NFL files suit for Hardy evidence

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The NFL previously asked nicely to get access to the court file in the now-dismissed Greg Hardy criminal case.  The NFL has now asked not quite as nicely.

According to, the NFL has sued the North Carolina Attorney General and the Mecklenburg County District Attorney in an effort to get the file.

The lawsuit contends that the NFL is legally entitled to see the exhibits introduced into evidence in the bench trial last July that resulted in a finding that Hardy had committed domestic violence against his former girlfriend.  After the criminal case was dismissed in February, the NFL filed a request with the court to obtain the exhibits. The lawsuit claims the materials were returned to the district attorney, who allegedly has refused to surrender the materials to the NFL.

Whatever the outcome, the move highlights that the NFL still has more work to do before determining whether Hardy will be suspended for violating the personal conduct policy.

59 responses to “NFL files suit for Hardy evidence

  1. Another example of local law getting season tickets to find away around charging or arresting an NFL player.

  2. Wait? They want the evidence now? Why not wait until it’s leaked by TMZ and then pretend you never saw it!

  3. ABSURD! The NFL must show standing and simply being a multi-million dollar NOT FOR PROFIT does not give them STANDING.

    The American jurisprudence system has spoken. Does Goodell think he’s a higher authority or is this all for public consumption? Just to say, look I’m doing my due diligence. Don’t blame me if they don’t comply. I’m trying real hard.

    I’m trying harder than I did to get the Ray Rice tape … see.

  4. Just a really odd case due to the unusual way NC state law works. Hardy was convicted in that bench trial but that means almost nothing in NC because you get to have a jury trial after that which can totally override the bench trial like it never happened.

    The NFL is claiming the bench trial records should be public domain now like most court proceedings. Honestly, I don’t know why those records wouldn’t be public but they also likely won’t contain any info that wasn’t brought out at the jury trial, either.

  5. Did Goodell ever get to file suit to find out exactly who saw the Ray Rice tape received at NFL headquarters? I guess he’s still working on it too.

  6. Hey Roger, we want to see the evidence in the spygate scandal.

    Oh ya, right, you burned it. We were supposed to take your word for it.


  7. So they want the evidence that was not substantial enough to even try him?
    I believe he was found guilty but won on appeal.

  8. The NFL needs to be slapped down and hard. They are not above the United States Judicial system.
    They are an employer and are held to the same rules.
    I am thinking it is going to take a Lawsuit in somewhere around the Billion Dollars mark to put them into their place. They do not have absolute authority to pry into players personal lives PERIOD!

  9. The NFL is hellbent on making an example out of this guy. If it wasn’t for the ridiculous NC court system and their “bench trial”, this story would’ve gone away a long time ago.

  10. PS: some of you don’t seem to understand that being guilty in a court of law and breaking the rules of your employer are not synonymous. The league rules are not the laws of the country. The NFL is free to set its own code of conduct and standards that employees must abide by, just like your employer does for you.

  11. You want to obtain evidence from a proceeding where the original finding was essentially vacated and use it for your own kangaroo court?

    Clown show…

  12. what don’t you people get that Hitting a women is just NOT right, and yes jones is a total HYPACRITE

  13. akboots says: Mar 18, 2015 6:13 PM

    So they want the evidence that was not substantial enough to even try him?
    I believe he was found guilty but won on appeal.
    That’s right, he was found guilty, appealed and then win, when the woman mysteriously didn’t show up at the trial.

    How people support a true psychopath like Hardy is beyond me.

  14. purplengold says:
    Mar 18, 2015 5:47 PM
    Still guilty after repeatedly proven innocent.
    He’s not innocent. He beat a woman. He should be suspended for the year.

  15. While a “bench trial” is a matter of public record and anybody, including the NFL has a right to transcripts of the trial, evidence exhibited at the trial is another matter all together, especially after the case has been dismissed. Without saying it in so many words, the NFL may be trying to imply that the dismissal is not the outcome they wished to see by suing for the right to examine exhibits introduced into evidence. It doesn’t happen that often, so it bears pointing out. Every freedom/privacy loving American should be on the AG and DA’s side on this one because, that chill you just felt wasn’t The Autumn Wind. It was former and prospective employers being able to access anything from your past, to discipline you or deny you future employment or benefits. Thanks Roger, I hadn’t experienced the creeps from NFL in at least a couple of weeks.

  16. hahaha, but yet they made no effort to retrieve the Rice video…and the courts actually punished him, although ever so lightly. This guy is told to go home because whatever he did wasn’t horrible enough that the alleged victim wanted justice over a payday. Just move on.

  17. All NFL has to say to Hardy’s people is that unless you consent to the release of those documents, Hardy will be suspended for the entire year.

