Jed York: 49ers got away from “core strengths” under Jim Harbaugh

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San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York thinks replacing Jim Harbaugh with Jim Tomsula is a step toward winning a Super Bowl.

York told Bloomberg Television that he doesn’t think the 49ers were playing up to the standards of the franchise last year, and change was needed.

We’re trying to win a Super Bowl,” York said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “We haven’t been able to do that. And I think what we’re trying to do is build a team that focuses on our core strengths. I think we got away from that a little bit. I think we tried to do too much and be something that we weren’t. I think you’re gonna see us get back to the basics, get back to letting our players go out and make plays. . . . You look at our offense last year. It wasn’t I think where it should have been. I think we have better talent than what our results showed.”

The 49ers were trending downward last year, with an 8-8 record, but before that Harbaugh had led the 49ers to three NFC Championship Games in three seasons as the head coach. Before Harbaugh arrived, the 49ers hadn’t been to the playoffs in eight years and hadn’t been to the NFC Championship Game in 14 years. So it’s hard to see how Harbaugh got away from the core strengths of the franchise.

But York has his man now, and that man is Tomsula. We’ll see what the 49ers look like as they get back to their core strengths in 2015.

211 responses to “Jed York: 49ers got away from “core strengths” under Jim Harbaugh

  1. This guy is on the path to being the next Dan Snyder. Jed, the football guys make the football decisions. You just concentrate on your pride and joy….the garlic fries.

  2. I think the old saying “you dont know what ya got till its gone” applies here.

  3. Problem is that Kaepernick doesn’t have any touch on short passes and is inaccurate on the long ones.

  4. Can’t identify your “core” right now…….No; I guess that isn’t correct……Your “core” is coaching in college with the base of the players either retired, traded or signed with other teams……

    If you get to the SB in the next few years you will have shocked the world.

  5. Jed York is young, not real smart and has limited experience. He was born in the End Zone but thinks he scored a TouchDown. My Niners are doomed.

  6. Have fun in the basement for the next 10 years. Does he know how hard it is just to get to the NFC Championship game much less three years in a row?

  7. That is just amazing. Watching this franchise implode is creepily fascinating, one of the most entertaining but sickening episodes of this offseason.

  8. Say what now??

    The only strength that the 49ers had for a decade before Harbaugh was that they could be depended on to lose a great deal more than they won.

    If I was a 9ers fan who had thrown down big money for PSLs only to see the team gutted a a year later, I would have my pitchfork out.

  9. Don’t worry they’ll get back to their core strengths that they had before Harbaugh….losing. Enjoy the 4-12 seasons again!!

  10. Jim Harbaugh proved to be the heart of that franchise and Jed pulled a Jerrah and fired him as Jerrah kicked out Jimmy Johnson. In this case, the talent that was on this team has been released and/or retired. I would have done what ever it took to keep Jim happy and deal with it as he proved to be one of the winners in this league. Only back to basics in this case is back to loosing for the next several years.

  11. Riiiiight, it certainly would appear that you are now on the right track and a Super Bowl victory should be in the immediate future.

    All Harbaugh did was put together a very competitive team, win a lot of games, take that team far into the playoffs, but not quite win.

    The way this year is shaping up the 49ers will be clapping their hands at the joy f getting a top ten draft pick in 2016.

  12. From 2003-2010 (before Harbaugh) the 49ers didn’t have a single winning season. But, hey, let’s get back to that! York is thoroughly incompetent, and I grieve with 49ers fans.

  13. 49er core strength:

    Sucker punching guys in the bathroom
    Fighting 10 on 1
    Raising the crime rate

    The Factory of Sadness must take their stench somewhere else. Please leave CA.

  14. You walked the closest chance to winning a Super Bowl you will have in a long time right out the door. The mass player exodus wasn’t a coincidence.

  15. “We’re trying to win a Super Bowl, so the obvious solution to an unfortunately mediocre season was for me to completely nuke the team. With class. “

  16. That has to be one of the most stupid statements I have ever heard. Next time the team is in 3 out of 4 NFC championships games you can get back to me and say I told you so. You had he best coach since Walsh…

  17. York’s comments are unconscionable and lame. Nothing against Tomsula at all but this Seahawks fan really liked the way Harbaugh got the most from the players he had and the quality of play over his entire tenure, not just the latter part of last season.

