Report: Jermaine Gresham may need back surgery

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Tight end Jermaine Gresham is one of the few unsigned players left from PFT’s original list of the top 100 free agents this offseason and a back injury may be a big part of the reason why he hasn’t landed a job.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Gresham will be meeting with a doctor on Wednesday to determine whether or not he needs to have surgery to correct the problem. Per Rapoport, the injury was “discovered in the free agent process” and that Gresham could have the operation on Thursday if that’s what’s recommended on Wednesday.

Gresham would reportedly be healthy in time for camp, but it makes sense that a team would want to know that for sure before making any commitment to Gresham for the coming season. Gresham caught 62 passes for 460 yards and five touchdowns with the Bengals last season.

The Raiders were linked to Gresham early in the free agent process. They signed former Bill Lee Smith, but could still probably find a place for Gresham if he checks out medically.

26 responses to “Report: Jermaine Gresham may need back surgery

  1. Jermaine Gresham – taken by the Bengals in the 1st round, 21st overall.

    Rob Gronkowski – taken by the Patriots in the 2nd round, 42nd overall.

  2. He’s not a superstar but he’s a capable player. In retrospect that was a loaded TE draft. Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, Gresham, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta, Amthony McCoy, Clay Harbor, and a few more I’m forgetting.

  3. For all the armchair GMs out there, Gronkowski medical was a big red flag for teams at the time of the draft. The Pats gambled and won but they very easily could have gotten burned on that.

  4. rob471773 says:
    Mar 17, 2015 4:18 PM
    This guy was drafted ahead of Rob Gronkowski. Good call Cincy.

    Gronk had back surgery in college I think but in any event was damaged goods. Anyone would have taken Gresham over Gronk. Now Jimmy Graham? That’s a valid argument

  5. Ras-I Dowling…drafted in the second round of the 2011 draft, taken 33rd overall.

    Aaron Williams, Jabal Sheard, Brooks Reed, Kyle Rudolph, Rahim Moore, Stefan Wisniewski, Orlando Franklin…all drafted in the 2nd round after Dowling was picked.

    They also took Shane Vereen, over guys like Randall Cobb, Torrey Smith, Justin Houston, Demarco Murray, etc.

    They also took Jermaine Cunningham over Carlos Dunlap, Sean Lee and Golden Tate.

    There’s also drafting Taylor Price over Navorro Bowman, Jimmy Graham. They drafted Aaron Hernandez, over Geno Atkins, Kam Chancellor, and Greg Hardy.

    Do you see where I am going with this? We can play this game for ANY team, every single draft…it happens all the time.

  6. Ohhh, I see – here’s ANOTHER one of those FAs the Raiders seemed to miss on, according to the haters. Could it be that maybe part of the reason he spent TWO DAYS in Oakland with the team was because Reggie was actually doing his due diligence? As the article mentions above, it was during the FA process that this injury came to light.

    Kind of like Saffold last year – detected a shoulder problem that – surprise – came up during the regular season. Reggie’s issue then was that he had already put out the contract. Looks like he’s learned from that mistake.


  7. Guy needs some courage too. Never seen a guy run out of bounds or hit the ground one yard short of a first down just to avoid contact.

  8. Yeah? How about Matt Schaub, Maurice Jones-Drew, Lamar Woodley, Matt Flynn, Kevin Burnett, Josh Cribbs, Carlos Rogers…and a host of others that failed.

    They sure might be getting better, they seem to draft decently…but to sit there and act like the Oakland Raiders are a model franchise when it comes to free agency? That’s just downright wrong and way off. Lol.

  9. vincentbojackson says:
    Mar 17, 2015 4:47 PM
    Guy needs some courage too. Never seen a guy run out of bounds or hit the ground one yard short of a first down just to avoid contact.

    You must not have watched Franco Harris then

  10. I’ve seen comments about JG avoiding contact in this section and others. I’m no fan of his ( Cinci is my team though ), however you haven’t seen him play if that’s your belief.

  11. well now we all know why he spent a day at Raiders HQ and never signed anything only to go missing for a few days. I wonder if Darren Waller would be a worth a look at as a late rd pick, and convert him to a TE.

  12. buffalosoldier – I”m unsure where you acquired the mistaken impression that I was implying the Raiders were a “model franchise” – although, that’s using the language of, and a perception that comes from, a simple hater. You read ‘Raiders’ and just HAVE to toss out an ill-thought opinion to show a bit of ‘wit’.

    Read my post again. Carefully. You seem to fit the mold on what I was referring to.

    I”ll make the assumption by your handle that you’re a Bills fan. Being from SW Ontario, I’m quite familiar with that franchise and enjoy making my way out to one of your home games a year. Great fan-base in Buffalo! However, you’re one of the LAST teams that I’ll take ANY grief from when it comes to trolling the Raiders on what a successful franchise does.

    Had you stuck with Doug instead of Rob, maybe that playoff drought wouldn’t be so painfully long…I can see where the bitterness comes from.

  13. Guy was awesome his 1st two years….but his lack of focus (i.e. Dropped balls, holding & offside penalties, fumbles) the last few years have been costly.

  14. The Bengals demand a guy who can block. Neither Gronk or Graham are anywhere near the blocker Gresham is. He was a big part of the Bengals rushing attack and durable until this season

  15. Gresham an absolute beast in college besides Gronks back injury senior year made gresham choice a no brainer pick by the bengals – that said, his lack of focus with off side penalities, drop balls, and wrong routes last couple of years follow him in NFL. Good effort guy after the catch but doesn’t take careof the ball fighting for extra yards and coughs it up numerous times

  16. As a Raiders fan, I am glad we didn’t sign him. I would rather re-sign Zack Miller!

  17. Good timing JG, back surgery right before OTA’s and camps start up.

    Somebody please take him off our hands!
    I’d even take a good ball boy for the guy at this point. JG has hands of stone and a head to match.

  18. The guy is a head case. Ever read his tweets? Dude is depressed and needs to get some serious help before he does something stupid. This is the guy who wanted to be by himself with no cameras, family or anything on draft day. He was the only 1st rounder that didn’t have cameras there to film his reaction. He’s just a weird guy and continued to be weird while he was here in Cincy. Then when he couldn’t hold onto the ball and started committing penalties constantly, that made it worse. And last year he was found to be healthy just before a game and then he took himself out of the game saying he couldn’t play. That was the last straw with him here. So buyer beware, on top of his back injury, he’s a real head case and needs help.

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