. Also, if you think the Redskins are in any better position than the Titans you are in serious denial. Good luck with rg3 ha I would rather have mett all DAY

  21. appreciated his passion while in DC.

    wishing him good health and the production should follow, guy can play, will definitely improve that Titans Defense

  22. I like Rak but he tore the same Pec 3 times and will Again… hope Tennessee didn’t pay him too much to ride the pine.

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