Sudden interest in Tebow doesn’t make sense


Plenty of things Eagles coach Chip Kelly has done in recent weeks don’t make a ton of sense, on the surface.  Perhaps the most non-sensical is the decision to give Tim Tebow a mid-March workout.

It makes no sense for various reasons.  I’ll try to identify each of them below.

First, Tebow has been available to anyone for two years.  Ever since being cut by the Patriots prior to the start of the 2013 regular season, Tebow has been a free agent — and no one had even given him a sniff before today.  Including Kelly.

Second, Mark Sanchez just signed a new contract with the Eagles, and to say the least Sanchez has no fond memories of his shared time with Tebow in New York.

Third, Tebow brings distraction wherever he goes.  As the Eagles already are learning.  Kelly doesn’t seem to have the patience for that kind of stuff.

Fourth, Tebow isn’t an accurate passer.  He wants to be.  He tries to be.  He just isn’t.

Fifth, Tebow traditionally is a horrible practice performer.  With Kelly trying to get every ounce of value out of every practice rep, having Tebow skipping stones and/or launching rockets won’t help the receivers get any better.

Of course, it’s possible that Kelly has been intrigued by Tebow since getting the job in 2013, but that Kelly previously lacked the power to bring Tebow to town.  With executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman now “promoted” from the position of G.M. (and physically moved out of football operations), Kelly can do whatever he wants.

Based on the Doug Flutie documentary (which I saw for the first time last night on NFL Network, and which is excellent), maybe Kelly believes Tebow can do more than most believe, and that all he needs is a chance.  Flutie didn’t get a fair shake in the NFL for years due to misguided beliefs about quarterback height.  Tebow has been frozen out possibly due in part to the belief that having him on the roster will invite unwanted scrutiny from the Tebowmaniacs.  (That said, I’d be more inclined to sign Flutie at 52 than Tebow at however old he currently is.)

Kelly has shown in recent days that he doesn’t care what anyone says.  So why would he care about the cadre of helicopter parents who will demand that Tebow not be relegated to the bench but put on the field?

The fact that Kelly gave Tebow a workout doesn’t mean Tebow is getting a job.  Even now, with up to 90 offseason roster spots per team (and 2,880 throughout the league), Tebow remains unemployed.

But at least Tebow is getting something he hasn’t had in two full seasons — a chance.  What he did with it, and more importantly what the Eagles thought of it, will be known soon enough.

What also will be known is whether Kelly believes he can find a way in game situations to deploy Tebow in a way that will help the team do what Kelly will need to do in order to stick around:  Win games.

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  1. I think you’re over-analyzing it. They have nothing to lose by giving him a workout.

    Certainly there’s no competition for him if they do think there’s potential there.

  2. Why doesn’t Tebow put his pride aside and play another position. You’d imagine someone who is as religious as he is, wouldn’t mind the humble pie and accept a role as a FB or short yardage RB.

  3. Kelly is aiming for J Jones titles as nuttiest in the NFC East. He may get the title as Jerry seems to be differing to his son, sad days as Jerry steps aside.

  4. Kelly is doing someone a favor by putting Tebow back into a spotlight by this move, nothing else…….

  5. How is Tebow any different than some of the other QB’s Kelly had in training camp last year?

  6. If QB guru Tom House is truly vouching for him behind the scenes, then this sudden interest makes complete sense. Remember this recent report?

    “Turns out Tebow has been working diligently with Tom House (also Tom Brady’s personal coach) in Los Angeles over the last two years, sharpening his skills and hoping for one last shot. House told us on Friday that he isn’t sure if Tebow will be attending the veterans’ combine, but “he went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball.”

  7. And yet…. He won games in Denver… took them to the playoffs and won a playoff game.

    All things his detractors seem to forget whenever his name comes up..

  8. Winning record, one playoff win, lost his starting job to some average QB named “Peyton Manning”…

    Half the starters in this league can’t even say that!

