Report: Bruce Allen behind move to shelve D.C. radio show

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Perhaps it was unfair to point both barrels of the flamethrower of white-hot righteous indignation at Dan Snyder yesterday, just because a critic of his football team had a radio show canceled on the radio station Snyder owns.

After all, some of the blame, it appears, should go to team president Bruce Allen.

According to Washington Post media writer Paul Fahri, Allen was the driving force behind cancelling the “Man Cave,” the show hosted by former Washington Post beat writer Jason Reid.

Citing sources within Snyder-owned ESPN 980, the report says Allen “has been a key player in the events that buried” the show.

The nature of the disagreement between Allen and Reid is easy. Allen presided over a bad football team, and Reid was the man sent to chronicle it for the largest newspaper in town. The two aren’t meant to be pals.

But Allen was a frequent target of some of Reid’s sharpest barbs, such as after a loss to the Giants which dropped them to 3-11, prompting Reid to write: “The good news is that their embarrassing season is almost finished. The bad news is that President and General Manager Bruce Allen remains on the job.”

After the season, Reid wrote that the team “will remain on the wrong path as long as Allen is in charge.”

So, there’s that.

But the idea that Reid was going to have a show on Snyder’s station couldn’t have been a surprise. They’ve been promoting it for nearly a month. Reid left his job at the Post to work there, and write part-time columns for

In hindsight, there’s a certain frog-and-scorprion quality at play here, as tying your mortgage payment to someone you’ve ripped on a regular basis might not have been the best career move for Reid.

But it remains heavy handed and petty (though unsurprising) by Snyder, to take one of your harshest critics off the beat with the promise of a job, only to yank it away at the last moment.

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  1. Hilarious. Hate Allen if you want, but you got to be some kind of dummy to bag on your boss and expect a cookie later. Not just fired, shut down hahahaha!

  2. Many people take sports very personally. Even winning teams have endless critics. One would think Snyder would be used to the criticism by now, and it’s extremely petty of the organization to quash a show just because they don’t like this guy.

    There should be no expectation that a local sports talk station will only be positive toward the local teams. That’s ridiculous.

  3. At this point there is really no reason to keep Allen around. Its obvious to everyone that the man has no skills relevant to running a football team.

  4. Wow what a classless organization. I’m sure that guy has a family, house, car, etc to pay for… and because Allen’s feelings got hurt he canned him? #HTTR

  5. He walked around with his little press pass, trying to form an opinion with his little inside scoops, all along assuming it would be ok to bite the hand that feeds him. That’s not how it works in the real world. Welcome to it Reid.

    I stopped ordering that pack of Depends on the mid 90s and haven’t missed out on the news yet. I love how Bruce gave him the okie doke. It says “sure you can have a show here with us….sike!!! See ya dumbass.”

    Here in Washington, people like Reid get shown the door for less. I’d expect nothing less from the front office of Gods team. The Washington Redskins are a first class organization putting out a great product and a greater message. There is no space for fire starters, whistle blowers, and sneaky little media guys trying to find a way to stir things up.

    May God bless you all and may God continue to bless the Washington Redskins.

  6. Bruce Allen may be in the getaway car speeding away from the crime, but Snyder’s stubby little fingers are manipulating the puppet. I give Snyder credit for some good things with the Skins, but as long as he keeps up with the petty vendettas the Skins are doomed. And yes, I’m a Skins fan.

  7. This might be the most petty thing I’ve seen in a long time. The guy did his job, evaluate and discuss sports, and you fire him because he didn’t kiss your butt? Wow, lost all respect for Snyder and especially Allen.

  8. It’s a tough gig going from Jon Gruden’s lacky in Oakland and Tampa to having to prove you weren’t the reason for the messes left behind in both spots..apparently you were Bruce, apparently, you were….

  9. I applaud Bruce Allen for making this move.
    It’s interesting how PFT is vilifying the Redskins for this yet they advocate the shutdown of Fox News and conservative talk radio.

    So “free” speech is only ok as long as it fits the left-wing agenda, especially when it comes to sports radio. This is why Steve Czaban has had to go underground. He’s the ONLY Republican sports talk show host ANYWHERE, and he’s based in DC. His show is extremely entertaining, funny, intelligent, and politically incorrect (which I love).

