NFL to consider multiple proposed changes to replay system

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There’s been no shortage of discussion about expanding the use of instant replay review, particularly when it comes to reviewing penalties, and that discussion made its way to the NFL’s Competition Committee.

On Wednesday, the committee released 23 proposed rule changes for consideration by the league and many of them deal with replays. Some of the proposals aren’t directly related to the expansion of the system. Washington proposed increasing the number of coaches’ challenges to three per game while New England wants the red flag used to challenge calls replaced. The proposed change would require coaches to call a timeout to challenge a call and that timeout would be restored if the challenge is successful.

Making more plays reviewable was the main focus for teams submitting suggesting changes, however. Detroit proposed making all penalty calls reviewable, while others opted for just personal fouls. There were two such proposals, which differed on whether the coach or replay official would generate the reviews. Washington proposed any foul resulting in an automatic first down be added to the list and Indianapolis went with the addition of fouls against defenseless receivers.

The Colts also proposed that unsuccessful challenges not cost teams a timeout, Kansas City proposed that the replay official can call for a review of any play that would result in a score or turnover if the official ruling was overturned. There were also proposals about using replay to make sure there were no game clock issues and one regarding enforcement of fouls on defenseless receivers seen when reviewing whether a ball was caught, fumbled or incomplete.

It’s a lot for teams to sort through before voting and some, like the increased challenges and eliminating the lost timeout for unsuccessful challenges, seem unlikely to garner much support. It’s also important to note that none of the proposals came from the Competition Committee itself, which may not bode well for their chances of becoming part of the game.

35 responses to “NFL to consider multiple proposed changes to replay system

  1. “while New England wants the red flag used to challenge calls replaced. The proposed change would require coaches to call a timeout to challenge a call and that timeout would be restored if the challenge is successful.”

    Fantastic Idea. I hate the free timeouts.

  2. I propose we also add a review panel of three esteemed philosophers to debate what was actually intended by the play in question, and whether a catch is a universal truth that can ever be known, or simply a construct that is subject to the whims of our flawed senses and limited system of morals.

  3. My favorite moment of the current replay system is when the official runs off the field to look at a replay even though everyone else in the world has already seen the replay, processed it and know the correct call.
    OK, that was a bit sarcastic, but I hope some day the officials will be able to just have a replay official, on site, wired to the head official on the field, and with access to all available camera angles, call the head official and save us all such an obvious waste of time.

  4. ctiggs says:Mar 18, 2015 2:53 PM

    Start by taking away DaLOLAs “victory” against the Lions

    and give the boys back the catch vs the packers…it goes both ways

  5. If these rules pass to allow all these reviews.. You won’t even have to be in good shape to play in the NFL anymore. You can just catch your breath after every play while its under review.

  6. Get rid of replay entirely. The Dez Bryant play was played a thousand times and no clear consensus was reached. Carey and Blandino did not even agree on the call, so if replay is not going to result in the correct call 100% of the time, get rid of it. And as for the blatant calls that will not be corrected without replay, get better officials and it won’t be an issue.

  7. Belichik is right. Coaches should be able to review any play he wants. And who came up with the stupid rule that says if you get both challenges right you get another? How about, if you were wrong, you lose a challenge. If you were right, you don’t. Sometimes common sense needs to prevail.

  8. Definitely make every call reviewable. Some of these pass interference calls are ridiculous and teams gain way too many yards from it.

    The Ravens in particular have perfected drawing flags for it and it’s such a cheap way to get yards. At least they lost Torrey Smith, their best at doing it

  9. i want the NFL back.

    use replays whenever necessary to get the call right.

    Coaches shouldn’t be punished for mistakes refs make.

  10. If they’re going to keep the challenge system, they should give each coach two or three strikes for the game. Each unsuccessful challenge would result in a strike. Correct challenges should be unlimited. If the ref screws up four times the coach should be able to challenge it each time without consequence. He shouldn’t have to weight whether the screw up he just saw is worth a challenge becuase the ref might screw up worse later in the game.

  11. restorativejusticeprogram says:

    Mar 18, 2015 2:50 PM

    Everyone knows there are refs on the take and influencing games using penalties. They should certainly be reviewable.

    Does your tinfoil cap interfere with your everyday life? Does your employer allow you to wear it at work? Do you have to remove it when entering a fine dining establishment? Do you have one for the warm summer months and another for the cold winter months?

