Ray McDonald will sue the woman who accused him of rape


Ray McDonald was accused of rape in December, and the 49ers cut him immediately after news broke that police were investigating. But McDonald has not been charged, and now he plans to sue his accuser, saying she made a false claim and that it has put his football career in jeopardy.

McDonald’s lawyer told the San Jose Mercury News that video from McDonald’s home-surveillance system show the woman having “clearly consensual” sex with McDonald, and that the rape allegation was false. Yet the allegation led the 49ers to release McDonald, and no other team has shown interest in signing him. McDonald and his lawyer released a statement saying they hope the lawsuit can vindicate him and get his NFL career back on track.

“In the eyes of the NFL teams, the unresolved threat of charges being filed against him, even though factually unfounded, continues to present a roadblock to this remarkable athlete being able to move forward in his career,” according to the statement. “This lawsuit is intended to vindicate him . . . and return his good name. . . . False accusations such as this not only harm the person who was subjected to the accusation, but they also harm women generally, causing unwarranted suspicion in cases where an individual is rightfully accused of a sexual crime.”

McDonald was also arrested and accused of domestic violence in August. He was not charged in that case either.

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  1. I think it’s time somebody took a false accuser to task. Too many gold diggers looking to win the lottery with an easy settlement from a wealthy athlete. At least now, she has to start paying lawyer bills.

  2. False accusation of rape should be as aggressively and severely punished as rape itself. Too easy for a woman to ruin the life of an innocent man… And it is like crying wolf; putting women who actually do get assaulted in jeopardy of not being believed. An unbelievably selfish act.

  3. NFL should never pass judgement, or hand down ANY punishment, u too the legal proceedings have finished.
    Lord Goodell is a schmuck.

  4. Good.

    Rape and abuse towards women is a very real problem and a lot of it gets unreported, but it is WAY too easy for a girl to ruin a guys life by crying wolf, if it was in fact a false accusation than I hope he wins and does a lot of damage to this woman’s reputation/fiscal situation for pointing the finger like it was nothing on a very serious problem.

  5. Money talks and BS walks. How much money changed hands. All NFL teams should stay away from him . IMHO. Where there is smoke there is fire. Two times accused of crimes and both times no charges,yea right.

  6. If McDonald’s home-surveillance system clearly proves that the sex was consensual, then I’ll be pulling for him in court. Slander can destroy careers, and he would be perfectly in-the-right to fight back in court.

  7. Athletes are have been known targets of evil women for a while now.
    These guys can have any girl they want, but instead choose to rape ?
    Never raped “before” they got millions of $$$, now they are magically rapists ? Defies logic.

  8. So, wonder if the woman also gave consent to be videoed having sex.

    “And I see your lawsuit and raise you one more”

  9. Niners should re-look at this decision. Unfortunately, recently more than not some people are looking for pay days and don’t realize the overall damage they are doing. If a picture is more than a thousand words then what is a video???

  10. C’mon Bears this guys a freaking stud on the D-Line & he’s familair w/Fangio if he’s cleared of any wrong doing bring this guy to Chicago immediately!!!!

  11. Ray McDonald should remain cautious in bringing a civil action as the standard of proof is by a “preponderance of evidence” and NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt”!

  12. DonRSD – this had nothing to do with Goodell on either charge as he did nothing for neither.

    This was the 49ers deciding 2 accusations in less than a year was too many. I guess they were following the where there is smoke there is fire mentality.

    I guess this guy should be more careful about who he is being close with.

  13. @DonRSD

    First off let me say I completely agree with you.

    Now to the reality of the situation. Earlier in the season the NFL got huge backlash for how they slow played the Ray Rice situation and AP situation. After those incident everyone around the NFL was on high alert regarding any domestic issues. So if you really want to blame people for the quick reactions you can blame the media for snowballing these incidents and forcing the NFL to save face by bringing down the hammer on the players.

    Now if we take these incidents and give it a different perspective it becomes clear how messed up everything is in the NFL right now. You can take a normal guy working a 9-5 job who has a pending investigation against him, does he deserve to lose his job because he may or may not have done something wrong?…well NFL players are role models for young people…ok so rappers who are in prison for being convicted of a crime are making music aka doing their job without repercussions.

