Charles Woodson senses “vibe is crazy” in Oakland


For years, “crazy” has been a word applied from time to time to the ways and methods of the Oakland Raiders, in a derisive way.  Raiders safety Charles Woodson has now used that term in a positive way.

“From what I’ve seen so far, the vibe is crazy right now,” Woodson said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group.  “A lot of positive energy coming from everybody in there.  The great part about it is you have a lot of ex-players, so I think that energy is kind of innately there, because you have a lot of fiery guys, a lot of guys that have played in the NFL at a high level so they have that natural energy. . . .  It’s been great to talk to ‘em and kind of see their vision.  I think it’s going to be a great year for us.”

The vibe would be even crazier if they’d landed Ndamukong Suh.  But Woodson’s fine with the fact that didn’t work out.

“There’s no question that Suh would have been huge,” Woodson said.  “He would have been huge.  He would have been a great addition to the team.  But at the same time, if you don’t get a Suh, you can get three or four other players to make up for it.  And what that does is build depth.  So you bring in guys that are possibly starters, that will compete for a starting job, and then we’ve still got money to get three or four other guys.  Then you’ve got the draft coming up.  So you have the potential to build the team the way you want to.  Just because you didn’t get the one guy, we’ll have the opportunity to build this team the right way and that’s what [G.M. Reggie McKenzie’s] looking at.”

The fans hope to be looking at a better team, too.  Even if the folks in Oakland are only looking at the team for one more year.

74 responses to “Charles Woodson senses “vibe is crazy” in Oakland

  1. No, ctiggs…that bright light across the bay is the dumpster fire that is the San Francisco 49ers and their front office.

    Were you alive for any of those rings?!?

  2. I’m not a Raiders fan (Cowboys) but I’d like to see them have some success for a change. Their fanbase is ridiculously loyal and they deserve to have their faith rewarded.

  3. buffal0s0ldier says:
    Mar 15, 2015 8:07 PM
    No, ctiggs…that bright light across the bay is the dumpster fire that is the San Francisco 49ers and their front office.

    Were you alive for any of those rings?!?


    yes and assuming you are a bills fan or bob marley………. i was definitely alive for the four that you lost

  4. 7pints says:
    Mar 15, 2015 7:57 PM
    Hell, they may even win 6 or 7 games this year!


    You’re talking about that mess of a team you follow, the 49ers right?
    Because 6 or 7 games is a bit optimistic for that clown college.

  5. LOL

    People talking about rings which were won when almost half of the population of the world wasnt even born yet….hilarious.

  6. ctiggs says:
    Mar 15, 2015 7:59 PM

    that bright light you see shining across the bay…………… yea thats right its 5 rings

    Hang on to that feeling. It’s the best one you’ll have NFL wise this year. Just try to play spoiler in the division race this year.

  7. Ctiggs…….
    Are you seriously looking at us? Clean up the peninsula implosion that is the Santa Clara 48ers, then worry about us.
    Y’all lost harbaugh, fangio, gore, Willis, j smith, culliver, cox, bowman, crab tree, McDonald, bruh, its over, go back into the hole you have been in from 1996-2008, and rebuild while we return to glory.

  8. People like to poke fun at the Raiders , but a lot of them are too young to remember the 70’s and early to mid eighties , when they were one of the most feared teams in all of sports. And after dark ? Forget about it — as of 1984-85 , they were 24 and 3 on Monday Night Football. And I’m a Dolphins fan. Slowly but surely , the Silver and Black is coming back.

  9. I think this is the year that they really get the ball rolling. Draft picks, cap space, a strong draft last year with plenty of bright spots…. Emerging from the gloom of salary cap Hell is a huge thing in itself. The coaching change is TBD, but jettisoning the old staff was a step up. Actually looking forward to this season more than I have in years!

  10. Great, thanks for another ‘positive’ Raider story…here comes jjerkwagon, notlan, Super Creep, dumbolt, pantherprussy…etc, etc.

    And only for one more year in Oakland, you got a crystal ball or something?

  11. Can’t write the “article” without putting in a jab at the end. Are you hoping the Raiders move? Have a hidden agenda?

    Raiders still own the Steelers all-time 15-12. Hurts doesn’t it.