  9. Makes a lot of sense. Good athlete who has played the position in the NFL, and, was always better suited to Philly’s style of offense than a pocket QB offense.

  10. they will trade bradford to TB for the top pick to get mariota. someone wanted bradford, remember… then tebow to backup and/or be training camp fodder.

  11. I know it was never pretty, and I never really liked Tebow, but he was fun to watch pulling rabbits out of his hats to help the Broncos keep winning, I think he should have recieved another season, besides think of the money they could have put around him with all that money they would have saved by not giving it to Manning

  12. I believe Tebow can do well as a backup. Also, as far as him being a distraction, why because he does not hide his christian faith? but if he wore a burqua or a turbin would he be more excepted and less of a distraction, you bet he would! This is how our distorted society thinks.

  13. Hey if they can talk him into playing another position, something he has so far refused to do, well you never know do you? Be interesting to see ho this on turns out.

  14. How do you know Tebow is a horrible practice player? He has never been given any meaningful reps in season or off season despite Elways promise to work with him. His only meaningful time was his run in Denver. Sounds like he’s worth an investment based on that alone. A lot of guys would not see the field when they are up against Manning and Tom Brady. He beat out Orton and should have gotten a chance to compete with Sanchez.

  15. Aside from height there’s no comparing Flutie and Tebow

    Flutie was an accurate passer who thrived in the pass oriented CFL

    The CFL is NOT a place for a guy like Tebow, who can’t throw for a first down with 4 downs, let alone the 3 in the CFL (despite all the fans here who insist he should go to the CFL, not even THEY have any interest in him)

    Flutie threw for over 6,600 yards in a season the CFL

    Tebow would be lucky to throw for 660

  16. Overanalyzing because it’s tebow. When chip brought in Pryor for a workout wasn’t this much thought put into it. Out of work QB who still want to play often get workouts and chip has nothing to lose by giving him one. Just stop with all the hyperbole c

  17. edithpiaf51 says:
    Mar 16, 2015 3:58 PM
    I believe Tebow can do well as a backup. Also, as far as him being a distraction, why because he does not hide his christian faith? but if he wore a burqua or a turbin would he be more excepted and less of a distraction, you bet he would! This is how our distorted society thinks.


    He is not a distraction simply because of his faith. There are many out spoken Christians in the league. The distraction part comes from the legions of “Tebowmaniacs” that don’t follow football, but instead follow this young man. Media loves getting new viewers, so when someone like Tebow is on the team there is an opportunity to do so. This gets tons of cameras and reporters at the camps doing all kinds of crazy things looking for an “exclusive.”

    As far as the assertion that he would be less distracting in a burqua…. Apparently you don’t recall Dennis Rodman, but when male athletes wear women’s clothing, it does tend to create a pretty large distraction.

    This isn’t about religious persecution, this is about a sub standard quarterback that comes with entirely more media scrutiny and outside distractions (such as billboards, flyovers, etc) than his talent level warrants.

  18. Chip Kelly is the smartest coach to have never won anything of significance.

    Just ask him and Philly fans.

  19. “Third, Tebow brings distraction wherever he goes. ”

    Nope. Try “The media shamelessly follows Tebow around creating distraction wherever he goes.”

    There. Fixed it for you. Don’t act like the media has no choice.

  20. Tebow is a Football player period. Whether it’s QB, RB, TE or whatever he is too talented to not play the game. He has more talent than many in the league. I just think he may need to play a different position than QB.

  21. Kick every tire, turn over every rock and maybe something good pops up. Doesn’t hurt to look and see what he can do. If the media didn’t make it into a circus, there would be no circus.

  22. Sorry Tim, but our team Doc gave you a clean bill of health, so we have no further into interest. If you blow out your knee, give us a call.

  23. 1. Tebow is a top 5 NFL QB. He is an outspoken christian, not a traditional qb, and has a media/fan following like Michael Jackson. Its only a distraction when you are a NY Jet. Wasn’t a distraction in Denver or NE. Got a bad rap like lots of players under NY Jets/Rex Ryan. Some people are jealous and envious of Tebow such as Elway and Rex. Elway and Rex like the spotlight. Tebow takes away from their spotlight.