    For those thinking that SC is going the right direction, you really need to ask yourself, why then have so many former players bailed on SC.

  18. You can’t argue with results and Harbaugh had this team running well, they just had “an off” year.

  19. Hey Jed: if you think Harbaugh’s coaching was bad, just wait until you see how the Niners perform this year. Here’s a hint: it ain’t gonna be pretty. Get used to last place in your division for awhile, fool.

  20. “I think you’re gonna see us get back to the basics, get back to letting our players go out and…”

    …get their collective butts kicked again.

  21. I really wish Jed would just sit back in his cushy office and do what all good owners should do….

    … Shut up and sign the checks. SMH

  22. He’s absolutely right though. Harbaugh wanted a team led by Colin kaepernick so he would look like the qb guru he wants to look like. How many times did they completely forget about gore and that run game?? His arrogance and showboating also got to his players heads . As a raiders fan I’ve never liked the 9ers but always viewed them as a classy franchise (rice Montana young Lott etc) but ever since harbaugh was hired his players have been arrested constantly and he himself acts like a child with all the hollering and hooting. And he’s missed horribly in the draft aside from Eric Reid (yes aldon is good but feels like forever since he’s done anything) There is still plenty of talent on that niner team, a good draft will have them in the playoffs most likely.

  23. Make jokes all ya want…but he’s right.

    The 49ers got away from what made them so good. The run game. Play action. designed runs by Kap. Intermediate to long throws by Kap.

    In 2012, Kap averaged 8.3 yards per attempt, highest in the league. He was the most accurate passer in the NFL on passes over 20 yards.

    A lot of that was predicated on a strong running game, play action, and a number of deep threats that created space.

    Losing Moss (didn’t make a ton of catches, but created huge amounts of space because his reputation forced safeties to pay attention) and Delanie Walker (again, not a ton of catches but had the highest average per catch on the team) hurt the offense tremendously. Anquan Boldin is fantastic, but he’s never been able to stretch the field. Vernon was a shadow of himself last year after injuring his back.

    Last year they started running a lot more 3 WR sets, got away from the 2 TE sets they were so successful with, and just generally had a very rudimentary passing game. There is a reason Greg Roman was only the run game coordinator at Stanford and has a similar role in Buffalo. Guy is fantastic with run game…not so much with the pass game.

    Bottom line, peeps can say all they want about Yorks comments, but it doesn’t change that he’s RIGHT. While everyone quotes Jim Harbaughs record and the 3 NFCCGs (and he deserves a ton of credit there), the fact of the matter is that the offense regressed every year since 2012.

    As he said, they got away from who they were. That’s why priority one was signing Torrey Smith (FINALLY, a guy who can stretch the field) and I’m sure you will see the Niners run the ball again with Hyde/Hunter/Bush.

  24. OMG. As a Raider fan living in SF it has been unbearable watching the Niner fans singing “Who’s got it better than us” for the past few years.

    Now, I am almost at the point of pity for them and my team only won 3 games last year!!

  25. “We’re trying to win a Super Bowl by turning a perennial contender into the Vikings”

  26. Apparently Ownership and General Management of the team are not “Core Strengths” either. However, ineptness, short-sightedness and obliviousness definitely do seem to be “Core Strengths” of the team right now, so maybe that’s what Jed “Jive Turkey” York was talking about?

    Or maybe mediocrity is the “Core Strength” he was talking about? ‘Cause they certain seem to have rediscovered that with aplomb and alacrity.

  27. Also…peeps are thinking that York is saying that he wants top get back to the way things were before Harbaugh. That’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying LAST YEAR they got away from what was working.

    Harbaugh was never going to let Roman go. Roman needed to go.

  28. I am a Raiders fan who loathes the 49ers. Most of my friends are 49ers fans who drank the kool aid and are obnoxious when it comes to football. I wished nothing but bad things on that organization.

    Boy, I’ll eat my crow now. Now that awful things are happening and the 49ers have arguably had the worst offseason in the history of offseasons I can say good riddance. No fan of a professional sports team deserves this. Shut up, Jed. You sound like an 17 year old that talks like he’s got life all figured out when everyone knows he’s in for a tough lesson. On the local sports talk radio someone said (I don’t know if it’s true) that Jed and the mayor of Palo Alto were eating at Chevy’s on the patio, and he was met with jeers from disgruntled fans. Terrible. For a Raiders fan to give pity is saying something. Here’s hoping to a brighter future for you guys.

