Denarius Moore to visit Jets

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The Jets may not be done adding to their wide receiver corps after trading for Brandon Marshall.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team will host Denarius Moore for a visit on Thursday. Moore has spent the last four years with the Raiders, who drafted him in the fifth round of the 2011 draft.

Moore’s chief weapon in the NFL has been his speed, which is something the Jets could use to round out a receiving group topped by Marshall, Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley. The issue for Moore has been getting his speed to translate into consistent on-field production.

He caught 12 passes for just 115 yards last season as he played in 10 games and saw his role in the Raiders offense drop. He made 35 starts in his first three seasons and caught 130 passes for 2,054 yards and 17 touchdowns.

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  1. Good luck D Moore!!!! Hopefully, the change of scenery will rejuvenate you.

    This guy started off great and his game seemed to just hit a wall, but in all fairness with all the changes my Raiders went thru, that would affect any young player.

    When he plays, the kid is good and can make great catches!

  2. He was supposed to be a T.Y. Hilton before there was a T.Y. Hilton. But he never panned out.

  3. I always liked DM but his production on the field never lived up to the hype about him. Would have liked to see him put some more effort into his games rather than, what appears to have been, resting on his reputation for “speed.” He seems to have a Trent Richardson mentality with regard to his efforts at game time.

  4. People are so weird. Denarius Moore had every opportunity to take over as the #1 guy in Oakland and he simply didn’t want it. He’s that guy. Hate to say it but… good riddance, D – hope you find your hands, heart and head in NY.

  5. He’s a speed guy who can make great catches down field, primarily on the perimeter.

    What he’s not is a clutch receiver, you don’t look for him on a 3rd and 5 slant.

    He’s a good kid though and I wish him nothing but the best.

  6. Very interested in this move. Ideally you’d like to fill all your holes before the draft so you can prioritize the best player available and like the OP said Jets still need that speed at the wideout position.

    He has shown flashes in the past.

  7. I would like this as a depth move.

    The media and other NFL fans are underrating the Jets. On offense they add Marshall who takes the attention away from Kerley, Decker, and teams won’t be focusing their attention on Ivory either, they also give Fitz or Geno a go to guy out there. The OC runs a spread offense which Geno has experience with in college and has worked with Ryan Fitzpatrick in the past. They have a need at OG but Aboushi, Dozier, and Winters will be battling for that spot and odds are one of them will be a solid addition and filling that need.

    The defense will be good as Cromartie and Revis have a great relationship together and it’s all up to Skrine and Gilchrist being all in with the system and learning from the guys they play with. Milliner and McDougle will also learn from these guys as well. If this goes to plan that defense is top 3 IMO with A LOT of depth

    Add a pass rusher, LT to groom behind ferguson and maybe another WR to benefit from Marshall and Decker and that is a playoff team.

  8. Notice how Raider fan says it was all Moore’s fault, had nothing to do with the worst run sporting team in all of sports. So there you have it folks. Raiders were 3-13 all because of Moore.

  9. the raiders begged for him to be their #1 WR but he just doesn’t have the clutch talent to do it. okay #2, solid #3.

  10. babygaga19 says: Mar 18, 2015 6:43 PM

    Notice how Raider fan says it was all Moore’s fault, had nothing to do with the worst run sporting team in all of sports.
    Somebody needs to change their meds.

    Moore is talented, just inconsistent. And last season he seemed to have a real confidence problem. He couldn’t even return kicks without getting the yips.

  11. He never played another snap since Derek Carr screamed at him after the ball hit him in the chest and bounced off of him for a game ending interception against the Patriots.

  12. Look at the past SB wins, the teams that won had legitimate QB’s. You will be lucky to have a winning record let alone a chance at getting to the SB with Geno and Fitz as your QB.

    Still cant get over someone defending the Jets QB’s as being good lol

  13. babygaga19 says:

    Mar 18, 2015 6:43 PM

    Notice how Raider fan says it was all Moore’s fault, had nothing to do with the worst run sporting team in all of sports. So there you have it folks. Raiders were 3-13 all because of Moore.

    Yes we were 3-13 because of Moore, If he had caught that pass in New England we would have won and been 4-12 and maybe had given the team confidence and fired them up as they beat a play off caliber team, I liked D.Moore, but he was just too inconsistent, I wanted him to be the man but it seemed like he didn’t believe in him self that he could be, good luck tho where ever the wind may take him

  14. Have to say this guy was in the dog house last year…….as much as we have a needs for WR’s, it obvious that as great as those needs are, we don’t need him…….who really knows what , when, why, etc….just a fact.

  15. He’s only lacking confidence and drive. He has the talent, but like so many “talented” players, they never seem to get over the hump.

  16. I’d say it’s 50% Dennis Allen and the coaching staffs fault, and 50% his fault for his demise in Oakland. I bought a Denarius Moore jersey after his rookie season. Then he just seemed to totally fizzle out. But he had no veteran guidance, a losing culture, and no real qb’s (until Carr, but still Carr was a rookie). Appeared that his motivation and confidence just disappeared. Wouldn’t be surprised to see his career get rejuvenated, although idk if NY is the best place for him to do that

  17. I liked this guy a lot, but he was an unfulfilled promise. Very streaky and inconsistent, he would do some really great things, then disappear. Maybe if he’d had a good offense to learn from instead of the mess that was his first 3 years in Oakland he’d be a better player than he is now. He’s a Leicester of a good offense, but not a number 1 guy at this point. I hope he can catch on in a good place, like Indy or maybe Miami, but the Jets QB situation is not good for him. Good luck, DM. Wish it had worked out better.

  18. he crashed onto the scene his rookie year when he made 2 great TD receptions against Buffalo and he went on to have a pretty good season that year…but then he got into the dog house with HEAD Coach and you can see in his face he wasnt happy not making excuses for the kid but he does have talent I hope for his sake and family a change of teams does him good…shame to waste that talent we all seen from him few years ago..GOOD LUCK to him …

  19. After a spectacular rookie season, he was exploded on a play and was concussed. He has never been the same. Doesn’t wanna fight for the ball, he actually seems like he does not want the ball at all. That’s a huge problem for a receiver to have. I wish him well. Hopefully he get his game back, we miss it sorely in Oaktown. Go Raiders!!

  20. Well, I could see him contributing to a team with a solid passing game, something the Jets certainly don’t have.

  21. Toadman has done a heck of a job in getting Carr some new weapons. He still has none. But how bout that new center? Slight upgrade over the old one. Damn, impressive move!

  22. He was a beast in 2011 (rookie year i think)…after that, nothing special.

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