    2. How much of Sanchez’s contract is guaranteed? Sanchez led NFL in turnovers since 2009. Top stat in losing games.

    3. Tebow is an efficient passer. Look back at his wins and you will see he was near perfect. High TD/Int ratio. Highest TD/touch in the NFL while in Denver. Winning games is not about completion % or passing yards. Its about scoring and turnovers.

    4. Seahawks won SuperBowl with a good value in Wilson. Underrated and underpaid QB and spending money elsewhere is a way to win championship.

    5. Tebow is 9-7 as a starter with a playoff win!

  24. I’m not a big fan however if you look at some of the 2 and 3 guys he’s much better… Offer a vet minimum..we could have used him in AZ late last year

  25. Supposedly Tebow has been working hard on being a better passer. The only way to find out whether he’s improved is by seeing him throw. Also – anything to do with who Tebow is as a person is probably based on Tebow a couple of years ago. He’s young enough that a lot of maturing happens in a couple of years.

    As for him being a distraction … that’s up to the organization. The Jets all but encouraged the media circus around Tebow, and so problems in NY were the fault of Rex and the Jets management.

    And no … no one is picking on Tebow because of his religion. He’s not a victim of being a Christian. In his previous NFL tenure, Tebow was a victim of being a terrible QB who puts his public image of himself (sin of pride) before everything else. If he’d been throwing the ball like Joe Montana, he could have gotten away with sticking his face in every camera he could find. But he’s not a good QB, and all of the media attention he courted made life difficult for his coworkers (who had to work hard to cover for Tebow’s weak skill set).

  26. “2ruefan says: Mar 16, 2015 3:53 PM

    And yet…. He won games in Denver… took them to the playoffs and won a playoff game.

    All things his detractors seem to forget whenever his name comes up..”

    During the 2011 season (his best statistical year), Tebow completed 126 of 271 (46.5%) passes in 14 games, for 12 TD, 6 INT’s and 7 fumbles. He also added 660 yards rushing, with 6 TD’s but also 6 fumbles. He finished the regular season with a QB rating of 72.9.

    In the postseason, he was a combined 19 of 47 (40.4%) against the Steelers and Patriots, with 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s and 1 fumble. His QB rating was 83.0.

    NFL history is full of QB’s with numbers like that, average players who shined for one, brief moment. But those numbers hint at Tebow’s inability to read defenses and poor accuracy.

    And Tebow’s supporters also seem to forget the week after his one, and only, playoff win the Broncos were annihilated by a Patriot team that stiffled Tebow and the Denver offense.

    If you take away Tebow’s faith, or simply take it out of the equation for a moment, would any of you truly remember his name? Or would he be just one more College QB who failed in the NFL?

  27. “And Tebow’s supporters also seem to forget the week after his one, and only, playoff win the Broncos were annihilated by a Patriot team that stiffled Tebow and the Denver offense.”

    Oh, you mean the game where Brady threw for 6 TD? How is Tebow’s skillset or any QB in history for that matter supposed to make a difference when your D/coaching is that bad?

    Andrew Luck threw 4 Int and really by himself lost versus Pats in 2013. Guess we should write him off huh? In fact, he has been absolutely abysmal in the playoffs his entire career. But he can throw a spiral so…

  28. edithpiaf51 says:
    Mar 16, 2015 3:58 PM
    I believe Tebow can do well as a backup. Also, as far as him being a distraction, why because he does not hide his christian faith? but if he wore a burqua or a turbin would he be more excepted and less of a distraction, you bet he would! This is how our distorted society thinks.


    People like you are one of the main reasons Tebow can’t find a job as a backup in the NFL. I’m sure you CCCs (conspiracy theorist, creationist, conservatives) mean well, but I bet even Tebow would tell you – if he dared – that you’re doing him NO favors.