  29. Do you ever hear what people say and wonder “do they really believe what’s coming out of their mouth?”

    I get that he wants to support the new coach, but that statement didn’t make him look all that intelligent.

  30. This man lost all his football credibility when he let Harbaugh leave and replaced him with an empty tracksuit.

  31. Apparently huge offensive linemen crushing defensive fronts to make room for a hall of fame tailback is an unacceptable core value.

    Jen York has drank Baalke’s kool-aid. He wants to return the Niners to winning by air and believes Kaepernick is the QB to make it happen.

    Unfortunately reality is coming our way. We have a dimwitted runner with a big arm who can’t figure out modern big league defenses, and the only core value we’re going to demonstrate is interception.

    I really miss Alex Smith.

  32. Fans root for their teams. They don’t really care about what some rich guy, even if he’s the owner, says.
    Niner fans should be glad that Baalke is picking the players.

  33. Sounds to me like he’s referring to Harbaugh and Roman trying to turn Kaepernick into a pocket passer. ” get back to letting our players go out and make plays ” let him run and do the things that made him good in 2012-13.

  34. The things Jed York says makes me want to do my best Jim Harbaugh sideline impersonation, which is flailing my arms wildly in the air with a frothy foamy cujo like mouth.

  35. As a Seahawk fan I despised Harbaugh….now – I’m disappointed he’s gone knowing the Niners will fall into the abyss, and the Hawks – Niners games will just become a couple more W’s.

    York is an idiot….he had a good thing going.

  36. I think the Snyder comparisons are unfair. Douchey as he is, at least Snyder is willing to spend money on the team. This guy is a mix of Snyder and the Maloofs.

  37. So to improve the offense you hire the defensive line coach. Or better yet, shoo away maybe the be available OC (Gase) by telling him he has to either hire or WORK UNDER that defensive line coach.

  38. Well Jed, Harbaughs departure from core strengths made you into the most well rounded team in the league and had you competing for the Lombardi for three years. You should realize the mediocrity the 49ers will endure is due to the York family ineptitude that your papa John started.

    Telling your team to win, does not make them win. If that was the case, we’d have many other coaches with Lombardo’s to their name. The problem in SF was not Harbaugh, it was you.

    But don’t worry, you’ll be the answer to a trvia question. That question being what owner ended the billionaire welfare for NFL teams seeking tax revenue for stadiums.

    Answer: Jed York

  39. From Wikipedia, regarding Jed Yorks “distinguished” working career: York began his working days as a financial analyst for Guggenheim Partners at their New York City offices but stayed for approximately a year. After quitting his first job out of college, his parents brought Jed into their family owned team, the San Francisco 49ers, as the Director of Strategic Planning and later promoted their son to Vice President of Strategic Planning.

    Nice resume

  40. The 49ers, like all teams, have core strengths. Jed York will never be one of them. Ever.

  41. York is a tool…

    I’m not a 49er fan, but feel bad for there fan base…

    He is this generations Jerry Jones ( but to a lesser extent)

    He took something good and destroyed it….

    I’m also convinced that Trent Baalke has something on York….because he is horrific. The 49er drafts under him have been BRUTAL…he should have been fired for the 2013 draft alone.

  42. The Niners hadn’t won anything since Coach George Siefert until Harbaugh practically fell in their laps. Coincidentally, the downfall in the late 90s occurred when Denise and Jeb York took over the team from Eddie DeBartolo.

  43. Everyone thought Ole Jimbo was the person to turn around the team. That was Singletons team from the beginning. He put the toughness in that defense. As soon as he got ran out of town the discipline and focus ooozed out like fix a flat. This what you have now is a blown up team with a coach that wasnt good to begin with.

  44. Maybe it’s like George Costanza. He’s doing the opposite of what he’d normally do to make things work

  45. Jed York, by supporting Baalke, in getting rid of Harbaugh, has managed to move the 49’ers franchise back to the dark ages. I get it that Harbaugh was a prima donna, but if you’re going to replace him, do it with a top notch staff. This whole debacle will prove interesting. I’ve been a Browns fan since I was a kid and got to witness their last championship. Moved here in the mid-80’s and adopted the 49’ers as my NFC team. OK, pretty easy to do with Montana and company. But York has now moved to the level of Haslam (without the indictments). Best thing is, that ticket prices will go down as losses go up and I’ll actually be able to afford a ticket.

