Philip Rivers won’t sign a new contract before his current one expires

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The Steelers have signed quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a contract extension before what would have been the final year of his contract.  The Giants may do the same with quarterback Eli Manning.  But one member of the 2004 first-round quarterback class won’t be signing a contract this year.

And we’re not talking about J.P. Losman.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers tells Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego that the 11-year veteran won’t sign a new deal before his current contract ends after the 2015 season.  But what could change the player’s mind?

“Honestly, nothing,” Rivers said.  But then he softened that.  A bit.

“What I can control and all I know as of today, I am signed up for one more year,” Rivers said.  “I guess things could change, but with all the uncertainty in many aspects, I don’t see it changing before camp gets here, and when camp gets here I’m even more certain to play it out.”

The stadium situation has become an issue with Rivers, who may not want to move his wife and seven (yes, seven) children to Los Angeles, if the team relocates.

“What we’ve established here with my growing family is hard to recreate,” Rivers said.  “It’s hard to up and recreate that.  I know that moves are part of life.  But that certainly is fair to say that [not being sold on moving to Los Angeles] is part of it.  The good thing is I’m not under contract in a year where we’d potentially be in Los Angeles.”

Of course, the Chargers could use the franchise tag to keep Rivers around for another year.  At his 2015 cap number of $17.416 million, it would cost $20.9 million to keep him with the team for 2016.

And there’s still a chance he’s not on the team in 2015.  Via Acee, G.M. Tom Telesco declined to rule out a trade of Rivers.

“I don’t like Philip as our QB, I love him,” was the most Telesco would say.  “And I’ll go to war with him.”

That could be interpreted as a response more clear than “no trade,” but Telesco still didn’t directly rule out a trade.  Which means that, whether Telesco wants it or not, he soon could be hearing from teams that may be interested in acquiring Rivers.

Maybe, say, the Titans.  They hold the second pick in the draft and their head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, coordinated the San Diego offense in 2013.

79 responses to “Philip Rivers won’t sign a new contract before his current one expires

  1. The Chargers trading Philip Rivers to the Titans. Now that would be crazy. Probably should have just left that prediction out of the article.

  2. If his family is settled in San Diego…..and the Chargers move to Los Angeles (2 hours away, less with no traffic), this would still be the closest team to where they live and hardly a reason to relocate.

  3. Rumor floating that Bolts are interested in Mariota.

    But seeing as how the Chargers are nowhere near a Super Bowl contender, makes perfect since to ship Phillip to the Jets and take Mariota.

    Jets would instantly become a contender.

  4. LA is a crappy snob city. Fake as they come filled with hipsters and snoody rich folk. And the pollution there..sheesh..youd live a healthier life if your house was next to a tabacco factory.

  5. since LT left and Gates was in his prime. Rivers has had nothing to work with in sd. This is the most under appreciated player in the league.

  6. Rivers would never play for the Titans or any team perceived to be rebuilding. He’s far too competitive. I could see him retiring and coming back as a free agent before that happens.

  7. What is this family thingy he speaks of??? You mean there are players who know what its like to be a dad and take care of your wife and kids??? Kids, I know about, but WIVES??? “Now this is a strange”. RIP Paul Harvey.

  8. If he has concerns about moving his family from San Diego to Los Angeles, why would he move them all the way to Tennessee?

  9. Tom may love Rivers enough to let him flow to Tennessee. To pick Mariota in the draft! Reunite Wisenhunt! It may be just wrong to do that. This a business! Really,? has Philip got San Diego a ring, like Big Ben twice?!! Think about it Telesco has been cleaning house & starting with his picks!!!

  10. Rivers doesnt want to play for the worst owner in sports. This is all a product of Spanos being a greedy money hungry scumbag wanting to increase the value of his asset rather than trying to build a championship winning team.

  11. Good for him. Rivers is sick of running for his life every year, seeing the roster continually filled-out with low-level players and waiting for the team to give him some help. He is putting pressure on them to take advantage of the window of opportunity a great QB gives a team.

    Be it A.J. Smith, Telesco or whoever– the common denominator is the name Spanos. They cheap out each and every year.

