DeMaurice Smith wins third term as NFLPA executive director

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After a democratic free-for-all, the band is staying together in Washington.

DeMaurice Smith has been re-elected for his third term as NFL Players Association executive director.  He won on the first ballot which means he got at least 17 of the 32 votes.

First elected in 2009 following the passing of long-time union chief Gene Upshaw, Smith became the first executive director to face a challenger in decades.  Eventually, Smith faced eight.

He’ll be up for re-election in 2018, and that will be a critical decision for the union.  After the 2020 season, the current labor deal expires.  If the contract is going to be extended before a possible work stoppage in 2021, the person running the union from in the three years commencing in March 2018 will have a strong influence over the negotiations.

Between now and then, it would be prudent for the NFLPA to take a serious look at revising election procedures that allow any player representative to nominate as many challengers as he wants.  A better approach is needed to narrow the field before the challengers compete for the job.  All of a sudden, the union that rarely sees an incumbent director face a challenge has seen a challenge so convoluted and crowded that it surely became difficult for the men speaking for all pro football players to keep a baseball lineup of options straight.

48 responses to “DeMaurice Smith wins third term as NFLPA executive director

  1. First Ballot says alot…..

    Given that the same three reps could have multiple nominations submitted, it may not have been more than a few not supporting the current NFLPA direction….

  2. No shock Sean Gilbert lost: 60 wins as an nfl player in 11 years: 60-109 record. Loser

  3. Wow!! Goodells puppet get’s reelected .what a surprise.
    Was really hoping Robert Griffith or somebody who really
    cared about the players would be chosen.this is really sad they need to revote.

  4. Sean Gilbert 60-109 as a player. 0-1 in attempt to be nflpa. Clearly players know the characteristics of a loser


  6. I guess no one is buying what Sean Gilbert was selling. The player reps appear to have learned their lesson when it comes to fighting the NFL during any work stoppage(lockout.strike). They will always be at a disadvantage during a work stoppage.

  7. Holy moly, these players are idiots.

    Ill bet if they had narrowed it down to 2 candidates, instead of 8, the other candidate would have won.

    Again, these players are idiots. You really want this clown representing you?

  8. You’ve made your bed NFL players….I guess it isn’t as uncomfortable as it certainly appeared to be.

    Good luck in your future endeavors….

  9. Not a surprise. For all the criticism smith receives, he knows the turf better than any of the others who were stumping for the gig. It’s a shame the field was so weak.

  10. Gilbert was 60-109 as a player. Not the guy i’d want leading troops. Also if the executive committee voted out De Smith, they’d be admitting they as a committee made a mistake in 2012. Not surprised. Gilbert’s “smoking gun” was weak.

    His plan for an alternative league forgets a few things:

    1. Players maybe willing to play, but stadiums need to let people play.
    2. Teams will need a place to practice, the NFL sites will be off limits and most colleges will have their own season taking place
    3. uniforms
    4. referee’s
    5. While broadcasting on the net is possible, who will shoot the games? Using what cameras?
    6. Footballs, yard markers etc.

    I don’t think that guy realized just how ridiculous his plan was.

  11. Wow lmao. Like any human being with morals I am always 100% pro labor over greedy big business interests. But in this particular case the players made their beds and now have to lay in it for retaining this idiot who will lead them into another bad labor deal just to stroke his ego.

  12. I would have liked to have seen Sean Gilbert elected but, my word, the NFLPA is a mess.

    Having 9 candidates is about as dysfunctional as it gets. Kind of like our government.

  13. Why do you all feel the union is weak? The players pulled in over 1.3 billion in free agent contracts last week alone. joerevs300 I am curious why you would want to see Gilbert elected. His plan was a joke for all of the hype.

  14. This is more about all the candidates being weak than Smith being the best man for the job.

  15. i think he and the league have something special going. The pie is getting bigger and bigger and everyone is being rewarded. Cooperation is the key unlike many other unions who killed the golden goose.

  16. Ok players DeSmith was re-elected. You had your opportunity to vote and cast your opinion or even endorse your own guy for the gig but you didn’t. So can we stop whining and complaining about what the league is or is not doing for your careers, because I highly doubt he will change his stances and perspectives now he is back…. so just hush..

  17. Under DMS, the players have sued the NFL and individual teams, they have been able to get away with whatever they want and then play the “victim”, and their salaries have increased but they cry that they are “poor” compared to NFL owners.

    One day the owners are going to say enough is enough and break the union. I really look forward to that day.

  18. Haha. The Owners are SHOUTING FOR JOY!

    The players obviously do not care about money.
    Remember Capgate with the Redskins and Cowboys?
    So that the cap does not go down on the first year of the contract DeMaurice Smith agreed that the NFL will not be liable for Collusion.
    That Decisions may have cost the players $1billion and then triple the damages for a whopping $3BILLION smackaroos.
    Haha. The players are a bunch of dumb jocks.

  19. If he’s interested in the FANS, maybe he’ll get the DEFLATE GATE CHEATERS convicted, so we can feel the NFL and the Players Association want to regain some respect!

  20. So, this guy got re-elected. Woop dee doo.

    All it means is that the players were nervous about Gilbert and the issues he was bringing up.

    Besides, many players in the NFL are pretty dumb when it comes to understanding labor negotiations anyway.

  21. This election was Gilbert’s to lose until he saw the dollar signs and started spouting off about the 18 game schedule. Clearly someone *cough* Goodell *cough* briefcase full of cash *cough* got to him instead of being an advocate for player safety.

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