  46. Jed York is incompetent. The guy who led you to three NFC championship games and he was the problem? Wow.

    No Jed, your talent isn’t better then you think, and it’s now lower then it was on Offense, and your defense has been decimated.

  47. The 49ers went to crap after Eddie was forceded hand the team over to his sister and she had her son run it. They did NOTHING until JH arrived. Exactly WTF is York and a few morons here talking about getting back to? This is fact, just go look at their record as that is ALL that matters.

  48. I thought I read that a number of owners were positive about Eddie D. becoming an owner again. Was the transfer to evil sis and York-led hell that iron-clad? They don’t care about football…sell the team back to your brother, or swap assets, or whatever it is that billionaires do.

  49. Atta boy Yorkie. Now with the peanut vendor you’ve got coaching now, you can get away from winning too.

  50. It’s funny how most owners don’t even know football or how to manage a team but claims a guy to all his years with the franchise took us to different levels. Before Jim, we hadn’t seen the playoffs in eight years when T.O. was there. Jim took us to playoffs appearances, NFC Championship, and a SuperBowl appearance in his four years. Before that no one respected us. They treated us like Jacksonville or the Jets. The York family don’t know what they are doing and it will show. You might as well kept Singletary with losing records because seems like that’s where we are headed.

  51. York used (I think ) 6 times in first paragraph. I want an owner who says ( we need to) or ( we will). Not I think. The thought that this guy gets payed to think is scary. Maybe he should run for president.

  52. Shoot, as a Jaguar fan and being through the Del Rio and Mularkey mess, my team is finally (slowly) making good progress. I really envied how quickly Harbaugh put together and won with this group. I’m shocked at how quickly it’s been dismantled over an owner’s ego. Yet it was all Harbaugh’s fault.

  53. Everybody should have a chance to prove whether he is right. But if he isn’t, it will be interesting to see if he takes responsibility. Judging by what he has said, I would not bet on it.

  54. Well the offense for worse every year with more talent..that does fall on Harbaugh.

  55. When everyone on the planet knows you are going to dump your coach over some “personality conflict” a year ahead of time, your team is going to lose faith. Faith in the owner/mgmt. for the guys that love the coach, and faith in the coach for the rest. Your locker room will be divided and lost. So to say the team underperformed is actually not debate-able. Blaming Harbaugh is the debate-able point. So now it comes down to what these “core values” are. I would assume that a part of that will be to cut Kap loose and let him run more on his own. If that is true, then that contract is going to be a lot shorter. They can cut him any year they want to without a lot of trouble, and if he runs wild, he is going to get hurt. I just find it amazing how quickly a team can go from the NFCCG to circling the drain.

  56. Uhhhhh….one play away from winning the Super Bowl, Little Jed. Like father, like son….they are both idiots (luckily the grandfather made them money).

  57. Sorry Jed. I’m siding with the coach that took your team to 3 consecutive NFC title games and 1 Super Bowl after your team struggled with your previous head coaching decisions. All this right after he won the Orange Bowl. Despite his odd sideline manner, he has a proven track record. You don’t.

  58. staffordsyear says:
    I think the old saying “you dont know what ya got till its gone” applies here.
    Another saying,
    “Be careful what you wish for” also applies.

    Harbaugh is a darn good coach and he WILL be back in the NFL coaching. I’ll bet he’s at Michigan 1 maybe 2 years.

  59. Did anyone catch that interview with Tomsula? Hmmph, yehea, neapnh.
    What language was he speaking?

  60. They hired Harbaugh because they had a stadium to build. The franchise under the Yorks has been perfectly ok with mediocrity. Harbaugh created an expectation that messed all that up.

  61. What an idiot.
    To me this team looks like it’s headed toward the division cellar.
    Team ownership and management should have gotten over themselves and just played nice with Harbaugh.

  62. Has their ever been an easier guy to dislike than Jed York? He better hope mom will be there to tell him that everything is okay when this train goes off the rails this year

  63. Oh great. Jed Dork is trying to talk football and is trying to criticize Harbaugh’s football philosophies.

    Me personally I think if the “core strength” of your football team is injured(Iupati and Anthony Davis), your RG is outta shape and missed all of training camp, and have a rookie Center…you better get away from your core stength.