    My point that is probably lost in this wall of text is that the NFL has been neutered by the media who is fueled by organizations that have no real insight into the inner working of the NFL. A company has a right to deal with their employees as they wish, however the NFL and the NFLPA have just rolled over and now every players fate is dealt with in the court of public opinion.

  14. Good, good and more good! I’m tired of women crying “rape” everytime they get all angry and want to get even by ruining someone’s life. Sue that psycho and let it serve as a warning to other women that false accusations have consequences

  15. If it’s true then yes the woman should be taken to court. Gold diggers beware. Her assets are probably low but clearing his name is worth it.

  16. I don’t think people fully appreciate how petty and petulant some fans can get. If all we get is kneejerk reactions by NFL teams just based on accusations without any proof, what’s to stop rival fans (male or female) from launching all kinds of accusations against impact players on their rival teams? At best it causes a distraction for the team. At worse the player is cut without having committed any crime and carries a stain that has ruined their career. Meanwhile the libelous person just sits back without consequence.

  17. Rape, sexual abuse, any crime in which someone forces themselves on someone unwilling is horrible. And while it comes down to somebody’s word vs anothers, there needs to be repercussions for false accusations. A person accused never “shakes” that claim / stigma.

  18. Hmmm….that’s quite a home “security system” he must have.

    Rape allegations are very serious, obviously, and should be dealt with, but no charges have been filed? Seems like a raw deal for the player if he’s not actually charged with a crime.

    How can the NFL punish (or banish) players when there are no criminal charges, which is what they would use as evidence of wrongdoing?

  19. I am against battering women just like any reasonable person. False rape accusations clearly proven egregious should come with strict penalties as well. Not saying im taking every man for his word, but in this case, this clearly derailed a dudes career.

  20. If his surveillance system clearly shows the sex was consensual, just where did it take place?

  21. If McDonald is saying is true, he should sue the woman and the woman should be arrested for filing a false claim. Unfortunately, the penalties for filing a false charge like that are that you do not get the same punishment as the person you accuse would.

    If he did rape her, then throw his ass in the hole.

  22. The person making false accusations should serve a prison sentence equal to the time the person they are accusing would have gotten. Put an end to this nonsense real quick.

  23. But he was arrested the first time no charges means he paid off women
    I wouldn’t sign him either

  24. While he may not be guilty in this incident, the mere presence of a 49’ers jersey gives clear indication he is a felon of some type– we just may not have the actual charges yet.

  25. I wonder where all the jerks who passed immediate judgement are? Rather than, as I continue to do, let the process continue out until it’s over-and-done.

    I’m not all red-pill and MRA. But I am law-and-0rder/justice. And I’ve read a ton of studies on this issue. So, just so we’re clear, false rape accusations are far more common than many of you realize as you’ve been sucking down the feminist propaganda for 30-years and their 2% ‘false’ claim (1 in 50). What the actual number is, we don’t know though 1 in 6 is a good floor (per the FBI) and good, rock-solid studies like McDowell & Kanin come up with 4-in-10.

    So the next time people go rush to judgment and try to ruin someone’s life, maybe you should shut up and let the system, as imperfect as it is, do its job.

    Or have we not learned from case after case of false claims and even convicted and subsequently exonerated men, including Brian Banks just a couple of years ago, that even the ‘guilty ones’ might actually be innocent and put in jail by a liar?

  26. Good. False accusations deserve some sort of punishment.

    The girl probably doesn’t have anything to sue for however. So some kind of Jail time should suffice . IF TRUE.

    Now that women know how powerful these accusations are…scandalous ones will forever use this to their favor.


  27. I need masculinism because feminists teach “report rape” instead of “don’t lie about rape. Just one false accusation ruins lives. I hope McDonald sues the NFL for lost wages as well.

  28. Ditto to DonRSD.

    I said from the start, don’t pass judgment until ALL the facts are known. I realize the necessity of taking a strong stand against violent acts by NFL players, but the seriousness of the charge does NOT equal guilt.

    The 49ers were wrong to cut McDonald loose without letting this whole issue play out.

  29. What happened to allowing due process? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? All it takes is for one person to call the cops and merely accuse an NFL player of assault and his career, livelihood is in jeopardy. Knee jerk reaction is Goodell’s MO. He has failed the game, he has failed the players and he has failed the fans.

    I hope if Ray is truly innocent, he can somehow salvage his career and put the woman who put him through this behind bars.