  12. ctiggs says:
    Mar 15, 2015 7:59 PM
    that bright light you see shining across the bay…………… yea thats right its 5 rings


    I admit, that’s a good one, but how can you see them under that 21 years’ worth of dust?

  13. wow 49ners fans are trash talking like their team is good…seahawks fans trash talk like they didn’t just get embarrassed in the super bowl…and raiders fans are getting bashed for no reason (what have they even done to anyone…like ever)….and I’m sitting here rewatching tom get his fourth….its great being at the top

  14. It’s March and every team is undefeated right now. Every team should be having a positive vibe. McKenzie took over a team that was deep in a hole, so I can’t rush to judgment. I’ll wait until the end of next year before I can really begin to judge Reggie McKenzie. The Raiders never had any kind of front office structure because Al Davis wore about 10 different hats. Many new GMs have to rebuild the roster. McKenzie has to rebuild the entire organization. Tough job to do overnight. It looks like the Raiders have a good young QB, so that’s half the battle right there.

  15. Hey Chuck! Tell us about this “vibe.” What is causing it? The awesomeness of your last season? The greatness of your free agency? Your new HC? Chuck, the Raiders get a new HC every 5 minutes. Oh, I know, maybe the new vibe is because the Raiders are tarping more home seats and trying to shut off the raw sewage flow. Is that it Chuck?

  16. Its gonna be a fun year! And to the guy about the 5 rings across the Bay? Um, you do realize they dont play in SF anymore right? They havent for a couple years. They play right down the 880 freeway with no water in between them in Santa Clara. Typical whiner fan.

    Oh yeah Florio nice dig at the end #1 Raider Hater!


  17. The raiders need to spend some draft picks on getting better fans that don’t spend there time at the game getting loaded and then cheering for their team as loud as possible while trying to score on the 5 yard line. Raider nation at its finest.

  18. Raiders have some great young players. I hope the can get 3-4 starters out of this draft, then hopefully they will start attracting some better free agents.

  19. if there was a super bowl for most fans killed in the parking lots of games, the 49ers and raidrrs would meet in the afc championship game every year.

  20. A focused vision channeling positive energy along with a talented QB sounds like directions to Santa Clara. Good luck and give the fans a great season, they deserve it!

  21. They’ve mostly spent a lot of money very stupidly. For the billionth time WIN A GAME THAT MATTERS FIRST then come tell me how things are changing.

  22. Loyal fanbase????LOL!! They tarp the upper deck of their stadium…Raiders also use the 85% NFL blackout rule….LOL

  23. Reggie needs to hit in this draft. FA class was a miss on most of the target players this year despite all the cap space to burn.

  24. “ctiggs says:
    Mar 15, 2015 7:59 PM
    that bright light you see shining across the bay…………… yea thats right its 5 rings”

    To be fair, it isn’t across the bay anymore. But hey, Santa Clara loves ya.

  25. ctiggs says: Mar 15, 2015 7:59 PM

    that bright light you see shining across the bay…………… yea thats right its 5 rings
    Across the bay and 40 miles southeast. How are those rings spending these days, Captain Hashtag?

  26. Just wait until Reggie signs some nobody for big bucks just to meet the cap floor. It’ll be a first for the NFL, but business as usual for Oakland.

    The crazy vibe also extends to the Raiders fanbase. As evidenced here in the comments section. You roast the Niner fan for ring’s the team got before their lifetime, yet 100+ upvote a comment about how dominate the Raiders were in the 70’s!

  27. Congrats Raider trash with your tarped stadium, FM radio and worst record in nfl last ten years! LA doesn’t even want your stench. Niners dominate the bay win or lose! Enjoy you win last year against Niners. You actually sold 50,000 seats but most were Niners fans! Facial!

  28. maltawind says:
    Mar 15, 2015 8:11 PM
    I’m not a Raiders fan (Cowboys) but I’d like to see them have some success for a change. Their fanbase is ridiculously loyal and they deserve to have their faith rewarded.

    As a Packer fan, I’d love to see the Raiders have a renaissance. Sadly, I don’t think Woodson will be on the team when it finally gets the ship going in the right direction. Loved the guy as a Packer. Wish him the best in Oakland. Father time is undefeated as they say.

  29. Charles Woodson is correct there is a positive vibe around the team..we might of went 3-13 but we were 0-10 and ended up being the spoiler to the 49ers Chiefs and Bills..all 3 had chance to go playoffs and we knocked them out …looking forward to 2015 how can we not have that good vibe ..if any of you played sports or follow it closely you know it helps big time if you get off to good start..

