Pouncey twins tee off on Mike Wallace

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Twins Maurkice and Mike Pouncey have both played with receiver Mike Wallace, who left the Steelers via free agency two years ago and was traded over the weekend by the Dolphins.  Both had strong words for the new Vikings receiver in an interview with CBS 4 in Miami.

In my opinion, he’s a coward,” Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey said, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.  “I never want a guy on my team like that, man, to walk out on your band of brothers.”

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey painted with a broader brush.

“Obviously our organization felt the way about some guys that they got those guys out of our football team,” Mike Pouncey said.  “I think it was the right move for everybody.”

Here’s the quick clip.  More is coming later today from CBS 4.

86 responses to “Pouncey twins tee off on Mike Wallace

  1. It doesn’t matter how quiet we stay every offseason in FA, Maurkice has to say or do something to draw attention to the Steelers lmao

  2. They hate him ‘cuz they aint him. I dont care what anyone says Mike Wallace is a very solid reciever. He’s a deep threat à la DeSean Jackson but what do you expect him to do with noodle arm Tannehill as his QB? Its not Wallaces’ fault Tannehill couldnt hit him deep

  3. oh my god, I am a lifelong Steeler fan BUT Maurkice just needs to shut up and focus on football, so sick and tired of him and his even more idiotic brother flapping off at the lips.

  4. I wonder if they were wearing their “Free Hernandez” hats?

    Mike, if they call you to hang out at a club and smoke a J in an abandoned lot, don’t do it!

  5. Besides Maurkice knows that if the Steelers let him test free agency he’d take whoever paid the most and leave ” his band of brothers” in pittsburgh in the rearview mirror.

  6. Were they wearing their “free Hernandez” gear when they said it? If not, then too bad – it makes them seem so much more credible and authoritative.

    Circus clowns.

  7. It sounds like this team needs to be examined for Foot In Mouth disease.

  8. These are two awful people in their own rights.

    They should keep silent.

  9. Both Pouncey boys are just dumb and have no class or character. I would rather have Mike Wallace as a coward on my team then two fat losers who support a murder.

  10. “No comment” is a reply to a question that the Pouncey Bros may never master.

  11. If Wallace is so good why did one team let him leave with no compensation and another team let him go for next to nothing?

  12. Mike was the one who said the “coward” comments. Bogusly trying to tie the Steelers to that comment.

  13. band of brothers… note to Mr Pouncey (pick one) that demonstrates that you are drinking the Kool Aid a little to fast. Why don’t you go back in time and check how one of the greatest to ever play YOUR position was treated by the Steelers in Mike Webster. Band of Brothers my ass. Don’t beLIEve all that stuff about the trenches etc… Please my friend, they will cut you the minute you no longer are able to report to duty and perform at the same level… Band of Brothers changes every year I guess.

  14. I’m not a fan of Hernandez, but he hasn’t been found guilty. That said, I’m not scared of them (or at least Maurkice) being brutally honest. He said he was glad Blount got kicked out of the team, and well, Wallace IS a coward. You don’t bench yourself when your team needs you the most.
    And yeah, they might be dumb to everyone here because those hats, but if you have your friend incarcerated my guess is you got to at least show some support. obviously they didn’t know the whole story behind the arrest, but at least they supported their long time friend before jumping to the media bandwagon.

  15. I think the Pouncey brothers laugh at everyone who took their (dark) joke seriously.

  16. When you’re the best center in the league, you can say whatever you want. Maurkice speaks the truth, whether you approve of his off-field character or not.

  17. Stick to spending all day bent over with another man’s hand in your crotch and keep the character evaluations to yourselves.

  18. I’m a Steelers fan and think Mike Wallace made a mistake leaving pittsburgh, ended up for the best though. But, Hard to hear the Pounceys talk about character.

  19. They make it sound like Wallace should be a viking, by fitting in with the vikings locker room culture…

    As the Packers lead the league in arrests this offseason

  20. northpackalacky says:
    Mar 17, 2015 4:00 PM
    Like everyone else in the forum, I too would like to make a reference to “Free Hernandez” hats.

