Colts propose allowing teams to “go for three” after TDs

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If the NFL adopts an odd rule proposal from the Colts, a nine-point game will be a one-possession game.

The Colts will propose a new rule at next week’s league meeting that would allow teams to try for a “bonus point” after a successful two-point conversion. So if a team lines up for a two-point conversion attempt and succeeds, that team would then line up at the 32-yard line and try a 50-yard field goal. If the kick is good, the team would get one point, for a total of nine points on the possession: six on the touchdown, two on the conversion and one on the bonus kick.

The proposal is, for now, just to try the rule during the preseason. If it’s successful in the preseason, in the future it could be considered in the regular season. It’s not unusual for the league to try out new rules in the preseason; last year the league experimented with making extra points harder in preseason games.

It’s a strange rule, and according to Competition Committee co-chair Jeff Fisher, it’s the first time in many years that a significant change in scoring has been proposed. It seems awfully unlikely that the proposal will pass.

But if it does pass, we’ll have to stop saying teams are “going for two” and start saying teams are “going for three.”

201 responses to “Colts propose allowing teams to “go for three” after TDs

  1. A great way to add another commercial break in between scoring plays.

    Score a touchdown, commercial
    Extra point, commercial
    Extra Extra point, commercial

    And the fans, finding a new sport

  2. Yes, with Andrew Luck, it’s no wonder they’d propose that.
    All Opposed? Texans, Jets, Bills, Eagles, Bears, and Browns.

  3. I hate change to the game itself but this sounds interesting to me. Especially if their gonna narrow the goal posts on the kickers for no other reason other than they’re good at what they do might as well give them another chance to score to balance it out.

  4. It would only make sense if they also had to announce their intention to do it before the 2 point conversion, which would then result in the 2 point conversion from being attempted from the 16 and a half yard line, but two of the players in the formation would need to be defensive players, including at least one defensive lineman as an eligible receiver but if the defensive lineman caught the pass, the points would only count if he was also able to lateral the ball to an ineligible offensive player.

    Otherwise, it just seems like a confusing rule change.

  5. Cannot wait to see the comments on this one. about an additional point for banking it off the upright, if you call it? Looks like some are still feeling the effects of St. Patty’s day.

  6. This is almost as absurd as packer fans claiming to be owners because they bought ‘stock’.

  7. Shouldn’t the Colts be more concerned with finding a way to not give up 50 points every time they play a competent offense?

  8. I love the Colts, but I can already see about 50 comments about how Jim Irsay must be smoking something when it comes to this rules change!

  9. Bizarre. Why don’t we stick to fixing the problems we know about before we introduce opportunities for new problems to occur?

  10. And maybe after the team succeeds the 3 point conversion a clown runs out onto the field and if they can catch the clown under 2 minutes they get an additional 5 points….

  11. Remember NBA Jam and you could hit a 4 point play if you were on the 4 point icon while it was flashing its gonna be like that I say if your gonna do a 3 point play make it a 50 yard hail Mary play in that your qb has to sling it from the 50 yard line and just see what happens

  12. I would prefer they eliminate the one point conversion of the kick all together. Instead make the team either run or pass and get 2 points or nothing. The extra points would keep fans in their seats for the attempt as opposed to running to the bathroom!

  13. Guess they weren’t satisfied with the prospect of losing 88-0 to the Pats next year…

  14. If you’re gonna go that route, why not make the 2-pt conversion from the 5 yard line. Give the scoring team the option to go for 4 points from the 15 yd line as well? Or the 8 point try from the 25 yd line. One play. Have to cross the goal line. That’s it. All pre-snap penalties apply.

    Would make coming back from a bigger deficis interesting.

  15. Will all PAT attempts be reviewable? By coaches and fans? And the play-by-play person? And the Hague?

    Because if not, then I’m adamantly opposed to this rule change.

  16. I’m surprised this didn’t come from Peyton Manning. He might have hung 9 on the Seahawks in the SB!

  17. How about having a team line up at their own one-yard line and try to score? They could make it a 40 point play.

    Maybe that way the Colts will have a chance when they play the Patriots next season.

