Report: Colt McCoy staying with Washington


A free agent quarterback with starting experience is staying put.

Colt McCoy will re-sign with Washington, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

McCoy, 28, connected on 91-of-128 passes for 1,057 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions last season for Washington. He saw significant playing time in two of the club’s four wins, including its upset of Dallas. A mid-December neck injury ended his season.

Washington coach Jay Gruden has named Robert Griffin III the starting quarterback entering 2015, which leaves McCoy and Kirk Cousins as the club’s top reserve options.

32 responses to “Report: Colt McCoy staying with Washington

  1. He seems like a good guy, but he has “starting experience” the same way Little Danny has “owner experience.”

  2. The Redskins were probably his best bet. He could have gone to the Cleveland team and fought it out with a bunch of guys just like himself but he’s just an injury away from starting for the Redskins.

  3. Another well rounded classy individual signing on to play for the best organization in football. Obviously Colt wants to be a winner, otherwise he’d have gone elsewhere. God bless the Washington Redskins.

  4. I admire Colt – not given the physical gifts that the Gimmick that cost four draft choices possesses, he just keeps his mouth shuts and does what he can to help his team as best he can.

    Colt will never be anything more than a 50/50 QB – likely to win as many as he loses, but has the ability to run the offense as well as Kirk and both are lightyears more competent as PRO QB’s as Ginger Rogers Griffin – Kirk and Colt ran the full offense but Ginger had to have it dumbed down to Playskool level and he still failed.

    Before we slam Kirk and Colt, let’s remember that the four draft choice blunder has a 4 win 15 loss record in the last two years in games he managed to both start and finish.

    I do get the sense that maybe naming ginger the starter was only a rouse – deflect the heat until training camp and we know that Ginger melts under competition now that he has only one good leg.

    Now that there is a QB coach, we have to wonder how much growth we’ll get out of the three – past history says that Ginger is uncoachable and will never improve; Colt improved and Kirk has shown he has the talent – now if they can calm him down and not force things – but that was Brett Fav-ray’s problem too in his career – there is something there an no Redskin QB had more 20 yard or 50 yard completions than Kirk Cousins!

  5. Wish he would come to Dallas and sit behind Romo. No one has ever seen what he could do with a good team around him.

  6. I like this kid, honestly. He’ll probably end up starting in Week 5 though.

  7. I like Colt. But, we still should draft a qb. It doesn’t even have to be in the first round. A big kid from a small school in the later rounds of the draft would be good. RG has all kinds of talent, but until he can go 16 games without injury or benching/inconsistency we have to have a good plan b and plan c.

  8. The fact that they would sign him and have him, cousins, and RG3 on the roster makes me believe that all this washington won’t let Mariota fall past 5 talk as pure nonsense.

  9. If only your QB situation was as GREAT as the EAGLES. Sam Bradford is 1000 times BETTER than RGKnee, KirkBUST, and Colt McFOOL. If only washington had the BEST coach in the NFL – ICWT… i-c-w-t!….ICWT!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!#WASHINGTONBASEMENTDWELLERS #FAILTTR #4-12 LMAO
    (logicalvoicesays b bb bbut thats what I say)….

  10. Best QB on that roster, and not just because the compatition is Cousins/RGIII.

    That dude made plays last year. A lot of them. More importantly, he didn’t make bone-headed mistakes – wont force a play. He’s grown over the last few years. He has excellent leadership qualities, and commands the field well.

    He’s no Brady/Rodgers, but he’s solid enough to win if he has the pieces around him to work with (looking at you, O-line).

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