    LOL Perfect. Noticed the same thing… Dozens of people didn’t care if they’d been beaten to the punch. They wanted to say it that badly, originality be damned!

  21. What’s with the Dolohins getting big time wr then trading them a year or 2 later?

  22. How about this, when you thought he was being a coward you should have called him out right then and there. I love how people wait until someone is gone and then start yappin about them.

  23. Whats the big deal. This is why you get politically correct boring answers to questions all the time. He had an opinion whats wrong with giving it? I don’t see a big issue here.

  24. “…your band of brothers.”
    You clowns aren’t the military. Stop making analogies that compared yourself to a group of men willing to get shot at for not even a tenth of your ridiculous °°°clown self makes for being a glorified sports entertainer. Know your role and shut your hole.

  25. @ Shinnbone

    I left them there. Sorry. I would’ve flushed but didn’t want to wake you.

  26. If Wallace is so great why did one team let him go for nothing and another team let him go for next to nothing?

  27. The packer trolls got in kind of late in the discussion today, I guess they’re losing a step in their old age! Might be time to cut you, then you can try and find another job with Oakland!

  28. I love how everyone points the “Free Hern” hats… as the Pouncey Pair doesn’t know what hey are talking about…. and maybe they aren’t the best judges of character.

    The Steelers let him walk without flinching, along with the fact that that the Phins didn’t mind turning him loose for a late round pick, and everyone wants to pretend that matters even less.

  29. Remember when these 2 open mouth kissed on draft day? They’re very close brothers who agree on everything.

  30. Well, I just saw the unedited interview. It’s obvious they are speaking of Mike Wallace.

    However, quitting halfway through a game or complaining so much that the coach sits you isn’t really cowardice. More like childish, extremely immature, and wholly selfish.

  31. lp5710 says:
    Mar 17, 2015 5:59 PM
    Wallace is a problem its no secret, will be a dog on the Vikings, should have re -did Jennings contract.

    I agree but since Rick is walking on Egg Shells he is trying to cover his hinder he is hoping people forget about the Jennings move that’s why he brought in Wallace. Thats why he tries to make the “splash” moves like trading back into the 1st round, or signing a big FA. Even though its a big reach, or spending too much money.

    He is going to say “Well look at the talent I get the coach to work with”

  32. For any of you saying Wallace left or moved on or ANYTHING like that.STEELER S LET HIM WALK,HE ALWAYS DROPPED BALLS IN THE END ZONE!

  33. Think I’ve seen Wallace drop more passes than he caught in Miami and most of those where his fault…. Glad he’s gone. Good offseason for miami. Kenny stills and Jarvis will be fine and another wr through the draft. If the o line is better this year and Albert has a healthy season. I see a playoff spot for miami.

  34. dabigh says:
    Mar 17, 2015 11:33 PM
    For any of you saying Wallace left or moved on or ANYTHING like that.STEELER S LET HIM WALK,HE ALWAYS DROPPED BALLS IN THE END ZONE!

    I hear you! People like to run around after the first week of FA and get their new players jersey ordered. If FAs leave the team, its because the TEAM was ok with them leaving. That’s why I dislike FA, because if the player was good and didn’t have issues of sort, the team would still want him, and actually try to keep them in almost every situation.

    Suh is great athlete.. but he wanted too much money. A guy like Randall Cobb wasn’t allowed to see FA Tuesday, because the Packers would NOT let him go. Murray from Dallas got the raw end of the deal, Dallas will point to the “cap space” but the fact is Dallas beat him into the ground, but the GM in Dallas isn’t as smart as many of the of others in the NFL

  35. Mike Pouncey seems like a tough guy “after the fact.”
    Why didn’t he say this before Wallace got traded, when everyone was wondering what was going on and how the players felt.

  36. “Insert obvious Hernandez joke”

    Oh wait, 30 other users already commented that.

    Original and necessary, thanks guys. It’s always funnier the 30th time you say the same thing everyone else already has…

  37. Not a fan of wallace..but for anyone to give an ear to those to lowlifes…geez, must be somethin happening..the lead dogs are in glendale..surely pft can get a relevant comment out there..you would think.

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