Giants still talking to Stevie Brown about return

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The Giants went into the offseason with a desire to land some new blood at safety as they try to improve their defensive performance in 2015.

The top free agent safeties had other ideas. Devin McCourty, Rahim Moore, Ron Parker, Da’Norris Searcy, Tyvon Branch and Darian Stewart have all landed deals elsewhere and any thoughts of an Antrel Rolle return were dashed when he signed with the Bears. That may leave the team to turn back to another member of the 2014 squad.

Jordan Raanan of reports that the Giants continue to talk to Stevie Brown about re-signing with the team. Brown started eight games for the Giants last year and 11 in 2012 with the 2013 season wiped out by a torn ACL. The pre-injury Brown was a much more effective player than the one they had last season, which makes the fact that he’s already had foot surgery this offseason a somewhat troubling development.

With the ninth pick in the first round, the Giants will have a shot at the draft’s top safety although that might be a bit too high for Alabama’s Landon Collins to come off the board. One way or another, though, the Giants are going to have to address the spot because Nat Berhe and Cooper Taylor are the only options in the house right now.

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  1. If they draft Landon Collins at #9 the first thing I’ll have to do is buy a new tv to replace the old one I kicked in after hearing his name called.

  2. They’ve definitely got themselves in a tough spot. Theres really no one left thats worth a damn in FA, and they’d be insane to take a safety at #9 overall. They may be stuck with whatever falls off the pile on June 1st, unless they find someone in later rounds of the draft that happens to be a sleeper.

  3. If signed, Giants are likely hoping Stevie will be like JPP and have a post-injury comeback that rivals his 2012 season (recall he tore his ACL against the Jets in 2013 preseason returning yet another pick). As far as SS, Cooper Taylor was drafted to be that big-safety/small-linebacker hybrid (a “bigger” Polamalu), so he needs to step up and show he’s got the goods.

  4. A great many options can still develope between know and the first preseason game.
    Good with what they have already perhaps.

  5. If a top flight pass rusher there at 9, he will be taken or maybe a Tackle. There won’t be a trade back for a safety.

    You can get converted CB’s and small LB’rs, a Stevie Brown or a Will Hill to come out of nowhere to play safety. It happens all the time and there is a ZERO chance of the Giants drafting Collins in that spot.

  6. 0.000% chance Reese trades down for a safety. in his eyes there are the elite guys at the position, and there is everybody else. and without an elite guy, he’ll probably be more than fine throwing any warm bodies back there to play centerfield (which really, is all that is needed. both cooper and berhe can replace Rolle in run stopping)

  7. I think the Giants are actually pretty high on Taylor. He’s got decent size and speed. I don’t think they have much of choice bringing Brown back at this point. Better to be safe then sorry, since it probably wouldn’t cost too much. They are probably waiting for some more vets to shake loose as well.

  8. I see us making a trade for a veteran safety days before (or even during) the draft.

  9. I’m still stunned they let Antrel Rolle go, with the laucity of replacements available. It seems there is always at least one position that gets left out. Maybe we’d do better if there were less positions to play. There seem to be too many for us to keep track of.

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