  12. Once again the patriots win- by far the idea that makes the most sense is Belichick’s

  13. This proves the people running he Lions are idiots.

    The games are now 3.5 hours long, so lets review everything and make 60 minute games, 5 hours long

  14. More reviews isn’t the answer. We’re already in too deep there and the quality of the game is suffering for it. I say just review scoring plays, turnovers and, when necessary ball spot. The first to are automatic replays and ball spot could be challenged by the coaches.

    Speaking of spot, how about we finally correct the ridiculousness of defensive PI? It has never made any sense that it’s 10 yards for offensive interference but a potentially game changing spot foul against the defense. Can we get that one addressed please????

  15. In addition, games times will be moved to 6 a.m, 12 p.m, and 6 p.m., eastern time, to allow for the extra commercial breaks.

  16. if the NFL wants to promote fairness, all calls should be reviewable if the refs aren’t sure. coaches shouldn’t have to challenge for it. that would make the refs look bad, but they are human. So they can only catch what they can catch.

  17. Again college has it all figured out on replay system. The replay ref buzzes down anytime a play needs to be reviewed. And of course the mental midgets in the NFL cant figure it out

  18. I like the Patriots proposal. Simple and effective. That would solve the nonrenewable play problem too. Not reviewable? The timeout has already been called, so the penalty is automatic. No timeouts? No review, so no chance for a 15 yard penalty. Throw the flag on an automatic review? Go ahead, but you just wasted a timeout for no reason. Makes it easy.

  19. The red flag used to challenge calls should be replaced by something more visible, a beach ball.

    In addition, all successful challenges should include and automatic first down 15 yards unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the refs.

  20. Set up three separate replay groups to review all challenges. They each come up with their own independent decision to confirm or overturn the official’s call. Two out of three will decide the final call on the play.

  21. the entire game should be reviewable…. why have review at all if the refs can hide behind certain situations… it’s ridiculous having any restrictions

    how many games can you remember that were decided because of a play that wasn’t reviewable? a freakin LOT

    the whole idea of making only some types of situations reviewable smells of cheating and makes the NFL look dirty

    just make the whole game reviewable and keep the team challenges at 3 max… the average game length won’t go up by more than a couple of minutes and the sqwawkers saying that games will start being 5 hours will be revealed to be the conspiracy nutcases they are

  22. Too much of anything can be a bad thing and I think that includes replay review. At some point (and you can argue on where that exactly will be but there is a point out there someplace) you’ll lose the ability to review things quickly enough and/or the ability to do any better job via replay than was done with the original call.

    If the refs actually followed the rules and didn’t overturn anything that wasn’t 100% positively wrong it might be different, but they stray into the “maybe” realm all the time now and will continue to do so. When the review ruling is just as objective and debatable as the original call you’ve totally lost.

  23. if they make pass interference reviewable, the Baltimore “penaly drive” Ravens are going to need a new offensive strategy

  24. The owners love it because it’s a free time out and they can run more commercials and make more money.

    I think the current system delays the game too much.

    The idea of burning a time out to make a challenge is reasonable to me.

    Why is it that it seems the college system isn’t as intrusive as the pro system?

  25. You didn’t mention that the Competition Committee is pushing a proposal to require an eligible receiver who reports as ineligible be restricted to line up within the tackle box. This proposal comes after the Patriots declared eligible receivers ineligible in their AFC divisional round win over the Ravens.

    Competition committee co-chairman Jeff Fisher explained that there was a “concern” among a number of clubs that “unless we had some guidelines in place, this thing may get out of hand.”

    The concern is that it creates too much ability for Belichick to outsmart them.

  26. My beef is Pass Interference. Make it a 15 yard penalty like in college. The only drawback would be a pass in excess of 20 yards near the end of the game or just before halftime. A defender could use it to his advantage purposely grabbing if he’s clearly beaten. Perhaps they could have an exception for the last 2 minutes kinda like the forward fumble rule.

  27. Can someone please tell me what a catch is?
    The other day I was told you have to catch the ball, possess it, hold it, if I pulled it into my body I had to secure it again, and if I turned up field it had to be a move common to the game, and that I had to do at least some number of steps that satisfied the definition of a football move, and then complete that process and then… maybe then that was a catch… maybe… unless I was hit and it fuzted around a little. Then it was a whole other can of worms…

  28. How about putting in the replay booth some YOUNG people who can sctually see instead of the standard 75+ year old former refs / geezers who struggle to read 24 point font.

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