  18. This actually makes way more sense than the current rule. I may be biased as a fan of the only team stupid enough to “waste” a first round pick on the best kicker of all time in Sebastian Janikowski. I’m all for putting some more pressure on the kicker and making the conversion more appealing.

  19. From a tactical standpoint as a Colts fan, I do NOT like this proposed rule change. This rule change would help teams with lackluster offenses to catch up at the end of games where they’d normally be out of it. It means three relatively easy points on just two plays (and very little clock usage). If you have a high powered offense (as the Colts do), a top flight quarterback who will be a league leader for the next 10-15 years (as the Colts do), and a mediocre defense (as the Colts do), this is the last rule change you would ever want to see. The Colts can score 5 conventional touchdowns and rack up 35 traditional points, and a desperado team could score 4 touchdowns and “go for it” each time, thereby winning 36-35. No thank you.

  20. Cool. But you should take away 1 or 2 points if the 50 yard attempt then misses.

  21. I’m not surprised the Colts would like this since they are always down by 30 in big games. Like the championship game. What a joke.

  22. The NFL was founded 94 years ago, and it was a great game. Now with Roger Goodell at the helm, they can’t find a thing they don’t want to change about the game.

    Leave it alone!

  23. patinphilly’s comment about 50 yard FGs got me thinkin’:

    Why not make FGs more pivotal:
    Make FG: +3pts
    Miss FG: -3pts

    This would be a much more crucial decision to be made by coaches and would also put more emphasis on obtaining good kickers.

  24. 1 point for Field Goals up to 19 yards on the spot of the hold, 2 points for 20-29 yards, 3 points for 30-39 yards, 4 points 40-49, 5 points 50-59, 6 points anything over 60 yards

  25. Ridiculous … How about if you miss the 50-yd FG, you also loses the points scored on the 2-pt conversion, but if you make it you get double the points?

    Then take the ball back 5 yards for a 55-yd FG and repeat for another double or nothing. Rinse and repeat. If you have a good kicker, no lead would be safe.

  26. I think we should run the clock the whole game, not allow teams to stop the other team from scoring, increase the number and frequency of commercials and then structure the game so that at the end of it you eliminate the advantage of scoring more than your opponent during the game.

  27. How about “make it, take it” like basketball on the playground. The kicker can keep making 1 point, 5o yard kicks as long as he can.

    Might make those 20 point games more interesting.


  28. The Colts are also suggesting that you could get an additional bonus point if you kicked the 50-yarder with a Nerf football. Irsay must have broke out the good stuff with this one.

  29. “And if they score that bonus point they could then do a three-legged egg and spoon race from mid-field to the endzone for double bonus points and if THAT is successful they could then attempt a game of tug of war and” *Colts medical staffers interrupt Mr. Irsay and briskly escort him from the Rule Proposal meeting while apologizing profusely to the other meeting members*

  30. The two-point conversion was great. I’d even be in favor of awarding 2 points for FGs 50 yards or longer. But adding a kick after a 2-point conversion is a frankensteined concept that needs to die.

  31. It would probably make people more likely to go for two even when they don’t need it because a 50 yard third point is 75%+

    I’d say let them go for three by starting at the 20 with one play to score.

  32. With the added caveat that the extra extra point must be kicked within 10 seconds of the previous play expiring.

  33. Why not go for 10 points!? After the extra point FG maybe have the opposing coaches run the 40 yard dash. Imagine Andy Reid against Belichick running their butts off. Of course Belichick would probably tie Reids shoelaces together.

    stop changing our NFL

  34. I do not like that proposal, but I would like to see the following changes made.

    When a Team Scores a TD and either goes for a 2 point conversion or extra point kick, if there is a fumble, interception or blocked kick and the other team has the ball, the play should NOT be called dead, the other Team should have the right to attempt to score. Then, if no score, the ball should be down at the point of the tackle and the Team should proceed from there!