  30. I know this situation is a VERY sensitive one, so I will try my best to remain sympathetic to the ones who have suffered any form of domestic violence. However, I do find it ‘strange’ that women are allowed to pursue ‘rape’ charges even if it appears that no form or rape or violence occurs. I am not saying that McDonald is innocent, and I am not saying he is guilty, but I am saying society needs to take a hard look at accusing and judging when it favors the the public norm of one side versus the other. In the event this man is indeed innocent, his career now has a very negative connotation attached once people look at him. So in that respect, he to me is justified to fight this. I do not think it is fair to cry rape, and point fingers and when the innocence is proven, we all walk away like it nothing to see. However, I am not simple-minded in thinking that is always the case……

  31. Why is it always Goodell’s fault? The niners cut him, not the NFL. And after this year, if there’s any thought you may have harmed a woman or child, your toxic… not because of Goodell, but because no team wants that bad press.

    If this is true that the accusations are false, then that lady should go to jail.

  32. His defense is going to be that he videotaped them having sex? Am I the only one who sees a potential problem with that?

  33. Classless Niners organization cutting McDonald over the hearsay & lies of an evil harpy obviously shrieking for attention to slander another innocent athlete just like Duke Lacrosse team, Mark Sanchez, Brian Banks, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Crabtree, etc. for the money.


  34. NFL not playing any games with these players who get into these kinds of situations… They don’t want to lose no money over one person.. Ray Rice affect .. Innocent or guilty they cutting you

  35. What is he going to get from her? No way she will ever have the money to replace what she cost him. States need to pass laws for when women falsely file rape reports, like in the Banks case. Have them spend the same amount of time in jail as an actual rape case and be put on a national register to warn other men.

  36. Just as his name was smeared for doing what he did not do, her name needs to out there and public for being a fake whistle blower. I hope he leaves her penniless, without friends and hopeless of gaining ANY future employment.

  37. If its true that the video tape shows it as consensual, I hope he crushes her financially and the legal system sends her to jail for filing a false police report. Its inexcusable to file a false police report against anyone, this type one of the worst of all.

  38. Of course if the tape clears him, then good for him, but don’t you have to get someone’s permission to video tape something like that? Doubt that’s legal, and I wonder how many other illegal video tapes he has.

  39. This stuff is the worst…my brother in law had a girl do this to him. She’d done it so many times that they showed up, asked where he’d been and confirmed with a friend. Then when turning to walk away said “she’s done this so many times…have a nice night”. Turns out she was upset he turned down her advances.

    These women need to be outed and charged. They make it SO MUCH harder on the ones who have lived thru such an unimaginable tragedy. It’s only a step below the men who actually do rape women.

  40. The judicial system is out of control for rape. All a woman needs to do is accuse you and now you are labeled as a rapist. In order to restore females to stop these false accusations, send them to jail for falsifying police reports.
    This young man career could come to an end for what (not calling her back after he hit, did not give her some ends, etc.).

  41. This is a very scary thing. There’s a few women out there that target these professional athletes cause they know they have lots of money and accuse them of things such as rape or sexual assault. The reason this is scary is because the media and most people are quick to side with the female and villainize the male and this in turn could destroy these athletes reputation and cost them millions.

  42. From his “home-surveillance system”.


    You know non-consensual recording of sex is a crime also, right Ray?


    So, recording yourself having consensual sex with someone is illegal – HOWEVER, that tape may be the only thing that stands between you and a rape conviction, especially when you are a financial target – as he was, Brian Banks and Ben R… (Banks’ accuser got cash from the school)

    I dunno – methinks I’d rather hide the cameras in my house and never have the film see the light of day, in order to protect myself.

    What a horrible choice to make – breaking a law to protect yourself…

  43. Good for him! Women lie about rape a lot more than the media reports. Feminist groups love to spread lies such as one in four women will be raped. Naturally, they have no facts to back it up, just repeat the lie endlessly. Remember their previous lie about how men were most likely to beat up women on Super Bowl Sunday? Completely disproven.

    The media needs to release the name of this woman. One reason why phony rape claims are so prominent is the media’s stupid policy of refusing to name these women.

  44. Yea Macdonald can be faulted for messing around on his wife/fiance but to accuse someone of rape is such a serious and stigmatizing crime that follows a person everywhere. I would say the way society requires sex offenders to continually register even after they’ve completed their sentence this could be argued as a worse crime than manslaughter in which someone actually dies per society’s rules.