  29. So Tebow is worse than… Who? Manning, Brady, Bree’s? Um, at this point I’d take him over a bunch of current QB’s including but not limited to the other Manning brother. WILSON does not hide his faith at all and yet most people do not fuss about it… And… Would it surprise people to know that there are many many QB’s and players that are very “Christian”…. Including but not limited to Brees.
    On another note, it’s okay for Brady to mouth the words Fu.. For kids and fans to see worldwide but not okay to thank God for a win??? People are so pathetic,.

  30. ” Tebow brings distraction wherever he goes. ”

    Yet for some reason, you don’t use this same “logic” when discussing Michael Sam. Why’s that?

  31. Maybe Tim Tebow showing respect for his Maker bothers some macho men football players that will be offended by Tim saying “God bless you.” Tim should be happy staying away from the Now For Lucifer League.

  32. Why the negative slant on this in this story. I’d pay to see him play. I wouldn’t pay to see Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gino Smith, Matt Cassell, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer, Sam Bradford…all these guys have great throwing motions and never had the success Tebow did in Denver.

    Plus none of these guys won a playoff game. Oh and in that playoff game Tebow threw 2 TD’s and ran for one. Oh and Denver’s defense that year was rated 24th….not top 5. Not top 10, not top 15..not even top 20! But his detractors always say Tebow won ganes due to the denver defense.

  33. Tebow is on par with quarterbacks like Wilson and Kaapernick. Put Tebow in either of those systems and he is at least as good as those two players.

    And, no…. I am not saying Tebow is a good quarterback.

  34. I wouldn’t mind Miami taking a look. Possibly a cheap backup to a durable QB. He has leadership skills that the team lacks, celebrity factor that the owner craves and could possibly help a short yardage running attack as a FB. The kid is a winner and if he wants to help a team then why not take a look to see if he has improved any?

  35. Great guy, a great competitor, but he is not an effective thrower at the NFL Level.

    He can’t throw guys open, he can’t deliver the ball to a window.

    He misses guys that are wide open.

    He made one great throw in his career to DeMariyus on OT vs Pittsburgh.

    Tebow only completes that pass one out of five times, and he hit it in that game.

    It was a great play, but I’d be hard pressed to say he could do it again.

  36. “I’d be more inclined to sign Flutie at 52 than Tebow at however old he currently is.”

    What a classic line, and right on the money.

  37. Sanchez was just as bad as Tebow in New York and some how Kelly resurrected Sanchez’s career. He may be able to do the same thing with Tebow. For Kelly’s offense, you need excellent mobility which Tebow has, but you also need quick and decisive decision making which with Tebow’s limited experience he does not have. Even if Tebow can now gun the ball accurately, coaches hesitate taking you off the street if you haven’t had much experience even for a backup role. I think at this point, Tebow will have to stick to his current career no matter how good or bad he looks.

  38. 2ruefan says: Mar 16, 2015 3:53 PM

    And yet…. He won games in Denver… took them to the playoffs and won a playoff game.

    That year, 2011, Denver’s passing offense ranked 31st in the league, their rushing offense ranked 1st.

    They didn’t go 8-8 because Tebow was a great QB – if you have to single out one offensive player on that team to say “He won games …took them to the play-offs”, then you should credit McGahee or Clady.

    Tebow was terrible at QB, and most of the rushing yards he gained were on broken plays – plays when he couldn’t find a receiver or chose not to make a throw that an NFL QB should be able make, so he took off. He ran 660 yards, and fumbled 14 times. McGahee ran 1200. The passing game was terrible, despite having Decker and Thomas, and the running game was McGahee (and credit Clady and the line).

    The best thing you can say about Tebow was that he didn’t throw a lot on INTs, so there’s that, but otherwise, it wasn’t Tebow that “won games and took them to the play-offs”.

