Is a Peterson-for-Fitzgerald trade still possible?


The revised contract given by the Cardinals to receiver Larry Fitzgerald contains a no-trade clause.  Which means Fitzgerald won’t be traded.  Unless he’s willing to be.

In announcing the new deal at the Scouting Combine, the Cardinals were unequivocal in their position that Fitzgerald will spend the next two seasons with the team.  After that, who knows?

Who knows? may come sooner than that, because a fair interpretation of Peter King’s report regarding the team’s unwillingness to absorb Adrian Peterson’s current contract could be that they’d do it if they could escape Fitzgerald’s deal.

The unnamed source who told Peter King of that the Cardinals wouldn’t take on Peterson’s three years and $45 million specifically mentioned Fitzgerald’s contract.  And there’s a chance that wasn’t an accident.

Despite creating $13 million in cap space by re-doing Fitzgerald’s deal, the Cardinals will pay him $11 million per year in 2015 and 2016.  With Fitzgerald possibly the No. 3 receiver in Arizona at best this year, that’s still way too much.

For years, there’s been speculation that Fitzgerald would like to end his career in his home state of Minnesota, returning to the franchise for which he once served as a ball boy.  Last season, speculation swirled that a straight up trade of Peterson for Fitzgerald could happen.  Maybe it still could.

The cap charge to the Cardinals could make that move impossible before June 1.  Regardless, they’d be avoiding $22 million in further payments to Fitzgerald and in turn directing that money to a player who, dollar for dollar, could have a much greater impact on the team’s fortunes in 2015.

From Minnesota’s perspective, adding Fitzgerald wouldn’t make much football sense, given the recent trade for high-priced wideout Mike Wallace.  But with Wallace stretching the field, Fitzgerald could do plenty of damage running underneath routes, especially if quarterback Teddy Bridgewater can improve on what was a promising rookie season.

Whatever the message, the unnamed source was sending one via the quote to King.  Maybe the message was an obvious one aimed at Peterson.  Maybe it was a subtle one aimed at Fitzgerald and the Vikings.  Possibly, it was both.

Either way, the Peterson situation remains awkwardly unresolved.  As free agency dies down and the draft approaches, his future will generate more and more attentions and questions.  Given the events of the past week in the NFL, no specific outcome to the Peterson situation should surprise anyone.

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  1. Why don’t we list all of the NFL “sign-and-trades” that have been completed over the years. I don’t recall any. Yet, all I read is this speculation that side and trades might happen… This isn’t the NBA.

  2. Not a chance. Fitz expressed his desire to finish his career in Arizona, and the Cardinals did the same about keeping him there.

  3. Are you saying the Vikings don’t know what they are doing? Because that trade would be ridiculously stupid for us. We’re unleashing the beast this season. AD going to tear it up.

  4. Nope. Vikings aren’t going to get the reverse Herschel Walker trade. Especially not in this era, that salary, his past, that contract, and the fact he wants to leave.

  5. This trade is only based speculation based on old rumors of Fitz wanting to go to Minnesota.

    Is it possible? Yes
    It is probable: Not even close

  6. I don’t see the benefit of Bruce Arians pulling that one off because more recently he has become more incline to institute a vertical air raid attack versus the more old-schooled ground n pound attack. That doesn’t fit his mode off aggressive nature that he lives by.

  7. At this point, Fitzgerald isn’t any better than Greg Jennings. Jennings made less than Fitzgerald and they just cut him. The whole Peterson-for-Fitzy thing has always just been lazy speculation that never made sense.

  8. Would be a win / win but not sure Fitz would go….too close to a SB with AZ…MINN has a VG foundation but 2-3 years away

  9. If it would help to get the deal done, I guess we could take Fitzy’s contract. But you still need to include that second round pick and how about a little something extra.

  10. Or maybe it wasn’t an obvious message at all, but just the truth. They can’t take on a contract like APs, and evidence of that was their need to restructure LFs. I swear this place seems desperate to engineer a AP trade, vice just reporting the news and rumors.

  11. Bad idea. Minnesota should have kept Jennings at a reduced salary. He and Wallace would make a good tandem.

  12. If this was March 11, this would be a great move for the Vikings since they would still be able to sign a superstar RB in free agency for $4-$8m.

    On March 16? the only replacements for Adrian are in the draft and the Vikes would be using a 1st rounder on a RB when it could be on another position.

  13. Ride it out Spielman! As soon as Adrian rips out a 50 yarder in September all will be forgotten. Don’t be a chump!

  14. It goes beyond X’s and O’s. While Peterson is a heckuva a 30 year old running back, he comes with baggage and will certainly come with fan backlash (even in Minnesota) wherever he steps on the field.

    The Cardinals are not going to let Fitz retire with anyone other than the Cardinals for the same reason: fan backlash would be brutal. You could basically double that backlash in trading a guy who, by any measure, is the ultimate professional for someone with Peterson’s baggage. Fitz says the right things (and backs them up with his actions).

    Oh, and the fact that Peterson is under contract. Really, he has zero leverage. AP’s not happy? Tough. There’s your uniform, Adrian. See you on the field or we’ll start fining you…

  15. Fitzgerald has lost a step, but who’s he number 3 behind, lol? One of the Brown kids? Come on? You need more consistency from both Floyd and the Browns to knock him that far down the receiver option list.