  35. And then should the extra 3rd point kick miss or be blocked, it can be returned by the opposing team for 3 points to negate the 2 point conversion…

    Canada likes it.

  36. Well, if they like that idea they will love mine. Going for six after you score three. After kicking a successful field goal you get a chance to score six more points by putting it in the five yard line. If you score a TD from there you also then get to try the two pointer and the bonus point. It’s like 12 points in total! Oh how awesome would that be?

    Sorry. I will go throw myself in front of a bus now.

  37. I think it’ll ultimately fail because of the time taken to execute all these points during the game. It’ll definitely slow it down.

  38. or if you decide to go for the 3rd point and miss the 50 yard field goal… the opposing team gets the ball at the 50 yard line… no kick off… no concussions. win win

  39. It’s like one of those informercials,
    BUT WAIT, there’s more !
    Looks like they are sending everybody out in pairs in potato sacks, my god they are going for 6 extra.
    BUT WAIT, theres more!
    The kicker is in high heels !
    BUT WAIT, ….

  40. So it will go something like this. Touchdown, TV timeout, commercials, two point conversion, TV timeout, commercials, 3rd point attempt, TV timeout, commercials, kickoff.
    Mark me down as a “no”.

  41. How about the QB has to shotgun a beer and then go for a 2 point conversion. If he succeeds, he gets 3 points.

    More Irsay’s style


    piazzajordan2 says:
    Mar 18, 2015 2:41 PM
    They needed a 39 pointer to beat the Pats in the AFC championship

    Well Indy is trying to bridge the gap … but 39 pointer would be with a fully deflated ball.

  43. Nothing quite like losing that 21-3 lead on a late td, 2-pointer, extra extra pointer, onside kick, hail mary td, 2-pt conversion and extra extra pointer. Which is pretty much how the Packers blew the game vs. Seattle, isn’t it?

  44. They already tried having an XFL ,Jim. It didn’t work.

    Now, drop the Johnny and sober up.

  45. I don’t understand how that rule could possilbly help the game. The mandate of the competition comittee is not to invent a new sport. It’s to preserve the sport of football. This rule has nothing to do with the current sport. A bonus point? Really?

  46. I like the multiple ball idea proposed in another post. On extra points a team lines up two centers side by side with two QBs. If one player scores it’s 2 points, if both score it’s 4 points. If the coach sneaks in an extra ball (you know who you are) it could end up as 6 points. then the clown car drives onto the field and 11 clowns jump out to kick off.

  47. This is idiotic.

    Maybe if they approve this they’ll finally adopted that multiball thing from that football robots arcade game from the 90’s.

  48. When asked why he did it, Woody Hayes said; “Because the rules won’t let you go for three.”

  49. so if on the 50 yard extra point the snap is bobbled and the holder gets up and runs it in for a TD would that be a 1, 2 or 6point play?

  50. Smacks of the Arena Football League! How about instituting the basketball rule allowing you to get the ball at mid-field if you call a time out? Seriously, change if you must for safety reasons ,but leave the dang game alone.

  51. I think the Deflategate investigation officially became Framegate.

    The Colts are throwing out ridiculous ideas like this so that they can say,”…we framed the Patriots? That’s impossible! Look at this new idea we have for a 3 point play…how can you possibly think that anyone who would propose this 3 point play could be smart enough to frame Bill Belichick and Tom Brady?”

    We’ll see what Wells has to say in the next week or so.

  52. After the 2-pts, lets go for another 3-pts by kicking a FG from 1 yard further than the NFL record. Everytime a kicker breaks the record, the 3-pts moves back another yard the week after. This could be a real FG, so the opponent could return it for a TD.

    Dangerous, but still a potential 11-points TD!

    Oh… and don’t forget to give the opportunity to challenge this play. I don’t know how, but we, football fans, want more red flags.

  53. Leave the game ALONE!! are all of you people on crack??? we have loved the dam#@$ game for nearly a hundred years as a game with limited GIMMICKS!!!!!!!!!

