PFT Live: Arizona Cardinals interested in Adrian Peterson

Kent Somers talks about the chances of Adrian Peterson landing in Arizona. Somers says the Cardinals are interested, but “the odds aren’t in the favor” due to his status with Minnesota.

12 responses to “PFT Live: Arizona Cardinals interested in Adrian Peterson

  1. I agree. Adrian Peterson should take less money and win a championship with the Cardinals.

  2. Of course they do, but give my Vikings that 1st rounder or 2nd and 3rd. We have plenty of holes to fill on this team and I believe the best possibility is to ship him out while he is worth something and the talk of how he has something to prove. I would love if he finished in MN but its a business and we need to look out for our future and draft picks look good!

  3. Listen, A.P. is / was a great HOF type player, BUT with our O line, our Defense, our W/r’s and CP and D. Stanton. A.P. needs us more… With the 24th pick and Gordon and Gurley, both available, and Andre Ellington already drafted, I think a young horse will be the way to go for the immediate and long term future. In 6 years, A.P. will be done, Gordon and Gulrey will be in there prime, both are great big stud bell bow backs just like A.P. Cards Rule.. lol

  4. I’m a viking fan and agree that he should move on if not happy in Mn. Cardinals on the other hand were on the verge of being super bowl contenders last year until injuries set them back. This year they added a few pieces to the offense. You put a proven RB like peterson in that lineup and you have a potential super bowl team. So here is why they make the deal.
    1. He has agreed to renegotiate his contract if traded.
    2. Peterson is a proven RB and while some think him old he’s arguably one of the top if not the top RB in football today. Plus he had a year to heal any injuries.
    3. Gurley is an injury risk. Gordon may be gone.
    4. Fitzgerald and palmer are at the end of there careers. Add peterson to a three year deal and cardinals have 3 shots at the super bowl.
    5. If you give up a seconded rounder you still have your number 1 pick to address a need and the 7th rounder to trade in moving up.
    6. This is not the infamous herschel walker trade. You’d be giving up very little in comparison to what I believe to be the worst trade in football history.

  5. Peterson does not want to play for the Vikings…if the Vikings want to much let them keep him. They can eat that $13 million salary and eat the cap space on the $14 million next year.

    Lets see how much they like having a guy making that much who does not want to be there.

    2nd rounder is way to high.

  6. Trading for Peterson will not come cheap. Unless Rick Spielman wants to lose his job. You just don’t give away a guy that could be the final piece for a team to make a run at the Super Bowl. Weather it is the Cards or the Cowboys. They are both scary teams if they add skill like Petersons.

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