  12. So if they moved the team is he implying he’d just retire because he wouldn’t want to move his family? If so, I respect that.

  13. Directed at the classiest of fans, HUMBOLT and only him as most other Charger fans are cool.
    Drew Brees- 1 Superbowl. Ely Manning- 2 Superbowls. Chargers history of the Superbowl 0.

  14. I don’t think the Bills can afford to trade anymore draft picks and they would be in cap hell after signing Clay as well.

    Look for the Jets and Titans to inquire.

  15. If Rivers is traded to Tennessee ,he will not have a choice of where he goes! He will be closer to home from North Carolina! Another thing, of all the loving Rivers fans. When were we ever in the AFC Champion stage or playing in a SuperBowl with him??!! However,The defense for San Diego has been a major problem of getting there! You can’t put all the blame on him!

  16. @ryann…The Bills will be in a tough salary cap situation next year. They’ll have to cut Mario next year. It’ll be time to give Dareus a new deal. As well as their left tackle.

  17. I guess 7 kids isn’t enough for Phillip Rivers looks like he wants to have a whole offensive around around him 24 hours a day..

  18. Maccagnan should pick up the phone…

    Yes, please
    Every Jets fan ever.

  19. Rivers has been a great soldier his entire career and now he is going to weigh is options before committing to a long term deal in SD. I don’t blame him. Let him choose where he wants to play and sign his last 100m deal, whether it be with SD or someone else.

  20. Even if the team moves to LA, why would he have to move his family? San Diego and LA are not that far apart, so he would need to rent a house in LA during the season, he would still be able to go to San Diego on an off day if he wants or family come to LA when they have off days from whatever they do. It would be a sacrifice but does not seem impossible. Seems like if he is so worried about keeping his family in San Diego, the Los Angeles Chargers would still be the ideal team for him.

  21. Couldn’t he just drive from the San Diego Suburbs to LA? It’s like 120 miles, isn’t it? I mean, it isn’t ideal obviously, but where are you going to go that is closer to SD if they move? Unless he is going to call it a career, is that not the closest team to him (assuming the move to LA)

    I would also think this would hurt any trade negotiations. If he doesn’t want to go 120 miles away because it would uproot his family, what are the chances he’d be willing to commit to a team like, say the Titans? They are already taking a risk with an older QB, now they are taking a risk that he won’t re-sign in 12 months.

  22. No, the Bills won’t be in “cap hell,” nor would they need to cut Mario Williams.

    Hilarious how some of you still haven’t caught on to how this stuff works, and how teams get around this all the time.

    With Pegula’s money, they can structure contracts much different than before…and if they wanted Rivers, they could find a way to get him and keep the team intact.

  23. Loyalty to an actual city. Something the “nation” knows nothing about. I don’t blame him. I’m a lifelong San Diegan, and season ticket of more than two decades, almost half my life. I won’t support them in the slightest if they move.

  24. This would be great for the Titans. Rivers is from North Alabama (Decatur) and has always had numerous family and friends come to see him whenever he plays in Nashville. Plus, he would be reunited with Whisenhunt under who’s direction, he had one of his best years.

  25. As far as the Bills cap situation, I am not sure what it will look like but they will have McCoy, Williams and probably Clay plus Marcell Dareus who will get a 100m deal or a 20m plus year deal on the franchise tag if no deal is reached. After seeing Suh get his money, Dareus will command around the same. If Rivers came to the Bills it would be pretty scary as they have a lot of pieces in place and their D is good but under Rex it will be great.

  26. Rivers is a gamer. He’s one of my favorite players in the league, outside of the players of the team I support. It’s a combination of his quirky throwing motion, gamesman ship, and will to win that a lot of players don’t have anymore. There are a hand full of Quarterbacks that I would want to lead my team, down by 4 with 3 minutes left, and Philip Rivers is #1 on that list.

  27. LaBrea Tarpits: how appropriate. I understand why Rivers doesn’t want to move to LA. I undersand why he would resist raising seven children in LA. I can also understand his disdain for a contract with the Chargers, now or anytime.

