Talk persists that Eagles won’t keep Sam Bradford

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The Eagles surprised the NFL and all of Philadelphia by trading quarterback Nick Foles, a fourth-round pick in 2015, and a second-round pick in 2016 to the Rams for quarterback Sam Bradford and a fifth-round pick in 2015.  Many think that coach Chip Kelly has another surprise or two up his sleeve.

And it’s not just fans and media.  Josina Anderson of reports that some of the coaches at the West Virginia University Pro Day (where receiver Kevin White showcased his talents on Friday) weren’t convinced that Kelly will keep Bradford, and that Bradford could get shipped to the Titans for the second overall pick in the draft, and the ability to land quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The easy reaction, as articulated by Paul Kuharsky of ESPN, is that if the Titans wanted Bradford they could have dealt with the Rams directly.

But it would have cost the Rams a lot more than Bradford to get the No. 2 overall pick, as the Rams know from the stuff they got when they traded down only four spots from No. 2 in 2012.  If Fisher isn’t convinced that Mariota will become a franchise quarterback, why make the broader investment that would have been necessary to unload Bradford for an unproven rookie?

Kelly is very convinced about Mariota, and Kelly has proven to be sufficiently unpredictable to prevent anyone from ruling out pretty much anything.  Sure, Kelly is saying he won’t mortgage the future to trade up (which may simply be part of the negotiation process), and Kelly gave $40 million contract to Bradford’s college roommate.  But Kelly will still do whatever he wants to do, especially since he now has the unfettered power to do it.

If Kelly wants to end the chatter about flipping Bradford for Mariota (especially with Mariota embracing it), Kelly has an easy way to do it.  He can sign Bradford to a new contract, and he can insert the same no-trade clause the Broncos gave to Peyton Manning and the Cardinals gave to Larry Fitzgerald.

Of course, even a no-trade clause for Bradford won’t completely eliminate the speculation about Kelly trying to get Mariota.  But it would definitely end any talk of Kelly using Bradford as a pawn in Chip’s game of chess.

174 responses to “Talk persists that Eagles won’t keep Sam Bradford

  1. Yeah, but why would the Titans want Bradford and his huge contract when they could stand pat and get Mariota cheap?

  2. Eagles are not going to trade up…. Bradford if healthy is a top QB. This would be silly. Lets hope Chips sports science program can help keep him healthy? We will see.

  3. “Bradford if healthy is a top QB”

    How could anyone possibly know that? He’s not been healthy.

    It’s an assumption based upon very little evidence.

  4. I am certain Kelly does not give a hoot about quieting down the chatter and signing no trade contracts.

    I think he does not get along with Foles, McCoy, Jackson, et. al and removed them to develop the chemistry he desires. His system requires sacrificing individual glory for the team, the team, the team!

  5. Mark my words, Kelly is drafting Mariota. You know that because he said last week that he wouldn’t…said it when the Foles-Bradford deal happened, Bradford will not play for the Eagles next year. Chip is miles ahead everyone’s thinking. For proof, look at what he did at UNH even before Oregon. Wish my Giants could be as savvy, but Chip is definitely good for the league. Free agency hasn’t even lasted a week and see what he’s done.

  6. I agree with Florio on suh but this is nuts. Just to prove a point kelly should pay and give a no trade clause to a guy who hasn’t earned that kind of leverage? That’s just bad business.

  7. He doesn’t have to silence the chatter and sign an no trade contract just to prove a point. Let him do whatever he’s going to do. You guys can keep speculating and be incorrect as usual until something actually happens.

  8. Chip Kelly is a joke. He has no idea how to run a NFL team. Soon you will be the Philadelphia Ducks….

  9. I’ll say one thing for Chip Kelly. He’s keeping the off season interesting. Either going to be a genius or a fool, but the guy sure doesn’t seem to do anything half way.

  10. What a clown! The whole organization is a complete joke.

    Have you taken a look at the PACKERS lately? Now that’s an amazing team! We are so much better than the Eagles.

    We have amazing fans. Eagle fans are uneducated about football. Packer fans have class, which you seem to lack.

    Go pack go!

  11. Either trade Bradford or trade Murray. I feel both aren’t safe. Either Bradford can go to Titans at 2 or Jets at 6. Murray can go at 3 to Jags or 4 to Oakland. Really no one is safe on the Eagles roster when draft day comes. Chip will find a way to get his QB.

  12. Why in the world would Kelly care about eliminating media speculation?

    I don’t think it matters what Kelly does anyway. I’m convinced that if the Eagles traded for Wilson or Luck the media would spin it that they still really want Mariota…

  13. The real head scratcher is how anyone would give anything for Bradford at all. Dude was eventually going to get dumped outright. Shredded knees, bloated contract and mixed results at best. Fisher is the genius, not Kelly. Foles is no great shakes here, but he is serviceable. Throw in a second rounder, and this trade is on par with the haul he got for the right to draft that bum RG 3.

  14. Put a no trade clause in his contract to end MEDIA speculation about the future of a player is ridiculous. Who comes up with this stuff?

  15. It’s really going to be fun to watch Kelly outsmart himself and drive this franchise back into the cellar, where it has mostly been all these years. #stillgotnoring

  16. As soon as the commissioner opens up the draft, 2018 picks become available. C’mon Bucs, trade back.

    Chip can move up to the #1 spot for:

    Four 1st rounds selections (2015-2018)
    Demarco Murray
    Sam Bradford

  17. @thepackerpoet… I’m impartial to both teams but without Rodgers, the Packers are slop. Second of all, the Packers and their fans should have a tail between their legs after that choke job that happened in Seattle. You wanna talk about a joke of a coach??? The entire Packers organization should have been restructured after that horrendously coached game. McCarthy is NOTHING without Rodgers. NOTHING….

  18. Nobody wants Sam Bradford. If Chip Kelly signed him as trade bait he’s dumb. The jags and the raiders however do want Murray. I can’t wait to hear during the draft “the jaguars/raiders have traded their pick to Philadelphia for Demarco Murray and the 20th pick in this years draft.” Watch it happen.