    Domestic abusers like Hardy and child abusers like AP do not deserve the privilege of making millions in the NFL.

  18. He is found guilty in a court of law.
    The woman possibly paid to not go to court
    Case is dropped.
    NFL needs to investigate to see if he broke NFL code of conduct. If it is found that he did he will be suspended. Just because the legal system had to drop the case this does not make him innocent.

  19. Lets throw away over 200 years of legal practice
    and go back to Hillbillies, ropes, and shotguns.

  20. If the NFL doesn’t get the evidence it seeks, I doubt Hardy will play a down next year. BTW, after the public uproar over the Ray Rice incident, the NFL has no choice but to pursue this to the end.

  21. It’s the NFL belatedly pursuing a CYA policy.
    Believe it or not NC law is not arcane – every American has a right to a trial by jury of peers, including Greg Hardy. It’s a shame PFT’s resident legal eagle doesn’t point that out.
    Greg Hardy is not Ray Rice And the cases are dissimilar. Greg Hardy is the victim of a gold digging coke head. That means the NFL is walking a fine line between due diligence & a witch hunt. If they keep pushing to punish him you will cries of (gasp!) racism.

  22. This whole mess stinks. Wasn’t the judge an advocate for women’s rights that pushed to oversee the bench trial of Hardy’s case in an election year? Little fishy if you ask me after all wasn’t he the one that made the initial 911 call? Didn’t her friend that stated she witnessed the assault turn around and say she didn’t see it but heard it? Some of these morality officers need to quit throwing stones

  23. Before he signed with the Cowboys, the League couldn’t claim that being kept on the Commish Exempt List wasn’t a punishment. So they let all teams know that they could sign Hardy whilst on the list, but only take action when someone signed him.

  24. A couple of points:

    1. The NFL is seeking to examine only the exhibits that were introduced into evidence at Hardy’s bench trial. In most states, items that are introduced into evidence at trial become part of the public record and, thus, are subject to examination by virtually anyone. The NFL is NOT seeking to examine the entire investigative file.

    2. The DA is probably resisting this to cover his posterior. He’ll put the judge on the spot as the one who determines whether the NFL gets access.

    3. Hardy’s attorney has already filed papers asking the judge to refuse to give the NFL access to these items. It will be curious to see how the NFL views that. The new Personal Conduct Policy requires a player to cooperate with NFL investigations and provides for punishment if the player refuses to cooperate. Will the NFL view the act of opposing its motion as non-cooperation and seek to punish Hardy for it? Time will tell.

  25. Hardy doesn’t want the NFL to have access to the case file? The NFL should not act without obtaining the information and getting this right……If they act without it; they get criticized…… My take is that if Hardy isn’t cooperating, then he knows the information is damming……..and/or it would prove he lied to the NFL about the issue, which is just as bad…..

    NFL should advise Hardy that to have any resolution and to be removed from the exempt list he must provide the files either by submitting what he has or giving permission for the NFL to have access to the States’ file……..

    This doesn’t look like it will be resolved soon…..

  26. Roger is employed by the NFL owners…starting to think the replace him with someone who is there for more than that astronomical pay check…

  27. Jerry has learned how to get players on the cheap after wasting millions on players who just quit after getting pockets filled with money.

  28. Wasn’t found guilty either. I know this, the NFL is over-reaching here, and could impact all of us with precedent. If the court conceals documents, what gives any employer the right to view them?

  29. I’m just curious, are there any other states that have a judicial system like North Carolina? Most states I believe have a jury trial first, if one is requested, and then can be appealed to a judge. Furthermore, don’t most states require the criminal case be resolved, before a civil case can be started?

  30. Court proceedings are normally open to the public and the NFL could have had an observer in the courtroom for the day long bench trial. When Hardy appealed his conviction in the bench trial, it was set aside pending the jury trial. Hardy most likely reached a settlement with Holder so she didn’t appear for the jury trial and charges were dismissed. Thus Hardy has no criminal record from the incident.

    I imagine the charges were dismissed without prejudice meaning the case can be refiled by the prosecutor if Holder changes her mind. Given that, the case remains open up until the statute of limitations kicks in. Investigative files in open cases are not normally subject to freedom of information requests. If they were, potential defendants would have a lot more ability to obstruct justice by knowing before charges are filed who has been interviewed and who said what. So North Carolina is in line with all states in refusing the NFL’s request for the case files.

  31. Couldn’t play for a year…..based on evidence the league didn’t see?…..Jerry Richardson deserves a refund. Now lets checkout things……League is now officially a joke. Want this goose to continue laying the eggs the owners better pull their heads out and rid themselves of Adolf Goodell.

  32. Why doesn’t the NFL meet their obligations as a US company and pay some taxes?? before they feel like they can just invade the lives of every employee they have.

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