Roethlisberger contract details won’t be leaked, yet


Late Friday afternoon has become for the NFL and other industries the place where bad news goes to die.  So it was curious, to say the least, that the Steelers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger dropped what supposedly is good news into the national bad news circular file.

Even more curious is the absence of any information regarding the value of the five-year contract (four-year extension) signed by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The rule of thumb in the NFL agent community is that, if contract details aren’t leaked within 24 hours after the news of the deal emerges, they must not be great for the player.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, both the player and the team wanted the numbers of Roethlisberger’s new deal to not be leaked.

Eventually, they will be; the contract can be kept from the media, but it can’t be kept from the league office or the NFL Players Association.  Once the information makes it way to New York City or Washington, D.C., it inevitably will makes its way to the rest of us.

Roethlisberger has a base salary of $11.6 million in 2015.  Past restructurings had pushed the cap number to $18.395 million — setting the stage for a franchise tag of $22.074 million in 2016.

At a bare minimum, then, the deal should contain $33.674 million fully guaranteed over the next two years.  Based on the market, it also should have a signing bonus in the range of $25 million (which Tony Romo got on his most recent deal, two years ago) to $37 million (which Drew Brees got on his most recent deal, nearly three years ago).

When rumors and reports emerged in late 2013 of Roethlisberger wanting to be traded, some (e.g., me) eventually concluded that the team possibly leaked the news in the hopes of getting Roethlisbeger to make a clear statement that he’d never leave Pittsburgh.  Which eventually would be followed by Roethlisberger agreeing to a team-friendly retirement contract.

The absence of any leaks regarding the contract details suggests that a team-friendly contract was signed.  Last year, Roethlisberger said the latter years of his existing contract were “kind of taking a hometown discount.”  Soon, we’ll find out whether he went the rest of the way from “kind of.”

29 responses to “Roethlisberger contract details won’t be leaked, yet

  1. Dude can’t win a playoff game in 5 years and he gets re-upped? Must be team friendly, it would be crazy to pay this guy more than brady….

    But then again the steelers and tomlin are stupid so i wont be surprised either way…

  2. Bottom line: Ben will remain with the Steelers until he retires and the Steelers have a great chance to earn a few more Lombardies. Does it really matter if this deal benefitted Ben more, or the Steelers more? If it was not reasonable, neither side would have signed it. Last year, Ben completed 67% of his passes for 5K yards, 32 TDs, 9 INTS, and a 103.3 rating. He didn’t miss a game due to injury. The Steelers won the AFC North and went to the playoffs. But since it is a TEAM game, they also relay on everyone else on the TEAM to get to the Super Bowl. But you have NO CHANCE to do that if you don’t have a franchise QB. Ben is a franchise QB. This year, they should have a very potent offense. If they can improve the defense, they should get back to the playoffs since they are the best team in the AFC North by a mile, and have the best QB in the division by many miles.

    Glad this deal is done and glad Ben will never play for another team and retire as a Steeler. Now, those trolls that believe the Steelers made a mistake are also apparently happy, so I guess this is a win-win situation (sarcasm). But intelligent football people know Ben is a damn good QB and the Steelers are lucky to have him.

  3. I’m wondering if it’s a patriot type contract where it’s low in cap number and the owner slips him a few extra million under the table.

  4. Ben is a underrated qb in my eyes.. worth the money. plays hard… tough… clutch… has rings.. im not a steelers fan but respect him as a player on the field

  5. Steeler QBs between Bradshaw and Big Ben:

    Mark Malone. David Woodley. Scott Campbell. Bubby Brister. Steve Bono. Reggie Collier. Todd Blackledge. Rick Strom. Neil O’Donnell. Mike Tomczak. Jim Miller. Kordell Stewart. Mike Quinn. Pete Gonzalez. Kent Graham. Tommy Maddox.

  6. I’m wondering if it’s a patriot type contract where it’s low in cap number and the owner slips him a few extra million under the table.
    That would be a Bronco or 49er type contract, not a Patriot contract. Pats don’t cook the books, unlike multiple other teams that have been fined for it.

  7. Here are some fun facts about the AFC North QBs performance last year and their contract values (sorry, not including Cleveland since it is too insulting to those fans!):





  8. I find if kind of funny we’re so enamored with “is the deal team friendly or player friendly”. Franchise QB’s are going to get paid a significant amount regardless. Having a large percentage of your cap space taken up by a franchise QB is a problem lots of teams would like to have.

  9. Thanks to a Fat Ben led Steelers team, people credit Tebow with winning a playoff game. BR sucks, is a disgusting pig, and will never sniff another lombardi.

  10. One Ring Dynasty says:
    Mar 14, 2015 10:35 AM
    Thanks to a Fat Ben led Steelers team, people credit Tebow with winning a playoff game. BR sucks, is a disgusting pig, and will never sniff another lombardi.

    I forgot he got beat by Tebow….

    Good call on the 100 mill Pittsburgh!!!!

  11. Tim tebow destroyed this team with Ben as QB. Then the Ravens clobbered them on their own playground, $99 million??? Haha

  12. bet he never wins a playoff game again!!!!

    2 5
    Only a room temperature IQ would make a bet like that and we are not talking about a sauna room either.

  13. It’s so easy to put any spin you want on a story. If this were Tom Brady Some experts would be saying, that even thought the contract was less than what brady could have earned elsewhere, how great it was for Tom to take less for the betterment of the team. Yet if it’s ben or other QBs , the story is, it’s possibly a bad contract. What difference does it make other than pure gossip, what the exact details are? Obviously Ben wanted to stay in Pgh, and the Rooneys want him to stay, they sat down and worked out a contract that was mutually beneficial to both parties involved. Perhaps ben could have gone out and tested the market and gotten more, but if he’s happy in pgh, then he should be commended for being willing to take a little less in order to stay where he and his family are truly happy.

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