  16. Not going to happen but I’d be for this. Fritz still has a lot of value left we could even start to work in Receiver Coach into his contract down the road. If anyone could get anything out of CP it would be him.

    ain’t happen

    but at this point I think AP for overpaid player & picks are a more likely deal than just a high pick.

    still think AP is a Viking come game day.

    TOO LATE for most real trades

  17. I’ll throw this out there. If the Vikings can’t find a suitor, one of three things will happen. First, they will drop AP to free up $13M in cap. This would be almost undeniably worst case scenario, but $13M can get you a lot and the Vikes would be able to take advantage of what is left in FA. Secondly, AP will hold out and not report. This would be a stupid move on his part (which is not the first time he’s done something stupid) as he would stand to lose millions. My guess is that he would be dropped late in August and the only team left willing to pick him up is Dallas for a 1 year contract with the option to sign again based on his performance. Third and final (which is most likely), we trade AP for a 4th rounder at best. Teams are not going to give the Vikings and fans what they think he is worth. As time continues to move on, they are playing a game that does not favor the Vikes.

  18. Fitz is going to retire as the GOAT for AZ. Michael Bidwill is not trading Fitz…no way no how. AP will be traded to AZ for our 1st pick and AP will redo his deal. He comes to a team that is in a win now mode and he can help. Better than running through a brick wall every game for a 6-8 win season (at best). Sorry Vikes fans…I’ve been there…It’s great to have optimism over your team, but reality is they need a few more years and pieces to compete in the NFC North.

  19. I’m not quite sure how you think the Peterson situation would be awkwardly unresolved. He’s on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. What do you expect the Vikings to be able to do??

  20. These are rumors being floated by the Vikings hoping for anything of trade value for Peterson. There were too many things said in the off season to make Peterson show up at camp a happy player. No how, no way is Peterson going to suit up for the Vikings so they are now employing smoke screens and floating rumors. If Arizona were smart, they would wait till the Vikings cut Peterson and then snap him up.

  21. “Either way, the Peterson situation remains awkwardly unresolved.”

    What’s unresolved? Adrian isn’t even a free Agent. If anything is awkward, it’s the media trying to make a story via smoke and mirrors. Until something happens, pundits should stick to real news.

  22. As time goes by the Vikings will end up suiting up Peterson for the 2015 season. Personally, I wish we trade him out of here. Free up cap space and receive the highest pick we can get, even if it is a 2nd rounder. Why? I look at it this way, no matter how much the Vikings have progressed last season they still have a lot of holes that need to be address to be a contender. So why wait and waste your chance of building your team and burning out the prime of AP? I know that AP is a beast but do you honestly think that he can be 100% for the next two years and be healthy? I don’t and as much as I wish he could finish his career in MN I think the Vikings would be better off trading the man and building for the future.

  23. All the big name free agents are gone no reason to free up 15 mill in cap space this year .I say maybe trade AP to TB for WR Evans or dont trade him

  24. Either way, the Peterson situation remains awkwardly unresolved.
    No, it doesn’t. How many times and ways should the Vikings state AP is coming back?! Unresolved would be if he wasn’t signed, or if he was franchised and no long term contract could be done.

    Of all the idiotic speculation, taking on Fitzgeralds $11 mil contract is the worst.

  25. Florio – did you even look at Fitz’s contract? The Cards can’t trade him.

    The Cardinals have already paid him $25M that has yet to hit the cap via bonuses (dead money) and he has a $1M salary this year. If they trade him, they save $1M and then take that entire $25M cap charge this year for a net cap “savings” of roughly negative $24M. June 1 has nothing to do with trades.

    MN would be taking on a two year fully guaranteed contract and owe him $1M in 2015 and $11M in 2016 while getting rid of Peterson’s contract that has no guarantees so it is completely doable on their end, assuming they want Fitz.

  26. “reapshavoc says: Adrian Peterson and and a 3rd for Patrick peterson”

    Backwards… Adrian Peterson FOR Patrick Peterson AND the Card’s 2nd round pick.

  27. AP is done in Viking Land.

    Cards will not trade a player unless a depth player and a very late round, or they may give up the 3rd and next years 4th max.

    Fact is every team that could have used AP have filled their Running back positions…except for one, the Cards.

    There is no way the Cards will trade Fitz, and what was sent to King was a message to Peterson stating he will have to re-structure.

  28. whatjusthapped says: Mar 16, 2015 1:23 PM

    There were too many things said in the off season to make Peterson show up at camp a happy player. No how, no way is Peterson going to suit up for the Vikings so they are now employing smoke screens and floating rumors. If Arizona were smart, they would wait till the Vikings cut Peterson and then snap him up.


    Why would the Vikings or any team cut the best RB in the NFL? They wouldn’t.

  29. People that say the Vikings are going to release him are dumb. He’s suiting up as a Viking unless the cardinals give us, at bare min, 2nd rounder and Campbell, or a 1st and Ellington. Vikes won’t rel him, they’ll force him to retire. Vikes hold all cards, Peterson is under contract period.

  30. would be a stupid trade for both sides. sure, it would set off some fireworks, but one or two years and both these guys are out of the league, or simply not a factor

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