    Plus Harbaugh and G Ro had nothing to work with because their GM can’t draft offensive talent. Nobody wanted their starting WR when he hit the open market. Stevie Johnson got signed before Crabtree.

    Without Harbaugh the 49ers are a joke.

  64. He’s not that wrong. Roman going with 5 wides, dismal playcalling, redzone ineptness, ineffient communication, offense regressing every season , and Harbaugh wouldn’t touch Roman. Harbaugh dug his own grave.

  65. Core strength – making it to the NFC championship game

    York sounds like an immature bozo. They just want to sit back and count money. You can lose in the NFL and still be successful.

  66. Wow – glad I am not a Niners fan. This guy York is a Dan Snyder – Peter Angelos hybrid. I would expect San Fran to get back to basics which is consistently losing again. Who would run a coach like Harbaugh out of town? York, Angelos, or Snyder that is who.

  67. The 49ers are giving the Redskins a run for their money-worse operated NFL franchise. Jed Snyder needs to go to football school some where. He will be looking for a new General Manager by the end of the 2015 season. He
    and Parag will be on the interview committee.

  68. York and Baalke are running this franchise into the ground. No Super Bowl anytime soon for these clowns.

  69. Wow ! Between York and “Terminal Cansula” the 49’ers are “Dead men walking.” Surely Jed doesn’t think anyone is going to drink “That” Kool-Aide ??? LOL

  70. I remember Bum. Oilers got stopped by the
    Steelers twice in the AFC Championship games.
    Fired before the third try. Nothing is ever enough.
    Different eras, same owner MO.

  71. Harbaugh seemed a little lost offensively and the season morphed into a strange uncomfortable weirdness that just carried through the entire year. There were so many factors including moving into a new stadium/ The problem now is there has been a massive amount of coaches/players turnover at this point it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. On paper they have a potentially explosive offense. Defensively there will be so many new faces including a new DC I have no clue what they will be..

  72. Jed, the only time you should talk is if you are lucky enough to win a Lombardi Trophy. You should thank the fans, coaches and team. Otherwise never speak publicly or through social media…never…just don’t.

  73. Another recipient of the lucky sperm award. Stay classy Jed. If you were born in any other family, you’d be pushing papers for 40 G’s/ yr.

  74. Time will tell…

    The one positive I can take from this right now is that we are going to find out very quickly who Kaepernick really is.

    That being said, good leaders figure out how to resolve conflicts. Every time that goober says “winning with class” in an interview, I lose more respect for him.

  75. Coaches are highly overrated. All that teams “really” need to win Super Bowls are young, inexperienced owners and narcissistic general managers. Starting with Super Bowl I and Green Bay in 1967 (who was that head coach – Vinnie Renardi or Dombardi or something?) and KC (Henry Bam or Flam or something?) I bet you can’t name a single head coach who was any good! Let’s face it, we don’t remember any of those lame Super Bowl coaches. It’s the owners and GM’s that we remember! Of course! York’s got it right! He’s a genius! Moron.

  76. That has to be one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard from an owner. There is a reason why franchises like the Pats, Steelers, Giants & Ravens consistently win. Their owners don’t panic after an off year. The niners apparently don’t have that kind of owner.

  77. “Core Values”???? York is a brain dead knucklehead!!!!! when it comes to football, 3 NFC championship games and a Superbowl appearance in 4 years against 1, 8 and 8 season???? after almost a decade of not reaching the playoffs, sounds like they desperately needed some NEW!!”Core values” to me. Eddie De, needs to sit down and talk to York before he turns the 49ers into the Oakland Raiders of the new millennium!!!! Just “THEN” Baby???

  78. A franchise great LB retired in his prime and his backup retired too… That speaks volumes about the direction the franchise is heading in. It’s doubtful Willis and Borland retire if Harbaugh is still in town coaching. It’s doubtful they retire if Fangio is still coaching the defense. Ownership has screwed that team and it has resulted in players taking early retirements to avoid being around while the team becomes an 8-8/Wild Card team instead of a perennial Super Bowl contender. Ownership needed to put their ego aside.

  79. Where is Trent Baalke’s daughter now ? Let’s hear what she has to say about her dear father and his wise decisions regarding our dear organization. I hope she is studying “Cooking and cleaning” because that is what she should be studying. yes, I am angry and naive and sexist !! Please sue me !

