Jones says Hardy has “firm understanding” of domestic violence

Last September, when Rome was burning and the NFL was spraying words at the conflagration in the hopes of putting it out, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went with the fairly strong stance that domestic violence is “intolerable.”
But now Jones has hired a guy with a domestic violence incident on his record, a term other than intolerable applies.
“This agreement involved an important element of our defensive scheme, specifically the pass rush, at a position that we felt we needed to address this off season,” Jones said in a statement issued with the announcement that defensive end Greg Hardy has signed a contract.  “We entered this free agency period with the idea of utilizing key resources to help us on the defensive side of the ball. . . .
“We have spent a great deal of time over the last two days in meeting with Greg directly and gaining a solid understanding of what he is all about as a person and as a football player.   A thorough background review of him, involving many elements of our organization, has been ongoing for the last few weeks.
“Obviously a great deal of our study was dedicated to the issue of domestic violence, and the recent events that associated Greg with that issue.  We know that Greg’s status remains under review by the National Football League.
“Our organization understands the very serious nature of domestic violence in our society and in our league.  We know that Greg has a firm understanding of those issues as well.”
Going through a criminal prosecution that ended on the courthouse steps only after he reportedly paid a settlement to the alleged victim would definitely give Hardy a “firm understanding” of the issue.  The really question is whether he’ll find himself in a similar situation going forward.
The Cowboys aren’t willing to conclude that he won’t, which is why his base salary is only $750,000 and he’ll get $578,125 for each game in which he is available to play.  The thinking is that, if Hardy faces another accusation and lands back on the Commissioner’s-Exempt list, the Cowboys will be paying Hardy only $44,000 per week to not play.  That’s far less than the $818,750 he received for each of the 15 games in which he didn’t play last year with Carolina.
Speaking of Carolina, Hardy will see his former team in 2015.  The Panthers are scheduled to visit Texas at some point during the upcoming season.

88 responses to “Jones says Hardy has “firm understanding” of domestic violence

  1. His “firm understanding” of domestic violence, is that he firmly understands how to beat a woman, how to take her to the gun show (not talking about flexing either), and how to pay her off to not talk about it. Sounds like a winner.

  2. Let Murray go and sign this alleged felon. Great signing JJ. Glad you are a man of integrity when it’s a player on someone else’s roster.
    You did get him on the cheap though, kudos for that.

  3. Good ole Jerrah! Nowadays, when you look up NFL Fool, theres a picture of Jerrah. He’s a doctor, because he can tell you if a player will miss the next game before the one they are playing is even over, and now he knows the good and evil of a person when he see’s it. Jerrah “scuz bucket” Jones. What a joke!! The guy hasnt won diddly since he let Jimmy Johnsonn go, and yes Switzer got one afterwards, but that was Johnsons team. We have seen a true Jones team since and they havent even gotten close enough to smell another Lombardi Trophy. Keep it up Jerrah!

  4. I think Hardy has proven that he has a very firm understanding of domestic violence.

    And if you disagree with him he will kick your…

  5. So not enough money to pay Murray, but enough to pay a guy who will sit on the bench for half the season.

  6. Great, now go get Adrian Peterson and you will win the domestic violence Super Bowl.
    Cowboys organization makes me sick.
    You will be easy to root against this year!!

  7. Well of course he has a firm understanding of it. He’s got so much first hand experience with it that he makes Ike Taylor look like a boy scout.

  8. Well of course he has a firm understanding of it. He’s got so much first hand experience with it that he makes Ike Turner look like a boy scout.

  9. Says the guy with pictures of him groping some young women floating around.

  10. Well we knew this decision was going to be scrutinized, despised, politicized, dramatized, chastised, analysed, moralized, stigmatized, and criticized. May as well get it over with now so we can enjoy some football later.

  11. The NFL allowing garbage to make millions of dollars burns me. I think any player that does what Hardy, Rice or Peterson have done should be banned for life.

    I am one fan who will boycott the NFL if they do not set a standard people can respect. I am sick of the attitude that money rules. The nay way to get through to the NFL is through their wallets.

  12. gobolts says:
    Mar 18, 2015 7:34 PM
    Jones says the most awesome things.

    And by awesome I mean WTF.

    As a self made billionaire and recipient of three Super Bowl rings, I’m not sure he’s concerned with what you think.

  13. He knows all this in the few hours he spent with him. Only one who came to that conclusion because his Defense sucks.

  14. He must have some talent or Jerry Jones would be talking about how despicable it is to beat a woman.

    Thankfully the league will do their own investigating and punished him accordingly.