  19. @wouldggforbradyorbelichick, totally agree. You beat me to it. Kelly packages both Bradford and Murray together to draft for Mariota. He’s smart enough to know both are too often injured to run his offense. Titans are just desperate enough to do it. Plus Whisenhunt loves the pocket passer and a heavy load RB. You don’t pay Murray $8m to “share the load.”

  20. I really doubt that, Bradford doesn’t have much value. I honestly don’t think they would’ve packaged Foles and a second round pick when they simply could’ve traded him and the second rounder to move up.

  21. Bucs take Bradford and plethora of picks rather then role the dice on Winston.

    Enables TB to get either an edge rusher or top OLman in the first round & use the rest or their picks to rebuild OL, add a RB and add depth for the Tampa 2.

    TB will table the QB position for a year or two to see if Bradford pans out.

    At least that’s the smart thing to do for TB.

    Titans take Winston.
    Jags take Schreff
    Raida’s take Leonard Williams

  22. If he makes the trade he is betting the house on it. He’ll probably end up giving up Foles, a 1st, 2nd, 4th and maybe another 4th for Mariota and a 5th. Hope he works out. Betting the bank on 1 player never has in the past.

  23. You all are delirious after this first week of FA. Some of these trades y’all are proposing are ludicrous. Bradford’s contract,Murry’s contract + a couple first rounders for Mariota @#2? Give me a break…

  24. As you said, Kelly has proven to be incredibly unpredictable. Why put any chatter about his plans to rest? Keep everyone else guessing and chattering. Warfare is based on deception.

  25. Why people would any team want demarco or Bradford in a trade from the Eagles. Any team could have bought Murray he was a free agent. Second Bradford has never won anything or played a whole season. That’s why his coach traded him. Ugh!!

  26. r502 says: Mar 15, 2015 12:23 PM

    The real head scratcher is how anyone would give anything for Bradford at all. Dude was eventually going to get dumped outright. Shredded knees, bloated contract and mixed results at best. Fisher is the genius, not Kelly. Foles is no great shakes here, but he is serviceable. Throw in a second rounder, and this trade is on par with the haul he got for the right to draft that bum RG 3.


    LOL Fisher a genius? He has 6 winning seasons in 20 years of coaching. Kelly has 2 winning seasons in 2 seasons of coaching.

  27. If true Titans will get a lot more than Bradford…..they will smell Kelly’s desperation and demand next year’s #1 also.

    Titans got nothing to lose and everything to gain …..Kelly holds no cards.

  28. Eagles have done a lot but not every move can bee seen as a huge upgrade. 2013 rushing leader for 2014 rushing leader sounds like a wash. Foles for Bradford seems like another wash. Resigning Graham for Cole a wash at best. Maxwell is an upgrade but they overpaid. Alonso is a nice pick-up if he can bounce back from torn ACL. If they actually complete a trade for Mathis that will mean they have to fill both G spots. Nobody on the current roster is anywhere near the level of Mathis and Herremans. Wonder if Murray gave that any consideration. I know Chip’s offense is good but you still need to block people. Mathews will get limited touches with Murray and Sproles on the roster. Nice depth but unless Murray gets injured his impact will not be great. They do not have a no1 or no2 WR on the roster currently. A lot of action but except for Maxwell can any other move be seen as an unquestioned upgrade?

  29. Bradford is going to the Skins for the #5 overall pick and #3 rounder this year and #1 in 2016.

    Eagles get Mariota.

    Skins turn around and trade RG3 to Tennessee for a conditional 3rd round pick this year and conditional 3rd next year that could become a #2 based on playing time.

  30. I believe there are multiple teams that would like to have Murray. I believe that the number of teams that want to guarantee $20 million to an oft injured RB coming off a 500+ touch season is considerably smaller.

  31. I am betting on Chip sending Bradford and Murray to Tennessee, along with the 20th pick in the draft, and next year’s first round pick for the #2 pick and right to draft Mariota.

    The uncertainty here (for me) lies in not knowing who Tampa Bay will take. They seem like they like Winston, but they could very well draft Mariota and Chip would be hosed. Then again, he could back out of the option to move up, and roll with Bradford and Murray.

    For all we know, he may want to move up into the Top 10 and take Landon Collins. And here we are thinking this is all about Mariota….

    Man I love football. I can’t wait until the draft!

  32. I think losing Maclin may have been the death of that pipe dream. Now they really do have too many holes to fill with the draft but….Chip Kelly.

  33. I don’t think kelly wants mariota at all. He is trying to get him off the board by twenty so he does not have that awkward situation of passing on him. He knows he is not that good for the pros. Chip is not that stupid to keep driving up the price on himself by praising this kid publicly. His qbs have been foles sanchez barkley and bradford. Belicheck has brady and chip is using the new england template fot his team . He wants accuracy and arm strength. Not mobility. He tried that with vick and it was a disaster. If he wanted a mobil qb he would have one by now.

  34. @gbpackersfan..
    Oh. My. Lord.
    How is it that you packer trolls somehow INCREDIBLY make everything about the Vikings? Even another dolt packer troll comment?

    You guys are amazing.

    Every Vikings thread has 5 times the volume of comments than any other thread because 70% of the commments are snarky packer trolls.

    It continues to amaze (and sicken) me…..

  35. Les Snead is a hustler he got a better qb in Foles and a 2nd round pick for Bradford this is almost as much of a heist as the RG3 trade was……well not really but its in a he conversation

  36. First of all no team is taking on Bradford and Murray at the cost of $20+ mil in cap space vs a rookie scale contract in the top 10 and secondly what player would ever sign in Philly again after Chip pulls a move like that, signing guys then dumping them a few weeks later on a bad team that they didn’t want to play for or sign with in free agency? Do you guys realize the repercussions of doing that to a player and then trying to sign future free agents?

