Dolphins hope Ndamukong Suh becomes a recruiting tool


The Dolphins landed the big fish in free agency.

But they hope that after doing so in the past, this one actually nets more players.

The hope is the massive contract they gave defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will help them land other players, who want to work with him.

“I think the NFL works like that because you want to be surrounded around a lot of great players,” recently signed cornerback Brice McCain told Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “When the Dolphins brought in Suh, it’s going to be very inspiring to a lot of other free agents to know that they’ve got him in front of them, or can play with him.”

Likewise, tight end Jordan Cameron said he thought the deal sent a positive message to other players around the league that the Dolphins were serious.

“It’s just the fact that they’re getting guys here and they are pushing for young talent and building,” Cameron said. “[Suh] is a building block. You need guys like that to win ball games. Obviously, you can see this organization is doing a great job of bringing guys in to make that happen.”

Of course, the Dolphins have gone out and thrown money around before. They spent big to sign wide receiver Mike Wallace two offseasons ago before trading him to the Vikings for spare change. But they think Suh’s a different creature, one which will cause players to want to follow him to Miami.

Of course, they better take advantage of that quickly, before his salary cap numbers become the things that keep players from being able to.

57 responses to “Dolphins hope Ndamukong Suh becomes a recruiting tool

  1. What does it matter if he lures other players to the Dolphins when his contract will make it impossible to sign anyone? The cupboard is bare my friend!

  2. He is going to have to be the greatest recruiter of all time then.

    He has to somehow convince NFL Free agents to go to Miami and play for free because he, himself eats up the entire cap.

  3. Recruiting tool: come to Miami and play with the “great Suh”…oh, and here’s your league minimum deal….he’s getting all the cash.

    What a great advertisement…lol

  4. This is just as funny\ironic as when he said we needed to add more pieces in his introductory press conference just as we had jettisoned several vets to clear the way. Is the plan to have him pay for new players out of his own pocket? That must be it. No matter what he does on the field, Im not sure I’ll ever be able to reconcile myself with that amount of guaranteed money for anyone, much less a non-skill position player. Awful business decision. We *will* suffer for it in years to come.

  5. Yeah, those are the kind of things that a guy like Reggie White would be able to do, but a boy-named-Sue does not have nearly enough integrity or morals to be able to elevate the status of the team for free agents. They will find out quickly that Sue is in this for himself, and not the team.

  6. The Dolphins hope great players want to play here with Suh but we can’t afford to pay you because we overspent on this big lug.

    Does almost making the playoffs count as a great season????

    Only if you are a team in FLORIDA!!!!!

  7. Free agents have always been attracted to south beach, the problem is teams built with free agents rarely go deep in the playoffs.

    Dolphins D should be pretty good this year though

  8. There’s a much better chance of not getting stepped on if he’s your teammate, so maybe they are onto something…..

  9. With that contract they signed him to, there should be plenty of salary cap space left to sign quality players. Just ask the Saints.

  10. Are these people stupid? It’s not college. The ‘recruiting’ tool is money. And Suh has so much of it that they’re not going to be able to ‘recruit.’

    And, as good as he is, the value he brings doesn’t off-set that salary. Just ask Dan Synder who’s done this kind of thing time-and-time again to no avail

  11. A six-year deal worth $114,375,000 with $59,995,000 fully guaranteed upon signing. $6 mil against the cap this year and $28.6mil in 2016, $15.1mil in 2017, $22.1mil in 2018, $24.1mil in 2019, $18.3mil in 2020…he might be able to help recruit, but they’re gonna have a good time figuring out how to pay anyone else…

  12. As a Dolphin fan I’d like to see management more aggressively addressing coaching problems like replacing Coyle who has made Miami’s defense worse each year since arriving in Miami. The Bengals’ defense has gotten better since Coyle left, which I believe is no coincidence…

  13. The thing is… Suh’s contract will be a huge burden on their cap flexibility. The Dolphins won’t be attractive enough for players to suddenly take big discounts to play there.

  14. Getting them to take a discount better be part of the recruiting effort ’cause after him the Dolphins aren’t going to have a whole lot of cap space…

  15. At least the Dolphins are seeking a recruiting tool this time around. When they brought in Mike Wallace a few years back, they only brought in just the “tool” part.

  16. Come to Miami where we”ll have to dump your contract next year due to the guy who inspired you.

  17. Ha! Really? A recruiting tool? Not with your nightmare cap situation coming up the next 3 years! Your gonna wish you didnt offer him that much money.

  18. Yes – other free agents will look to the Dolphins for the next few years and know that they’re serious. They’ll also know that the Suh deal seriously hampers Miami’s ability to pay other players on the team, and that a fire sale – ala New Orleans – is down the road at some point.

    I’m not criticizing the signing, I’m just saying that these huge contracts ultimately make it tough for teams to field a competitive roster.

    Also, these huge deals most often go to franchise QBs – who generally seem more willing to restructure to help the team. Suh does not strike me as a guy who would be willing to restructure.

  19. If anything, knowing he’ll inevitably be suspended may help them recruit more DTs who will know they’ll get plenty of playing time…

  20. You guys are missing the point. Like Mccain said, having a bull rusher up front will often make qb’s decide quickly on their throws resulting in more opportunities for picks and deflections for huys in the secondary.

  21. Apparently the Dolphins didn’t see that article that shows no team has reached the super bowl in the past 20 years with a player that has that high of a % of the cap space.

  22. That’s great… in a must win year… there’s really no one else to recruit. FA market is slim pickings now.

  23. Um, sure. I guess I missed the part where the model for a successful NFL team became changing coaches every couple years, failing to draft/develop players well, and then trying to make up for that by overpaying for high-priced big-name free agents.

  24. I don’t buy into NFL being anything like the concept of recruiting we see in college.

    Money talks and players walk…to the biggest payday they can get. So the Dolphins attracted Suh in this way, but they can only afford to overpay but a few players. It’s not like it will lead to any sort of trend. I don’t get what the Dolphins are expecting. It just seems like they have no idea what they are talking about.

  25. To all the very many parroting the same tool line. Insinuating that as a description of Suh.

    I fashion that tool to be a plow and it is a good analogy of what will be brought upon your O-line.
    Should your team be playing his.

    And Mia. has already been a favorable destination for FA going back some resent years now. Having a big name player could only help to keep it that way or better it.

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