    For those asking what he has to gain from suing someone with little to no assets……the answer to that is his name and reputation back. Even the most irresponsible knucklehead in the league doesn’t want to be labeled a rapist.

  45. I hate stories like this, but it’s not that difficult for a high profile person to stay out of these situations. Stop sleeping with women you don’t know. When you’ve got as much to lose as he does, being a little more disciplined in your relationships is probably prudent.

  46. I’d sue the 49ers too.
    The 49ers terminate McDonald over false accusation yet the hold on to Aldon Smith after being drunk and making bomb threats at an airport…

  47. Falsely accused, maybe. But either he raped a woman, which is a horrible crime, or he put himself in a position to be at the mercy of a skank, which is horribly stupid. Actions have consequences, Ray, and employers can hire or fire whomever they want. Good luck with that lawsuit, Ray. Now repeat after me: You want fries wid dat?

  48. The sad thing is that McDonald would still be a Niner if he was as talented as Aldon Smith

  49. Maybe if he cared so much about his good name he wouldn’t have put himself in the situations he found him in last year. Now that he realizes there are consequences for it, he’s crying that it isn’t fair.

    Even if he wins the lawsuit I doubt any team will sign him. Given the climate from last year, he allegedly committed crimes against women TWICE last year. Granted, neither resulted in charges but the fact he was in those situations is not good. There was also the question about police favoritism in the first case since an off-duty cop was on the scene before others arrived. Now, that may not mean anything but it does have the appearance of something untoward.

    Now, if the accuser is found to have falsely accused McDonald, I think she should go to jail and I agree with other people that they should publish her face and name if that is the case. Filing false rape allegations hurts everyone and is almost as bad as the actual crime because it hurts real victims. Let’s face it, how many times do we hear this and wonder if it is actually true or not. When allegations are proven to be false it desensitizes us to the next time accusations are made. I think if she did lie about it then she is the lowest of the low. The problem is this could result in a “he said she said” type of thing and he’s going to have a hard time proving she lied about it.

    A pretty bad situation all the way around but again, Mr. McDonald should not have put himself in these types of positions, especially considering how much money he has. The fact he put himself in that position twice in a matter of months is mind boggling.

  50. It’s the new found way to strike gold in them thar hills with a new kind of gold digger! Find a 49 er and dig in !

  51. sportsnut101 says: Mar 16, 2015 7:52 AM

    But he was arrested the first time no charges means he paid off women
    I wouldn’t sign him either
    It’s a very real possibility and it’s not like he’s been a model citizen until now.

    The guy is a turd, whether she’s lying or not.

  52. I hope this creates some visibility about how often this happens with non-football players. Gold-diggers are everywhere. Lets see the women that baited for dough.

  53. This is all on Ray…dude probably needs to make better decisions, and hang out with better people. If this was such a HUGE problem in the NFL…then no free agents would be signed. But it’s only a few knuckle heads (players)…I don’t view them as targets or victims….I view them as fools.

  54. I can actually relate, I had a woman try to come back and tell the police there had been a rape. I didn’t need millions of dollars for it to happen either. I willingly talked to the police and told them everything I knew though. Then they asked me to take a polygraph. I agreed, they said they’d call the next week to schedule it and as of a year and a half ago I still haven’t heard back.

  55. All I know is that you can’t fire someone without proper due process. These “women” (and I use the word woman loosely) go around and make false accusations on players in hopes to get a payday from them.

    Not all woman but some.

    This has got to be stopped on how people make athletes financial targets for their gain. This woman needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to teach gold diggers everywhere a lesson.

  56. I agree. Why did it take McDonald being shunned by the league for video to suspiciously surface?

    If I’m accused of rape, and I know my home security camera video proves my innocence I’m releasing that to the Police immediately, not 3/4 of a year later and after my career is in shambles.

    Something doesn’t smell right about this.

  57. This smells a lot like the Duke lacrosse case – a hooker has sex with an athlete (or athletes, in the Duke case), cries rape and waits to cash in, and upon reading about it, just about every human being in the world automatically assumes guilt and calls for the ahtletes’ heads, without giving them the presumption of innocence and a fair jury trial that the US Constitution guarantees them. Plus, you have to have actual EVIDENCE of a crime.

