Patriots again propose a proliferation of cameras


The obvious irony has not deterred Bill Belichick, in any way.

In 2008, Belichick first proposed the use of fixed cameras on the perimeter of the field to assist with replay review.  In 2014, the Patriots proposed the placement of fixed cameras on the sidelines, end lines, and goal lines.  In 2015, the Patriots have proposed it again.

2015 Playing Rule Proposal No. 12, submitted last month by the Patriots, would put fixed cameras on all boundary lines.  This would, in theory, provide a clear, geometrically accurate view of the sidelines, goal lines, and end lines when the question is whether the line was or wasn’t crossed.

But there’s no guarantee the views will be unobstructed.  That’s why the NFL needs more than cameras to determine whether lines were or weren’t crossed.  The league needs a full-blown digital system with the sidelines, goal lines, end lines, and footballs interacting electronically so that it’s known with certainty if and when the ball broke a plane or touched a white line.

Also, with the prevalence of drones, why not have a squadron of small, light cameras hovering over the goal line when an offense moves into the red zone?  Weather conditions could make it more challenge to get the cameras into the proper position, but the drone technology has advanced to the point that its applications are stunning.  Why not use drones instead of the giant flying camera that, on at least one occasion, crashed down to the field.

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  1. People laugh at the irony until their team is on the losing end of a bad replay.

    They need better angles, it’s a good idea.

  2. The likelyhood of a quad-copter drone crashing into the field and possibly injuring a player seem a lot higher than cameras hanging from a cable. -just sayin

  3. “Why not use drones instead of the giant flying camera that, on at least one occasion, crashed down to the field.”

    Because a drone might crash down to a spectator seat?

  4. Electrified fences. You’ll know if someone crosses any lines.

    Problem solved.


  5. If technology can be implemented safely, I see no reason why the league wouldn’t seriously consider it. Would you rather leave the call to an official who’s guessing half the time ?

  6. Or better yet. Why not go the other direction. Get rid of the cameras and instant replay, and accept their is a human element of the game and mistakes will happen.

    Regardless of the amount of money and technology you bring to the table errors will still happen. Statistically speaking it is impossible to remove all error from anything over a large enough sample size. In addition, you introduce a whole range of cyber security issues. How can the drones be accessed? How are they broadcasting? Fun thing about cyber security you don’t usually know a vulnerability until it is exploited.

    The solution is making the rules and regulations more concise and clear regarding actions on the field. Then properly training the officials to administer the game and move on.

  7. This is a no brainer idea that should have been implemented years ago. Anyone know the reason the competition committee has given for not implementing the idea? You would think even competition committee self-centered holier than thou idiots like Jeff Fisher would not reject this idea.

  8. In the future refs will be a thing of the past. The game will be officiated by a multitude of complex high speed cameras and sophisticated software.

    Mark it…..

  9. If one uses the term “haters”, one may sound like a juvenile female or immature adult male.

    Patriot fan uses the term more often than not.

    It’s not a good thing.

    On a topical note: Of course William wants more cameras, it’s what he does.

    Go Raiders

  10. The chip in the football idea is the best….it can also detect the PSI of the ball and notify the ref when outside the parameters set.

  11. What are the “BY GOD” patsies gonna do when Brady retires with his woman… GO BACK TO LOSING!!! CAN’T BUY ANOTHER SUPER BOWL EVER AGAIN, CAN’T WAIT!!!

  12. ….and another point:

    There is only one Nation- Raider Nation.

    Everyone else using the term are imposters.

    Shake yourself people.

    Go Raiders

  13. You know, if you are a team and you need a camera to get a close up of if you barley crossed a line or suck. Should have done it the right way and crossed the freaking line with your body, and not be such a cheapskate and stick your hand over the line

  14. this should have happened years ago. people are just complaining because BB proposed it.

  15. Love Bill’s ideas.
    Why wouldn’t Lord Goodell agree to this?
    No play near a boundary should be questioned, look at the camera.