  39. I would like to see the list of the over half the starting quarterbacks in the NFL that Tebow is better than.

  40. Tim Tebow Career Stats:

    47.3% completion percentage
    17 TD vs 9 INT’s to go with 15 fumbles
    Sacked a total of 10.2% of each drop back – 41 (41!!) times
    Career QB rating of 75.3

    Tim Tebow Playoff Career Stats:

    40.4% completion percentage
    2 TD v 0 INT’s to go with 1 fumble
    Sacked a total of 9.6% of each drop back – 5 times

    Phew. THAT stinks. Denver won games DESPITE his anemic efforts, not because of them. But the Tebow apologists never let a set of statistics get in the way of a good argument. Remember that one time he completed that one pass for 80 yards? Man, he was awesome…

  41. I don’t know if anyone already said this, but today is March 16. Or 3/16. So maybe the Eagles just wanted to throw a bone to the religious guy on a day sharing the same numbers as one of the most quoted parts of Tim’s book (John 3:16). Maybe? Or Chip Kelly is just crazy.

  42. The part I find comical are the posts about how Tebow (or any player for that matter) should just “change positions” like you can do that with such incredible ease. Because there aren’t talented athletes playing every position who have spent years learning it? It’s still relatively rare to turn CBs into full-time safeties and those positions are far more similar than any position Tebow might consider moving to like FB or TE.

    The FB is almost a museum piece–some teams don’t even carry a true FB on the roster. And playing TE means being able to catch the ball and run routes, neither of which Tebow has ever had to do at any point in his playing career dating back to high school.

  43. I’ve found the faith that the NFL media have shown in Chip Kelly puzzling from the very start.

    If some other teams had made the moves the Eagles have made so far this off-season, the outcry in the media would’ve been severe.

    The sooner the media get over themselves and stop giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt so freely, all the better.

  44. How is Tebow “distracting?”

    He himself is a hard-worker and a great teammate, and in his 1+ years in Denver, he is a winner.

    Sucks to have those kind of distractions on your team.

  45. A couple of years ago I was down at Pats training camp and watched in amazement as Tebow repeatedly either held the ball way too long or would misfire to a wide open receiver not more than 10 yards away during drills. Multiple people around me had the same reaction – laughing out loud. That is a sound I will never forget.

    If you had told me that it was some local high school QB out there as a favor from Bob Kraft, or even some Make-A-Wish patient, that would have made more sense. No way could a professional athlete, one who had thrown for over 300 yards in a playoff victory less than 18 months before, look so terrible. But he did. And the sound of that laughter can still be heard if you listen for it.

  46. i can think of no bigger irony than tebow not getting a chance because his fans cause too much of a ruckus about him not getting a chance

  47. edithpiaf51 says:
    Mar 16, 2015 4:02 PM

    At least Tebow does not choke in the playoffs like Peyton Manning. He brought the Broncos a winning season and won a playoff game too.


    AND, he got beat by Tom Brady in the next round. He’s JUST like Peyton Manning!

  48. Flutie never was anything more than at best an average QB in the NFL. Opponents learned to keep him in the pocket and that allowed them to win.
    Also look up Flutie’s record versus sub-0.500 and above-0.500 teams. The latter was very poor.

  49. hey, i know what he should do. do a complete change up and play cornerback. when i say ‘complete’, i don’t mean just position. grow a zappa mustache and become an athiest bad-a$$–Furious TT to the 2.0! doesn’t NE have a need for a physical corner now that browner is gone? he could hit hard, commit flagrant penalties and menace the other team and officials…all while playing for the MIGHTY PATS, the most hated and satanic team in the NFL.

    that thar should settle the hash of them tebowites…

  50. Florio, hours before the Eagles signed Demarco, you posted with the headline “The Eagles Interest in Demarco Murray Doesn’t Make Sense.”

    I actually think that all that’s going on here is that teams are taking a look, because they know that all the intangibles are there with Tebow and they don’t want to be the team that missed out on him if he does wind up having something to give to the game.