  37. The Titans have had non stop injuries with Jake Locker. Why would they give up the number 2 pick and take on a big contract for another injury ridden QB? This makes zero sense.

  38. Bradford will restructure to a cap friendly contract making him tradeable. Reason tenn didnt directly go after bradford from STL was tenn didnt have anything to give Stl. Philly had foles. Now tenn can trade w philly and whizenhunt gets his pocket passing Qb. Bradford be used one yr (or until hes hurt) then its mettenstufffannysface comes in. Theres too much of a gamble for chip to wait and let MM fall any further then #2. Im just curious whats going to come w Bradford as far as draft picks. Its gonna be more then Bradford and the 20th pick believe that.

  39. The Eagles will try to trade up for Marriota. No way you can rely on Sam Bradford. He has proven nothing. It will be interesting to see what the Eagles give up to move up. I highly doubt anyone will take Bradford, picks and what player? Kiko Alonzo?

  40. Let’s get serious people, an Eagles trade for Mariota HAS to happen! There is no doubt that Mariota would best fit Kelly’s system and that Kelly’s system works best with a QB like him. Yes it’s costly but you know what’s more costly? Passing up on “your guy” for a QB who could easily get injured on the first snap of the season and ruin your year! If you’re Kelly and you have the power, do it, you only live once!

  41. What exactly would be the benefit of Kelly taking the steps you suggest? So that the media will stop asking him questions? Well, here’s a little secret — I don’t think he cares about the media. He just wants to do what’s best for his team. Eliminating his options and increasing Bradford’s cap hit to appease the media would just be plain dumb.

  42. I think a lot of teams are gonna have to think long and hard about if drafting Mariota will help them. He is an amazing talent, but I seriously doubt that teams are going to change their entire offence to maximize what Mariota does best. To see him be really successful he needs a team that will do that or is already set up for that. Expecting him to change to suit your system will guarantee failure. Just look at Cleveland expecting Johnny Football to change to suit their system (yes I know he’s a clown, but it’s the closest example right now).

    Yes I’m and Eagles fan and yes I would love to see Mariota get drafted by Philly, but I don’t really want to mortgage the farm to do it. In the end I don’t think teams in the top 10 are going to be willing to draft him b/c he just doesn’t fit their systems. Let the dice fall and see if he gets past 15 before trying to trade up for him.

  43. The Titans would be completely insane to trade the second pick in the draft for Sam Bradford and his knees. If it would cost the Rams a lot more than Bradford to get the second overall pick (waaay more), why would Tennessee give up the second overall pick for the same return?

  44. Nobody wants Sam Bradford. If Chip Kelly signed him as trade bait he’s dumb. The jags and the raiders however do want Murray. I can’t wait to hear during the draft “the jaguars/raiders have traded their pick to Philadelphia for Demarco Murray and the 20th pick in this years draft.” Watch it happen.
    Hilarious. Are you that upset over losing demarco, sport? I’ll watch, but this will never happen. You have been posting your dribble on every Eagles thread, and you sound more and more upset that my only logical conclusion is that you, just like every other Dallas fan, are devastated to have lost demarco. He’ll put up 1300+ behind our O line to. Watch it happen.

  45. So why is Chip Kelly making personnel decisions again, other than having a fast paced offense that does put up points what makes him qualified to make roster moves.

  46. It’s going to be either Bradford and Murray to the Titans, or Bradford and Mathews to the Jets. Why else would he trade for a QB that doesn’t fit his system and stockpile RB’s? It’s not that difficult people. That being said, GO HAWKS!!!

  47. xbox4wwe says:
    Mar 15, 2015 12:14 PM
    Either trade Bradford or trade Murray. I feel both aren’t safe. Either Bradford can go to Titans at 2 or Jets at 6. Murray can go at 3 to Jags or 4 to Oakland. Really no one is safe on the Eagles roster when draft day comes. Chip will find a way to get his QB.

    You sir, posted exactly what I agree will happen on draft day. When Kelly signed Murray and made other moves he made in f/a, I felt like Murray would be, possibly, trade bait to get Mariota! It was my understanding that the Raiders offered a much higher contract to Murray. I also knew he would NOT sign with with the Jags or Raiders (imo). He may end up there anyway 🙂

  48. Bradford is an Eagle now, just like Murray. There are no more QB trades or “surprises”. Remember that Bradford and Murray were college buddies, and Bradford was instrumental in the Eagles landing Murray. That was Kelly’s plan all along. If Kelly was to trade, he would have to trade both, or destroy his trust and team chemistry. Kelly’s plan for Mariota, if their is one would be for him to get drafted by the Titans. Play average for a few years, then get him cheap in 3 years or so.

  49. so kelly will give up a question mark qb in bradford,foles, a 4th, a 2nd maybe moreand the entire trust of his players in his locker room most especially Demarco Murray for mariota?..lets move on

  50. Just sit back and watch the magic happen boys. Chip Kelly is going to write history this year. Stuff that you see in movies. He’s going to change the way the nfl builds teams. He’s so far ahead of all of us, we can’t even see the big picture yet. But mark my words”it’s going to be a best seller” now sit back and watch.

  51. “If Kelly wants to end the chatter about flipping Bradford for Mariota . . . . .”

    Why is this even part of the article? Why would Kelly want to “end the chatter”? Do you really think Kelly gives a flip about the “chatter”?

    It should be obvious by now that Kelly hears a different drummer than most (all) other NFL coaches and executives, and that what other people (in any line of work – including fans, media and ‘football people’) think, say or do about his actions isn’t even a speck of dust on his radar screen. He knows that what other people think of him is none of his business, and he acts accordingly.

    Kelly may be obnoxious at times, but imho he’s the most refreshing, confident (not ‘blowhard’ confident – just confident) major figure to hit the NFL in decades, if not ever, and I don’t think the guy knows what fear is. It follows that even if he is aware of the “chatter”, he simply doesn’t give a hoot in hell.

    “Chatter?” What chatter, asks Chip?