  80. So York thinks that losing is a core strength I guess. It’s nice that the Raiders are no longer the most dysfunctional team in the Bay Area.

  81. Jed York is a blithering idiot. He keeps trying to placate a 49ers fan base by saying firing Harbaugh was the right thing to do and that dog just doesn’t hunt. Firing a winning coach who got you consistently to the playoffs isn’t what knowledgeable NFL owners do. But, then, York doesn’t pass muster from the neck up.

  82. Wait a sec….the 49ers went from perennial losers to winners under Harbaugh

    Is York saying Santa Clara “key strength” is losing?

  83. York has made this team implode…seattle fans are rejoicing, can’t blame them. I, like others thought what is he saying when he said we got away from our core strength… 14 years last year NFC Championship… years of sub par performance before Harbaugh came and gave us 1 SB appearance, plus the 3 NFC Championship he saying our core strength is losing? for once just let the people that know, get us back. I won’t talk bad about him because it’s too easy, just don’t say anything and bring on people that know about winning run this team.

  84. When the owner sounds like he’s a joke, the franchise is going no where. Tomsula is just a puppet for now.

  85. Jed York is one of those guys that just shouldn’t open his mouth. Ever. Everyone time he does, it is a disaster. Come to think of it, he probably shouldn’t own a football team either.


    The mid game Twit, was the most classless thing he could of done, along with a bunch of idiotic moves BUT

    anyone who saw the 49ers over the last few years would say the exact samething as I did over and over during the season watching the 49ers.

    They ran a competely different offense. They went from a power running, shove it down your throat with 6, 7 linemen and a lot of 2 and 3 TE sets to, a 3 WR set and a lot of college style option running which doesnt work in the NFL because defenses are just too fast !!!

    I dont know if they will have success with the new group assembled but what he said is not what any football fan that understands the game had already thought and discussed.

    I loved Harbaugh but the offense was really bad last year and it had everything to do with a new system which didn’t work.

  87. If he was so bad why is York still talking about him? This year they will be worse and York is posturing himself now to blame that on Harbaugh. 49ers future is on York now not Harbaugh.

  88. Years of failure allowed them to build up a strong roster. Then a nutjob came in and lamed away the best years of their careers. Imagine if you had had a real HC from 2011-2014…you might have actually won the big game. Instead, you’re left bragging about “almost but not quite”.

  89. Funny how “core strengths” got away from the 49ers with Harbaugh when they weren’t winning before him. I guess “core strengths” doesn’t win you games.

  90. We’ve already seen what the Niner ‘basics’ look like sans Harbaugh, Jed. And it SURE has nothing whatsoever to do with Super Bowls or getting anywhere near them.

  91. It seems as if not a single one of you gets it. Their core strength is clearly high draft picks! Harbaugh took that away from them!

  92. So after three consecutive NFC Championship game appearances, and one Super Bowl that they just barely lost, York decides that after an off year, the 49ers have lost their way?

    It will be years before the 49ers recover from losing Harbaugh, and the enthusiasm he took with him. It would be hard to believe that SF would have lost players like Gore and Willis (who I doubt would have retired) had Harbaugh stayed. This team is destined for last place in the NFC West for 2015, and maybe for several years beyond that.

  93. If I remember correctly, before Harbaugh showed up their core strengths were not making the playoffs and sucking for for the better part of a decade.

  94. Soooo, Jed. Tell us what are your “Core strengths”?
    As far as I can tell you cut the entire core out.

  95. I’m a Raider fan. I hate the niners. Those Singletary years were the best. York is an idiot. Many Niner fans are po’d at this twirp of an owner. If they suck hard this year, and they will, the entire fan base will feast on York’s body over wine and cheese. The Winers will be back in full force.

  96. He became president of the 49ers at age 28. He’s 35 now. What did you expect – sage wisdom and a composed sense of prudence?

    He’s in over his head, like a lot of people are at that age. It will take him a long time to figure out how to be a real leader, which is what a Chief Executive is supposed to be.

    It’s sad that 49er fans will have to suffer mightily through his growing pains. I feel for that fan base…

  97. A core principle was losing? Harbaugh got them 3 NFC Championship games and a SB appearance in his 4-years there. The 49ers were tough to beat under him.