    Nothin wrong with kickin the tires. And kickin’ the tires makes total sense.

  51. Does anyone care about passer rating? WITH playoffs included, Tebow has an 80.1 passer rating, middle of the pack, and very good for a rookie (Tebow only has 16 starts, and he lost a key offseason with the lockout). Completion % goes into the rating, yet it doesn’t bring it down too badly. 80.1 is better than anybody on the Eagles roster, and Tebow has a one more playoff win then the Eagles QBs combined (&’he had the 24th ranked D in Denver that year). He’s worked with probably the best modern QB’s guru for two years, yet Florio dare says he knows now Tebow is still inaccurate.

    If the guy doesn’t throw picks and the Eagles offense is predicated on quick, simple reads, why not Tebow? You know Sanchez can’t get it done, and what if Bradford gets hurt again? People always forget most of quarterbacking is performance under pressure, and Tebow outshines most professional “spinners” in that regard. Same amount of playoff success as Cutler, Stafford, Palmer, and Dalton combined.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly gave Tebow a playbook and said you’re coming in if Bradford gets hurt. Keeps the media off the team if he’s on it as a backup.

  52. Perhaps 2 years of training has improved his accuracy. Never been a question about his leadership or locker room presence. Your critique is a bit unfair.

  53. Cordale Jones of THEEEE Ohio State University just beat Oregon. On a number of crucial third downs Jones went full-Tebow and refused to be taken down before the sticks. Maybe there’s room for a guy like that in some capacity.

  54. Sorry liquid but you are cherry picking stats. Denver’s defense wasn’t nearly as bad as you are making it out to be. Here are there 2011 stats:
    Category Value NFL rank
    Total yards 357.8 YPG 13th
    Rushing yards 126.3 YPG 22nd
    Passing yards 231.5 YPG 15th
    Yards per play 5.4 16th
    Scoring 24.4 PPG 24th
    Pass completions 333/534 (.624) 23rd
    Third downs 73/218 (.335) 27th
    Sacks 41 T−10th
    Forced fumbles 11 T−26th
    Interceptions 9 T−28th

    Meanwhile, here was the offense stats for 2011:
    Category Value NFL rank
    Total yards 316.6 YPG 23rd
    Rushing yards 164.5 YPG 1st
    Passing yards 152.1 YPG 31st
    Yards per play 5 25th
    Scoring 19.3 PPG 25th
    Pass completions 217/429 (.506) 32nd
    Third downs 66/214 (.308) 30th
    Possession average 29:43 21st
    Turnover differential −12 T−26th

    That to me says that the rushing game was winning games not the passing game where the QB makes the difference.

  55. Mar 16, 2015 4:29 PM
    lanflfan says: … In the postseason, [Tebow] was a combined 19 of 47 (40.4%) against the Steelers and Patriots, with 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s and 1 fumble. His QB rating was 83.0. …

    So, you’re a little confused there. That “QB rating” of 83.0 is actually his ESPN QBR number. For reference, Tony Romo led the NFL in 2014 with a QBR of 82.7. Tebow’s career postseason passer rating is 90.0, which is the current franchise record for the Broncos.

  56. teddycheetah said: “Meanwhile, here was the offense stats for 2011: Rushing yards 164.5 YPG 1st;
    Passing yards 152.1 YPG 31st

    That to me says that the rushing game was winning games not the passing game where the QB makes the difference.”

    You seem to forget that Tebow ran quite a bit when he played (carried for 660 yards that year, I think). If they won because of their rushing stats, Tebow should at least get some credit for contributing to that.

  57. Tebow threw for over 9,000 yds in college. Won two Nat’l Championships and a Heisman Trophy. Tim’s biggest error was that he tried to change his throwing motion to satisfy NFL “Experts”. Imagine if you will Peyton Manning trying to change his throwing motion after leaving Tennessee?