  30. “buffal0s0ldier says:
    Mar 15, 2015 8:07 PM
    No, ctiggs…that bright light across the bay is the dumpster fire that is the San Francisco 49ers and their front office.”

    It’s pretty amusing that posters still think ctiggs is actually a 49ers fan. He’s a Seahag fan trolling y’all.

  31. Each and every offseason Raider fan goes overboard.

    Look- this was a 3-13 team last year. The worst offense in the NFL. Bottom third defense. This is a team which lost to St Louis 52-0.

    You are looking at most at a 5 win season.

  32. The Raiders are definitely moving in the right direction. They are slowly building a solid young core with Carr, Mack, Gabe Jackson, Justin Ellis, Moore and some solid FA additions at Center and on defense. They are going to do well in the draft with and are on their way to having a winning organization. Gotta build through the draft. Go Raiders!

  33. There are few teams I pull for. I’m not a raider fan, but I want to see them do well. They are a cool team and their fans deserve it. And when the Raiders start playing well and pumping up the fans, they are the wildest fans in the NFL. Pretty cool to see.

  34. It’s been a rough last 11-12 years. But one thing I know is that when the Raiders are in contention there is nothing else in the world like the Oakland Coliseum rocking at full capacity. I sure hope Reggies strategy works, but I dont have a whole ton of confidence given the track record at this point.

    However I’ve been proven wrong before. Lets make 2015 the year. Go Raiders. One more run for Woodson

  35. funny, i can speak for probably 99% of the Raiders fan out there…..don’t matter where they play …be it on Oakland or be it in LA, or be it in Timbuckto….it don’t matter Raider fans are raiders fan regardless of where they play. After all it’s a Raider Nation…..

    Go Raiders, Go Reggie!

  36. This is what is so great about this time of year! Every team has a chance to make it to the playoffs and win the Superbowl. Even the Raiders!

  37. 49er fans are some of the most unloyal … season ticket holders arw suing the a organization after the loss of major players. 49er fans are snobs.. always have been. Got beat by the Raiders last year and still mad. Most Raider fans are Blue collar ppl who cant aford Tickets. But forever faithful still. RAIDERS run California. Always have.. NWA never wore 49er hats. Lol

  38. Is it just me that when someone talks about the core group for the Raiders and mentions Moore without saying a first name, I always think it’s Denarius Moore and start shaking my head before I realize it’s actually Sio Moore they are talking about?? Btw, I love me some Sio Moore. Love the man’s passion and fire for the game.

  39. The only team in the AFC West that’s pointing up is the Raiders, like it or not.

  40. He must have finally taken a good look at the idiotic Raiders fans who dress up like preschoolers for the games.

  41. I like C-Wood’s enthusiasm but what the Raiders still need is a massive talent infusion to add to him, Mack & Carr. I’m not overwhelmed by the 2015 FA acquisitions to date although there seems to be some improvement over the 2014 FA haul. The key will be whether McKenzie can make competent choices in the 2015 draft.

  42. Ya the 3-13 vibe is out of control!! And the reference to NWA as reason to be Raider fan? That’s why everything thinks your guys are morons! You climb out from under a rock at every stadium the Raiders play in. Its not something to be proud of! The average fan is laughing at 50 yr old face painted Raider nerd!

  43. I personally like what Reggie has done. I guarantee that he didn’t sign anyone that Jack didn’t want or ask for. And, if you listen to the entire interview (on, you’ll hear that he did go after the high profile guys (Suh, Cobb, etc…) but they didn’t want to come to the Raiders. It takes two…

    Ultimately, targeting guys ‘still in their prime’, he’s added depth and competition. For sure Hudson, Lofton, Allen, and Williams are starters – better than any we had last year at their respective positions. True, they’re not ‘superstars’, ala Suh, but they are quality depth.

    Raider fans (and I am a 40 year fan) need to relax about the big names and let this play out. I know it has been a long time since the team had a winning record, but even Sir Charles ( sees progress being made.

    If we have another good draft (we got five starters out of last year’s haul: Mack, Carr, Carrie, Jackson, Jelly), and get Carr some great weapons, this team will be on the rise and competitive for a very long time.

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