    Now the team is falling apart and the front office says they got away from core principles?

    49ers are the equivalent of an insane asylum run by the inmates. The place is a shambles. I feel for 49ers fans because of what might have been.

    Go Hawks!

  98. I disagree with the coaching changes but this is valid criticism. Somebody was responsible for 8-8 and it wasn’t York or Baalke. It was a combination of Roman’s playcalling and poor execution by the players. Harbaugh’s fault was not holding either accountable. That made him accountable.

  99. York is absolutely correct. Anyone who watched the 49er “offense” last season knows it was a complete joke and there was no system being run. Harbaugh praised Roman’s inept game planning and play calling every week. It was obvious after the second preseason game that the Niners weren’t putting out for him as evidenced by the 57-3 score. Harbaugh was distracted all season and let his team down. Tomsula is about the TEAM and we no longer need an ego-driven drama queen as head coach.

  100. Time to fire your PR guy, York. He obviously can’t write a speech if that ridiculous one is all he could come up with.

  101. Jed, you are right, the 49ers will go back to their basics of losing Post-Harbaugh like they were pre-Harbaugh. Congratulations…

  102. Anyone who watch the Niners offense last year knows that it had nothing to do with Harbaugh. It had to do with the fact that their 1 trick pony QB was exposed. He was more effective when there was limited film on him and he could run the ball instead of being the one read QB that he is.

    Defenses adapted and took away a big part of his running game and tried to make him a pocket passer. And he wasn’t up to the challenge. Kaepernick thought he could rely on his only skill and not get better in the other areas and become a competent passer. Nothing will change. If anything it will get much much worse.

  103. Everyone has it better than SF now. To say Harbough had you moving away from your core strengths is just crazy stupid talk.

  104. York could be a total idiot or a genius.
    Do I have to remind You how was the 49ers playing last year? Do I have to remind You how much was Greg Roman’s fault for that embarassing offensive playin’ (and where Harbaugh was? In the Levi’s Stadium mall or on the sideline?).
    Do I have to remind You with whom we lost the only SB out of 6?
    Do I have to remind You how many matches in the past 3 years we won thanks to the kicker or the defense?
    Please. Tell me. I’m courious.
    The truth is that even at its pinnacle, this team never steamrolled anyone. Be honest!

  105. I never could stand the 49ers, but it is unbelievable how incompetent the front office is. The 49ers will be bottom dwellers until there are changes made there. Sad. I will admit they did seem to be some going away from what made them a great team, but at that point in the season, there was so much animosity and negativity in the air, it was evident nothing was going to fix that team.

  106. There is some truth to what York says, mostly about the O. It was pathetic and should have been better. That’s on Harbaugh and Roman, and to some extent, the way they used a regressing Kap. However, York failed to take into account a decimated D, which was a shadow of it’s former self and not Jim’s fault at all. In fact, if not for Fangio, it could have been much worse. Guess what Jed, you got rid of Fangio. Baalke claimed this was a “reload”, but it’s shaped up to be beyond even a rebuild. I don’t think there’s a word to describe this unique off-season, but much of the blame rests on management. It remains to be seen what the new staff does with this mutilated team. Oh, I guess that’s the word, “mutilated”!

  107. Half the team gave up on harbaugh! It was clearly evident when you watched this team play sluggish unispired football…and another year of harbaugh meant another year of roman…players were saying defenses were yelling out what pl ays were gona be run! Thats bad! As much as it sucks changes needed to be made…i dont understand why hatbaugh and roman completly went away from kaps strenghts…he’ll never be a pure pocket passer but put him in a sytem like he was in 2012 where he was extremely succeful then you just might have something…last year they completly got rid of the threat of his legs and defenses knew that…but what happened when defenses were forced to respect his running ability? They niners ended up in the super bowl! So why the hell they completly changed the offensive sytem beats me…but hey? No use in cryin over spilt milk

  108. Raider fans bagging on York. C’mon really?? If York really turns out to be a self-absorbed, ignorant, immature NFL owner and the 49ers implode, they will still win more games than the Raiders. Count on that!

