Cowboys claim Corey White off waivers

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Corey White lost his roster spot with the Saints on Friday, but he wasn’t out of work long.

The Cowboys claimed White off of waivers and added him to their 90-man roster on Saturday.

White opened last season as a starter in New Orleans, but was replaced in the middle of the season as New Orleans attempted to find a more effective defensive mix. That never really happened and the team signed Brandon Browner last week before cutting ties with their 2012 fifth-round pick.

The Cowboys now have White, Brandon Carr, Orlando Scandrick and Morris Claiborne at corner. Claiborne’s status for the offseason and training camp is uncertain because of injuries and Carr’s contract may need to be reworked for him to hold onto his roster spot for next season.


White is set to make $1.542 million if he makes the Cowboys roster, which is about the amount that Sterling Moore would have made if the Cowboys tendered him before free agency opened. Moore has visited the Buccaneers, but remains unsigned at the moment.

16 responses to “Cowboys claim Corey White off waivers

  1. Jovan19
    Mar 15, 2015 12:19 PM
    Worst secondary in the NFC east and still managed to finish the season as NFC east Champs with a 12-4 record

    Eagles had, by far the worst secondary. Worst in the NFL

  2. it’s unfortunate how naive my fellow cowboys fans are. You guys cried for Jerry to relinquish total control, which he has, but yet still criticize these decisions. Stop the insanity and have hairy in our coaches amd front office. Judd cause he wasn’t great at New Orleans doesn’t mean the same will occur. He’s got good size and athletic ability is young and possesses very good ball skills. Those traits our coaches can’t control but coaching him and proper preparation will make him a very good corner. Look at the development we achieve with undrafted free agents, don’t worry so much about the names on the jerseys and let the coaches do their thing. We are going to be VERY good again and please forget the Demarco because he’s nothing more than a good back with back security issues that fumbled our chance at a ring a few times, not only at GB, when Peppers sneezed on him but he cost us the skin’s game too, which ultimately cost us home field adv! The eagles are worse and Kelly is a clown. All these writers think the eagles surpassed us, lmao, ok just like we were going to be terrible lasT season when the only reason the sheagles made playoffs was due to Romo missing final game. So please relax and be patient our first game isn’t until September and we’ll be more than ready

  3. Wow I am really surprised that he was picked up.
    They gave him every opportunity to be a starter and he blew repeatedly.
    Cory white called for holding

    Cory white beat down the middle.
    Cory white beat down the sideline.

    Cory white is now a cowboy. LOL

  4. xavier179 says:Mar 15, 2015 12:33 PM

    I will take the Cowboy secondary any day over the Saints secondary.
    Saints will be lucky to finish 8-8 this coming season

    At least we’re getting rid of junk. You guys are signing them. So I guess I should thank you.

  5. You have to have faith in the Cowboy coaches. They (by far) surpassed “all” expectations last year, especially on Defense. Last year really proved that they know what they are doing. If Rod Maranelli thinks this guy can fit; he would know. This is the most overlooked component of the Cowboys success, and many “so-called” experts and fans don’t seem to recognize it. The turnaround last year has a “lot” to do with coaching. They now have excellent coordinators in Maranelli and Linnehan, and they are both under new contracts. They are overachieving with the talent they have which is getting better, and now management is making better personnel decisions by not overpaying for players and by considering cap repercussions. Jason is focusing upon oversight which is what he should have been doing all along. They will be returning to prominence again very soon. Even the haters know that it is true.

  6. He didnt open as the starter. Patrick Robinson did. After Robinson stunk it up White took his spot as the number 2 corner. Robinson proved to be pretty good at nickel. White proved to be pretty terrible at everything and got benched in favor of an UFA towards the end of the year.

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