  15. So, will Dallas remain “America’s team” when women begin protesting nationally. You’re a joke JJ. The only difference now is you’ve told your fan base you’ll sell your soul to the devil to attempt to win.

  16. IDK what poll that top comment is talking about, ESPN dallas had a poll and it was 6 thousand respondees with 90% saying they want him on the Cowboys.

  17. A man who has a “firm understanding” of domestic violence (and how wrong it is) does NOT hurt women. Next thing you know, Jerry will sign Ray Rice AND Peterson to the Cowboys. Then he’d have four scum bags instead of just Dez.

  18. Cowboys fan for life. It’s about time we have some real ballers back in the d. Didn’t yaw people ever watch play makers. It was on ESPN before the league shut it down because it was true. Go cowboys

  19. So assuming everyone on here commenting is fans of either the Cards, Texans or Pats? Because those are the only 3 teams with less arrests than the Cowboys over the past 10 years…

    No. 28 (Tie) Dallas Cowboys
    The Dallas Cowboys have had nine arrests during the past 10 years, tied for 28th on the list of 32 NFL teams.

  20. So what happens when Greg Hardy runs out onto the football field to argue a call from the bench during a game like Dez Bryant? Does he get penalized? Does he get fined? Or does the NFL ignore it because Goodell and The Jones Boys are drinking buddies?

  21. He has such a “firm understanding” of the issue that the Cowboys were willing to risk letting him walk in FA next season by only signing him to a 1 year, incentive-laden showme deal.

    The rest of the world is laughing at you Jerry.

  22. Jones is like John who gives money to a prostitute that will do anything for him. People of Arlington should have him removed as owner since it takes other owners to approve to a owner then it can remove an owner as well. By the way no such thing as Dallas Cowboys only it should be Arlington Cowboys since they do not play in Dallas then that means they r not representing Dallas anymore than there a Santa Claus just a figment of people’s imagination and a sucker to believe it really is real.

  23. Its a win win for Dallas. Hardy no doubt is a beast and based on his contract, if he messes up and doesn’t play, he won’t get paid. Pay for play contract and Hardy will be a good soldier if he wants to get his money.

  24. Just a couple questions:

    What’s the NFLPA’s opinion of a week-to-week contract?

    As a one-year contract, the full $10,000,000 counts against the cap, right?

  25. It would almost be refreshing if an owner just said after signing a guy like this: “Look, we know he’s a scumbag and we’re sorry, but we are willing to take the risk cause he’s really really good on the field and will help us win”.

  26. The NFL does NOT need men who BEAT on women what so ever and jones is nothing more that a total HYPACRITE and we all know it.

  27. I think it is deplorable that the Cowboys signed Hardy but then we should expect nothing less from one jerrah jones. I also must admit that I find it amusing (yet disgusting) that the fans of any NFL team find it so easy to condemn players like Hardy, Peterson, Rice etc………………..until it is their favorite team that signs them to a contract.

  28. Jerry Jones doesn’t have a firm understanding of respect for women. He also doesn’t have a firm understanding that NFL referees have wives and daughters. I can’t wait to hear Jerry complaining about all the bad calls that go against the Cowboys. It’s just human nature. The refs are going to make the Cowboys pay for picking up a guy like Hardy. God works in mysterioius ways.

  29. Cowboy Nation Welcomes you with open arms. Remember how all the other teams didn’t want you but we did…Yeah it’s time to release the KRAKEN on their asses

  30. I get it now, he didn’t know what domestic violence was before the incident…

  31. Sounds more like he had a “firm” grip on his wife’s throat. EJECT this loser from the league and send a message already.

  32. May as well sign the child abuser too Jerruh!!!
    Nice Police Blotter line up!
    -Underwear/cologne guy Randle
    -Rolando McClain
    -Dez Bryant
    -Josh Brent (drunk driver guy)
    -Adrian Peterson???? Just do it!

  33. Jerry really stepped in it big time. By uttering the words, “firm understanding of domestic violence”, he just opened up the Cowboys and himself to an avalanche of public ridicule and scorn. You would think their penchant for losing playoffs games would be enough.

    As if Dez Bryant, Josh Brent, and Joseph Randle don’t already keep the police department busy, they add Hardy. This is why Dallas needs a real GM and will never win without one.

  34. The NFL is all about winning. If someone commits a crime on another team, it’s intolerable. But is he’s on our team, he has a firm understanding. Jones and most of the other NFL owners are such hypocrites.

  35. Does he have a firm grip on a six game suspension for Hardy and it is coming to Cowboy land really soon.

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