  52. Chip is very salary cap conscience. He ran the ball to set up the pass in Oregon. He just got 2 between the tackle runners. Now will he roll with Bradford off two injuries at $13 mil a year or go after the guy he covets who will get a rookie deal averaging $4-5 mil for 4 years?

    My money is on a trade for Mariota

  53. Sigh.

    Hey Nimrods posting about Murray being traded: No NFL team trades a player they just signed to a huge contract. The salary cap hit would be huge, AND they just cut Murray a multi million dollar check.

    This isn’t fantasy football.

  54. thepackerpoet says:
    Mar 15, 2015 12:14 PM
    What a clown! The whole organization is a complete joke.

    Have you taken a look at the PACKERS lately? Now that’s an amazing team! We are so much better than the Eagles.


    From one Packer fan to another, as much as I like to trash talk, stop embarrassing the rest of us Packer fans.

  55. Tom Wilker sez: “If Kelly was to trade, he would have to trade both, or destroy his trust and team chemistry.”

    Please refer to my previous comment above. If Kelly has had any concerns about ‘trust’ or ‘team chemistry’ or even ‘fan perception’ over the last two seasons, he’s kept it well hidden. It simply does not exist as a factor for him. And what ‘we’ think or say or do about his actions is of no concern to him either.

  56. First of all Bradford is still young and can be the Eagles franchise QB for 10 or more years to come.Second Bradford played in an offense like Chips offense at Oklahoma.And 3rd why would anybody in their right mind give up the farm for Mariota when you already have a QB who is perfect for your system.And lastly Bradford is a great QB who got drafted first by a bad team with a bad offensive line and no weapons and a team that ran an offense he was not used to.

  57. Kelly isn’t going to trade into the top ten for Marriota. If he has a dramatic slide like Bridgewater he’ll move up a couple slots, after the rg3 disaster in Washington, and shurmur having worked with Bradford in st. Louis, and Bradford helping to recruit Murray over, he’d put Marriota in a bad place with players and coaches. The scouting report and learning curve on Marriota and Winston with a laundry list of red flags being ranked higher than him, chip is saying all the right things about a former player to help keep up his draft stock. Judging by many teams quarterback moves this off-season, Marriota could easily slide out of the top ten.

  58. If the Eagles truly wanted to package a QB with draft picks to move up and draft Marcus Mariota, they would’ve been better off holding onto Nick Foles to pull it off.

  59. If the claims about being offered a 1st round pick for Bradford are true, expect Kelly to pull the trigger on sending 2 first rounds pick this year and next year’s 1st to Tennessee once he’s convinced the Buccs will pass on Mariota.

  60. bobonmycob says:
    Mar 15, 2015 12:05 PM
    Eagles are not going to trade up….Bradford if healthy is a top QB.

    Yeah. That’s true. IF, IF, IF.

    So is this, bobonmycob: “If my aunt had gonads, she’d be my uncle.” “If Bradford is healthy” just has not been the case. Good luck with that Philly fan. You’ll soon be booing more than Santa Claus!

    P.S. We’ve seen “masterminds” before. Where is Mike Shanahan these days? He was a “mastermind”, took out Bubby Brister and inserted Brian Griese = no 3-peat. Chip Kelly’s no mastermind, wait and see.

  61. Are you actually suggesting that the Eagles should give Bradford a new contract to stop media speculation about their intentions?

    Well now, isn’t somebody feeling just a LITTLE full of themselves today?

    One small hole in your theory: On what planet does a team ship the #2 pick in the draft in exchange for Sam Bradford?

  62. What are the knowns here? One, Mariota has not shown well in the camps. Two, he played in a non-pro type offense that featured running the ball. Three, Bradford wasn’t healthy in college and still isn’t healthy. Four, the Titans have seen the workouts and don’t think much of Mariota. Five, Kelly likes Mariota. So, what conclusion can we safely draw from this? Anything can happen!!

  63. I want to see him traded again just to see how quickly fickle Philly fan explains that Bradford was garbage after the most recent pretzel twist to proclaim Bradford, an oft injured mediocre player, is better than Foles, an at least equally serviceable player who’s way cheaper.

  64. If Kelly was planning on trading to move up to the top 10 then he’s made it alot harder on himself.

    Yes there are the Titans, at 2… but if the Titans don’t draft Mariota, Oakland and Jacksonville aren’t going QB, so then you have the Redskins, Jets, and Bears.

    The Redskins or Bears could have been traded with if the Eagles still had Nick Foles 1 million dollar contract, but neither one of them can afford to take on Bradfords massive contract that would be too much money tied up in the QB position also the Eagles gave up a 2nd round pick. I don’t see how you move up 15 spots or so, without including that pick.

    Other than the Titans (or one of the other teams in the first handful of picks) wanting to feed the media’s obsession with Chip Kelly and Mariota being together.. I don’t see what the Eagles could offer that would make them make that trade. Having Foles (and his cheap contract for a decent mid tier qb) plus a 2nd round pick would have made making the trade easier than Sam Bradford

  65. As a Titans fan I think they should give Mettenberger a chance to continue as the QB. Bradford may well be the best thing since sliced bread but his contract and injury history ought to be enough to pass him by. The Titans aren’t winning the SB this year even if they trade for Tom Brady, they need to continue to build a team that is on a positive trajectory. I would rather see Whisenhunt go, never like that hire to start with. Draft Williams at 2 and at least field a solid D.

  66. If Chippy trades Murray he is indeed a fool
    Players from here on will put Philadelphia off-limits because a coach talked out of both sides of his mouth.
    Kelly is back in the college ranks by 2017.

  67. Even if Kelly has no intentions of dealing Bradford to get Mariota, why would he add a no-trade clause to an oft-injured QB just to silence the speculation? That’s just stupid.

  68. I hope the Eagles get Marriota, the guy won’t be able to stay in the pocket and make strong throws down the field. I’m not impressed with any part of his game besides his work ethic and his demeanor. I don’t dislike the guy, I just don’t think he’ll be a good nfl quarterback.