    This assumption of guilt until innocence is proven needs to go away. How would any of you like it if you walked into work one morning, and there were armed guards waiting for you at the door, along with your boss, who told you “(Insert name of member of the opposite sex here) says you committed a sexual crime, so you are terminated immediately” even when you had done no such thing? And then you tried to find another job, and every place you went said, “Oh, you’re the guy that got fired for committing a sex crime. Sorry, no job for you here.” Bet you wouldn’t like it very much.

  58. Pro athletes, you need to get out in front of things like this.

    If you are falsely accused of rape or a similar heinous crime and you are honestly innocent, don’t waste time making public statements about your innocence, or worse, letting your lawyer do all the talking for you.

    The FIRST thing you should do is DEMAND a polygraph to PROVE your innocence. Do this DAY ONE, before the media vultures can craft their own narrative.

    You also state that when the results come back and show that you are innocent, you intend to sue the accuser for every penny they have or ever will have.

    Not only does this cast you in a good light, but it sends a dire message to future gold diggers to falsely accuse at their own peril.

  59. And this is why Goodell and the NFL might want to let the legal system decide on guilt or innocence before dispensing their own punishments and bans. So far, Ray McDonald has not been found guilty of a single thing, yet he’s been endlessly condemned by complete strangers in forums such as this and he’s lost a very high paying job in the prime of a career with a very short lifespan.

    I’m amazed that the NFLPA is letting teams get away with this. If the 49ers are contractually able to suspend or cut players simply because someone filed a police complaint against the players, the NFLPA is not doing it’s job.

  60. A lot of these comments are a bit ridiculous. Yes, false accusations of sexual assault happen, but only occur 2%-10% of the time. In the US that number is around 5.9% (please search any research in this area).

    So this may be one of the very few cases of a false accusation, but let’s not act like it’s an epidemic.

    Sure, a woman can “ruin” a man’s life with a false accusation, but let’s not forget that a woman’s life gets ruined at least 9 times more often.

  61. “In the US that number is around 5.9% (please search any research in this area).”

    OK, I searched any research in this area. I found that David Lisak, the researcher who came up with the 5.9% figure from a campus study, actually published the following numbers:

    “5.9% were false reports; 44.9% resulted in no disciplinary action; 35.3% resulted in the case proceeding; and the file in about 14% was too insufficient to code.”

    44.9% of the cases resulted in no action – either campus investigators found no evidence of rape but did not find evidence that the accuser deliberately lied, or the accuser withdrew the accusation or w/e. And in 35.3%, the investigation resulted in the case proceeding – but we don’t know if more false reports were found in that segment later. And in “about 14%” of the cases, the researcher couldn’t find sufficient information to classify the case.

    It defies belief that more false reports did not exist in the 44.9% which resulted in no action or in the 35.3% which did, and who knows what the 14% segment holds in false reports.

    I don’t for a second doubt that rapes happen, that women’s lives are ruined by rapists and that these men need to be punished. I just ask that we let the legal system actually make sure they’re guilty before we start slandering them in forums and demanding that they be fired.

  62. I can’t believe his home surveillance has a camera in the bedroom…I suspect his proof is her entering and leaving the premise willingly, without duress or showing signs of assault. For instance, if they had a good night kiss (amorous exchange or a friendly chat) at the doorstep, as she left, it might be hard to claim that a rape occurred prior to that. I don’t know the guy, nor gal, so it is all speculation, but I hope it gets resolved quickly.

  63. Your feminist nation is full of fem-predators and the emasculated ‘men’ who just couldn’t WAIT to persecute and prosecute this guy. From your pathetic ‘president’ on down. Shameful, hypocritical, and incredibly cowardly. Ptooey on New Amerika.

    Hey why don’t you double-down on the anti-male attack ads during NFL and NBA broadcasts? America and its PC Politburo sucks.

  64. If McDonald is found to have been falsely accused, then ESPN, Roger Bad-ell and the NFL, and all the networks and announcers and commentators and talk-show yammerers who jumped on the McDonald Beatdown Bandwagon (i.e., almost everybody) should be made to publically apologize to him, make personal restitution to him, and lose their nice comfy overpaid jobs. These ‘males’ should be replaced by actual men who aren’t groveling cowards and hypocrites to the endless feminist/PC propaganda that infests this nation.