  54. That’s not a fair rule….

    Teams generally go for two out of necessity…and if they make it, you want to reward them by giving them a 52 yarder for an extra point ??

    What do they have to lose at that point ???

    If that’s the case….

    Make it so as if they miss the 52 yarder. They lose the 2 points they just got…

    Otherwise it’s moronic

  55. Slapshot says:
    Mar 18, 2015 3:04 PM
    Why not even 4 points for packing up and leaving for another city in the middle of the night?////////////////////////////////////////
    THAT was funny and stinging at the same time. Well done sir.

  56. I like it. People just don’t like change. It would def make the game more exciting, that’s for sure.

  57. How about instead of a PAT *normal* kick, the leading team has to perform a drop kick. Trailing teams, or if both teams are tied, PAT can be a normal kick.

    We’d get Flutie back on the field this way…

  58. The problem with the longet X-point they tried last year , was that it took away the possibility of converting 2 points out of a fake FG or a muffed snap.

  59. jvibottomline says:
    Mar 18, 2015 2:58 PM

    1 point for Field Goals up to 19 yards on the spot of the hold, 2 points for 20-29 yards, 3 points for 30-39 yards, 4 points 40-49, 5 points 50-59, 6 points anything over 60 yards


    So in other words the less effective your offense was in moving the ball down the field the more points they get for a FG? Seems to reward the ineffective.

  60. … after the bonus kick, the 2 QBs play rock, paper, scissors, while the two coaches play tic toc toe. If the kicking team QB’s loses in the rock, paper, scissors, but their coach wins in tic tic toe, the lead cheerleader of the kicking team goes arm wrestling with the other team’s lead cheerleader. If the kicking cheerleader loses, the other team get the point. If the other team’s lead cheerleaders wins, her team get the point. Why stop the insanity?

  61. I think they should be able to continue kicking the xtra xtra point until they miss. If they do miss the kicker has to be the passenger in Irsays car on the following Saturday night!

  62. Leonard Nimoy is rolling over in his grave. Irsay pulled the Royal Fizbin card out from the bottom of the deck. Extra points are worth only one point, but if Halloween falls on a Sunday, extra points will be worth 2.5 points.

  63. My instinct is to oppose this suggestion. But I would be interested to hear Bill Belichick’s opinion. He understands what is right for the game and also knows what is wrong. His judgement is near perfect.

  64. The Colts are proposing a rule change during the offseason.
    Maybe they should just break the rules during season like the Patriots.

  65. Someone once made a bet with a person that they could not get President Calvin Coolidge to say 3 words or more. That person met Coolidge and told him the bet and the President said, “You lose.”

    You want more than two points after a TD?

    You lose.


  66. While we’re at it, how about GOING FOR FOUR? after you convert the 2 pt, and hit the 50 yd FG for another 1 pt, if the QB can successfully throw the ball from the 50 yard line through a human tire created by the offensive line at the 5 yard line, then you get 1 pt.

    However the opposing team will be armed with 5 footballs at the sidelines, and if they can successfully hit the other teams ball in mid-air it will subtract 2 points!

    I want to thank Jim Irsay and his narcotically-fueled ideas for inspiring me on devising ways to improve the league!

  67. I like how the NFL thinks about things and thinks outside the box. Why not just make going for 2 count for 3 points? Then you give teams even more incentive to go 4 it.

    Lets not forget whats important. What PSI are the footballs….

  68. That one extra play just makes the game longer.
    Why not just give the option of one 3 point play.
    Put the ball down on at least the 50 yard line and have a 60 yrd PAT kick?

  69. The only logical proposal to eliminate the extra point is each time a team scores it’s 7 points. If they attempt a two point conversion and succeed they end up with 8. If they fail they end up with 6. It makes perfect sense and it eliminates the goal post issue.

  70. Admittingly Colts owner Jim Irsay tells everyone they were punked and he was completely obilivated when he suggested it. Laughing afterwards he says did anyone agree to it? Bc I actually was serious. And he snorted the rest of his coke. True story.