    I’ve been a Denver Bronco fan since 1973 and the year Tebow took over for Orton (with the team 1-4 at the time) was the most exciting season since our 2 Super Bowl wins in the late 90’s. Mile High Stadium and this whole area went crazy as Tebow pulled wins from the jaws of defeat in the final minutes of games.

    It’s that kind of excitment that gets people’s attention.

    If Tim gets another shot, I hope he takes the stance of some players and says, “I’m here to win a championship – not talk to the media!” That will dilute the media frenzy that follows him.

    Why the media frenzy? Half just like the guy. He’s a great interview and inspiring as a human being. His mindset should be taught in every school in America. It should be taught in every home in America. His work ethic should be modeled by anyone wanting to achieve more than mediocrity out of this life.

    The other half, just can’t wait for him to fall from grace.

    The biggest surpise is that Jacksonville hasn’t signed him. The Jag’s barely sellout home games and are often blacked out in the J-Ville area due to poor attendance. They sign Tebow and that changes instantly. Season ticket sales go through the roof. And team merchandise fly’s of store shelves. Whoever is running Jacksonville’s franchise has no “business” sense whatsoever.

    And finally imagine this… Tebow gets signed by Philly, Arizona, Jacksonville or (God forbid!) the Raiders and he wins a Super Bowl or takes his team to the conference championship. It would be the biggest sports story since one Buster Douglas knocked-out Mike Tyson.

    And one more thing – Tebow is just now coming into his prime as an athlete. That 25-34 year old age span when a man’s body is functioning at optimum levels.

    It’s Tebow Time! Let’s see what he can do. Cause he’s not going away, until he can’t physically handle the beat down a body takes while playing in the NFL.

    Or he could just stay away from football and live his life with his mind and body intact. And maybe that’s just what God has planned for him.

    Because for us Christians, it isn’t about winning Championships. It’s about winning opur own personal battles with our own personal demons and hopefully changing our lives and others for God.

  58. I’m a Christian too! My religion has nothing to do with Football. And for the record, the NFL’s FULL of christians. Stop actling like Tebow is some sort of christian trailblazer.

    Bottom line, he can’t play at an NFL level. How do I know? I don’t, but 32 NFL scouting teams do, and they’ve made that assessment in his first year.

    Move on people, the Tebow experiment will never resume.

  59. He can play at the NFL level. He was successful when he did. 9-7 as a starting QB. Only 1 of 2 first round drafted QBs since 2010 that have won a playoff game. The other being Andrew Luck!!!! 6 comebacks in 11 games during 2011. His last game with the Patriots….another comeback win with 2 4th quarter TDs. Tebow is a winner!

  60. i have also ben a bronco fan since the 1970s, 1978 to be pecise when we had Craig Morton as QB. Yet i agree that when tebow was with the broncos, he was a winner. We were one and four under orton and 9 and 7 under tebow winning a playoff game vs steelers
    it seems that the eagles dont plan to sign tebow unle they can make a trade
    i think that being OVERTLY christian has caused him to be ridiculed and called a distraction but if he wore a turbin, no one wouldd say anything for fear of reprisal and of being politically correct

  61. Tebow was the most efficient passer in SEC history. Tebow has a better TD/Int ratio – by far – than Elway or Manning had during the same stretch of their career. Tebow’s accuracy was based on the type of play calling they used in Denver that year and was obviously good enough to get them to the playoffs after starting 1-4. He also threw for the most yards against Pittsburgh’s defense the entire year to win his first playoff game.

    Ignoring these facts and hyperbolizing his faults, which all young QBs have, reveals a deep prejudice against him – prevalent in the media.

  62. It’s funny how some of you only give credit to McGahee & Clady for Denver’s #1 rushing offense when Tebow was the QB. What you don’t realize is that not only did Tebow contribute to the rushing game with his own carries, but defenses had to respect him as a runner in the read option offense even when he elected to hand the ball off. That moment of hesitation to make sure Tebow didn’t have the ball, often opened the running game up for the backs.
    I’d love to see him running that offense with DeMarco Murray.

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