  69. Well, at any rate, it makes for fun speculation. And if Kelly were to pull off a move to the 2nd pick it would be a coup suggesting to the other 31 teams they’re being schooled by high stakes Gambler!

  70. “Why people would any team want Demarco or Bradford in a trade from the Eagles.”

    1. Players have to want to sign with you in free agency so a trade might be the only way some teams could acquire the player.

    2. Once signed and paid a hefty signing bonus the players are a lot less expensive than they would have been in free agency.

    3. They are offered packaged with other valuable assets.

    4. Veterans, despite their risks, are known commodities. The historical hit rate on rookie quarterbacks and running backs in the first round is mixed at best.

  71. Why would anyone want a $1o million QB with two ACL injuries and a bad shoulder, unless he was willing to tear (sorry, Sam) up his contract and sign for less money.

  72. I will gladly sit back and wait for my Ravens to pick at #26, giggling as I watch several other teams, predictably and as usual, waste their first round picks. More top players for the Ravens to pick from! Two such wasted first round picks will be those used on bot Winston and Mariotta. While the best NFL QB from this draft (if any end up being significant players) will EASILY be Bryce Petty.

  73. Of course Kelly wants to do this. That’s why he said someone already offered him a 1st rounder for Bradford. What’s not mentioned is that the Titans would be totally insane to trade the 2nd overall pick for Bradford.

  74. The Bucs, Titans, and Jets (absent Wilkinson and Richardson) all have had some bad selections in the first round.

  75. Titans fool enough to take that cripple off of the Eagirls hands then they deserve to be the biggest patsies ever.

    Let the Egirls have Bradford and as Bradford goes so goes Kelly. Looks like a sink or swim to me.

  76. Trading up to second pick would be one pick too late to get Mariota. Tampa’s taking him with first pick.

  77. 1. Leonard Williams (T-Bucs); 2. Marcus Mariota (Eagles, via trade with Titans for Sam Bradford); 3. Dante Fowler (Jags); 4. Kevin White (Raiders); 5. Jameis Winston (Redskins)

  78. “But it would definitely end any talk of Kelly using Bradford as a pawn in Chip’s game of checkers.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  79. I think its obvious Chip Kelly is looking to trade Bradford to move up and grab Mariota, just look at how he structured the deal for Foles. The Rams get a conditional 2nd round pick in 2016, ONLY if Bradford plays for the Eagles – otherwise they essentially just swapped QBs and traded back their 4th round pick this year for the Ram’s 5th round pick. If Chip can package Bradford with his 1st and 2nd round picks this year, plus the 2nd round pick next year he saves by not hanging onto Bradford, to move up and get his guy I think there is no question he does this. I’m a Giants fan and while it has been fun watching Chip alienate the Eagles fan base by dumping marquee players, I think overall he has done a nice job building a foundation for years to come.

  80. “TexasTornado82 says:
    Mar 15, 2015 12:43 PM
    After watching Mariota’s pro day, I HOPE he drafts this guy.

    Even with scripted plays, no gear, no defense, he didn’t look impressive”

    Pro days are an EXCELLENT way to evaluate a player.

    JaMarcus Russell, Johnny Manziel, and Teddy Bridgewater

  81. as a Bucs fan, I’ll take Bradford and Mathews and some picks to move out of the #1 pick. Winston/Mariota are way too risky, especially with a suspect offensive line that has not been addressed whatsoever in free agency. You guys remember Josh Freeman? He was great in 2010, but then started doing coke in all the Tampa nightclubs and now isn’t in the NFL. Just think what will happen if Winston is a millionaire in the same city. Also, the guy threw 18 INTs last year in college, which is more than our current QB has thrown in 1+ seasons as a starter in the NFL. I’d be perfectly fine with Mariota if we also drafted the rest of the Oregon team that destroyed FSU in the BCS, but that isn’t happening. When Glennon has time to let the plays develop, he’s at least decent (check the game tape against Pittsburgh last year, a playoff team). I think Chip Kelly has enough testicular fortitude to pull this move off, and I’d be so happy if he did

  82. I was screaming from the moment they got him that he would be part of a package to move up. It’s great if it works.
    About time for some draft day drama.
    Bradford is not nimble enough.

  83. So the theory implies that STL wanted Nick Foles instead of the 2nd pick in the draft for Bradford. Foles isn’t bad but I’m not sure he carries that kind of value.

  84. 2015 Cap Hit
    Sam Bradford $12,985,000
    Nick Foles $1,542,000

    Why would I want Sam Bradford over Nick Foles when you consider the injury history Bradford has? Like I said, Eagles would have been better off keeping Foles and their own draft picks if they truly wanted to trade up and get Mariota.

    Bradford is the Eagles starting QB in 2015. Book it, Buttfumble. 😉

  85. I think if Nick Foles can throw 27-2 in Chip’s offense, a healthy Sam Bradford will do just fine. Granted, he’s been hurt, but the Ram’s really give him any help his whole time with them. I’m really excited to see what he can do with a better situation.

  86. Of course there’s still talk about it. It’s funny because kelly has literally gone on record saying that we would not sell the future for Mariota. We have given up picks that would help us land him, we have given up players that would have helped us grab him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if he falls to us, or close to our pick then I could see kelly making a reasonable trade, because that would make sense; however, there’s guys on here suggesting that we will trade Bradford with Murray, or just 1 along with picks. For as unorthodox as this offseason has been kelly has not done anything that crazy. He traded McCoy for a Lb who already has proven how good he can be, and replaced him with 2 backs who run straight with power. what is so hard to understand about that? We did not give up maclin, he wanted to 11 mil a year, we said eff that. Again, is that so hard to understand? Or na, we just gotta throw aWay money just because a guy had good numbers1 year? We traded foles, who has been injured every year he has played, for a guy with a worse injury history, but who has more natural talent, and is expected to be recovered. We did that because it was either trade the future, stick with foles who is good, but not great, or take a risk on a guy who could be the answer. If he gets hurt again then we have Sanchez and a possibly Hundley if we draft him, and Sanchez is meh, but he did play solid as a back-up last year, and without fletcher giving up bombs I would feel halfway ok with Sanchez being an emergency QB.