  109. Once again Jed York demonstrates a complete lack of understanding and perspective. Yes, the offensive game plan definitely needed changing from last year. But you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Jim Harbaugh did what no other NFL coach in history did by going to the conference championship in his first 3 years as a head coach. He also took the 49ers to a Super Bowl. Last year many of the 49ers’ key players were lost to injuries or suspension. Despite that, they still went 8-8. Sure, they should have won another game or two. But Bill Walsh didn’t go to the Super Bowl every year. York had a great coach, and he threw him under the bus. York and Balke want yes men who agree with them on everything. When you aren’t interested in quality and talent but only want agreement, you get mediocrity at best, incompetence at worst. Sadly, York has demonstrated that he is a spoiled rich kid with a new toy.

  110. you are 100% correct. he threw the baby out with the bathwater and now he’s going to have to handle what he has brought to this team. Not sure how good the 49ers will do, a lot say they will do bad. if they do as predicted then Jed Dork will have to deal with this and bring in people, not yes men, but people who know coaching. He had that man, but here they are. Time to resolve this and win. No thanks to Jed Dork, Go Niners

  111. Uncle Jed, that just might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You deserve to have a losing team for making such a dumb move firing Harbaugh. I’m a Cards fan so I love to see the fall of the 49ers but it’s sad when the owner is the one who sticks the fork into his own team. I think the league needs to give you a drug test because that’s something a person who’s smoking crack would do, not someone with a sound mind. Hope you like the cellar because that’s where you’ll find your team at the end of this season.

  112. schafler…you’re a smart man….I couldn’t agree with you more. what I don’t understand is why doesn’t Jed Dork just be quiet. Understandable, our offense was anemic..many issues, but no excuses. but you don’t get rid of a coach who brings you to the dance 1x, and 2x close, you don’t. You work it out. Fix what went wrong and go from there. But, that is old news, current issue is this owner/brat. Just keep quiet. bring us a decent team, so we can once have a great rivalry with Rams/Seahawks/Cards…do that, that’s not asking a lot. every team is trying to win, you’re trying to make this your team. It’s the SF 49ers..not Jed Niners..Go Niners!

  113. exactly, although they didn’t get away from core strength, they tried to make Kaepernick a pocket passer because they know running qb’s don’t last long. He’s still trying so I give him credit for going to Kurt for help. Now, the anemic offense had many issues, 1st was Roman’s inability to adjust in the 2nd half, 2nd Kaep not able to read defenses quickly and just try to run and get sacked, 3rd the offense line never jelled. Now where does Harbaugh’s fault line in this. He is the HC so ultimately he should have made Roman adjust in 2nd half, now in regards to Kaep: try to ease him into that system rather than all at once, or what Kaep is doing now, should have been done last year. Either way though, he was on his way out because Jed Dork wanted him out since last year. Either way, this is a cluster you know what. Jed really doesn’t get it. But, that is the past. Now time to fix this thing, I really think the Warriors ownership should take over (maybe I’m wrong) or other ownership because jed Dork really doesn’t know how, he’s a proven liar. Either way, move forward, Go Niners

  114. Speaking to 49er fans for ever, they say that the owner is the problem not the coach. That doesn’t work too well when you are trying to win. I understand the owner pays the bills, but if he doesn’t know what he is doing, that will never work. I guess it’s easy blame the coach and fire him.

  115. If there was a history of good moves by the SF Front Office, one may reserve judgement and wait to see the results on the field this season, before making the assumption that they are losing ground in the NFC West….from what I am reading, most NFL Fans don’t seem to be waiting to pass judgement….

  116. I remember the 49ers core strengths prior to Harbaugh’s arrival! 7-9, 2-14, 4-12, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 8-8, 6-10.

  117. I will bet good money that Tomsula is a complete washout. So York takes credit for the winning, but throws Harbaugh under the bus for the losing. Nice. Get ready for the treads Tomsula.

  118. Well, I’ll be damned…

    Looks like it’s my Saints, the Eagles and the Seahawks fighting
    over the NFC next year!

    But I gotta say, I feel bad for 49ers fans.

    But it’s as the riddle goes:

    If you’re not as ugly as Jerrah, you can look in the mirrah,
    And if you’ve at least the intelligence to match sliced pork….

    You’re still smarter than York.

    Don’t worry 49ers fans, we’ve got plenty of room in the Saints fanbase for anyone who wants to jump ship!

    We’ll be happy to have ya’ 😉

  119. yes, under Erickson, Tomsula our core strengths were losing….this proves that this is about his ego…York just needs to try to get this team into winning (core strength) and get a winning attitude into that locker room

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