  65. when you get caught in a clear false accusation of rape i dont see why you shouldnt be sentenced to the same thing as the guy that would of been falsely sent to prison for a VERY significant amount of time. every professional athlete should have full time security installed in there house apparently because this easily could or possibly has ruined his career, and could of been worse. there is a heck of alot more guys serving jailtime for false rape sentences then women serving for false accusations im sure.

  66. He’s bluffing;he will not sue!
    Should he delve into that arena, the truth will ultimately come out and a re-visit of the criminal charges will commence .

  67. Looking at the stats here, 90% agrees that making false rape accusations needs to be punished. Talk is cheap and easy. That’s why women will use this revenge avenue far too often.
    If a man angers a female and/or wants fair visitation rights,watch out. “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is said 4 A reason. Here it comes “he raped me,hit me,touched the kids….”
    It’s too easy for them to lie. Protection for man in the constitution is thrown out the window solely because that sex who claim that they are as strong and can do anything a man can do, switches over to “poor little us needs special protection because we can’t protect ourselves”

  68. They want special rights by taking away away men’s rights.
    The common sense here is make a law that if you falsely accuse someone of a felony and you know its a false accusation,then that person who made the false accusation be charged with felony false police report with the exact same time sentence as the charge you falsely made carried.
    That is EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!! Lets make it a law and see justice for man. Fair for all. You want equal rights? I hope you get it.
    But not what you’re asking for. Special rights just for females.Equal pay for equal work. Then lets stop having female taking a different test than men to qualify for passing C.H.P test. Jumping over a 6′ wall for women but men its a 10′ wall. Carrying lighter dummies shorter distances than the men has to. Just so women may pass the entry test. Oh no, you want equal pay then pass the same dang test as men or go home.
    Equal use to be equal. Now equal is Equal + cheating = Equal.
    Now pretend this isn’t true or change the subject.

  69. Can anyone imagine if women had to obey the exact same laws as men? Registration for military service on their 18th birthday. Imagine women running on the beach at Normany firing a heavy gun with a 70 pound back pack,bullets and explosions wizzing all around them. Is my lipstick the right color? Dang, this wind is messing up all my hair,I quit,I’m leaving. Would somebody change my flat tire for me. It too heavy for me to do. And besides,I don’t wish to get dirty. Not to mention I just had butt implants last week and I need to take time off from the front line to recover. One last little thing. I just discovered I’m with child. So I will use my right to take time off until my due date. By then I’d have 9 months to decide if I feel like I should spare the baby’s “LIFE” or have little Johnny painlessly executed. The father wants me to spare little Johnny. But I could care less what he wants. He’s a really moral person who has a good job. But I may not want to be burden and its my CHOICE. Johnny’s father has NO RIGHTS in this matter. But if I decide to keep it,his father will HAVE TO pay child support rather he wants to or not. Because AGAIN, he he ZERO, no rights. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I commited adultry with some stranger who is actually the bio father. But since I was married to my ex husband for 2 full months when I had an affair and got pregnant by this stranger,my ex will have to pay child support. Even though he divorced me for being a #####,he will still have to pay me a lot of child support for the next 18. years. Because I’m woman, and he’s man. He gets screwed by the laws.
    I knew I was pregnant and wanted money for me and my baby and also a last name for my baby. So I played this nice man who had a good job. Basically lied to him telling him he was the father so he’d marry me. 2 months after a shot-gun wedding my sister told on me. By then it was too late for him.
    Since we were married and I was with child,the law said he had to pay child support and even alimony. All he wanted to do was get an anullment and forget I ever existed be free and move on and make a new life. He’s 23 years old. WRONG!!!!!
    He can’t move on. HE IS STUCK WITH ME AND CHILD SUPPORT FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT 18 YEARS. Being a woman in America it’s easy to screw over men. Us men haters love this.
    Some people think the middle east laws sounds better when this stuffs happens in America.

  70. My son is being falsely accused of rape by some unstable girl. Nothing ever happened so hopefully nothing will come of it, but if it does and his life is destroyed I am not going to stand by and let it happen. I have absolutely no money and I’m going to have to fight it with everything I have and then I will sue the girl’s parents because I’m sure her whack job of a mother put her up to it.

    Ladies, before you go accusing a guy of something he didn’t do because you’re angry, think of the damage you are doing to not only him, but to his family. Think of all the women who actually did get raped and how your lies are affecting their REAL cases!

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