  87. I could see the Eagles trading up to get Mariota because i think next season the Eagles will be run first offense.Plus with Sanchez the Eagles may not need Mariota to start the season but later in the year maybe.As for Tampa Bay i’m betting if they pick a quarterback it’ll be Jameis Winston because of Florida State connection and the fan base there.

  88. Chip needs to sit tight. I think other teams will pass on Him in the top ten. Let him fall to the Browns at 12 before even considering a trade up

  89. A lot of dumb comments in here. Chip Kelly isn’t trading for Mariota.

    1st off, no one wants Bradford other than Kelly. At least no one with a top 10 pick. Why would the Titans or Jets want to trade for a QB with shredded knees, a bloated contract and is just as unproven as a rookie QB like Mariota or Winston? Not to mention that if one of them were to trade their pick for Bradford, they would basically be in the same situation next year considering that Bradford only has 1 year left on his contract. Bradford is not an asset to either the Titans or Jets.

    Also, either of them teams could have acquired Bradford themselves. I understand the theory that the Eagles had what the Rams wanted (Foles), and the Jets nor Titans do, but there could have easily been a 3 team trade here with the Rams getting Foles+picks, the Eagles getting the 2nd or 6th pick, and the Titans/Jets getting picks, which brings up another point about the Eagles not getting Mariota. The Eagles gave up picks to get Bradford along with Foles. Picks that would of been assets to use to trade up for Mariota. Assets that are now taken away making it harder to trade up.

    2nd, the Eagles are not trading Murray either. If Murray wanted to go to the Raiders or Jaguars, don’t you think he would have taken MORE money like he could have and signed with them initially? He wants to get paid but play for a winner as well. He might not have a no trade clause but he would not make it easy for the Eagles to trade them to 1 of them 2 teams. And why would either the Jags or Raiders want to pay Murray AND give up their top pick, when they could have just paid him? You can say that he didn’t want to sign with them, so they couldn’t just sign him but that just further proves my point about him not accepting a trade to either of them.

  90. Murray is already upset he had to join the Eagles, you could tell at the visit and press conference. Bradford had something to do with his signing. If he were traded, Murray would be really bummed about his decision, regardless of the cash.

  91. I don’t know what Chip is doing. I am not sure that Chip is completely clear on what he’s doing. We will have a clearer picture in August. The one constant in his behavior so far is that he’s an impatient gambler.

  92. There are some very intelligent comments being made..and some not so smart comments. Here are the facts, not speculation. Then make your own decision
    First off. Chips offence is 65% run. Not pass. Murray fits his one cut RB scheme way better then Shady. There we’re reports of shady and chip arguing a lot about his dancing and leaving the EAGLES in 2 and 13 instead of 2 and 5. Plus, they are same age but Shady had more touches.
    Bradford is a better QB ( when healthy) then Foles. Who also can’t stay healthy. Bradford has a higher ceiling. Not to mention. He got Murray to sign.
    The top teams that need a QB can’t afford to miss with Mariota. Mariota is a project for every team But the Eagles.
    Will Chip trade up for Mariota? I think he’ll try. If he can’t he has Bradford to fall back on. Bradford and a couple #1s will do it. He won’t do anything till draft day to see how far ( if he even falls) he falls. Only four teams in front of Chip are considering drafting him. The Rams were taken out if the race by Chip with Foles. The Titans can’t draft a project at 2. The Redskins just got burned at 2 with RG3. The Bears are possible and the Bills and Jets are the main threats. But the Jets and Bills have too many needs to risk a high pick on a project. My guess is Jets trade #6 for Bradford this years #1 and 2016, 3017 #1s with later puck thrown in. Then Chip trades back into the late first round for a WR. Not saying I agree. Just my opinion

  93. Demarco Murray’s contract is set up to be a $15 million 1-time salary cap hit on the Eagles books this year if he is traded before June 1, which would be offset by including Bradford’s $13 million as part of a trade. The Titans and Jets both have the cap room to pay Bradford $13 million this year and also take Murray’s base salary of $4 million this year and $7 million next year. 2017 they would either pay $7.5 million or cut him and save $5 million.

  94. A couple things …
    first. Stop watching ESPN and reading their moronic tweets designed to get you to watch espn.

    second. Chip never said he wouldn’t trade for Mariota. He said he wouldn’t mortgage the future. eee

    third. Someone in this thread said nick foles is the same as 3 first round picks. That person is a dummy.

    D. Whats going to happen is Mariota will fall to 12 and the browns will trade his rights for bradford and either the eagles second or first round picks. This is the way it is going to go.

  95. Just a lot of stupid speculation. By now everyone knows Kelly was offered the Browns first round pick (the later one). If he wanted Mariotta, he could have made that trade, and probably had the leverage/picks/players needed to trade with the Titans.

    I dont think Kelly is going to bring in Murray, pay him big money, and then deceive him by trading away the qb he’s looking forward to playing with. Again, that’s just stupid.

    Kelly said it best “we have too many holes” to be worrying about one player. Maybe if Mariota slips its a possibility. But otherwise I’d expect them to draft a Jaelen Strong or Landon Collins to take care of an actual need.

    Theres a reason Sanchez got resigned and got paid fairly well. He’s the insurance policy if Bradford goes down. And people may laugh at that. But the fact is Sanchez statistically was better than Foles last year. I’d bet Kelly prefers Sanchez to Foles. Sanchez beat more challenging teams. Foles top win last year was against the Colts on a questionable non PI call where Jenkins picked off Luck…Sanchez went into Dallas on Thanksgiving and dominated a Cowboys team that finished 12-4.

