Jimmy Graham-Max Unger trade now official following physicals


Nearly a week after the trade was initially agreed upon, the deal to send Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round pick to Seattle in exchange for Max Unger and a first-round pick is now fully complete.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen tweeted Monday afternoon that Unger had completed his physical with the New Orleans Saints, the final piece of the puzzle needed to put a bow on the trade.

Graham completed his physical with the Seahawks last Wednesday, a day after the trade was agreed upon with the Saints.

Unger was unable to get to New Orleans until Monday to complete his exam with the Saints.

12 responses to “Jimmy Graham-Max Unger trade now official following physicals

  1. This is an example of a trade that will work out swimmingly for both sides. Russell Wilson finally gets the credible, huge target he can throw to with confidence versus tight coverage and trust to pluck the ball out of the air. Drew Brees gets a rock solid center who makes the whole offensive line look better and also bring more balance as a stud run blocker for Mark Ingram.

  2. Welcome to the Who Dat Nation Mr. Unger. Now if we can only get Mr. Brees to take a pay cut for the good of the TEAM, you may have some decent players around you. Otherwise, it could be the LONGEST YEAR of your career.

    While we, the Saints fans appreciate what he has done for the team and city, we also realize he has already gotten paid for that. Fans and organizations need to stop paying people in the future for what they’ve done in the past. Especially when it has salary cap ramifications!

    Unfortunately, this is shaping up like my Lakers here in LA giving a $tupid contract extension to Kobe Bryant. You see what it got them? Kobe and a “glorified” D-League team that’s terrible. I’m afraid my NFL team is about to go through the same thing because of one player: Drew Brees. He had us all fooled thinking he was a TEAM PLAYER. We had it twisted.

    Well, it was a fun ride, but Father Time is reminds us that no player plays forever.

  3. That first day in the locker room will be interesting…

    Welcome to the greatest team in the NFL today.
    Welcome to the Seattle Seahawks, Jimmy Graham.

    The good news… you don’t have to play against the LOB again… except in practice.


  4. Jimmy Graham-Max Unger trade now official following physicals
    Thanks You! Now we’re no longer on the hook for 10,000,000.00 per year for a 1 dimensional TE………..

  5. What a steal?? Hawks’ fan base used to face reality when Graham was with the Saints. Remember? He’s a 1 dimensional TE that does his best David Copperfield impression and disappears in the biggest of games at the worst times possible… He has to be taken out on run downs tipping defenses off to run or pass…. He has alligator arms when he hears footsteps and he’s soft… Remember Hawks?

  6. Pelase stop with the talk of getting Brees to cut his pay “for the good of the team” He worked under a lame contract when he got to NOLA back in 2005 and finally got paid what he deserved. The patriots are doing just fine with Tom Brady’s contract. Enough already about how “greedy” Brees is. Its ridiculous.

  7. Saints fans thinking you got a good deal should look at how many games Unger missed in the past two seasons.

    Yes, he is a great center, when healthy.

    Being healthy is an uncommon state for Unger.

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