Vince Wilfork visiting with Texans


One of the top remaining free agents in the Class of 2015 was reportedly meeting with a potential suitor on Sunday night.

The Texans are hosting Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork in Houston, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported.

The 33-year-old Wilfork has played the past 11 seasons with New England. He started all 16 regular season games and three postseason contests for the Patriots in 2014.

Wilfork (6-2, 325) would likely play nose tackle in Houston’s 3-4 scheme. The Texans’ defensive coordinator, Romeo Crennel, held the same position in New England when Wilfork broke into the NFL in 2004.

Wilfork is PFT’s 76th-rated free agent. He is the 12th highest-rated free agent left on the market.

48 responses to “Vince Wilfork visiting with Texans

  1. He’ll always be a Patriot, but hope he decides to play a few years in H Town.
    Psst: Vince – it doesn’t snow much down here. We’ve got no state taxes. And the bikinis have a much longer blooming season than in NE.

  2. Put a Patriots article in PFT and within seconds you will have several Jets, Ravens, Dolphins, Bills, Giants, Steelers and Brincos Fans all coming here for therapy… And the most original post from them ALL – cheaters…
    Riiiigggghhhhhttttt!!! Lol lmao
    More like Champions!!!

  3. Jojovie131;

    Hey remember the last time the patriots won a championship Without being accused of cheating?

    Me neither.


    Smoke meet fire.

  4. He’s hurting his own price because several teams could use him but they figure he is just going back to NE anyway.

  5. hakunamangata says:
    Mar 15, 2015 11:04 PM

    Hey remember the last time the patriots won a championship Without being accused of cheating?

    There’s always ones like you no matter who wins; unless, of course, your team wins.

  6. hakunamangata says: Mar 15, 2015 11:04 PM

    Hey remember the last time the patriots won a championship Without being accused of cheating?
    I’m sure they’ll be accused again in 2015 by employees and fans of all the teams who can’t beat them on the field.

    Hey, where are are all the former Patriots now on other teams revealing all of this top-secret cheating the Patriots are doing? Don’t you think one player would say something? Nah – it must be a vast conspiracy, and all players are sworn to secrecy.

  7. I wonder if they plan to offer him what he thinks he’s worth.

    I’d love to see him get a huge contract and I’d love to see him play for NE again, but I doubt both of those happen. He’s an older DT with a major injury in his history. So, I wish him the best and hope he’s happy playing wherever he plays. He’s been a stud but his best years are well behind him.

    He’ll always be a Patriot to me (unless he goes to the Jets, then to heck with him).

  8. I got a feeling Vince Wilfork could come to the Jets to replace Kenrick Ellis. The Jets defensive line coach Pepper Johnson and Vince Wilfork are like family. Make it happen Mike!

  9. Nice try, Pats fans. The dime store psychology of trying to chase off the people who call you cheaters by a pre-emptive strike. It’s the league and media who tell us this, we just rub it in, just like you flaunt wins. Man up. You gotta take the bitter with the sweet. the fact is, we’ll never know if you would have won the SB if you didn’t cheat. They were all close games, decided by a TD or less. You could just as easily been 1-6 in the big game, maybe would have been, if you didn’t cheat. Its the stink you can’t get rid of. It’s there forever. It’s the price you pay for breaking the rules. Live with it.

  10. Is he so fat in that pic, that the numbers have decided that there isn’t room for them, on that jersey?

  11. Champion trophy for cheating 2014 and driveway snow shoveling 2014 and 2015.

  12. Wilfork a loyal Patriot player quickly thrown under the bus by the owner. By looks of that picture…gonna need a bigger bus.

  13. sonofsamadams says:
    Mar 15, 2015 11:35 PM
    If he’s 325 then my wife is only 240.

    Outstanding. It is impossible to give enough thumbs up for that comment.

  14. I think I’m the only guy in NE who thinks Houston has a legit shot with Billy O and Romeo working together down there….

    Especially with Hoyer at QB….

    ESPECIALLY with the line being Vince, JJ, and Jadaveon….

    So as a NE fan, I implore you CHEAP ASS KRAFT FAMILY, to keep vince where he belongs:

    Here in Boston

  15. As long as he doesn’t go to that rat nest that is the colts I wish him well. If he go’s to Indy I will lose all respect for him.

  16. I hear Texas has some good bbq …be carful Vince that 325 could go to 425 in a heartbeat . Good luck big guy thanks for evory thing .

  17. “Its the stink you can’t get rid of. It’s there forever.”

    Not unlike Super Bowl victories.

  18. Breaking news: Unfortunately, it looks like Wilfork will NOT be choosing the Houston Texans. It seems that he has narrowed his choices to three teams:

    New England

  19. The Texans will be lucky to have him both on the field and in the club house. I hate to see him leave NE, but I’ll enjoy watching the Texans every chance I get. Vince and Bianca are kind, good people- they’ll be missed by Patriots fans.

  20. The Texans should have drafted him in 2004 however the “brilliant” mind of Charlie Casserly decided to take Dunta “pay me written on his shoes” Robinson instead.

  21. What’s taking so long? He and the Texans have been doing the dance for at least a week by now. Is he still hoping New England brings another offer to the table?

  22. dungylol says:

    Aaaawwwww, he left houston w/o a contract.


    LOL And he didn’t even bother visiting Indy before he did sign with the Texans.

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