  96. No story here, just speculation. I know the Rams wanted Foles which is why they traded with the Eagles, but why would the Titans want Bradford when they have the #2 pick? And the Murray signing was never part of the plan…Gore was, so packaging them together doesn’t make sense. Everyone the Eagles signed so far is hurt or injury-prone, so signing a hurt Bradford is no sign either.

  97. I think the Eagles can get Mariota with their #20 pick if they want to. His work outs have caused more concern among teams that were already concerned to begin with. I think Mariota wants to go to the Eagles because he knows that’s his best chance of starting. He can intentionally perform poorly at his pro day work outs and easily fall to the Eagles at #20. I would not trade Bradford to move up to get him earlier because if it turns out that he does struggle in the NFL at least you have Bradford, who when healthy, is a decent QB (much better than Sanchez).

  98. The only way this happens, is if Mariotta slides (been seeing more and more people that think he will). If he gets to the Browns pick, I could see it happening (they are rumored to be the team that offered the pick for Bradford anyway)

    Bradford and the Eagles first isn’t getting them into the top 5, not even if they throw in their 2nd. Just don’t see them having the ammo to get a deal done at this point. That doesn’t mean Chip won’t get his man, if it gets under 10 slots to move up, I think he will. But he won’t get him before #10

  99. No way Kelly is keeping Bradford. He’s trading him and a slew of pick to TB for the #1.

  100. No way Kelly is keeping Bradford. He’s trading him and a slew of picks to TB for the #1.

  101. Eagle fans are smart enough not to sit in sub zero temperatures to root for their team. The only thing that Packer fans have that Eagle fans don’t have is frostbite.

  102. “Bradford if healthy is a top QB”

    How could anyone possibly know that? He’s not been healthy.

    It’s an assumption based upon very little evidence.

    Top Qb?
    Bradford has only played in 49 games in 5 years.
    His record is 18-30-1

  103. adrianrocky has it exactly right. Not one single ACTUAL move the Eagles have ACTUALLY made is indicative that trading up for Mariotta is the plan.

    The ONLY reason we are still talking about this is because it seems so natural to assume a coach would want to draft a kid he recruited and coached previously, and people just can’t let it go despite every single piece of evidence telling a different story.

    BTW- how did that work out for Ryan Nassib? Pretty sure Doug Marrone passed on him twice.

    From trading McCoy for a player instead of a pick that could have been used in trade, to trading away a pick for Bradford, the truth has been out there since the beginning.

    The Eagles are NOT trading up to get Mariotta.

  104. I am not an Eagles fan. So I am not defending Chip. But anyone who thinks he would trade DeMarco Murray is not thinking it through. Not only would he be trading Murray, but he would also be cutting 5 million from his salary cap due to the signing bonus he just gave him. That is an expensive off-season rental and bad business.

  105. If Philly somehow did pull this off and get to #2… then the Bucs need to threaten to blow-up their plan by saying they’re going to take Mariota first overall – they can squeeze Philly for a 3rd rounder or something.

    With that said I don’t believe it will happen.

  106. sumkat says:
    Mar 15, 2015 4:24 PM

    Bradford and the Eagles first isn’t getting them into the top 5, not even if they throw in their 2nd.


    First of all, the Eagles don’t have their #2. It went to the Rams in the Bradford deal.

    Second, Saying that Bradford and the Eagles #1 isn’t getting them into the Top 5 is a gigantic understatement.

    Look at what the Redskins gave up to get RGIII- Two additional #1’s and a #2. And they were only trying to move up 5 spots. The Eagles are trying to move up 15.

  107. Riverboat Chip just keeps it up with the fan’s money.

    The house always wins, Chip, and the Linc isn’t the house I am talking about.

    Mariota or not, too many moving pieces usually spells disaster. I will reserve more definites until the end of the season, but success is not a probable outcome.

  108. @ mungman69 says:

    “Eagle fans are smart enough not to sit in sub zero temperatures to root for their team. The only thing that Packer fans have that Eagle fans don’t have is frostbite.”

    Uhhhhhhh, that and the SB championships the Packers have that the Eagles do not. Conveniently forget that minor detail, bro?

  109. Maybe Chip will offer Lovie Sam Bradford , a knee brace, and a handful of magic beans for the #1 overall pick.
    Lovie will find a way to botch this draft!

  110. “Chip Kelly is a joke. He has no idea how to run a NFL team.”

    Maybe, maybe not. But the Eagles have not won any championships in 55 years. If Kelly is a joke like you say, that streak will just continue. BUT….what if he actually does know what he’s doing? What do they really have to lose by trying a different approach other than the conventional one?

  111. foles and mccoy with 2 1st round picks sounds way way way better than injured bradford and murray, no one cares if they were college teammates. its also a difference of 28 mil more guaranteed to bradford and murray than the better players mccoy and foles.

  112. Bradford’s only value at this point is as a pawn. Sorry Sam but it’s true. Chip overpaid for you to paint a picture that your worth something. Chip will get his QB in the draft and he will use Sam and whatever else he needs. He just took control and it’s not a one year plan it will take a few. But this year he will get his QB and build up the def. The QB is the most important part of his off and MM can run it very well.

  113. My two cents, no way hose that Bradford can run the quick strike offense. His skills are very tarnished for three short seasons of doing nothing. He never ran it and is a drop back passer so unless Kelly is building around him or using him to get Mariotta who knows. He would have to know way in advance that the Titans would deal for Bradford before doing all this. Doesn’t make much sense to call now does it.

  114. Gotta love how in one breath,The “Bradford is useless because he’s injury prone”argument,coupled with the “Trade him to move up”narrative,as if one doesn’t cancel out the other. In what world is a teAm going to take him on with that contract and his injury history? Not to mention,for those so hot to put Mariota in Philly,who in their right mind thinks they’re gonna sell the Fan Base that they’re trying to contend with a QB who’s never taken a snap in this league??? Spare me “He’s run Chip’s System” garbage. The learning curve coupled with the speed of this league destroy that!