  71. I have a few proposals: (a) award the SB champion an extra $10 million under the cap. (b) Instead of having a win and loss column, weight each win or loss by the strength of opponent at the time of play. If you beat a 10-1 team, then multiply 1 by 10/11 for your total take for that game. (c) Instead of 6 points for reaching the endzone, add additional points for each drive by yardage gained. So it’s 6 plus. If no TD is scored you can still get points. Eliminate field goals.

    How am I doing?

  72. OH M Y GOD how pathetic is the Colts management. While they are at it they also want running the ball outlawed since they stink at stopping it.

  73. OMG…it appears he found some prescription bottles with refills remaining.

    I suggested this in another thread and it got shot to hell.

    To entice a team to go for 2, why not let them kickoff from the 40 yard line after the attempt. This makes a touchback almost a sure thing…but it also allows a team who is behind to go for an onside kick with less risk (the opposing team would get the ball around mid-field).

    If a team only wants to go for a PAT, then they have to kickoff from the 30. This will allow their opponent to run the kickoff back and get better field position.

    I think this would create a lot more 2 pt conv attempts and fewer PATs….without bonus points for longer FGs…or narrower uprights (which also makes regular FG’s more difficult).

  74. or…just make a TD worth 7 pts. If an opponent wants to go for the extra point…they can…but if they miss it then they only get 6 pts.

    But…that doesn’t really add much to the game as far as making it more exciting by enticing teams to go for 2. All it does it make PATs go away.

  75. Teams would be scrambling to sign the top kickers in the league. Salaries would surely go up significantly for the top guys.

    Kickers on an indoor team you would think have the advantage, 8 home games a year they get to kick indoors, I’m sure that has been brought up.

    I doubt it will happen but it would be interesting to watch LOL

  76. There is only a handful of kickers that can Make a 50 yarder, and One of them Happens to Play for the Raiders. I am of course speaking of SeaBass him self Sebastian Janikowski

  77. I don’t see a rational reason to be against this besides for reasons of tradition. Still, I’d prefer that they keep it the way it is.

  78. How about a punt, pass and kick contest for 5 points as long as it’s within 3 minutes of a game totaling at least 35 points and a spread of under 7?

  79. Lets replace the goal line with a moat

    Put a windmill in front of the goalposts

    put sandtraps at 39 yardline

    make the field hourglass shaped

  80. I think my idea makes better sense. 1 pt conversions are removed from the game. You have to go for 2 on all touchdowns. However, on all kick-offs, any one drilling the ball through the posts gets a point. This would be good on field goals too and would keep kickers valid despite no longer doing extra points.

  81. Make all Free Kicks (ie. Kickoffs) worth 1 point. Then consider moving the kickoff to midfield after a 2 point conversion, ala the Colts plan.

    Or simply make the non-kicking conversion more appealing by putting the ball on the 1 or making it a 3-pt conversion.

  82. Maybe the Colts should focus more on defense first, and not asinine rule changes to score more points. Just a thought.

  83. With everyone freaking out, I would assume this is being proposed not as something they actually feel will pass, but more or less a way to give teams more of a reason to go for two this preseason and if they convert, allowing the kicker to still get game experience with a 50 yard field goal try. I say make it a preseason only rule.

  84. Did Irsay make this stuff up?? Was he high as a kite on Xanax and Lortab??? 🙂

  85. Do the 1 point and the 2 point conversions the same way. But if a team wants a 3-pointer make it so the kicker has to have his back to the endzone, the holder is behind and to the side of the kicker. The ball is snapped to the holder who flips it to the kicker who then has to bicyle kick the ball through the uprights soccer style, never even seeing if he made it!

    This same rule could also be applied for 4 or 5 point field goals.

  86. Sure, do it. But make all MISSED kicks negative points. Miss an extra point -1, miss a field goal -3. Teams will go for it more on short yardage.

  87. I like it. We can always make the game more fun to watch. No one likes to tune out of a game that is out of reach. We adopted the 2 pt conversion and the earth didn’t melt as a result.

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