    Same for the replay – no play should be inaccessible to be reviewed, look at the camera.

    The camera never lies.

  16. Bill will do anything to try stealing signals from the other team. What next Bill? Maybe no more injury reports so you don’t have lie about what’s really wrong with your players? How about no more reporting eligible/ineligible receivers? The smoke and mirrors show continues!!!

  17. Drones are an airspace nightmare, at least they were when I scheduled ranges and training areas. Back then, they required massive chunks of airspace equivalent to their theoretical range in every direction. Perhaps rules/laws have changed since 2010, I do not know.

  18. “lol Belicheat, cameras!” – Some yokel who will be in tears by the end of the season because the officials botched a call and cost their team a game.

  19. I look forward to the day when Tom Brady is President, and Bill Belichick is running the CIA. Can you imagine? We’ll have added another 150 stars to the flag by the time they’re done.

  20. Hahahaha, Florio. The league NEEDS this? Based on exactly what grounds do you make this assertion?

    I for one am going to come down against relying on flaky wifi technology. I work for a multibillion dollar company and many are the times where our office Gene Steratore comes out from under the hood to declare “After further review, 404 File Not Found”.

    Not to mention the security issues… it’s pretty hard to hack a referee, turns out.

  21. Any word on how that “Deflategate” investigation is coming along?

    Is the collective sports media ready to give Roger Goodell a pass, and at the same time refuse to admit they all went on a 3 week witch hunt with zero evidence?

    Is Ted Wells still conducting experiments to see if a middle-aged man can in fact urinate AND deflate 11 of 12 footballs within 90 seconds?

  22. Teams could just install the 3d camera matrix that some baseball and basketball teams have already wen using for a few years now.

  23. I was curious how long a mental giant would take to post the obvious and unfunny spygate related comment. Took only four posts. Congrats on remaining predictable.

  24. Digital goal line technology is the correct answer. The ball crosses the line, be it goal line or sideline and you know instantly.

  25. I think all NFL stadiums are no-fly zones and that rule encompasses drones. It’s a can of worms. A bunch of camera’s seem a wise investment in trying to get critical calls right. The league isn’t hurting for cash.

  26. iamkillerfin says:
    Mar 18, 2015 4:14 PM
    What are the “BY GOD” patsies gonna do when Brady retires with his woman… GO BACK TO LOSING!!! CAN’T BUY ANOTHER SUPER BOWL EVER AGAIN, CAN’T WAIT!!!

    In reply to this comment, The Patriots didn’t buy a Super bowl, that was the Broncos in the late 90’s, remember? Salary cap violations? No one cares about anyone else’s cheating, only the Patriots, because they’ve been so successful for so long.

  27. I propose that the Patriots get themselves some talented players on defense to make up for those who left recently.

  28. I’ve been saying this since the day they originally implemented replay. Another place to have cameras is on the sideline looking down the line to gain for a first down. One on each side of the field. It would have to be manned, but it moves as the first down marker moves. How about having the little cameras imbedded in the pylons on the goal line? Might help too.

  29. How about making footballs with frickin laser beams that can detect when they cross a line


  30. weepingjebus says:
    “I look forward to the day when Tom Brady is President, and Bill Belichick is running the CIA. Can you imagine? We’ll have added another 150 stars to the flag by the time they’re done.”


    Yeah, but we’d spend the whole time wondering why BB traded Key West to France for Martinique and an islet to be named later and so on…right up until three years and eight moves later when he converted the whole mess into Jamaica and an option on the DR.

  31. I don’t understand why they don’t just get whatever FIFA uses for their goalline tech. They have like 9 cameras around the goal so it works even if there’s several people in the way blocking some of them.

    It would probably take a little re-working because of the longer goal line, but essentially the same thing.

    But I guess the NFL can’t be following in another sport’s footsteps. That would be… bad? Or something?

  32. Don Shula is the greatest coach ever. Unlike Belicheat, he actually respects the game and the fans.

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