  115. Has a coach ever gone out and drafted his former college player after everyone was convinced it would be?

    Remember when Sumlin of A&M and Manzeil were going to be a package deal and that was the leverage Sumlin had to get a pro job?

    And there he is still at A&M.

  116. Do people really think that other GM’s are all idiots? Kelly is that rookie Fantasy football owner who over trades and gets stuck with left overs.

    Every football person knows that if you bring in many FA in key offensive spots, it takes time to learn the offense and timing. Rebuilding year for the eagles this year. Enjoy last place…

  117. @canetic says:
    Yeah, but why would the Titans want Bradford and his huge contract when they could stand pat and get Mariota cheap?
    Are you forgetting who’s running the show here? That excuse for a GM and HC Whiz-n-punt aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Whiz probably thinks he’s the next Derek Anderson. Or what he thought DA would be when he went with him as starter in AZ one year. The man’s delusional.

  118. Titans want Bradford, cox, & our 1st for there 1st. Still working on a deal that may send one of our ilb’s. Fielding other offers also. It will be a draft day trade. In the mean time trading Mathis to free up more cap space so we can make a couple of other moves. Browns want Bradford bad so we might end up going that way.

  119. I might be the next president. Joe Montana might come out of retirement. Andrew Luck might retire.

  120. Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no idea what is going to shake out in this whole scenario. Most of the moves by both teams (coaches and GMs) and players have made very little sense to me. What I do know is that I don’t believe a word that comes out of Chip Kelly’s mouth. If he told me that water is wet, I’d want a second opinion and then I’d have to check myself. The man spews bullcrap like most people breathe–constantly and involuntarily.

  121. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    Mar 15, 2015 5:46 PM
    sumkat says:
    Mar 15, 2015 4:24 PM

    Bradford and the Eagles first isn’t getting them into the top 5, not even if they throw in their 2nd.


    First of all, the Eagles don’t have their #2. It went to the Rams in the Bradford deal.

    Second, Saying that Bradford and the Eagles #1 isn’t getting them into the Top 5 is a gigantic understatement.

    Look at what the Redskins gave up to get RGIII- Two additional #1’s and a #2. And they were only trying to move up 5 spots. The Eagles are trying to move up 15.


    “First of all”, yes they do, They traded their 2016 2nd, conditionally, for Bradford. It has nothing to do with this years 2nd. Don’t comment on the deal if you don’t understand it

    2, no it isn’t. What the Skins paid to get RG3 matters less than your lack of understanding of the trade. One team vastly overpaying for a pick does not effect the rest of the league 4 years later. It amazes me how people point to one of the most lopsided trades in draft history, and act like that is now the going rate to trade up into the top 5

  122. “If Bradford is healthy, he’s the top QB” is a very stupid statement because he never beat the Seahawks in the NFC West as far as I know, and his stats were not that great either. There are a lot of suckers in the NFL.

  123. Bradford, if not already a BUST, is definitely a LOSER (no matter what kind of talents he has). Chip Kelly is meant to be a college coach, because he’ll be fired after this season when the Eagles are 8-8 or worse.

  124. Trade him to the browns, they love having qbs who can,t play and getting rid of the ones who win.

  125. Maybe Titans didn’t want to help their old coach Jeff Fisher. So Eagles got involved. Just a thought.

  126. If there is any truth to the rumor (and I agree that it is probably just a rumor) that Tim Tebow is in Philly as we speak for a workout, IF this is true, and Tim Tebow has, indeed, made significant improvements in his mechanics and accuracy, I could see Kelly trading Bradford, and signing Tebow to compete for starting position with Sanchez. Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but his unique skill-set and strength on the run make him uniquely qualified for the kind of offense that is the signature of Chip Kelly. Tebow could thrive in this sort of offense, especially if a team were built around his strengths. I’d put Tebow up against both Sanchez or Mariota in a “fair” competition any day and I’d put money on tebow to come out on top.

  127. What do you expect? When you kiss another man on national television and agree to have Oprah film your practices without talking to the organization …

  128. Team that is sitting pretty and has to be smart (not likely) is Tampa (and I am…a suffering Bucs fan).
    They dearly want the Eagles to get the #2 pick. If that happens – select…Mariota. Then – have the Eagles get Winston – trade players.
    Bucs then have Winston (who they seem to want anyway, no idea why) – PLUS – he isn’t the #1 pick anymore which may help his attitude and will save money down the road.

    Would rather the Bucs get Mariota myself. He has a good upside – maybe not Winstons – but, he also doesn’t have the CLIFF of a downside that Winston has. I don’t see Mariota in trouble with the law – Winston…are you KIDDING? Don’t see Winston + his HUGE EGO + BIG MONEY as good…at all. He can say all the right things in the interviews and such – I’ve had folks lie to my face too. Still – wish him well – do LIKE what I hear….just …don’t …trust it! Would like to be wrong – time will tell.

  129. If the Eagles have already put out big bucks for Murray and Matthews, and as I scan the Eagles roster, still in BIG TIME need of a top-notch WR, why spend the money on Mariotta, which in my opinion is a HUGE maybe. He has bust written all over him to me. IMO, you bring in Tim Tebow, who is throwing great now, can easily run a Kelly-type offense, is in top-notch shape, who brings great leadership, a great work ethic, great attitiude in the locker room, he’s an underdog….basically, he’s a QB Rocky Balboa….who will also come much cheaper than Mariotta will. The Eagles have one of the top three backs in the NFL. You have to have a stellar OL to run a Kelly-type offense, so upgrade that, get a big time WR, trade Bradford and that ridiculous contract, get rid of Matt Barkely to shed more bucks, get a top-notch shut down cornerback, start Sanchez, and have packages available for Tim to run and the Eagles will be in the running with Seattle for the top team in the NFC and perhaps a Super Bowl contender, without blowing huge amounts of money. Two Super Bowl losses in how many years? It’s time to build a serious, long term winner in Philly, and Tebow can help get it there because he is a winner and at every level, including the pros, he’s proved that. He’s ready, he’s available, go get him.

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