  28. Rivers was born in Alabama. His whole family is there.
    Am pretty sure he would sign with a Team in the South.
    A Family man with millions, would put his family first. No way he will let his kids live in L.A.
    Plus why should he play for L.A. if he is loyal to San Diego.
    Kind of refreshing to see a loyal pro football player.
    Stick it to the Spanos Family Rivers !!!!

  29. GO BRONCOS! Take all of the press calling every other team in the AFC West contenders, and put your money on it. Denver 12-4. Bank on it, Baby!!

  30. Buffalosoldier…the Bills will need cap space next year. Mario will have the big number. The team wants/needs to extend Dareus, as well as Cordy Glenn. It doesn’t matter that Pegula is a billionaire. You can’t just spend all you want. I don’t think you understand how this works.

  31. Apparently I need what some of you are smoking. Only a moron trades within their own division and salary caps are in place for a reason(@buffal0s0ldier)!!!! If he wants to win right away then the Jets would be his best option but fitting his cap number would be tough at this point. It would take a signing bonus that kicks the can for years to come. It would be nice but mostly a fairy tale at this point!!

  32. I’d cut him.

    The Chargers would be much better off getting rid of that egotistical hothead.

  33. So, he basically said he’s not willing to relocate a hundred miles north up the coast, but you think he’ll move to Tennessee because a coach he played for, for like ONE year in his twilight, happens to coach there?

    Rivers’ very rarely makes comments about his contract. This was absolutely his loudest, most resonating statement ever, saying he only wants to play here, in San Diego, his adopted home.

    He’s standing up for us loyal fans just as much as he is his family.

    What an amazing guy!

  34. he’s an interesting cat. Been married since freshman year in college, and had a baby by the time he was a junior. That said, I don’t care how much money you have, in this day and age 7 kids is wackadoodle. Tennessee would be a perfect fit, I’d give odds that he’s going to become a televangelist after he retires.

  35. He straight said …I’m a San Diegan and I stand with San diego…if you’re going to uproot this team and so this to our fans, I don’t want any part of it, or you.

  36. Both Philip and his wife Tiffany were born and raised in Decatur AL, about 90 minutes south of Nashville on I-65.

    Should Philip choose to finish his career with another team, I’m sure Mrs. Rivers, his parents, and his in-laws would all be nudging him to move his family somewhere close to home where the grandparents can see their grandchildren more often.

    I wouldn’t underestimate the power of family in a situation like this.

  37. I don’t blame him, I would not want to move to LA either. That said, everyone does realize the guy has never won anything right?

  38. So Rivers says he does not want to move his family, and then you propose a trade? Sounds to me like if the Chargers move he retires. A trade seems foolish based on the fact he does not want to move his family even just the short distance to LA.

  39. Why do Raider fans even comment on NFL topics. And half you Rivers haters would take him in a second. With more than half the league running around with wanna be franchise quarterbacks you would think the haters would get off this mans back. He’s a man of God do this is a no brainier

  40. The thought of Rivers no longer being in SD brings a slight tear to my eye. While I loathe his cry-baby face as much as the next Raiders fan, there’s no denying that he’s the player that makes our games against SD as ‘enjoyable’ as they are – win or lose, whether I’m cheering or on the verge of putting my foot through the TV, I can’t miss a moment of the game. Rivers is as arrogant as he is talented and that helps me get my ‘hate’ on. It will be a sad day when he’s no longer slinging the rock for the powder puffs.

  41. What I get out of this is Rivers ‘daring’ the Spanos family to move the team. Rivers is basically saying ‘I’ll play for the Chargers if they’re the San Diego Chargers, but not if they’re the Los Angeles Chargers.’

    In short he saying that you can move the team to collect your riches in LA but you’ll be a 4-12 team in a market where you’re not even the first or second choice of the fans. Stay in SD, and I’ll play for you.

    It’s an interesting passive power play by the ultimate organization guy that typically goes along with every move that the team makes.

  42. Yeah, I feel really sorry for a guy that doesn’t want to traumatize his kids by “relocating” for 17 million a year.
    I mean, really?
    (Insetrt sarcasm here)
    Some of these guys really don’t know how good they have it.

  43. Probably not the only guy in the league with 7 kids. Probably the only guy in the league with 7 kids on purpose and with his wife.

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