  10. I used to think that this guy had the best interests of the team at heart, but after his embarrassing end of the year press conference, I came to realize he’s just a crony who will ultimately do anything to stay by Snyder’s side (and oh, make the $4mil a year that he makes).

    Including weak, cowardly stuff like this. What a slimeball.

  11. The timing was not accidental. Wait until he leaves his current job, string him along, then fire him. Snyder is a rotten, vindictive midget; and Allen is an incompetent coward that has no business running a football team.

  12. I’m sure Reid knew. There was some serious guaranteed money in that contract. Now they pay Reid big money to do nothing.

  13. The guy from the Washington newspaper has the right to rag on the Redskins if he wants. The owner of the team also has the right not to pay a guy who is so over the top about it.

  14. Did Reid get anything in writing? This sounds ripe for a lawsuit: Lure someone away from their existing job, then fail to employ them. Was there a contract?

  15. The people defending Jason Reid really don’t know his shtick the problem is not the bashes the skins everyone on the station does it the problem is that he attacks people personally. Let me ask you a question if you ran a station would you want someone who attacks you personally working for you?

  16. That being said Bruce Allen should have been gone when Scot McCloughan was hired to be the GM. They can anyone to cut the grass.I’m sure there are people who do it better then Bruce.

  17. This whole thing was one big plan to shut Reid up. You’ve got Reid slamming Allen, Snyder, and the lot day in and day out in the Post. So they offer him a Radio show to lewer him away from writing only to cancel it on him the Friday before it airs. Now he has no soapbox to stand on. But he does have 2 years of PTO…winner: Jason Reid.

  18. I’m confused by all the negativity. While I and the rest of the Redskins fan base all hate Snyder, this is a basic matter of private property and contract rights. If I owned a McDonalds franchise and one of my employees starts badmouthing McDonalds to my customers, I would fire him. If I commissioned the NBA and Donald Sterling started saying despicable things, I would ban him for life. When an individual joins an organizaton or business, they are agreeing to a contract not to embarass that organization or business. Reid is entitled to whatever beliefs he wants, he should just not espouse them while on-the-clock for Snyder.

  19. Here we go again. Offseason scuttlebutt that surfaces when games are not being played. Lets stick it to the Patriots and Redskins during the offseason cuz they needed to be hated more than they already are. Love it. Keep the BS rolling.

  20. If the Packers Ravens, Seahawks had done this to someone who bashes them all the time i’m sure they wouldn’t be getting the hate the Skins are. They would say good for those teams they shouldn’t have someone who is going to push his agenda on their airways am I right or am I wrong?

  21. What’s ever more petty is the nagging and griping that’s associated with the reporters reporting on the team. I swear if the team rescued a bunch of orphans the writers and ‘pile on’ artist would snipe about the building being burned.

    The Skins aren’t the Patriots, but come on they aren’t that disfunctional. Most of this BS is generated by lazy reporters and commented on by even lazier commentors who have nothing to do but make mountains out of mole hills.

    In re Reid; I’m glad he was fired. There is a difference between criticism that’s constructive and criticism that’s destructive. His was of the latter variety mixed in with his own personal agenda. Funny he thought that he could basically call for Bruce Allen’s head all season then think he could get/ keep a job with the same dude.

    If they snaked him so what? I have zero problem with it.

  22. Once again has anyone defending Jason Reid even heard the station? Everyone there bashes the Skins.Kevin Sheehan does it the most but the difference is no one personally attacks Dan Snyder personallythey focus on the many issues on the field.Jason Reid would have attacked Dan Synder and RG3 personally on the air too.

  23. 89% of the drama at redskins park has to do with Jordan Ried and his tabloid articles and sources. Of course he’s not going to be allowed to have a tabloid talk show on a redskins owned radio station. I’m glad he’s gone. He’s deserves the bad karma. I like the power move.

  24. That show was destined for failure anyway, so better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

    Reid is an absolute disaster on tv and radio. Even the promos for the show were uncomfortable to listen to. He should stick to writing and thank whoever got him fired for sparing him the embarrassment of his life.

    Chris Paul is straight up hood and Jason Reid is straight out of the Huxtable household. The world is a better place without this show.

  25. Seriously a Cleveland Brown fan talking about another team being classless? BTW Thank you for Ernest Byner 1n 1988.

  26. J Reid is a good dude, I just can’t believe he actually quit his job to host a radio show for Dan Snyder! What was he thinking; he’s smarter than that?!

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